best Bearings for Electric Skateboards

10 Best Bearings For Electric Skateboards – Keep Riding

best Bearings for Electric Skateboards

Bearings are one of the most essential parts of the skateboard. Having the best bearings makes your ride safe, smooth and enjoyable. Today there are numerous bearings in the market but choosing the best from the available option is really a tough job. In this article, I have reviewed the top 10 best bearings that you can buy for your electric skateboards. These bearings are of the finest quality and I can assure that you will have an awesome ride after assembling these bearings to your skateboard. 

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Best Bearings for Electric Skateboards

1. Bones Red Bearings 

While talking about the best bearings for electric skateboards, ‘Bones’ is always at the top. It provides the most durable bearings at a very reasonable price and this is why it is preferred by most professional skateboarders all over the world. It has super ground balls made of stainless steel which are rarely found at this price.

The Bones red bearings contain high-speed ball retainer which is made of removable nylon. It provides a boost to the speed and sustainability to your skateboard. It also adds skate-rated designs that guarantee you to have a smooth and jerk less ride. It also provides a safe journey and can easily withstand high impacts and hard landings. 

This bearing also comes with a non-contact, single, removable rubber shield which provides external protection and also a great strength to your longboard. The kit comes with a set of 8 bearings that are pre-lubricated and this makes it easier for newbies to use. You can attach it easily with your skateboard. The removable parts can be easily cleaned and maintained without any extra hurdles.

Pros :

  • The skate-rated design assures you to have a smooth ride.
  • The high-end stainless steel balls are sturdy enough to withstand high impacts and hard landings.
  • The pre-lubricated feature saves you time and allows you to go skateboarding as soon as you receive it. 
  • It can be easily cleaned and maintained without any fear of getting ruptured. 

Cons :

  • Sometimes it is sent with a poor quality packaging.

Overall Review:

The Bones red bearings are going to be one of your best choices at a cheaper price. The super-finished bearings contain high-speed removable nylon ball retainers. This provides a top-notch quality to your longboard. It also has a skate-rated design which guarantees you to have a smooth ride even through a rocky path. It can easily handle powerful impacts so you can ride your skateboard anywhere without any fear of getting any split or crack. You should go for this bearing if you want to use these bearings for the next 4-5 years.

2. Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings 

The German brand, Yellow Jacket makes bearings of a wide variety and of various colors. The high-quality steel used to make these bearings provides you smoothness with every spin. Bearings with this type of steel can be rarely found at such a cheap price. It is one of the least sound-making bearings in the market with which you can travel anywhere silently.

The balls present inside these bearings are made up of premium chrome steel which brings you an optimal performance and smooth gliding. The cage of those bearings is made up of high-speed nylon for less friction and greater efficiency. These roller cages are injected with high-speed race lubes and this allows you to use it as soon as it reaches your doorstep without any further modifications. Yellow Jacket brings a 7 color variety feature for this bearing from which you can always grab your favorite color. 

These bearings can win the toughest race tracks in the world. It has been tested and proven in innumerable ways. The external shield provided along with this bearing is designed to sustain on all types of roads be it dusty or rocky. The most unique and the most preferred feature for this Yellow Jacket Premium Bearing is that it offers a hassle-free money-back guarantee. After using it, if you are not satisfied then the company provides a full money back without asking a single question.

Pros :

  • The chrome steel ball increases its smoothness with every spin it makes.
  • It reaches your doorstep with all parts fully attached so that you can use and ride it as soon as you get it.
  • It offers 7 color options to choose from.
  • There is a 100% money-back policy if you do not like it after using it.

Cons :

  • Not durable as compared to the Bones Red bearings.

Overall Review:

The Yellow Jacket Premium Bearing will be one of the best choices if you are a professional rider or racer. It is soundless and is made of premium chrome steel material which provides great compatibility to your skateboard. The external cage is made up of nylon and a shield is attached with each bearing so that they can easily handle hard impacts. There is also a 100% money-back guarantee and this makes most of the professional riders prefer these bearings over others. So just try it once to have a great ride be it for your fun adventure or the racing track.

3. Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings 

Here we come with another trustable product in this list. The most eye-catching features about the Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings are; it guarantees the precision tolerances, flawless fitment and also a frictionless ride. You will also be amazed by knowing that some light oil is already placed in the bearings. This unique feature of this bearing really provides a very smooth and speedy ride. 

Dragon comes up with two labyrinth shields that provide unparalleled protection and maximum lubrication retention. All the bearings use steel quality and a nylon ball cage for greater acceleration and a fluid roll. The bearings perform best while rolling downhill as well while handling the horizontal pressures.

These bearings can be easily disassembled and hence you can clean and wash it properly. The Fireball brand provides you a lifetime warranty on the premium quality bearings and also gives you protection against all the manufacturing defects. These bearings are compatible with a wide range of equipment like skateboards, longboards, penny boards, roller skates, scooters, rollerblades, and spinners too.

Pros :

  • The special lubricant gives you a smooth journey during your ride.
  • The two shield design protection makes it a highly sustainable bearing.
  • It can easily speed up and control the speed during uphill and downhill respectively.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of equipment.

Cons :

  • It needs to be used quite a few times to get its 100% output.

Overall Review:

The Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings will surely be your best choice if you want a breakless journey all over your city. This enables you to have a risky ride anytime anywhere. It comes with two labyrinth shields that will give you the smoothest ride irrespective of the road type. The high-end steel quality of the balls allows you to accelerate your longboard very fast. The easy disassembling feature makes it easier for you to clean and wash it properly. You should not ignore the Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings if you want to ride through all types of roads without any fallback.

4. Zealous Bearings 

best budget bearings for electric skateboard
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The Zealous bearings are one of the most popular bearings in the market because of its design which is suitable for both skateboards and longboards. Its interior is fully made up of steel and the exterior showcase material is made up of green rubber. This rubber prevents all the dirt and debris from damaging the bearings. The fact that they are pre-lubricated allows you to use it as soon as you receive it.

The most appreciable feature of this skateboard is that it has nanoceramic compound fills. This features a coefficient of friction of about 0.003% and also fills all the deformations and asperities inside those bearings. These deformations can create a lot of friction and heat up your bearings. The nanoceramic compounds not only fills the deformations by reducing friction but also provides a great top speed to your skateboard.

These bearings have in-built spacers and speed rings. This allows you to have great acceleration and also you can easily disassemble it. With this feature, you can easily clean and wash the spacers and rings after having a long journey.

The Zealous Bearing set comes up with 8 bearings, which is more than enough for handling 4 wheels. It also comes with a guarantee of low water washout along with a corrosion-resistant material.

Pros :

  • The external protective seals can prevent the dirt and debris from entering in the bearings and damaging it.
  • It has a strong and sturdy steel construction.
  • It has a very low coefficient of friction which provides a great top speed to your skateboard.
  • It guarantees a corrosion-resistant material and a low water washout.

Cons :

  • Sometimes it produces some rattling sound on uneven surfaces.

Overall Review:

Zealous Bearings has offered you with the most supreme features. Starting from pre-lubrication to guaranteed corrosion-resistant material, it has all the features that a skateboarder requires. The coefficient of the surface of these bearings is 0.03% which is lowest as compared to other bearings. This feature makes it one of the best frictionless bearings. Also, the in-built spacers and rings protect the bearings from any crack or interior damage during high-speed movement through sloped areas. I suggest you, just try it once so that you can have a real-time experience of this highly-featured, low budget bearings.

5. Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings 

Again coming back to the ‘Bones’ brand, the Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings can be one of your best choices if you are looking for highly durable and fully functional bearings with a wide range of usage. The balls present inside these bearings are larger in size. These balls with a greater radius minimize the rolling friction and also provide a greater acceleration to your skateboard.

The bearings are surrounded by single, non-contact, removable rubber shields for greater flexibility and protection. Like all other Bones’ bearings, this one too provides an easy way to clean and wash it by detaching all the parts comfortably. 

