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Best Bedwetting Alarms

bedwetting alarms

Kids of tender age tend to wet the bed until they are bathroom trained or have control over their bladder. Bedwetting or involuntary urination during the night time is quite common and natural in young children. But this condition is also referred to as sleep enuresis and may affect adults as well, indicating towards a rather severe condition. As natural or severe it can get, bedwetting is definitely a condition that disrupts the normal sleep cycle of every person suffering from it. Nobody wants to wake up to wet clothes and soaked bedsheet at night after all.

There are various kinds of alarms like wearable, wireless, bell and pads and more. All of them have a sensor which is placed near the sleeper in order to detect urine immediately without any delay. There are plenty of bedwetting alarms available in the market today with common function but different features.

TOP Picks

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1. Malem Ultimate Alarm – With Best Sound & Vibration

An award-winning product with the most promising reviews by many happy customers. Malem Auditory alarm is manufactured using the state of the art technology that helps both adults and children in their bedwetting condition. It weighs an ounce and can be attached to the kid’s pyjamas using a clip-on feature. The alarm has a light, inbuilt vibration and audible alarm feature which starts to ring as soon as the moisture is detected and wakes up the sleeper. It has a feature of only light, only sound, only vibration or both vibration and sound.

The device has a total of multiple sound options with eight inbuilt sounds that can wake up even the deep sleepers. The best part about this alarm is the two-step turn off the feature that avoids the habit of snoozers. It is by far the lightest and compact bedwetting alarm available that does not cause any discomfort.

The sensor comes with a quick detect technology that triggers the alarm immediately with the first drop of urine. The durable clips help in the stable attachment of the sensor. The alarm can be accessed with a free troubleshooting help that can be installed on any smartphone or tablet. It is a battery operated wired alarm which showcases high success rate among children and comes with a warranty of one year.


  •  Wearable
  • Features vibration, light and sound
  • Sensor clip attached
  • One year warranty
  • Advanced quick detect technology 

2. Dr Madre – Best Wearable Bedwetting Alarm

Infants are already whiny about everything they wear and getting them used to a new bedwetting alarm to bed can be a daunting task altogether in itself. With the Dr Madre bedwetting alarm, getting your youngest one to wear this bedwetting alarm to bed will be a breezy task, since the alarm looks more like a sports band than a pee alarm, your child will not have a problem in wearing one. In fact, it is very comfortable to put on and does not even have to be disconnected every time your child goes to pee.

The pee detector or sensor is extremely equipped and reacts fast. As soon as the first drop of urine occurs, the alarm immediately alerts the child to go to the bathroom. The device will not cause any health side effects to your child since it is made from safe medical-grade plastic and runs on a lithium battery that lasts a really long time. if used properly, the battery needs to be replaced only once or twice a year. It is a wired alarm that runs on battery and doesn’t need to be charged over and over again.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  •  Compact and light
  •   Reacts fast
  • Comes with sound and vibration feature

3. Therapee Bedwetting Alarm – For Both Adults & Kids

Therapee bedwetting alarm is considered to be one of the most recommended bedwetting alarms in the market. The alarm is from Dr Sagie’s bedwetting clinic and is studded with all the advanced features. This is basically a bell and pad alarm which includes a pad place beneath the sleeper. Whenever any trace of moisture is detected, the alarm goes off. The pad is very thin and comfortable to sleep on. It can also be customized according to the individual’s requirement for more comfort. As you purchase the alarm, the user also gets the licensing to the online TheraPee software program that helps the parents and children in programming the alarm according to their preferences and conditions.

This bedwetting alarm is priced on a higher range but the features in-built are absolutely worth the price. There are a total of 10 sounds in the alarm that ranges from ambient to extra loud in the night which suits all kinds of sleepers from light to deep. The alarm is suitable for both kids and adults as per usage. It comes with a one year warranty and customizable design as well. TheraPee alarm is a wired alarm which is operated by battery and lasts all night long.


