9 Best Electric Log Splitter in 2020 (Reviewed, Rated and Compared)

Best electric log splitter

Every product requires to be studied and researched before we move ahead and buy it. Kinetic log splitters, commercial log splitters, and manual log splitters have been reigning the markets in the past years. The recent times have seen a shift in the market as electric log splitters have been gaining popularity among its consumers.

This is mainly because of its efficiency and environment-friendly quality. To get a clear context on what we are dealing with let’s run through the basics. Typically, a manual log splitter will split the wood into different parts. These separated pieces would be diverted into various fields that require wood and so on. They are usually fueled by gasoline and they produce a lot of sound and smoke which is quite unhealthy to the user and environment. This is the electric counterpart of the log splitter have been in demand recently.

Top Picks

If we are going to talk about the best transmission of power and work management then All Power America is a good choice to reckon. First of all this amazing log splitter comes with resourceful splitting capability. At the same time, it is an amazing splitter that helps you to assist your work. 

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9 Best Electric Log Splitters Reviews

1. MY HOPE 1500W – Best Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter

The machine is made of durable and stable products to ensure its longevity. It is reliable, efficient, and above all, safe to use. You get a machine with a maximum splitting force. You can use the unit both indoor and outdoor, suitable for interior and external tasks. 

With a 6-ton RAM force, class B insulation, IP 54 Waterproof rate, and an efficient 1500W power, this machine is built to be one of its kind. It ensures the task is done through minimum time and effort. 

The motor produces 3450 RPM which creates for enhanced performance and power. The sturdy design ensures its durability. 

Easy mobility and storage features make the product more resourceful to own. Cold starts and clogged carburetors are not a worry. It is a 100% risk-free purchase and an effective product for the household.


  • It has high durability which helps this amazing splitter to go on. 
  • 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee


  • It is not ideal for splitting green large logs.

2. WEN 56207 6.5-Ton – Best Electric Log Splitter With Stand

WEN 56207 is accompanied with a 34-inch stand that can be used according to the user’s convenience. It has a 15A motor that generates around 13000 pounds of log cracking pressure. This helps in splitting wood efficiently and effectively. 

The machine includes a pull handle feature and 5.5-inch flat wheels. It is easily portable from one destination to the other. It does not require the use of gasoline or other environment harming emissions as it is electrically generated. It can split wood 10 inches in diameter and 20 inches in length. 

The log splitter with its stand feature can be operated at a wait level. The 20 second cycle time and 16 square inch push plate will help tackle the hardest wood with ease.


  • It has a reliable and powerful motor 
  • It has a fume-free operation which helps in lesser emission during work


  • It requires more than one hand for operation

3. Pow ‘R’ Kraft 65556 – Best 2 Speed Electric Log Splitter

This electric log splitter is made of durable and stealth material that ensures safe and efficient construction. It has a long life span and you can derive desired results through this machine. It is compact and easily storable. 

It is primarily used for softwood logs. It carries out splitting logs most efficiently. The durability is ensured through its rust-resistant and anti-crack feature. The maximum log length it can cut into is 20 inches. The compact nature makes it comfortable to use.

The 11-second cycle allows the user to efficiently split the cord of wood without much strain. It has comfortable handle grips that are made in the best interest of the user. 

Pow ‘R’ Kraft is easily portable from one place to another. The machine also has adjustable features that can be adjusted to the users’ preference. It is 100% risk-free and provides the best service at an affordable rate.


  • It has a Small Compact Splitter
  • The splitter has an 11 second cycle time
  • The steel design is durable


  • It only has four tons of splitting force
  • It requires two people for operation
  • It does not have a stroker limit for shorter logs

4. Powerhouse-XM-380 – Best Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Best Electric Log Splitter Reviews
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If you are looking for a machine to split different kinds of wood then this Powerhouse-XM-380 is the one for you.  It is effective and efficient; the machine can split up to 100 logs in less than an hour.

The machine has a safety feature that protects the user from injury. It is comfortable to use and this splitter can be used at the comfort of your home. It has two handles with a simultaneous operation that must be done with both hands, this ensures that the operating system is safe and you will be protected from injury.

