best skateboard backpack

6 Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks To Carry Your Boards

best electric skateboard backpack

A skateboard backpack is a necessary product for every skater. An ideal backpack will not only allow you to carry a skateboard but also help you in carrying a lot of your favorite stuff in it with ease. There are many types of backpack available in the market but the most important factors that you should keep in your mind while choosing one of them are their quality, durability, carrying capacity, and the price.

I have tested many backpacks and the qualities of some of them were really insane. After using each of them for many days, here I am going to present to you the top 6 best electric skateboard backpacks available in the market. Without any further ado, let’s check them out.

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Top 6 Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks

1. MUTTUS Premium Skateboard Backpack

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The Muttus Premium Skateboard Backpack is kept at the top of the list because of its features and durability that I experienced after using it. It will act as a soft cushion on your back and will surely provide you great comfort while moving with it. With a weight of about 13 pounds and a carrying capacity of 20 liters, it is very dashing, cool, and good-looking. This backpack will be used to carry a skateboard which has considerable weight. 

It is because of its small and compact size, it hugs close to your body and you do not feel its rubbing on your back. The bag is held tightly by the strong velcro straps which help you in carrying any of your favorite equipment like e-boards, skateboards, and longboards too. 

It also has a cell phone pocket, zipper pocket, laminated zip pocket, and a camera pocket. It is made up of the finest 900 D polyester which makes this backpack highly durable and sustainable. This waterproof polyester material enables you to travel with it on rainy days by giving a 100% guarantee of protecting the things inside.

Muttus also gives a top-class backlight feature which I consider as the most unique and attractive feature of this product. It is one of the topmost quality products in the market which is highly flexible and versatile and protects your skateboard in the best possible way.


Dimensions13 inch x 9.8 inch x 4.7 inch
Weight13 pounds
Capacity20 liters
Built materialPolyester 900 D

Pros :

  • It is made up of 900 D polyester material which acts as a cushion on your back.
  • A highly versatile product that can be used for carrying skateboards, longboards, e-boards, and also other stuff like cameras, cell phones, water bottles, etc.
  • It is fully waterproof, so if you are suddenly caught in rain then the things inside it remain fully dry.
  • The unique backlight feature provides a great look to your backpack.
  • It is also an affordable backpack with a price of only 42$.

Cons :

  • At some point, it may make you feel that the backpack is comparatively smaller in size.

Overall Review:

The Muttus Premium Skateboard Backpack gives one of the top class features at a very affordable price range. The small and compact backpack weighs only 13 pounds which provides you the benefit of using it in day-to-day activities. The 900 D polyester built-in material is highly durable and waterproof allowing you to keep your stuff dry in rainy weather. It can be used to carry any longboards, skateboards, and e-skateboards available in the market. It also features separate spaces for keeping your cell phones, cameras, water bottles, your wallet, and a lot more. So I will suggest you select this product if you are looking for an all-rounder backpack at an affordable price range.

2. Hubro Designs Slimfit Backpack II :

The best experience that I had with this Hubro Designs Slimfit Backpack II is that it can carry e-boards of 41 inches, that is, the electric longboards. My longest electric skateboard easily fitted inside this backpack which is really an impressive feature of this product. It gives maximum protection to the costliest and longest products in the market. 

Its interior material is made up of high-quality soft paddings and the external straps are also fully padded. So it can be easily carried without any extra pressure on your shoulders. You just need to take care of it while keeping it on the ground because there is no padding at the tips of this bag. 

This backpack is mainly designed for carrying skateboards like the boosted Stealth, boosted plus, boosted Longboard of versions 1,2 and 3, backfire, wowGo, Meepo boards, koowheel onyx and a lot more. But unfortunately, it can’t be used in carrying the Acton Blink, boosted mini S and X, Yuneec ego, and harvoo boards. The wheels and the breadth of the deck of these boards are too wide to be fitted inside this bag.

Apart from that, it is a highly durable, double-stitched, water-resistant backpack having closed cell foam lining to provide protection during hardcore use. There are two large exterior pockets and one interior accessory pocket to store small stuff like remote, spare tools, water bottles, etc. And also this backpack can be used to carry your skateboard in a train station, airport, or a town center with guaranteed protection from any type of exterior damage.


Dimensions20.2 inch x 13 inch x 4.5 inch
Weight3.6 pounds
Built materialHigh-quality paddings

Pros :

  • Highly protective backpack with full coverage.
  • The straps are fully padded providing you a comfortable journey all around.
  • The double-stitch feature makes it a very durable and sustainable backpack.
  • It can carry some of the longest electric skateboards available in the market with a maximum range of 41 inches.
  • It also has a closed-cell foam lining to provide guaranteed protection during long, hardcore journeys.