  •  Bell-and-pad type of alarm
  •  It emits various types of sound
  •  Access to the software program
  • One year warranty
  • Cutting edge technology-driven

4. Rodger Wireless – Most Comfortable Bedwetting Alarm

No child wants to walk around with wires inside his pants and especially when you want to go to the bathroom, having wires attached to the underwear can be downright uncomfortable and embarrassing. This Rodger wireless alarm comes with a transmitter and is extremely lightweight and attached to the underwear. This transmitter sends the signals to the alarm. The best part about this alarm is once it has detected any trace of moisture, it will not go off until the person walks up to the bathroom and turns it off manually.

Since the alarm and the transmitter are kept away from each other, your child will be forced to get up and switch it off on his own. Also, it will give out a good result if the alarm is put inside the toilet so that the child would need to go all the way to the bathroom to turn it off. This bedwetting alarm is wireless and operates on batteries. It can also be plugged into the power outlet.


  •  Compact and lightweight sensor
  • Separate transmitter and alarm
  •  Adjustable volume option
  • Battery lasts long

5. Chummie – Award Winning Bedwetting Alarm

Considering its design and functionality, Chummie is one of the best bedwetting alarm for children. Most of the bedwetting alarms tend not to work for kids or even adults who are deep sleepers and do not get affected by alarm bells as well.

This bedwetting alarm has very strong vibration, loud sound and bright lights that occur when the alarm is triggered which is enough for the person to wake up but not enough to irritate. The urine detectors sensor is large in size and has a very comfortable clip that does not cause irritation to the child’s sleep. There are eight different tone option and volume adjustment in the device as per your liking.

The mechanism of the device has two-step shut off the process that makes it difficult to turn off at once. This feature is specially meant for people who hit off the alarm and sleep off again.

The sensor is made out of non-chafing silicon which is very comfortable to wear and the 1-oz alarm can be clipped and worn to the clothing very easily. The sensor can be cleaned with a 10-second rinse in warm water to keep it hygienic. Buyers also get free access to the support app which has various informative videos and support application. The bedwetting alarm is wired and operates on battery.


  • Emits vibration, lights and sound
  • Comfortable sensor clip
  • Fast alarm stimuli
  • One year warranty

6. Lil’ Jumbl – Bedwetting Alarm & Potty Trainer Seat

The Lil’ Jumbl Bedwetting alarm is comparatively a small, compact and a discreet alarm that comes along with a clip-on moisture sensor. The alarm is designed in a way to appear more like an armband rather than a urine alarm. The alarm features all the three options of sound, light and vibration in order to alert the sleeper. You have the feature of selecting either just sound, light or vibration, some of them and all of them together at once.

The alarm sets off as soon as any kind of moisture is felt and wake up the child before he wets the bed. The best part about the alarm is it saves the embarrassment of the public as it is almost invisible to others. Because of this feature, even the adults prefer to use this bedwetting alarm.


  • Small and discreet design
  • Features light, vibration and sound
  • Ideal for both kids and adults
  • Wired and battery operated.

7. Nytone – Best Wristwatch Bedwetting Alarm

Nytone Bedwetting alarm is quite a popular choice among parents as it was one of the first and oldest bedwetting alarms that were introduced in the market back in the 1970s. The alarm comes with 30 unique design variants along with one year of warranty. The alarm has both the option of vibration and sound. In order to prevent the user from getting accustomed to the sound of the alarm, the devices come with three unique sounds to customize. 

The alarm is designed specifically keeping the young children in mind. The device can be easily operated by kids as they can conveniently switch on and off the buttons on their own. It is supposedly life-changing for the children who cannot get over their habit of bedwetting.

Using this alarm consistently for a few weeks will reflect the results in a positive way as it will change the behavioral pattern of the kid to understand their body cycle in a better way. the device is operated through batteries and is wired accordingly.


  • Wearable
  • Emits light sound and vibration
  • Multiple sound options
  • One year warranty
  • Sensor clips attached

8. Wet-Stop3 – Best efficient bedwetting alarms

Wet-stop3 is one of the efficient bedwetting alarms in the market with a genuine good rating. It is very easy to use an alarm that comes with a fully waterproof pad for the bed. The sensor in the alarm detects any slightest trace of moisture and it does not go off until the moisture is removed from the bed. Basically, this alarm will urge your child to get up and not go back to sleep without taking a little bathroom tour.

