best commercial log splitter

7 Best Commercial Log Splitter In 2020: Reviewed, Rated and Compared

best commercial log splitter

Cutting down trees and sectioning almost all the logs can be a real tough deal. Without the help of a good commercial log splitter, you cannot make things work at your own pace. 

This is the very reason why a log splitter becomes the best solution. Instead of spending hours and hours struggling on splitting logs, you can finish your task with ease using a log splitter.

But before that, you have to make sure of one thing. When making a purchase for a good commercial log splitter, there are other considerations to make like, choosing between an electric and manual log splitter. 

So if you find yourself feeling confused, don’t worry. We have got you covered with this stunning review, that will surely help you to make your mind for one!

Our Pick

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8 Best Commercial Log Splitter Reviews

1. Wen – 6.5-Ton Electric Commercial Log Splitter

When talking about the best commercial log splitter, then WEN Electric never disappoints. WEN gives you a range of products which promises to deliver the output right on time. And the unique thing about it is that it  costs less   than the other commercial log splitter on the market.

With the use of this amazing 6.5-ton splitter, you get to cut with recent edges made and a smooth finish that every woodworker wants. It is ideal for both domestic and commercial amnesties.

This amazing motor has about 13000 crackling pressure to cut through the small logs effectively.


  • Electric log splitter with a 5-ton force rating to cut through a variety of logs. 
  • Two-year warranty which ensures its long-term quality. 
  • 15 amp motor power which helps in being used for 13000 pounding force. 
  • 5-inch wheels at the back which help in better rolling speed. 


  • Needs proper oiling for everyday usage. 
  • Not very lightweight. 

2. Sun Joe – Best Hydraulic Commercial Log Splitter

When it comes to handling lawn related work, then you can blindly put your trust on Sun Joe. This fantastic log splitter comes with perfect heavy-duty management as well.

The hydraulic pressure and dual function of this splitter are what keeps it second onto the list. This fantastic log splitter comes with proper work management and row cuts that can help you to cut around 4 logs at the same time.

You can snap or split logs easily with the help of this heavy-duty and easily managed log splitter. Wooden logs, which are around 10 inches or more, is achieved with the help of this log splitter. It can have round and bevel cuts which ultimately come with a smooth finish.


  • Steel frame attached for better usage that helps to the stop of backrolling of logs. 
  • Hydraulic log splitter which works with greater speed and workforce upon usage. 
  • 10-ton force rating used for splitting logs.


  • A bit pricey from the other splitters.
  • Not lightweight. 

3. Boss Industrial – One Handed Log Splitter

This might be our third choice, but this is something that we would recommend you for a purchase. This amazing log splitter is made for both commercial and home usage. It has ultimate power strength that helps you to split logs in a jiffy.

With the power of the ram that is conducted with this fantastic splitter, you can now do your work and split around more than 4 logs in an hour. It delivers a max speed of about 7-ton splitting force that makes the work easy.

It does not have the toxic emissions that are emitted from the other log splitters and perfectly safe to use. 

It is lightweight and easy to manage at your workplace.

Boss Industrial log splitter also has a side rail. The side rail helps the log to stay fixed so that it does not get deranged during the time of splitting.


  • Good quality splitter for all the small residential works’ 
  • Gas emission is negligible for this splitter.
  • It contains an automatic ram return and one-handed operation.


  • Not suitable for dry logs. 
  • It can cause trouble during splitting 4 logs at a time.

4. YARD MAX – Best Full Beam Gas Commercial Log Splitter

YARD MAX has a comprehensive range of amazing options when it comes to choosing the best commercial log splitters from their store. When it comes to performance, speed, and functionality, then you can always trust YARD MAX to get you the best.

With this fantastic log splitter, you will get high cutting speed. It produces about 10.5HP for the function, and the machine is used with a force of 35 tons as a whole. It can be used for cutting all the logs, horizontally or vertically.

There are several innovative features that you will get from this fantastic log splitter.

It contains patent-pending, including the system induction of a four-way that can help you to make splitting wedges when you are cutting logs. The logs are cut with the help of the U beam passed onto them.