Cons :

  • It cannot be used for each and every board available in the market; the list is given above.
  • The price is comparatively high.

Overall Review:

The Hubro backpack is a well-designed backpack that provides full protection to your skateboard. It can support a maximum length of 41 inches and is made up of high-quality soft paddings. The straps are also highly padded which always provides you a sophisticated journey. The water-resistant pads allow you to prevent your skateboard from getting wet during heavy rainfall. It can be easily carried in the airport, train station, and day-to-day activities. It is also featured with cell foam linings for supreme protection to the things inside it during too much vibration and jerking. There are 2 large and 1 small accessory pockets that help you in carrying other items along with your skateboard. The Hubro designs slimfit backpack II can be one of your best choices if you are wanting a backpack for full protection of your Skateboard during long, tough journeys irrespective of the weather type.

3. Ronyes Multi-Function Backpack

I found the Ronyes multi-function backpack to be a very unique product because it can not only protect your e-skateboard but also carries your laptop, football, basketball, tablet, books, etc. This brand always provides its customers with a reliable and satisfactory product with continual improvement. Externally it might look too simple but it actually has immense features that none of the brands can provide at such a low price.

Like all of the other backpacks, this product is also fully water-resistant which means you can keep your essential equipment dry in rainy weather. This bag is also featured with a USB cable, which helps you in charging your phone or tablet with the help of a power bank. 

The bag comes with large organized pockets – 1 double zipper, the front pocket containing 4 pen slots, 1 hidden zipper pocket, and 2 separate departments; 1 main pocket containing 1 thick padded pocket, 1 cotton padded cover; 1 button pocket covered with a net for keeping footballs and basketballs; 2 sided zipper pockets for storing your small stuff. 

There are two buckles present on the front side of this backpack which will help you in carrying the skateboard. It can support all brands’ skateboards available in the market be it wide, lengthy, broad wheels, etc. The S-shaped shoulder straps are very ergonomic along with a buckle waist belt for sophistication. It also has mesh foaming on the backside so that you can carry it comfortably irrespective of its weight. 


Dimensions20 inch x 13 inch x 6 inch
Weight2.2 pounds
Capacity30 liters
Built materialPolyester

Pros :

  • A comfortable shoulder strap is provided with a waist belt.
  • Too many zippers enabling you to store a lot of your favorite equipment in that backpack.
  • Fully padded for no damage to the interior materials and also a comfortable journey with a softback.
  • Multi-purpose use for carrying skateboards, basketball, volleyball, etc. Also pockets for storing small stuff.
  • USB port for charging your mobile and tablet without any tension of getting the wires fully messed up inside your bag.

Cons :

  • Sometimes it fails to carry all gadgets together, it gets too bulky.

Overall Review:

The Ronyes multi-function backpack comes with awestruck features. It is made up of polyester material with full paddings in the whole interior part. It provides 100% protection to the materials and also a soft pressure on your back. It has a lot of zippers for fitting the laptop, mobile, basketball, football, pen, camera and a lot more. It also has a USB cable feature for charging your mobile and other gadgets without your wires getting messed up. All types of boards can be easily fitted in this backpack irrespective of its width and weight. So you should try this once if you want a backpack which can be used for different purposes like going to school, college, etc along with skateboarding.

4. Sector 9 Pursuit Skateboard Backpack

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The Sector 9 Pursuit Skateboard Backpack is made up of the finest 600 D polyester material along with nylon webbing straps. Apart from its Longboard carrying capacity, it is also assisted with lots of pockets for carrying your favorite tools and gadgets. I found this backpack to be the most suitable for trekking and hiking if you want to carry your skateboard too. A carrying case is also present inside this bag which can take your laptop and notebook along with you. 

The most unique feature that I liked about this backpack is that it has a bottom insulator cooler pocket. This unique pocket has a thermodynamic insulation technology to keep all your beverages cool. This can be the best place to store water bottles during long adventures. 

With a weight of 2.75 pounds, it can easily carry your heaviest longboard. The height of the bag can be easily adjusted by rearranging the level of the straps. It has one large storage compartment, two side pockets, and also a small front pocket for carrying your phone or small gadgets. 

It comes with 3 straps to hold your skateboard tightly to the backpack with ease. These tight straps are made up of polyester textured fabric which provides a great grip to hold. This backpack guarantees to provide you the most comfortable journey along with the heaviest skateboard available in the market and also with all other equipment that you require for your adventure. 