The bedwetting alarm is equipped with five different and unique sounds that will awaken all the deepest sleepers as well. Once you purchase this alarm, the buyers also get a bedwetting guide along with the stickers and a calendar free with the device. This device is totally battery operated and wired.


  • Waterproof pad
  • Battery operated
  • Multiple sound options
  • Comes with a bedwetting guide

9. Teqin – Best Designed Bedwetting Alarm

The Teqin bedwetting alarm comes in two kinds of the model suitable for children and adults. The first one is a bed pad which is connected to an alarm that can be kept anywhere around the room and the other one is an armband alarm that is attached to the clip-on moisture sensor which can be discreetly placed inside the child’s underwear. Whenever the sensor detects any kind of moisture, the alarm sets off triggering the sleeper to wake up and rush to the bathroom.

The alarm triggers with sound, lights and vibration. One can pick either of them or all of them together if you are a heavy deep sleeper. The device is wired and is designed to run efficiently on a battery.


  • Discreet and lightweight
  •  Reacts quickly to moisture
  • Triggers light, sound and vibration
  • Long battery life

10. DryBuddy – Best Magnetic Sensor Bedwetting Alarm

DryBuddy Magnetic sensor bedwetting alarm comes with a one of its kind magnetic sensor that is fit for both adults and children. The alarm is designed to go off as soon as the sleeper starts to wet the bed. The music and vibration from the alarm alert the sleeper making him/her wake up and go to the bathroom before they wet the whole bed. The music can go as high as 90 decibels to ensure that even deep sleepers wake up instantly. There’s also a low battery alarm alert in the device.

The best part about these sensors is the magnetic characteristic as they can be stuck anywhere without damaging or clipping them. There’s also an LED light attached to them for making the usage simple and convenient during the night. It is a wearable alarm that comes with a one year warranty.


  • Wearable
  • Emits vibration, light and music
  • One year warranty
  • Easy to wear
  •  Wired
  • Battery operated

11. Tenscare Dn Trainer

Infants who are yet to get bathroom training are still easier when it comes to using bedwetting alarms. But for toddlers or even teenagers who suffer from the prolonged habit of bedwetting, it can be embarrassing at times to wear an alarm that keeps their bathroom habits in check. Tenscare Dn Trainer alarm was specifically designed to curtail to the problem of discreetness with the bedwetting alarms. It is designed more like a watch or a wrist band that has sensors connected directly to the underwear.

The alarm is set to go off as soon as it traces any kind of moisture in the underwear and makes sure the sleeper wakes up and goes to the bathroom before wetting the bed completely.


  • Wired alarm
  • Battery operated
  • Designed like a watch
  • Discreet sensor

12. Dry-Me – Best Easy to Use Bedwetting Alarm

The dry-me bedwetting alarm is a small box-like structure. It is red in colour device and has a sensor attached through a cord. It is easily one of the highly recommended bedwetting alarms in the market. The mechanism of the device turns the alarm on to alert the sleeper as soon as it detects any kind of moisture.

There are Eight different tones for sound options in the device along with the vibration mode. You can pick either of them or both of them together at a time to go off. The alarm is extremely lightweight, compact and comfortable to wear. It is even safe for infants and toddlers. The sound and vibrations are intense enough to wake up a sound sleeper as well.


  •  Wired
  • Battery operated
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wearable

13. Shield Prime – Best Budget Bedwetting Alarm

As the name suggests, Shield prime bedwetting alarm is shaped literally like a shield. To make it more approachable appearance-wise, it comes in two alluring shades of blue. It also has a sensor attached to the alarm that can be clipped to a vest or a t-shirt. There are various programming buttons in the device that can be used to set the alarm up.

They are designed specially to forge the needs and requirements of children aged five and above. They have vibration and sound options that go off as soon as the alarm alerts the sleeper of any trace of moisture. One can also change and adjust the volume, audio tone and even the vibration options according to your preference.