The kit comes with 6 bigger size bearings. This also provides your skateboard a less drag feature which helps you in gaining its top speed faster. They arrive with an easy-to-use feature for which you can start using it as soon as you get it.

Its speed and strength are also attributed to the high-speed nylon balls. This set of bearings also has a skate-rated design which indicates that it can withstand the hard impacts and hurdles without facing any type of split or crack. It is available on Amazon with a lifetime warranty on the manufacturing defect of the bearings.

Pros :

  • The 6 larger bearings minimize your rolling friction to the highest extent.
  • The rubber shields provide great protection during sudden accidents.
  • With the pre-lubrication feature, you can start your journey as soon as you receive it.
  • The skate-rated design ensures a safe ride and capability to sustain hard collisions.
  • You get a lifetime warranty on any type of manufacturing defect.

Cons :

  • The price is a little bit higher as compared to the other bearings.

Overall Review:

With my personal experience, the Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings is one of the most classy bearings that I have ever seen in my life. The 6 large size bearings are pre-lubricated and come with high-speed nylon balls. The disassembling feature enables you to clean it properly after having a long journey with your skateboard. The skate-rated feature guarantees you to have a hardcore journey without any fear of damage to the bearings.

6. Spitfire Burner Bearings 

You will probably feel like a fire with the Spitfire Burner. This brand is the most well-known brand in this community for its durable and reliable quality. The bearings are made up of high carbon chrome steel material which is heat-resistant. 

What makes this bearing more trustable is its customer reviews. Many people are actually enjoying this over years without any issues including me. These bearings have sturdy, removable nylon cages that allow you to protect your bearings from dust, debris, and numerous small particles. 

They are also featured with super polished balls that act as a master in terms of speed and precision. The impact-resistant designs promote a longer time of skateboarding without any backlog issue.

The Spitfire Burners provide great features at this price range. The basic design and awesome features allow every beginner to use and handle it properly.

Pros :

  • The high carbon, chrome steel bearings provide a great strength to it for withstanding tougher obstacles.
  • The nylon cage helps in keeping the dust and debris from affecting the performance of the bearings.
  • It is a heat-resistant material which allows you to go out on summer evenings and enjoy it for a longer time.

Cons :

  • Honestly speaking, its design is too simple, so professional skateboarders should not go for it.

Overall Review:

The Spitfire Burner Bearings is one of the best bearings for beginners with all premium features at the cheapest price. With the chrome steel bearing material, you get great strength and a high-speed journey. The nylon cages do not allow any dust or small, minute particles to create a lag in the performance of the bearings. It never gets heated up despite long journeys on summer evenings. Comparing it with its price, it really provides great features, without any doubt. So if you are a newbie and want to have an experience like professionals then just go for it.

7. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings 

If you are highly fascinated by the ceramic bearings, then the Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings will be the best option for you. The 8-set bearings come with heavy lubrication. This minimizes your skateboard’s resistance and provides a smooth journey to you. It is also provided with lube which acts as a catalyst for the smoothness of your skateboard.

Each of the 8 bearings is featured with 7 high quality, white ceramic balls. These are protected from outside with nylon casing along with a chrome steel ring. This feature helps in preventing wear and tear during high speeds. So this makes it perfect for free boarding, slalom skating, and long cruising. With that, you also get a guarantee of not getting any scratches on your bearings of rust and dust. 

It also comes up with an easy maintenance process. The one shield design enables you to add lube or clean it without any hardcore disassembling. They are super hard with a density of 7.8 g/cm3 which makes it highly lustrous, strong, and durable. These bearings can easily be fitted into your scooter, inline, longboards, hockey skate wheels, and e-skateboards too. 

Pros :

  • It can easily tackle with all the resistances and can provide you a wonderfully smooth ride.
  • The heavy lubrication ensures to prevent the bearings from wearing and cutting.
  • It has a wide range of applications because of shield design and high density.
  • The nylon cage acts as a water-resistant which allows you to have a risk-free ride in rainy weather.

Cons :

  • It needs some time to attain its stability after the lubrication process.