Splitting cycle time for this splitter is excellently high. It has about 12.6 seconds, which means that you can cut more than 5 logs at a time.


  • High quality of engine function with Briggs and Stratton Engine. 
  • Two types of service can happen, vertical and horizontal.
  • Innovations wrap this splitter which helps to make this product the number one used around for basic commercial purposes. 


  • The oil tank is hard to refill. 
  • The manual for usage can be vague for a read. 

5. NorthStar – Best Horizontal / Vertical Commercial Log splitter

If you are a seller of logs by profession, then this is the product that you might be looking for. NorthStar Log splitter is a genuine product which helps in both horizontal and vertical log splitting.

When it comes to serving you with a robust engine and best piece guarantee option, then you can completely trust NorthStar Horizontal Commercial Log splitter to do the work for you.

It comes with a concentric hydraulic pump for your usage. With a geared up and robust engine function, this is a fantastic item to choose.


  • Most top 37 tons of RAM Splitting for all the logs.
  • Robust Honda motor engine transmission which builds on the tension and helps in more splitting. 
  • It does not make a lot of noise during work which makes it quite comfortable to use. 


  • The product is extremely costly for all the features present. 
  • Not lightweight for usage.

6. Rugged Made – Best Hydraulic Gas Powered Commercial Log Splitter

This Rugged Made 37 Ton Hydraulic Gas Powered Commercial Log splitter is a fantastic log splitter and contains a 301cc of Raven engine, which helps you with an electric start.

The Rugged Made 37 Ton Hydraulic Gas Powered Commercial Log splitter is capable of dealing with massive logs. 

It is not the fastest in the market, but the cycle time can surely enable up to 5 logs during a single time usage. 

It can be used for both positions for log splitting. You can either use it for vertical or horizontal log splitting, according to what you want. 


  • There is no pulling of chord since it is an entirely electrical start.
  • High quality and raven transmission of the engine.


  • It takes a lot of time to assemble.
  • Costly unit for management.

7. Power Smart – Best Easy To Handle Electric Commercial Log Splitter

Last but not least, Power Smart Electric Log Splitter is a smaller splitter, but it inevitably comes with a pack performance that you cannot imagine.

It is a product that can be used for commercial log splitting, and at the same time, you can use it at your home as well. It Comes with a powerful Honda-powered GC 189cc, engine that delivers you the work and has a splitting force of about 30 tons.

It can be used for two types of splitting, vertical and horizontal.

It is used primarily for the consideration of more intensive commercial-grade operations and splitting functions.

It yet has a log catcher. This means that all the logs being used during the time of splitting can be caught, and it can also reduce the strain from lifting and straining.


  • Powerful Honda engine with 189cc. 
  • Large log capacity which helps in splitting of hardwood logs. 
  • Dual configuration which makes the work speed more concentric. 


  • The working cycle time is too slow. 
  • Not enough power for bigger logs. 

Related ReviewsBest Kinetic Log Splitter Reviews

When getting the best commercial log splitters from the market, there are few things which you have to keep in mind. Before we can proceed onto the following context, let us have a quick look and understanding of the work of a log splitter. These segments are then used for various kinds of work and woodworking services. They are extremely impressive tools, and the used workers conveniently use them for day to day experiments.

Well, choosing a good log splitter can be hard, and this is when you need to base out all the features and layout the price during picking.

The log splitters comes with a variety of work that can be done with their help. So if you are looking for something that comes with natural home and commercial application, then our first choice would be Wen Electric Log Splitter. This fantastic log splitter has every single thing that you can find in a promising buyer guide. 

Wen Electric Log Splitter is the most potent option that is present in this review article. The separator is a big heavyweight, but it surely can be managed with its other amazing features. This fantastic splitter has lesser gas emission, which makes it safe for the environment. Unlike the other splitters on the market, this splitter comes with a sleek design and better comfort, especially for those who are a beginner in this field. It can surely make more relaxed cuts and quick, speedy management with the large logs that you put inside it.  