  • Adjustable sound and vibration option
  • Wired
  • Battery operated
  • Aesthetic in appearance

14. DryEasy – Best Bedwetting Alarm For Deep Sleepers

Dryeasy is a renowned brand in the bedwetting alarm market. Like any other wired alarms, it comes with a sensor that is directly attached to the child’s underwear that he/she will wear before going to the bed. Also, there are sound and vibration options available for the alarm to go off as soon as the first drop of urine is detected. There is a total of six sounds and vibration options in-built in the device. The alarm can be turned off only by a two-step turn off procedure. This is specially meant for the deep sleepers who do not wake up easily.


  •  Wired
  • Adjustable volume option
  • Multiple sounds
  • Battery operated

15. Smart – Best Bedwetting Alarm For Children

A box-shaped bedwetting alarm that can be attached to the clothing of the sleeper. The sensor to the alarm is discreetly clipped to the undergarment of the wearer and goes off as soon as any trace of moisture is detected on the clothing.

The sensor is attached prominently to the clothing so as to avoid any discomfort or change in position when the person is sleeping. The triggered alarm makes a sound and vibration as it goes off in order to wake up the sleeper to go to the bathroom.


  •  Wired
  • Battery operated
  • Discreet sensor
  • Adjustable volume option

There are various ways in which this condition of bedwetting can be treated for both children and adults. With the advancement in technology, bedwetting alarms are regarded as one of the most effective and efficient methods to overcome this condition. According to various medical studies, bedwetting alarms showcased a higher success rate as compared to other intervention methods.

Children specifically respond to bedwetting alarms really well. These devices basically have sensors that are placed in the undergarments of the sleeper or beneath their bodies. As soon as the sensor detects any kind of moisture, the alarm produces vibration or loud sounds which nudges the sleeper to immediately proceed towards the bathroom. It alerts the person even before the urination occurs that leads to bedwetting.

Common Causes of Bedwetting

Bedwetting is also referred to as sleep enuresis in the medical terminology. This condition prevails from unusual or abnormal bladder behavior during sleep. It is considered to be a type of parasomnia. Some of the leading causes of this condition are:

1. Untrained or undersized bladder

For children and even some adults, the bladder size is smaller than usual and are incapable of holding as much urine as normal people do during the night.

 2. Neuro signals

Children, mostly infants and toddlers don’t have the knowledge or awareness of understanding their urination pattern and recognize when the bladder is full. The brain fails to send the signal through nerves of any reaction in the body.

3. Hormones

An antidiuretic hormone is produced in a human body which reduces the urine production during the night, a certain kind of hormonal imbalance can hamper this process and cause bedwetting at night.

4. System defects

While some people have a temporary condition of bedwetting, some people may suffer from bedwetting in a chronic way due to the defects in their urinary systems.

5. Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection can affect the functioning of the upper or lower urinary tract. Thus, people suffering from UTI may have involuntary urination as a common symptom in their condition.

 5. Diabetes

If the child continues to wet the bed after a certain age of maturity, it may lead to the signs of early or juvenile diabetes. Diabetic children are more prone to the condition of bedwetting as a side effect.

6. Cancer

Certain kinds of cancer that affect your lower abdominal areas like bladder cancer or prostate cancer can cause bedwetting in both children and adults.

7. Sleep apnea

During obstructive sleep apnea, the person falls short of breath during sleep, this hinders the circulation of air in main breathing passages. Many people tend to lose control of the bladder in their sleep suffering from this condition.

8. Kidneys

Since kidneys are attached to the ureters and hold the tube that carries urine to the bladder, any kidney-related disease can lead to the occurrence of bedwetting.

9. Other factors

There are various other factors that cause bedwetting like anxiety, genetic disorders, hyperactivity disorder, old age and more.

What is a Bedwetting Alarm?

A bedwetting alarm is a device that is designed to emit an auditory or tangible feeling when it detects any kind of moisture or wetness from the source. These alarms are meant to alert sleeper when the urination is at its initial stage.

The sensors inside the device prompt the sleeper whenever it detects wetness or even a drop of moisture. The alarm immediately goes off by vibration or even sound to urge the sleeper to go to the bathroom.

Bedwetting alarms do not entirely eliminate the nighttime involuntary urination but it helps the person to effectively wake up from sleep at critical times and makes them use the toilet instead of wetting the bed.

Infants and toddlers are more prone towards bedwetting as compared to adults since their bladders are not used to function normally.