Overall Review:

The Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings are guaranteed to make you feel like a professional at a very low budget. It will give you a sturdy, powerful, and safe ride irrespective of your speed and impact on it. The heavy lubrication ensures to prevent your bearings from splitting or cracking. The premium ceramic quality gives it water and heat-resistant features. Thus, not only can you have an adventure in the monsoon season but also you can ride it for a longer time in the summer season. It is highly lustrous with a density of 7.8 g/cm3 and so I will recommend you to go for it because it includes all the high-end specifications that a professional skateboarder actually requires.

8. esKape 608 Bearings 

best Bearings for Skateboards
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The esKape 608 bearings are considered to be one of the best budget bearings in the market. At such a low price, you will feel glad to know that these bearings have the capability to provide a great service to all types of skateboards, longboards, and inline skates available in the market. With my own personal experience, I can say that these bearings actually provide a very high level of performance compared to its price.

The esKape 608 set comes up with 8 bearings which are more than enough for supporting the 4 wheels. The bearings provide enough speed and all of its customers are satisfied over years including me. The speed lubricant used in the bearings allows a smooth ride even through rough surfaces. It also acts as a cushion for the balls inside the bearings during any hard crash or collision.

The lubes provided inside them add more durability to your bearings. It also features plastic steel shields that protect it from dirt, debris and hard impacts. The esKape 608 provides bearings that are actually very hard, substantial, robust and are highly diversified.

Pros :

  • It offers fine quality bearings at a very inexpensive price.
  • It is supportable for all the available skateboards, longboards and inline skates in the market.
  • It can easily withstand hard landings and crashes because of the speed lubricant provided inside the bearings.

Cons :

  • It occasionally creates a rattling sound.

Overall Review:

The esKape 608 bearings provide wonderful performance which none of the bearings can provide at this price range. I still use it for having fun, short journeys. It can be attached to all types of longboards, skateboards and inline skates. It is also featured with plastic steel shields for extra protection during hard drops or crashes. The speed lubricant also provides a great rolling speed to these bearings. It will never make you fall back in your journey. So if your budget is a bit low then no need to hesitate, just go for it and you will surely be impressed by its performance.

9. Heady Shake Pro Bearings 

The Heady Shake Pro Bearings are one of my most favorite bearings because it is a type of bearing where design meets features. You can look at the picture, its external appearance is really appreciable. Not only I love it because of the design and looks but also it provides an ultra-fast and smooth ride. It guarantees to burn up the road with proper consistency. It is lighter and stronger than steel because it is made up of premium grade titanium. 

The bearings are already lubricated with a special type of lubricant which ensures you an ultra-smooth ride. Its high-precision bearings provide a long-lasting journey and make your skateboard highly durable. It also features you with a quiet rotation and high-spinning speed. 

Another noticeable feature is its versatility. It can handle all the equipment like rollers, skateboards, longboards, scooters and inline skates too. The bearings are also waterproof externally and the sturdy spacers provide an extra strength to the bearings. 

The incomparable Heady Shake gives you a quiet journey which is truly amazing. It has a very reasonable price which means, you pay for what you actually want. It also gives you a 100% money back guarantee if any dispute is found or if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

Pros :

  • Its external design is really very cool, marvelous and attractive.
  • It is lighter than all other bearings present in the market because it is made up of titanium.
  • The special lubricant provides a very smooth ride. 
  • It gets easily fitted to rollers, skateboards, longboards, scooters and inline skates.
  • It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it after use.

Cons :

  • You will need sometime to cope up with all its features.

Overall Review:

The Heady Shake Pro Bearings can be one of your best choices if you are looking for design, speed, stability and low price. These bearings are lubricated with a special type of lubricator which provides a very smooth ride. The high-precision bearings allow you to have a long-lasting journey. The high-grade titanium material gives it a waterproof feature which allows you to have a journey even in the rainy season. It is a highly versatile device that enables you to attach it with the longboards, skateboards, inline skates, rollers and scooters too. So you should select this set of bearings if you have a higher budget and you will surely be impressed by its insane performance.

