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4 Best Budget Selfie Drones in 2021

Best Budget Selfie Drones

Planning to up your selfie game a notch with drones? Good job!  

In a world & time, where & when you can visit any place on Earth virtually, sitting on your couch, tap a few times on your screen and have anything delivered to you, sitting on your couch, and earn a hell more than a few bucks online, sitting on your couch, tongue-out-bent-neck-eyebrows-high-close-up selfie from your phone doesn’t suffice.

Get a drone and take a selfie of yourself sitting on your couch on the top of the largest waterfall in the world.

Ok! maybe I went too UP!

The point being, with regular technological advancements and innovative designs, controlling a drone and capturing yourself along with your vicinity is as effortless and easy as taking a mirror selfie.

Not to mention, drones are getting cheaper with every breath you take.

In this article, I have talked about the top 4 selfie drones with extraordinary features that should blow your mind. They blew mine.

What to look for?

Selfie drones are like toy drones: compact and light, but, with good quality cameras. And good quality cameras make the foundation of several convenient features.

A few features to look for in selfie drones:

LIVE VIEW for frame aestheticsGESTURE CONTROL for instant selfiesAUTO-FLIGHT for convenient utility
GIMBLE for stabilized imagesPORTABILITY to take it wherever you wantLONG RANGE for wider selfies

4 Best Budget Selfie Drones

Here is a detailed comparison of my top picks:

Camera12 mp13 mp13 mp13 mp
Video1080p 30fps1080p 30fps4k 30fps4k 30fps
Flight Time16 min9 min10 min12 min
Range2000 m100 m20 m100 m
Dimensions (folded)5.63 x 5.63 x 2.17 inches5.3 x 2.6 x 1.4 inches7.1 x 5.19 x 1.2 inches7.72 x 7.72 x 2.56 inches
Weight0.66 lbs0.43 lbs0.53 lbs0.84 lbs
Max Speed31 mph24.8 mph17 mph11.19 mph
Gimbal2-axis electronicmanualelectronicelectronic

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

1. DJI Spark – Best Portable Mini Drone

Mechanical Gimbal StabilizationMax 1080p resolution
2 km rangeLow Wind Resistance
Excellent Gesture ControlDated Camera
Auto Fly away and back 
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2. ZeroTech Dobby – Best Pocket Selfie Drone

Extremely PortableLow battery capacity
Budget KingNo Mechanical Stabilisation
Follow-me feature 
4k video 
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3. Hover Camera Passport – Overall Best

Protective solid frameExtremely low range
Good PortabilityNo mechanical stabilisation
4k video 
360-degree shot feature 
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4. Yuneec Breeze 4k – Best Compact Smart Drone

4k videoNo mechanical stabilization
Comes with propeller protectionsComparatively bulkier
Ready-to-flyVery slow
Pre-programmed shot modesExpensive w.r.t. features
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Personally, I would line-up the four drones in the same order of preference, as they have been compared. And, I think the reasons for doing so are pretty evident.

Let me know which drone you finalized in the comments below.

And if there is a drone in the affordable price range that you think I am missing out on, do contact me at

Until next time.

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