However, some adults who have undergone any surgeries or medical procedures also suffer from the problem of sleep enuresis as a post-procedure side effects. Bedwetting alarms are a full proof solution to the prolonged problem of bedwetting in both kids and adults.

For the children who have crossed the age of infancy and are also no more toddlers, the condition of bedwetting stands to be a huge embarrassment. They avoid sleepovers, trips and more just to spare themselves from the horror of bedwetting. These bedwetting alarms thus not only help them understand their body cycle but also pertains them to regain their lost confidence back

How does a Bedwetting alarm work?

The bedwetting alarms are connected to the underwear of the sleeper around the region where the initial drop of urine is anticipated. As soon as the first drop of urine come out, the sensor creates an alert through either tactile vibration or audio sounds that are loud enough to alert either the kid or parents that the wetting might occur anytime. The major cause of bedwetting is either overproduction of urine or the patterns of a deep sleep, sometimes the combination of both.

Since bedwetting needs kind of behavioural conditioning, bedwetting alarms help the kids to understand and listen to their body better.

Initially, the alarm alerts the child when the sensor detects any trace of moisture. Gradually over a period of time, the alarms help to limit the frequency of such occurrence and help to develop the underdeveloped bladder.

Apart from this, the bedwetting alarms alert the sleeper as soon as the urination begins. This process trains their brains to react to full bladders more accurately.

 The bedwetting alarm therapy replaces the urge of peeing eventually with the sound or vibration of alarms. These signal will get registered in the sleeper’s brain and will cause a behavioural pattern to visit the bathroom whenever the bladder becomes full.

Types of Bedwetting Alarms

There are majorly three types of bedwetting alarms:

1. Wearable alarms

As the name suggests, these alarms are placed inside the underwear or bedclothes of the sleeper. The sensor in the alarms goes off as soon as any trace of moisture is detected. This alarm alerts the sleeper with the first drop of urine itself. It is very compact and light in weight. Initially, it might cause discomfort for the wearer, but gradually one will get used to it.

 2. Bell-and-pad alarms

The sensor in this type is built inside a sleeping pad and is placed underneath the sleeper over the bedsheet. It detects the moisture and the alarm is set off immediately. It prevents the staining of the wet sheet.

 3. Wireless alarms

In this kind of alarm, the sensor is placed inside the clothes of the sleeper but the alarm need not necessarily be placed near the bed. Since it is wireless, it can be placed anywhere in the room. This kind of alarm is generally used by parents or nurses for the patients who develop the condition of bedwetting post any medical procedure to keep a check on them.

Features of Bedwetting Alarms

 1. Vibration

Bedwetting can be an embarrassing affair. Many kids do not prefer other people to know about their condition. Thus, rather than an option for a loud sound alarm, one can go ahead with the vibration option that alerts the sleeper but won’t let others in the room know about it.

2. Sound

The effectiveness of alarm may be limited or restricted if the sleeper gets accustomed to vibrations or even a particular kind of sound. There are bedwetting alarms that come with multiple sound options that keep the usage of these alarms intact.

 3. Volume

Different people react differently to various levels of sound. Get the bedwetting alarm that has a volume control. This way, you can adjust the volume of the alarm according to the sleeper’s preference.

4. Light

Bedwetting alarms usually trigger the sound and touch reactions through vibration and sound, but one can also use the bedwetting alarms with lights to trigger the visual stimuli as well.

5. Battery

Majority of the bedwetting alarms run on battery and are wireless. Thus, it is important to pick the alarm which lasts all night. The effectiveness of bedwetting alarms will fade away if the battery of these alarms go off even before the urination happens.

6. Sensors

Not everyone is a stable sleeper and people keep changing their positions in the night. A clipper sensor is thus useful to keep the sensor placed intact in the night and not get loose. You can attach the clippers to the bedclothes, waistband, undergarment or more.

Final Words

Bedwetting alarms are a great option to get rid of the condition of bedwetting with time. Just a small and compact device can save you the trouble of going to the doctor, taking tons of odd medicines and also from the embarrassment of the same. The bedwetting alarms come with different features and prices but with a common purpose of providing the solution to the bedwetting problem. It is suitable for people of every age and if used consistently, you will be assured of positive results.

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