smart bathroom tips

6 Smart Bathroom Tips To Smarten Your Bathroom Experience

smart bathroom tips

When it comes to smart home automation, bathroom ranks last in the list but still remains an important part of the house. You use it not just for your personal hygiene but also to relax and have some ‘me-time’ in there. 

Since we plan on spending some good time there, isn’t it better to add some more value to it? 

It is. 

Wondering how that could be done?

By making your Bathroom smart. 

We know it sounds unlikely, but we are getting to you some smart devices that could smarten your bathroom experience once & for all.

You can get ideas about how these devices can help you and further decide what fits you and your family’s needs best. 

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Showering, to most people, is that part of the day when you wash off all the stress and relax your body, mind and soul. What if it could feel like a spa to you?

To have an enriching shower, the shower systems are designed to customize the shower experience for you and give you the perfect feel. Made with latest technologies, these showers will leave you relaxed at the end of every bath. 

If you are one of those who constantly change the temperature of water while having a bath, you should definitely go for the shower that lets you set the perfect temperature. There are showers that also have LED lights that transform according to the water temperature. This added light feature in the shower can also add fun to the shower time.  

Do you like listening to songs in the shower, but are afraid of soaking your phone?

Now you can have Bluetooth speakers in the shower. You can just wirelessly connect your smartphone and enjoy your songs. What more could you need to make showers fun? Though this might be a bane for the lovely bathroom singers. 

For instance, KOHLER 99693-P-NA DTV+ Digital Shower Interface offers voice-enabled technology to deliver a customizable showering experience. The KOHLER Konnect app makes it easy and convenient to control all of the elements of your digital showering experience from your can choose additional settings for steam, light, and music to enrich your showering experience.


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A huge part of the smartphone population spends an ample amount of time on the toilet seats browsing through their phones. So, if you are going to be carrying your phone in the toilet, you might as well use it for something better.

The new development in toilet seat technology brings you the facility to control the temperature of the seat and the ambient light for the illumination. Also, an added app helps you control all the features through your smartphone.

Some toilet seats also come with motion sensors for the seat flap. 

For the clean freaks and germophobes, the seats also have a self-cleaning feature for staying away from germs for better hygiene. 


The faucets are the control centers of any bathroom. The smarter they are, the easier and better the functions go. 

The faucets are the source of water in the bathroom and hence play a vital role in saving water. The facility to control the tap flow and digital temperature settings, help conserve money and water. 

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The Touchless technology helps to turn the water flow on/off as well as adjust water temperature and flow without touching any part of the faucet. Pretty cool, right?

Also, the tap technology can avoid the water from flowing unnecessarily in case the user has forgotten to turn it off as it can sense the motion and turn off if it doesn’t sense hands under the faucet. 

There is also a facility to Programme features, like a timed shower setting or a teeth-brushing option that runs for an allotted time frame


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The bathtubs add to the luxury and comfort to bathing in every bathroom. A soaking or standard bath can be enhanced by choosing a bath that has a combination of features that can deliver the bath experience of your choice.

Nowadays, people are inculcating hydrotherapies in their bathtub. Hydrotherapies combine air and water or sound and water to address specific areas of the body and provide a full-body experience.

You could opt for things like air baths that offer a full-body massage experience with their small jets that generate millions of air bubbles to relax your body. 
The whirlpool baths offer a targeted hydromassage with consistent temperature to soothe sore muscles. Also, there are hydrotherapies that use sound vibrations to relax the body.

The brands like Kohler, Jaguar and other fixture companies are coming up with these technologies to cater to the people’s demands.


The introduction of smart mirrors has completely changed the way you look at the mirror functionality.

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The mirror is now being used for not just looking at your amazing selves but also to operate various things through a click on your smartphone.

The new smart mirrors let you use social media applications, mail, clock, stopwatch, alarm, maps, calendar all through an application on your phone. You can now also book cabs through these touch screen smart mirrors while you hustle to get ready.

Nuovotec’s Smart Mirror, a touch screen, and voice-enabled mirror lets you do all these tasks with ease. 


For the music fans in the bathroom, speakers play a vital role in their bathing experience.

To find a perfect speaker for your bathroom some considerations would be the connectivity whether its wireless, connecting Bluetooth, or wired to a constant power source. Is it a smart voice-controlled speaker that can assist in other functions like Alexa or just an audio speaker?

Also, the size of the speaker is important as they need to be suitable for your bathroom space.
The other important factor would be that it should be water-proof.

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The speakers by Sony, JBL, Amazon Echo Dot, Sonos or Ultimate are some of the brands that provide options for portable speakers that can be used in the bathroom.

Refreshing your bathroom with these fixtures and fittings will only enhance your bathroom and your house to make it smarter for your use. 

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