10. Redsia ABEC 11 Bearings 

The Redsia Bearings have the ability to compete with the costliest bearings available in the market. Redsia always ensures that the best products are being delivered to their customers and tries to make a product according to the needs of the customers. The ABEC 11 graded bearing guarantees to provide you a very smooth and fast ride. 

It is made up of a decent size, that is, 22 mm outer diameter, 8 mm core size and 7 mm width. The Redsia kit contains 8 bearings, 4 spacers and 8 washers which is enough to handle the 4 wheels and make your skateboard super powerful. The premium, nylon ball retainers reduce the friction to its maximum and assists you in accelerating the skateboard very easily even on uneven surfaces. 

The washers play a great role in a long-lasting journey without getting heated up. Each of the bearings consists of 7 stainless steel balls for high speed rolling and a swift journey. The bearings are covered with 2 removable rubber shields which act as a barrier in contamination of muds and small particles from making scratches in the bearings. 

The ABEC 11 indicates its size which is pretty good to support skateboards, longboards, scooter wheels, roller skate wheels and a lot more. Redsia also brings a hassle-free replacement policy, if you feel that the bearings are not upto the mark.

Pros :

  • It’s decent size and weight allows you to handle it without any problem.
  • The 4 spacers and 8 washers give you a long lasting journey without any backlog.
  • The 7 stainless steel balls present in each of the bearings provide great strength, balance and a swift journey.
  • It is highly versatile and also available with hassle-free replacement policy offered by Redsia for any product dispute.

Cons :

  • Some rattling sound could be heard occasionally while traveling through sloped surfaces.

Overall Review:

The Redsia Bearings are one of the most demandable products in the market. Particularly because of the ABEC 11 rating, which guarantees to never fall back and always provide you a decent ride. It also features 4 spacers and 8 washers for providing extra safety to the riders. The 7 stainless steel balls allow you to have a great balance over your skateboard and also adds some extra stability to your skateboard. It is a highly versatile product that also comes up with a free replacement policy if you don’t find the product upto the mark. 

What are the Fastest Bearings for Skateboards?

If you are searching for the fastest bearing then you should always opt for the Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings and for this you need to have a higher budget. 

But if you are searching for inexpensive bearings then you should go for the Heady Shake Pro Bearings which will make you feel like a real professional skateboarder.

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What Bearings are best for Longboards?

The Longboards bearing needs to be highly durable and sustainable. Their capacity should be much more than other normal bearings available in the market.

Some of the finest quality bearings for your Longboard is Bones Red Bearings, Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings, Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings.

How to install new Bearings in an Electric Skateboard?

How does Bearings affect the performance of your Skateboard?

Bearings play a great role in controlling the rolling time of your skateboard. Like if you push the board then how long does it continue scrolling by itself. Higher the scrolling time, better are the bearings.

It also acts as a catalyst for the speed, acceleration and sustaining capability of your skateboard. It also helps in balancing and controlling your skateboard during sudden crashes or collisions.

What are the best Lubricants for Skateboard Bearings?

Every bearing needs to be taken care of irrespective of its price. They should be properly lubricated after each long journey and the spacers and washers should be washed properly to prevent them from dust and rust.

Some of the best Lubricants for Skateboard which I personally use and would like to recommend you too are Bones Speed Cream Skate Lubricant, White Lithium Grease, Phil Wood Grease.

What happens if you don’t grease bearings?

The bearing is a mechanical part of a skateboard that needs to be taken special care of. To get the maximum output it should always be lubricated after every ride so that they do not lose their maximum potential. But if you don’t lubricate or grease your bearings properly then without any doubt they will surely stop rotating after 1 year. 

Greasing plays a great role in the case of bearings. It provides a smooth and silent rotation all over your journey. It prevents your skateboard from sudden stoppage due to rust, debris and dust. If you go for a ride then make sure to lube your bearings after returning and if they are not used for several weeks, then apply grease at least for 2-3 days a week to maintain proper consistency in its efficiency.

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