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Apps Like iOSEmus – Best iOSEmus Alternatives

iosemus alternatives

If you are someone who loves trying new applications, then you must have heard about the iOSEmus application developed by AiiR.

If you are still wondering what is iOSEmus then, It is a third-party app installer that provides access to applications that are otherwise not available in the App Store. You can install tweaked apps, modified apps, game emulators, or exclusive applications available on the third-party app installer.

Before the arrival of iOSEmus and Emus4U, Cydia was the prominent third-party app installer. Though, it required jailbreaking your iOS device and hence compromising security, updates, and warranty. With apps like iOSEmus you don’t need to do that and you can still enjoy most of your favorite apps. 

On a side note, Cydia was an amazing application for users who have jailbroken their devices. It not only allowed access to third-party applications but also gave many options and the ability to customize their devices.

iPhone users face a lot of restrictions, and Apple’s app store has also banned even the most useful apps. Also, tweaked or modified applications are not listed in the official App Store is because they aren’t considered safe by Apple. For most users, these applications are a lifesaver, and a third-party app installer like iOSemus — a god!

If you would like to try out more third-party app installers like iOSEmus, then you’ve landed on the right page! I will be listing some of its popular apps like iOSEmus that you should know about.

So, let’s dive in!

Apps like iOSEmus

1. Mojo Emulator

Mojo is yet another amazing third-party app installer that allows you to use unofficial and third-party apps. Almost all of them are completely free of charge. 

Also, like iOSEmus this unofficial app installer does not require you to jailbreak your device, which is a major plus! Now, you can download tweaks for iOS (which adds more features or improves existing ones), games and some of the Cydia applications as well. Mojo also supports 5 different languages which are great! 

2. iNoJB

I think this is one of the truly amazing third-party installers that does not even require you to install it! It is a web-based program from which you can directly install the third-party apps. So, jailbreaking and voiding your device’s warranty is completely out of the question.

 When you visit the application’s website it asks you to install the app, but your browser window becomes your app when you like the install button! Well, it has all kinds of tweaks, tweaked apps, and modified apps.

If you’re in a rush, then check this out!

3. Emus4U App

People at Smarthonk love this application so much that they recommended a separate post on it! Well, it has all the essentials of a third-party installer. You can install tweaks, modified, and tweaked apps like spotify++ and Facebook++, game emulators, screen recorders and Emus4U exclusive apps. 

This unofficial app store also has hacked games in its library which I strongly recommend that you do not install, as you can get permanently banned from the original games. The exclusive apps are the selling point of this third-party installer along with a dedicated team of professionals to help you solve your queries.

Trust me it’s worth your attention!

4. AppEven for iOS & Apk

This unofficial app installer is packed with games and modified applications. However, this third-party installer only supports iOS 9 and above, devices running earlier firmwares is not supported. It also does not require you to Jailbreak your device, which again, means that you don’t have to think about obliterating your security systems and warranty.

The developers state that they make sure that their app is safe; however, they’ve also clearly mentioned that they will not be responsible for any damage caused to your device. So, you need to be a little cautious while installing or using this third-party app installer.

5. AppValley iOS

Now, this third-party app installer has two versions a free and a VIP version. The free version allows you to access all the third-party applications however there are a lot of ads. For a cleaner experience, you can opt for the VIP version. This third-party installer houses plenty of exclusive, tweaked modified apps including screen recorders and movie apps. Like other third-party installers in this list, this one also doesn’t require any jailbreak.

The installer guarantees 100 percent safety and full support for iOS 13, which is great in my opinion. 

(Smarthonk does not support the claims of these third-party applications

6. Asterix Installer

It is one of the safest and simplest of third-party app installers out there. It features a professionally made layout and a dedicated team to improve your experience. Now, the functions and applications of this installer is very similar to other third-party apps: tweaks, themes, shortcuts, games, tweaked apps, and whatnot. 

This installer guarantees user protections and has built the application around user feedback. Their app and website are both encrypted with 256-bit SSL data encryption. Also, it is available on both android and iOS.

7. TweakBox App

Like Asterix, it is the most reliable and used third-party app installer out on the web. Again like other third part app installers, this app allows you to install non-market apps on your iOS devices in a few clicks. Also, it does not require any jailbreaking, so your device is completely safe! 

The developers also do a regular clean up and strict reviews to keep their application completely safe and secure.

8. Salio

It is a fact that Cydia provided a lot of custom options and features that even best third-party installers fail to provide. It is because you are not jailbreaking your device which obviously gives you more features to work with. Having said that, if you are someone who would like to jailbreak your iOS device then Salio is your best option.

Salio is the true successor of Cydia, so you would be definitely getting almost all the features of it. However, do keep in mind that you will compromise your warranty, security, and updates.

9. Panda helper

Well, this third-party app installer is one of the newer ones. But don’t take a backstep as it one of the most reliable and application rich installers out there. It features a full SSL encryption that guarantees safety. The download size is considerably small and downloads from this is app is quite fast in general. 

This third-party app installer also doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device, so security is not an issue! Now, this application has a VIP version and a free version which includes ads. This installer is available for Android and iOS.

10. Tutu App 

This is the original alternative of Cydia which required no jailbreaking. This third-party app installer stores plenty of tweaked, modified apps along with a lot of games. This installer also comes with a VIP version which includes exclusive apps and a free version with ads.

Anyway, you can checkout this installer when you cannot access other third-party app installers or when they are down. This installer is also available for Android apart from iOS.

A Word Before You Go

I hope that you like this post about iOSEmus and its alternatives. Well, on a side note I would once more recommend you that you prioritize the security of your sensitive information before using these applications. No matter how reliable third-party installers or their applications claim to be, since they are tweaked they are usually not safer than their stock alternatives.

Having said that, most people don’t face any kind of issue while using these applications, but precaution is better than cure. I would recommend you understand the ins and outs of these applications before installing or trusting them.

For more information on third-party app installers visit

Well, I hope that you have fun and have a great day ahead, I will see you with a new post soon! Meanwhile let us know about your experience and your favorite third-party app installer in the comments below.


(Disclaimer: Smarthonk does not support any third-party app installer developer’s claim in terms of security and services. The users will be completely responsible for any damage caused to their device by using these third-party app installers. Smarthonk will not be held accountable for any kind of damage caused by third-party apps to its users in anyway. Use at your own risks)

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