best air mattress for camping in 2019

Best Air Mattress For Camping [ COMPARED]

best air mattress for camping in 2019

It is important for our minds and bodies to resonate with the winds and the chirping, in order for us to desorb ourselves of all the stress infused in us by our work lives. That is the primary motive behind our weekend getaways, after all. Isn’t it? Desorbing all the stress. And, only a good sleep equips one with the ability and freshness required to resonate, and further desorb. With sleepings bags being replaced by good quality air mattresses, a night of good sleep is no longer a 100 sheep away. All you have to do is inflate, lay down and wake up!

But, just like shifting from any product to its alternative, air mattresses demand sleepless nights of browsing and comparing as well. Not to worry, though! To save you from the unpleasant trouble, in this article, I have mentioned the best air mattresses for camping along with the characteristics that place them a notch above their competitors.

So spend a look, and choose the one that best suits your pockets and priorities.

TOP Picks

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*All the mentioned mattresses come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

1. SoundAsleep Camping [Overall King]

SoundAsleep, primarily an indoor air-mattress brand ventured into the outdoor carry-around mattress segment with its SoundAsleep Camping Series. The Camping, an eco-friendly puncture resistant series, comes with a patented rechargeable pump that can hold charge up to 24 hours. Typically, the mattress takes less than 4 minutes to inflate and can be deflated traditionally by merely opening the lid, without any electricity. Air leakage is minimal and being at an 8.5” high, the mattress is comparatively easier to get in and out of for a camping mattress. The SureGrip bottom prevents it from sliding around and gives a firm night of sleep. Considering the brand’s material quality in general, the mattress offers great durability. Moisture resistance demands a little care and wiping while rolling up the mattress, in order to not have to confront a wet mattress in your next use.

-Durable puncture resistant PVC-Not for wet outdoors
-Firm I-beam construction-Stays cold
-Rechargeable Pump 

2. Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe [Most Convenient]

Lightspeed Outdoors, an outdoor camping and beach tent brand comprehends the needs of trekkers and travelers. Keeping in mind the effort required in carrying luggage around on a trek, it has manufactured the epitome of convenience, the Deluxe 2-person airbed. Meant for 2 people and weighing merely 6 pounds, the Deluxe is extremely convenient to carry around in its sack and be set up wherever and whenever. It comes with a rechargeable pump that takes about 4 minutes to make it firm and deflates in about 10 minutes of opening the lid. Unlike other PVC mattresses, the Deluxe emits no odor and the soft fabric topper makes it even more comfortable. The pump doesn’t come with batteries though and requires you to buy them in advance for the trip.

-Extremely-lightweight-Package doesn’t include batteries
-Rough usage-Not for heavy users
-Queen Size 
-Rechargeable pump 

3. Coleman AirBed Cot [Best Features]

Coleman, a huge name in camping gear and equipment segment overcame every traveler’s puncture and insect fears with their Airbed cot. Staying around 20 inches off the ground, the Airbed cot while saving you from nightcrawlers as well as debris of rocks and sticks, also maintains the mattresses temperature as there is no direct contact with the ground. The cot and the mattress are separable and hence can accommodate 4 pax in desperate situations. With an included rechargeable pump, the mattress inflates within 5 minutes and the whole setup takes not more than 20 minutes. The package comes with optional bedside cupholders (2 for the queen & 1 for the twin sizes) that make up for the absentmindedness that accompanies cold weathers and the trekking rush. Although the queen size weighing at 41.9 lbs is a bit on the heavier side and might be a turn off for extreme trekkers, the packaging comes with wheels and is pretty easy to carry around on relatively plain terrains.

-Off the ground-A bit expensive
-Easy to get in and out of-A bit Heavy
-Side table & Cup Holder-Pump runs on 4 D batteries
-Wheels to carry around 
-Detachable mattress 
-Rechargeable pump 

4. Intex Classic Downy [Budget Boss]

Intex is known for its affordable products and with yet another pocket-friendly mattress, the Classic Downy, it has a message for its competitors. The Classic Downy has a lot more to offer than what’s being spent on it. It comes with two inflatable pillows, which aren’t that comfortable but one can always leave them behind and carry his own pillows. The included hand pump will take you a bit more than 10 minutes to fully inflate the mattress, but I wouldn’t expect an air pump at this price anyways. It stays 9” off the ground and offers the comfort that three airbags combined wouldn’t. The soft water-resistant top prevents any slider noises and ensures a good night of sleep. Weighing at just 3 lbs, the mattress is surprisingly light and convenient to carry around, even for extreme trekkers. All-in-all, considering the price-tag and built-quality, no mattresses on the market can compete with the Classic Downy.

-Extremely cheap-Air pump not included
-Two inflatable pillows-Off-gassing smell
-Waterproof soft top– Slight Air-leakage
-Super-lightweight-Uncomfortable pillows
-Firm and sturdy 

5. Alps Mountaineering Velocity [Maximum Durability]

Best Air Mattress For Camping
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Alps Mountaineering, apart from being the biggest name in trekking and camping equipments, already has a huge satisfied user base. Its products are known for their build quality and durability. The Velocity comes with a rechargeable air pump that supports wall, as well as, car charging. It can inflate and deflate the mattress within 3-4 minutes. The mattress doesn’t lose any air throughout a night of sleep and can be left inflated for days at end. Relatively thinner at 6” high, the mattress still feels pretty comfortable and the queen size can accommodate two pax easily. The queen size weighing merely 5 lbs, Velocity is extremely convenient to carry around. The mattress is made out of PVC-free Polyester Oxford fabric that saves you from the unhealthy fumes that accompany PVC mattresses, as well. Above all, as the brand’s reputation conveys, the mattress is extremely durable and relatively cheaper at a $79.99 price tag for the queen size.

-PVC free built 
-Rechargeable Pump 
-Relatively cheaper 

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Best Air Mattress For Camping CHARACTERISTICS

While air mattresses are available in all sizes & shapes, and with a plethora of inflating mechanisms and warranty periods, the ones best suited for camping must primarily:

  1. be convenient to carry around,
  2. have an effortless inflating mechanism, and
  3. be built for rough usage

Keeping in mind, the three primary characteristics of air mattresses for camping, I have picked 5 mattresses for budget seekers as well as free spenders, that were built for outdoor usage.


All the above-mentioned mattresses ace at their characteristic smartness and are incomparable to each other. Choose one in accordance with your budget and needs and let us know how your experience was at


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