The Log splitter retracts when you are done with the task. The lever can be loaded for the next log with minimum time and effort. The splitting time takes around 6 seconds and can cut into hardwood log with length 20-1/2 inch and diameter 12 inches.


  • It is made of durable steel which helps in proper work control. 
  • It is easy to use and extremely flexible to afford. 


  • It is not ideal for cutting into tougher or stubborn logs.

5. Boss Industrial – Best Ton Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial is ideal for cutting into both dry and green logs of wood. The best performance can be observed on trees such as oak, pine, and ash trees. It is a versatile product that is both effective and efficient in its performance.

It has a clean electric power feature that creates for comfortable use. Bid farewell to gas splitters and move into the environment-friendly world of electric splitters. It is easily portable and has a comfortable grip handle. This helps ease the stress on your hands as you push or pull the splitter. 

The machine has a one-handed feature. It allows for the maneuver through the ground surface so it carries out its job perfectly. The built-in log cradle/guide keeps the logs in track and ensures the best performance.


  • It performs well on both dry and greenwood
  • It is comfortable to use as the product is really lightweight


  • It is not suitable for stubborn or hard logs.

 6. Southland – Best Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

If you are looking for a reliable, effective log splitter the Southland Electric is your go-to. It has a sturdy built and can finish the task without much stress.

The machine has the capability to deliver 1500W power. You can effortlessly split into logs that are around 52 cm in length and 25cm in diameter.

The machine is portable and has a two-handed operation design. It also features safety measures for users. It is ideal for both home and work use. The versatility of the machine will allow the split of both green and hardwood with ease. The labor is easier and can easily split into up to 400 pieces of wood under an hour.

The machine is comparatively quiet, so it helps in preventing unnecessary noise pollution.


  • It has a fast cycle time, that helps in producing more wood
  • It is built sturdy in nature to conduct strenuous work.


  • It requires more than one hand for operation.

 7. Swisher LS22E – Best Eco Split Electric Log Splitter

Swisher LS22E electric splitter is one of the customer favorites. It is capable of both horizontal and vertical splitting motions. It has a powerful splitting force of 22 tons and can easily deal with both dry wood and greenwood. T

It is much quieter in nature so it helps prevent unnecessary noise. The user can walk away without a headache after the task. This splitter can also be used at home or for professional work.

The cycle time is fast i.e. around 13 seconds in which the work gets done effectively and efficiently. The body is made of rust-resistant material and is extremely durable. It has a one-year warranty and features a hydraulic system.


  • It is extremely powerful with 22 tons of splitting force
  • It operates both horizontally and vertically 
  • It has a three-year warranty on body


  • It does not split through some logs. It may get stuck on the wedge.

8. Goplus 6T – Best Portable Wood Cutter With Mobile Wheels

best electric log splitter for the money
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This log splitter is ideal for those who want to attain the highest level of efficiency. It is resourceful and affordable. Goplus 6T has a horizontal operation style and it can be easily stored. 

The 2HP splitter has a limited splitting force of 6 tons and is best for 10-inch logs.It has a low-profile rail that keeps logs in place as you split them. 

You are benefitted with a one-year warranty on this splitter. 


  • It is comparatively affordable
  • It works best on softwood
  • It has a good wheel and handles design
  • It has high durability


  • It starts to overheat after sometime
  • It is not easy to put on a stand
  • It requires a two-hand operation.

9. All Power America LS5T– Best Watt Electric Log Splitter

best electric log splitter uk
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If you are looking for the most resourceful electric log splitter, this sturdy machine is the one for you. When winter comes knocking about, the All power America LS5T is the perfect assistant for you to embark on your tasks.

As the name suggests, the machine is made with 1500 Watt Electric Hydraulic that aims at giving it power. It is ideal for splitting the largest logs because it can suppress the log without regard to its thickness. You can split logs that are about 20” long and have a 10” diameter. 

The powerful motor can generate 13000 pounds of power combined with a 20 second cycle time. The machine can work up to 120 logs per hour.