Dimensions21 inch x 14 inch x 9 inch
Weight2.75 pounds
Built material600 D polyester

Pros :

  • The nylon webbing soft and durable back straps are really appreciable.
  • There is an extra carrying case to carry the laptop, notebook, etc.
  • The bottom insulator cooler pocket keeps all your beverages cool during summer adventures.
  • Lots of extra pockets for taking all your required stuff in one bag.
  • The 3 strong front straps of polyester textured fabric for holding your skateboard and getting a nice grip over it.

Cons :

  • The product is comparatively costlier.

Overall Review:

The Sector 9 Pursuit backpack provides you with all the features that you require for a journey. The 600 D polyester material makes it a very sustainable product in the market. The nylon webbing soft is used for making the backstrap which provides a nice comfort to your shoulder. The front straps are made up of polyester textured fabric for tightly holding your skateboard to the bag. The unique bottom insulator cooler pocket is used inside this backpack for keeping your required materials cool. It has the capability of carrying the heaviest and longest e-skateboard available in the market. So if you are looking for a backpack to have great trekking experience along with your favorite skateboard, then just go for this product without any doubt.

5. Mohave Skate Backpack

The Mohave Skate Backpack is one of the classiest backpacks that I have ever seen at this price range. This is a product where a stunning external appearance meets amazing internal features. You get a huge variety of color options while buying this backpack. Thanks to the 600 D polyester material for making this backpack highly durable and comfortable. This backpack will surely catch people’s attention when you go out with it. 

The top-notch zippers attached to this backpack allows you to put less effort while opening and closing the zips quickly. There are two buckles straps in the front made up of high-quality polyester. This helps in carrying and holding the skateboard tightly to your back. The shoulder straps that come with this bag are highly padded which allows you to go out for long journeys with the heaviest weight inside it. These straps are attached at a little bit higher place by default so that you feel no problem while skating with this on your back. 

It is also featured with a laptop sleeve (13 to 15 inches) for carrying your laptop with ease. Another jaw-dropping feature that I saw in this skateboard is that as soon as I fully loaded this backpack, it automatically stretched itself to some extent. So this allows you to carry anything with yourself irrespective of its weight and size. It will never disappoint you in any situation. 

This backpack also combines a secure and superior zippered main compartment, exterior pockets, and also a top tricot-lined sunglass pocket. This is one of the best backpacks for your Longboard which guarantees to never fall back at any moment.


Dimensions19 inch x 11 inch x 8 inch
Weight1.5 pounds
Capacity30 liters
Built material600 D polyester 

Pros :

  • It’s a highly durable and sustainable bag.
  • An extra laptop sleeve is available inside the backpack.
  • The shoulder straps have high-quality paddings.
  • It has a classy look with a total of 5 pockets.
  • There is a unique top-notch zipper to open and close the zips with speed and ease.

Cons :

  • It is not at all suitable for the small boards because there are only 2 front straps for holding your skateboard.

Overall Review:

The most classy backpack I have ever seen at this price range. It is featured with top-notch zippers and also 5 different types of pockets to not only carry your skateboard but also to carry your favorite stuff. There is also an extra laptop sleeve available inside the bag. The 600 D polyesters make this a long-lasting product in the market. The 2 backstraps are covered with soft high-quality paddings for a great journey all your way. These backstraps are placed at a little higher region for greater satisfaction while skating with it on your back. It gets automatically stretched to some extent when too many things are put inside it. So I would like to recommend you to try Mohave Skate Backpack if you want to have the best all-round experience of a backpack at a little bit of a higher budget.

6. Burton Kilo Backpack

The Burton Kilo Backpack is one of the most stunning skate backpacks that I have seen. It comes with 12 awesome stylish designs and each of them is more impressive than the other. It also comes with different sizes, so you can get any of them according to the size of your skateboard. 

This bag has a 15-inch laptop sleeve but with my personal experience, I can say that it can easily accommodate the 17-inch laptops into it. The little stitches get expanded easily. The sleeve is fully padded and assisted with a fleece-lined pocket for keeping your tablets in a protective way. It also features another fleece-lined pouch for carrying goggles and water bottles. 

Along with it, there are two exterior zippered pockets, internal side pocket, meshes zippered pocket, and a large external front zippered pocket. Also, there are many small interior and exterior pockets to carry all the small stuff. The most unique part I found in this backpack is its shoulder strap. They are wider than normal backpacks and are very heavily padded to provide soft pressure on your shoulders. It will surely make you feel very comfortable irrespective of the load applied to it. Also, the straps are easily adjustable to increase or decrease the height of the bag.

