Best Air Mattress For Side Sleeping [COMPARED]

Best Air Mattress For Side Sleeping [COMPARED]

The Best Air Mattresses for Side-Sleepers [COMPARED]

beair mattress for side sleeping


According to Anna Linens’ Research Department, a whopping 74% of us sleep on our sides. Despite the fact that side sleeping is such a common human characteristic, it isn’t the comfiest or the healthiest to everybody. I’ve been a side sleeper for as long as my memory assures, and until recently, waking up with back and shoulder pain had become routine for me. Due to the ununiform spinal alignment and pressure on your body parts on either side, side sleeping often wakes you up with a sore body.

I’m still a side sleeper but I don’t have to worry about waking up tired anymore, primarily because I figured two things out:

air mattress
  • An optimal mattress keeps your spine aligned and protects your shoulder from any excess tension, eliminating the back and shoulder pain associated with side sleeping.
side sleeping mattress

Apart from saving you from the uneasiness and a sore body, an optimal mattress will even enhance your mental health. Mattress companies have acknowledged the issue and launched customized mattresses for side sleepers in order to provide us with a comfortable night of sleep. However, since we form the majority of all sleepers, we have become the prime objective of all mattress brands. With brand stuffing the market with new side-sleeping optimized mattresses day after day, they’ve made it harder for us to choose the one for ourselves.

In this article, I have shortlisted five mattresses that have proven to be a solution for plenty of side-sleepers before.

*The above-mentioned prices are discounted prices on the respective websites as of in May 2019
*All the mentioned mattresses don’t have in-built pillows and have been designed for side sleeping.




Trial Period




Optimum for


The Smart Characteristic

Helix Midnight

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

$500 – $1145

100 nights

10 years


Heavy Weight Sleeper



Layla Mattress

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

$474 – $974

120 nights



Light Weight Sleeper



Nectar Mattress

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

$399 – $899

365 nights


A bit firm

Average weight sleeper


Value for money-Smart

Nolah Original 10

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

$499 – $994

120 Nights

15 years


Lightweight Sleeper


Pressure Relief-Smart

Casper Mattress

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

$695 – $1495

100 Nights

10 Years


average weight Sleeper



List Of Best Air Mattress For Side Sleeping


midnight mattress for sleeping

Helix is a one-stop solution to every person’s sleeping preferences. With it’s customized sleep quiz, the website itself suggests the mattress that best suits your priorities. You may even order a hybrid mattress for the diverging interests of yourself and your partner’s with its split mattress option. However, the Helix Midnight is the most popular selection amongst side-sleepers for its “just-right” firmness and customizability. While all Helix mattresses are built for durability, starting at $500, the Helix midnight is an averagely priced mattress for a memory foam mattress. With individually pocketed microcoils, there is minimal motion transfer and your partner can sleep in peace, undisturbed from your tossing and turning. All-in-all at 10” high, the Midnight is a customizable, high-quality, pressure relief efficient mattress for average weighted side-sleepers. Bigger and taller sleepers can add an extra 2” for the Midnight Luxe for a minimal price.




-Only 10 years warranty



-Motion Isolation

-Slightly expensive



best mattress

The Layle mattress that earlier, used to come with a cover in order to provide its users with dual firmness options, now comes with a dual option in itself. Now you can lay down on a firm or a soft mattress, with just a flip. You may even use the cover in order to get four firmness options, altogether. The Layla mattress is a 10” high, pressure relief efficient mattress with a thermogel layer that prevents you from overheating during your sleep. Being a memory foam mattress, you will sink in if sitting at the very end, but otherwise, for accommodating two pax, the edge support works just fine. With a lifetime warranty, you don’t have to worry about any major wear & tear. Layla suggests for you to turn the mattress foot-to-head around once in a month and wash the cover regularly in order to maintain the firmness. The cal king size is available at just $974 and is worth the price for its dual firmness design and excellent motion transfer isolation.



-Dual Firmness

-less bouncy

-120 nights trial period

-less bouncy

-Lifetime warranty

-Nil off-gassing

-ThermoGel layer

-Antimicrobial copper

-Motion isolation


side sleeping mattress

Nectar is a brand that people would want to commit to irrespective of the product. In spite of being the cheapest mattress on the list at $899 for its cal king size, it offers the highest trial period (365 nights) and a lifetime warranty. A blend of Tencel and cotton, the cover is bedbug-resistant and offers a cooler and softer night of sleep. With one of the best edge-supports, the Nectar mattress offers great motion isolation for partners as well. While its layers are specially designed for side sleepers, its firmness suits other postures as well. Collectively, the best value-for-money deal on the market right now.



-Reasonably priced

-Might get a bit hot

-Great warranty and trial period

-A bit firm for light weight users

-Motion isolation

-Bedbug resistant

-Great edge-support


sleeping mattress

With 7% of its profits going to wildlife conservation, Nolah has made sure that its users feel good about buying its products. With a patented Nolah AirFoam design, it promises its customers a comfortable and stress relieving sleep. A viscose cover helps keep the sleepers cool and medium firmness ensures spinal alignment. With a 12” flippable alternative, Nolah Signature 12, the Original 10 is the side sleeper’s preference.  Original is a mattress for light to average weight sleepers and provides relatively good edge-support because of its patented foam technology. With a 120 nights trial period and a 15-year warranty, the Nolah mattress still leaves behind its competitors.



-Patented AirFoam design

-120 nights trial period

-Cooling cover

-15 years limited warranty

-Pressure relief efficient

-Slight off-gassing


-Adequate firmness


best air mattress for side sleeping

Casper Co., one of the pioneers of trial periods in the mattress industry offers a mere 100 nights trial period along with a warranty of 10 years. While these figures might be a turn off for certain users, Casper’s build-quality and comfort-level are exceptional. With minimal motion transfer and a breathable knit cover that lets you sleep with a cooled down body, the Casper mattress is the epitome of comfort. At 12” high, the mattress is the thickest on the list and its cal king size is available for $1495 on its website right now. All-in-all, it is a good product for people looking for comfort, with relatively bigger pockets.






-10 years warranty


-100 nights trial period


All the above-mentioned mattresses are the best available mattresses on the market for side sleepers and all have their own characteristics that they’re known for. Pick one in accordance with your pocket size and priorities and let us know how the experience was at

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