The auto return cylinder feature will automatically retract after you have split the log. This way, you will be able to save time and energy during each split. The product requires minimum maintenance. It does not require gas or clogged carburetors. The 5.5-inch never-flat wheels make the machine easily portable as well as easy to store. The adjustable 4-inch push plate provides the machine with shorter cycle times and maximum efficiency.


  • The machine comes fully assembled to save you from the hassle of setting it up
  • Easy maintenance quality at an affordable rate.


  • It is not effective for splitting green large logs.

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Factors to consider before buying the best electric log splitter:

  • Power Type: The most important factor to take into consideration is the power type of splitter. This determines its efficiency and the amount of labor you have to put in. Ideally, electric log splitters reduce manual labor.
  • Force Rating: When researching the best electric log splitter make sure to buy one where the rating is higher than 6 ton. It makes it easier to split into harder large size woods. 
  • Capacity: A log splitter must have a proper fit to accommodate the different types of logs. This ensures that your log is properly cut. You also need to make sure to have a well-powered motor in your splitter. This is mainly just to increase the effectiveness of the task.

How to find the best electrical log splitter:

To ensure we have the best product in our hands, it is recommended that you have a quick run through the guide. You need to know what you are searching for and this guide is here to tell you what you need. Trying to buy an electric wood splitter may seem an easy task, but how do you know if they will serve your purpose or not?
This guide will help you consider some of the main factors that go into purchasing the product:

  1. A Powerful Motor:

    This is a key factor that you will need to take into consideration during your purchase. The effectiveness of your splitter is only as good as the power of the motor. Increased power equals getting the job done quickly. 
    The easy splitting ability aside it also provides reliability and speed. If you are an inexperienced worker, a 2HP motor should the job. 

  2. Diameter Splitting Range and Log length:

    This determinant factor is a major contributor to the performance of the splitter. It helps you maximize the number of logs you can split within time. It is preferred that you handle logs that can split wood at least 20 inches long.
    Portability: Handling machinery is never easy. It is preferred that you own an electrical splitter that can be easily transported from place to place according to the work that is to be performed. An ideal electrical splitter should have wheels for an easy commute. It also should have a ball hitch for towing it. Be mindful when transporting on steep surfaces. 

  3. Cycle Times

    The fastness of the log splitter will ensure a high-efficiency rate in return. Make sure to buy an electric log splitter that has a cycle time of at least 15 seconds for enhanced performance and production. 

  4. Warranty

    The best log splitter is one that comes with more than a years’ warranty. This assures you that the product has a higher quality than the product with less than a years’ warranty. It is a good thought to do a small background check on the manufacturers so that you know you are making a good time investment.

  5. Brand

    A brand defines itself through the quality of their products. The straightforward way through which brands advertise themselves is by selling quality products. It is important to do your research before you invest in any log splitter.

How do Electric Log splitters work?

The electric log splitter would work the same way as an ax would. Instead of having to the woodwork manually, you will have a unit that is electrically charged splitting the wood. A hydraulic pumping system pushes the log unto the blade, the method of splitting would vary according to the design. Place the log on to the machine and watch the magic unfold.

How powerful of a log splitter do I need?

That depends on the type of log and labor. As the log gets thicker, you will require more force to split it. If you want to split a 24” tree trunk you will require a 20-ton splitter force to split it. If it’s smaller than that, the minimum power log splitter you would need is a 4-ton log splitter.

How can I speed up my log splitter?

If the log splitter is manually operated then you are required to get a bigger pump or try and speed up the pump you have. Pouring more oil may also be a way to help get things moving. An electric log splitter cannot change speed, so make sure you look into the number of cycles the log splitter produces during purchase. 

What types of wood can I split?

Different types of woods can be split. There are both softwood and hardwood to choose from. It depends mostly on the type of purpose you would require it for. Constructive, recreational, there is a wood for everything and it can all be adjusted by a splitter.

How often do I need to change the oil?

A manual log splitter or a commercial log splitter would require you to change it every 25 hours for efficient work. The splitter function can last for about 10-15 hours if in case you feel like progress is slowing you can always add a little more oil to get things going.

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