With a weight of only 1.3 pounds, it can easily handle 27 liters of total volume. The two strong knuckle straps in the front can tightly hold and carry the longest skateboard available in the market. I mostly prefer this backpack for carrying my Longboards because of its lightweight feature. I have been using it for more than 1 year and it has never disappointed me in any situation. 


Dimensions17.5 inch x 11.5 inch x 6 inch
Weight1.3 pounds
Capacity27 liters
Built materialPolyester

Pros :

  • Highly comfortable and lightweight backpack.
  • A stunning look with more than 10 designs available to choose from.
  • A highly padded laptop compartment is also present for accommodating the 17-inch laptops.
  • A strong padded backstrap and front strap to provide you a comfortable journey with your skateboard.
  • Too many pockets for storing everything you need to have in your journey.

Cons :

  • The side pockets are not suitable for water bottles.

Overall Review:

The Burton Kilo Backpack is one of the most colorful, highly featured backpacks. It comes with 12 cool designs and a variety of sizes too. A laptop sleeve is present inside with high paddings, interior, exterior, large and small pockets for taking anything you want for your journey. The straps are soft and they don’t let you feel the pressure of the materials on your shoulders. The front straps can tightly hold any of the skateboards available in the market. This can be one of your best choices if you want a backpack for day-to-day activities as it has a lightweight feature and a lot of pockets for carrying whatever you want.

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What things to consider while buying an Electric Skateboard Backpack?

We can never carry our skateboard in normal backpacks because every backpack cannot sustain the heavyweight of those products. They also do not have the straps to hold the skateboards. So you should opt for the backpacks that are specially made for carrying skateboards. You also need to check out or consider some specifications while choosing the most suitable backpack for carrying your electric skateboard.

1. Built Material

It is very important to check the built quality of your backpack while selecting one. It should be durable and strong enough to carry all types of skateboards and other required equipment on your journey. The most preferable material for having a premium built quality is the Polyester material because it is water-resistant, lightweight, highly durable, and comparatively cheaper. In the above list, most of the products are made up of high-quality polyester which is highly sustainable to high impacts and provides you a comfortable and smooth journey every time.

You should also ensure that the straps are highly padded. This will reduce the stress on your shoulders while carrying your heavy backpack for a longer time. The front straps should be made up of polyester material which will provide a grip in holding your board tightly to the bag. You can also go for a mesh quality backpack if you have a higher budget for better ventilation on summer days which will preserve all the foods and beverages inside your backpack.

2. Capacity

This particular specification is fully dependent on your requirement. If you want to have all your equipment along with your skateboard in the bag then go for the bigger backpacks like Ronyes Multi-function backpack, Mohave Skate backpack, Burton Kilo backpack

If you want to carry only the skateboard and nothing else with it then just go for the Hubro Designs Slimfit Backpack II

If you want to take your skateboard for hiking along with all other stuff then just select the Sector 9 Pursuit Skateboard Backpack and I can assure that you will be impressed by its capability and performance.

And if you want a backpack for day-to-day activities for withstanding all types of roughness and toughness then just go for the MUTTUS Premium Skateboard Backpack.

3. Pockets and Compartments

I think you should select a bag having all types of features because you never know when you will need to carry other gadgets or small equipment along with your skateboard. The bags should have pockets for keeping electronic gadgets, food, wallet, keys, skateboard parts, etc. You never know when you will need to carry other equipment along with your skateboard in your journey. I just love to keep each small crucial thing in each small pocket in my backpack. 

4. Size

This should also be selected on the basis of your preference or the skateboard that you have. If you have a big electric skateboard then select the backpacks of larger size like MUTTUS Premium Skateboard Backpack, Burton Kilo Backpack, and Sector 9 Pursuit Skateboard Backpack. And if you have a small skateboard then just simply go for the Mohaves Skate Backpack and Ronyes multi-function backpack. These backpacks provide their best and are guaranteed to never fall back in any situation. 


Lastly, I would like to end this article by saying that a backpack should always be chosen based on your requirements. There are tons of backpacks available in the market but you should always get the best out of it as per your needs. I have included my personal favorite 6 electric skateboard backpacks in this article and I can assure you that all of them will provide you with great comfort and features. The list consists of honest reviews of cheap backpacks, mid-price backpacks, and also the backpacks of a higher budget. So just go and grab one from the list as per your budget and requirements to enjoy a great effortless journey wherever you go.

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