best adult scooter

Best Adult Kick Scooter In 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]

best adult kick scooter

A kick scooter like any other vehicle has its own anatomy, and individual parts and characteristics play their roles in enhancing the scooter’s capabilities in the respective criterion.

In order for you to be able to select the scooter that best suits your needs, you need to know what characteristics to focus on.

In this article, I have prepared a list of the best kick scooters in respective criteria for the ones with a budget and those with deep pockets.

Our Top Picks

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Best Adult Kick Scooter Reviews

1. Hikole Scooter – Best Smooth Ride Commuter Scooter 

Hikole as a brand has so far launched only one scooter that is the Hikole foldable dual-suspension scooter.

  • Has a three level adjustable telescoping column ranging from 33.4 to 40.4 inches. The range serves to teenagers as well as adults.
  • Is one of the few scooters with front and rear shock ups, which combined with an ultra soft grip and comparatively bigger wheel size, gives the user an unrivaled comfortable experience.
  • Weighs only 8 pounds which makes it extremely convenient to carry around.
  • It is the cheapest and the best value-for-money scooter on the list.
-Affordable-Not for very tall users
-Dual suspension-Comparatively smaller deck size
-Aesthetic look-Only rear break

2. Schwinn Shuffle – Best Kick Scooter For Tall People

With Shuffle, Schwinn has revolutionized the scooter market and nudged the kiddish perspective that the masses hold for scooters.

  • Schwinn Shuffle is a unique scooter with a bicycle handle, a wooden deck and huge 26” front and 20” rear tires, that give it a retro look.
  • offers hand breaks for both the wheels.
  • combined with the hand breaks and a soft handle grip give the user a comfortable experience that no other scooter has to offer.
  • Being 44” tall, the Shuffle is an optimum option for users taller than 6 ft.
  • It’s huge built being unfoldable, makes it one of the least convenient-to-carry-around scooters.
  • The price tag feels like a value-for-money deal to me.
-Huge Tyres-No rear suspension
-Hand Breaks-Unfoldable
-Best Looking Scooter-Not for short users

3. Razor A5 Lux – Best Lightweight Kick Scooter

Razor has ruled the scooter market ever since kids first went mad about it.

  • Being the earliest adapter of big 200mm wheels, Razor has mastered the scooter down to the bearing, manufacturing everything out of aircraft grade aluminum.
  • At 8.25 lbs, the A5 Lux is a super-lightweight scooter with a patented one-button folding mechanism and an adjustable handlebar, making it the most convenient scooter to carry around.
  • With a column expandable up to 41”, the A5 Lux offers a smooth ride to short (5’) as well as tall (6’6”) users.
  • The price tag makes A5 lux the perfect kick scooter for the adults looking to start their scooting journey on a budget.
  • Its finite availability in blue and pink colors might be a bit turn-off for the black cult.
-One-button folding mechanism-Suspension-less
-Light-weight-Only rear brake

4. Citybirds Raven – Best Designed Kick Scooter

Citybirds, a new player in the scooter market has come up with sleek and sophisticated scooter designs that will leave you in awe.

  • Raven is the epitome of convenience and aesthetics.
  • Raven is available on the manufacturer’s site alone.
  • Weighs only 7 lbs and has a dedicated headtube for shoulder-support so that you can carry it around like a boss.
  • With a fixed height of about 36”, Raven is not for users taller than 5’10”.
  • With foldable handlebars and space for the rear tire within the column, Raven folds up like flatpack stick.
  • For those shorter than 6 ft and without a budget, Raven is THE scooter.
-Flatpack stick-Only rear brake
-Shoulder support-Not for tall people

5. Hudora 230 – Best Kick Scooter For Smooth Riding

Hudora, a German manufacterer is known for is build quality.

  • The 205mm rear and 230mm front wheels give a smooth experience on bumpy rides.
  • It’s ABEC 5 chrome bearings act as shock absorbers and fill in for the missing shock-ups.
  • The price tag might be a tad bit turn off for people on a really tight budget but the 230’s durability makes up for every dollar spent.
  • Hudora’s durability is unquestionable.
  • With a maximum height of 41.9”, it’s column caters to a vibrant audience of all heights.
  • Above all, unlike its fellow competitors, the Hudora 230 can take up to 264lbs of weight, making it a viable option for slightly heavier users.
-Big Wheels-Slightly expensive for users with a budget
-High weight tolerance-Suspension-less
-Enhanced bearings-Only rear brake

6. 5 Starr Rebel Dirt – Best Off Road Kick Scooter

best kick scooter for tall adults
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5 Starr is known for its offroading editions and with Rebel Dirt, it has created the perfect scooter for adrenaline addicts.

  • The frame is made out of Chromoly and ensures durability, even on bumpy rides.
  • At 12.25 lbs, Rebel might be a little heavy, but the weight adds to its firm rides.
  • The provided shoulder straps on the column make it easier for the users to carry it around and nullify the weight.
  • The Rebel is a wild scooter and is preferred by stunters.
  • With a fixed height of about 34 inches, the Rebel will serve effectively to short people.
  • Although priced at $229, the durability of the bike speaks for itself.
-Superior tires-Only rear brake
-Aesthetic looks-Slightly heavy


Here’s a brief list of my top picks:

Affordable BestHikole ScooterRazor A5 LuxHudora 230
The BestSchwinn ShuffleCitybirds Raven5Star Rebel Dirt

What makes these scooters my top picks?

best adult kick scooter

How to compare kick scooters?

Adult kick scooters like neck pillows, have individual characteristics that suit respective individuals. A kick scooter can broadly be judged on three criteria:

  1. how comfortable its rides are,

  2. how convenient carrying it around is, and

  3. how durable is it for rash rides.

These criteria can further be sorted with a layer of budget.

Here’s a detailed comparison of my top picks along with the characteristics that make them my top pick.

CriteriaScooterPriceWeightMax HeightWheelsMaterialWeight capacity
COMFORTHikole Scooter$65 – $758 lbs40.4”200mmAluminum220 lbs
Schwinn Shuffle$145 – $15527 lbs44”26”/20”Steel200lbs
CONVENIENCERazor A5 Lux$75 – $858.25 lbs41”200mmaluminium220 lbs
Citybirds Raven$600 -$6257 lbs35.6”170mm/80mmCarbon fiber220 lbs
DURABILITYHudora 230$147 – $15711.02 lbs41.9”230mm/205mmaluminium264.5 lbs
5 Starr Rebel Dirt$225 – $23512.25 lbs34”200mmchromoly220lbs

In a nutshell, all the six adult kick scooters mentioned above are suitable and reliable options for people with respective needs and budgets. All the six ace in their respective criteria and are incomparable to each other.

Every grown-up wants to relive his childhood While reliving may not be an achievable option yet, with kick scooters coming back in trend, bringing your inner child back to life is.

To Qin Xie, a writer at, scooting to work and zooming past the pedestrians feels like a superhero with a cape on and I couldn’t agree more. After having used an adult kick scooter for over a week, walking made her wish that her legs had wheels.

Besides by reducing your carbon footprint, scooting to work every day could be your little contribution to the climate change cause.  It will simultaneously burn your calories; just enough to not drench you in sweat!

Although, switching to a kick scooter gets harder with every step. From making the decision of switching to selecting the best kick scooter and all the way to finally scooting, the amount of mental and physical strength and readiness required just rises.

Let us know which scooter you finalized and how your experience was in the comments below or mail to us at


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