A log splitter helps with a lot of beneficial work

One thing or the other, there are a ton of benefits that you can get from using a log splitter for work. First of all, they are mainly used for  industrial and commercial work management. Log splitting can be painful when handheld tools are being used, and this is why, for business usage, engines are revved. Many people are using these tools so that they can save up on their time and other activities.  

How to find the best commercial log splitter?

There are a ton of factors that you can choose when searching for a good and commercial log splitter from the market. Some of them are stated below as the following.

  1. The power should be efficient

    One and the only thing which comes when choosing the best commercial log splitter is the power, and it’s convenience.  The log splitter that you are choosing from the market should have enough power. It should serve the purpose without getting strained after hours of usage. There are a ton of factors that go into appreciation while you are choosing for one. One is the horsepower, the splitting pressure, and the others are the amps and other related energy resources. Analyzing all these details and then choosing a log splitter is beneficial.  

  2. The cycle time of the log splitter

    If you are a working professional, then you must be accustomed to the fact that every log splitter should have an optimum cycle time. The faster the cycle time is of the separator, that means that you can employ more logs at a single usage and then split them according to convenience. Getting more done when you are doing less is the work of a real log splitter. When you are choosing a log splitter from the market, then the cycle time is the next leading thing to be kept in consideration. A quality log splitter can have a cycle time of about 15 seconds. This means that in that 15 seconds, it can take about 4 logs and then split them necessarily.

  3. Dual speed

    Dual speed and core function of the log splitter is the third consideration on the list of factors to make while looking out. The dual-speed feature of the log splitter enables the wedge to move around and log at the same speed, and then it slows down to apply for the minimum pressure. The dual-speed is an ideal factor and value-added consideration while choosing a log splitter. If a splitter has double speed, then it does not need to have much energy from the end of the operator. It can get the job done with the use of the rate delivered.

  4. Log splitting ranges and sizes

    Another essential thing to consider while choosing a log splitter is the splitting ranges. When you are selecting a splitter from the market, then it must be capable of handling all the size of the wood log that you present it with. This feature is essential when you are considering to buy one. There are a lot of splitters on the market that cannot handle the size of the log, and this can cause loss of time and money gets wasted on the same. So choosing a log splitter that comes with around a diameter of 12 inches and a length of 20m will help with the further splitting.

  5. Transportation of the log splitter

    Last but not least, let us come to a choice which can be transported easily from one place to the other. You should get such a log splitter from the store, which is lightweight and convenient for usage. A log splitter is generally a cumbersome tool, and it can be tough to transport it from one end to the other. You must make sure that the separator that you are getting from the market is easy to hold onto. A good log splitter should have wheels which can help you to roll them from one corner of your garage storage to the other.


What type of woods can I split?

There are various types of woods that can be used for cutting. For forests, which are lean, constructive purpose, and hardwood can all be adjusted by using a splitter.

What type of oil should I use during splitting?

You can use a variety of oils during the splitting of logs. There is the Dexron III Automatic Transmission fluid, which helps during the hydraulic pressure applied to the woods.

What log splitter should I buy?

Depending on the type, the price and the features, the primary consideration which you can make is to buy something that comes to your needs, and you don’t have to pay much for it.

How can I speed up my log splitter?

In many of the log splitters, you can readily adjust the screw, which is present on the backend of the splitter. It helps with the increase in pressure. Make sure to change it clockwise.

How do you adjust a log splitter valve?

To make sure that the valve is adjusted, try to neutralize it and then fully retract it to the original position. Do it for one or more times to change the pressure of your valve.

How much pressure does it take to split a log?

A splitter that comes with 25 tons of 30 tons can easily break a pinewood or a hardwood with hydraulic pressure adjusted to it.

How do I move a log splitter?

Log splitters that are accessible for the convenience come with rolling wheels. You can quickly move the spacer with the help of the wheels from one place to the other.

Can I use a commercial log splitter for household needs?

Yes, you can use it until and unless the splitter is heavy and not low sounded to bring home.

How often do I need to change the oil?

Engine oil is mainly added for every 25 hours. If your splitter is functioning for about 10-15 hours, you can add engine oil to lift off from massive transfusion of work.

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