Top 5 Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Are you bored with your old skateboard and want to upgrade it to the next level? Or are you just tired of using it manually? 

Just install an electric skateboard conversion kit into it and enjoy an effortless ride.

Being a professional skateboarder for more than 10 years and using the electric skateboard converter kit for more than 5 years, here I’ll be presenting you with the top 5 most reputable and reliable electric skateboard conversion kits. So, without any further delay, let’s check them out.

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Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

1. Unlimited X Loaded Race Kit

The Unlimited X Loaded Race Kit is one of the finest and the most reliable conversion kits that I’ve experienced in my whole life. The kit contains 2 ESC (Electronic Speed Control), 2 batteries, Orangatang wheels, a dual baseplate, 1 charger, 1 remote control, and 1 skate tool assembly kit.

The most amazing feature present in this race kit is that you can select and change the configuration as per your choice. Though there are 2 ESC and 2 batteries you can turn on only 1 ESC and 1 battery or 1 ESC and 2 batteries or all 4 of them as per your choice. This can be easily done via the official mobile app.

With dual hub motors, each of 840 watts, this kit can gain up to a top speed of 26 miles per hour with a 13 miles range and a 20% uphill capability. There are 3 selectable ride modes – Easy, Eco, and Pro for beginners, intermediate and professional riders respectively. It also provides Orangatang Caguama standard wheels for smooth slides, fast roll speed, vibration damping, and high traction.


Speed42 kmph (26 mph)
Battery power180 Wh
Motor power2 x 840 watts
Range21 km (13 miles)
Weight4 kg (9 pounds)
Charge time2.5 hours
Wheel size90 mm

Pros :

  • The manually customizable feature makes it a unique conversion kit.
  • It provides great performance in mountain regions with an uphill capability of 20%.
  • Premium quality wheels.
  • Wheels are easily swappable.
  • It can be easily carried on public vehicles and also on the airplane when you go for an air trip.

Cons :

  • Comparatively costlier.

Overall Review :

If you want a kit which will be used for the next 4-5 years, then just go for it without any doubt. One of the finest quality conversion kits made by Unlimited. This contains all the features that one skateboarder needs in their e-skateboard conversion kits. Starting from beginners to pro, anyone can use it and change the modes at any time as per their requirements and needs. It can also be easily customized as per your requirements. So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab it!

2. Onan X3 Electric Skateboard DIY Booster

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Onan X3 is one of the most famous conversion kits in the market. The most impressive feature in this kit is the dual hub motors. Each motor provides 600 watts power making a total of 1200 watts which provides a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. 

The weight of 5.8 kg makes it a lightweight and easily portable kit at a very less budget. The remote controller has an LED in it which warns us when the battery gets low. The 75 mm wheel diameter and battery power of 158 Wh provide about 20% climbing ability to the skateboard. 

It can withstand a weight of 264 lbs (119 kgs) and a shock absorption gasket is also attached to the kit. A remote control will be provided with the kit which has 2 switchable speed modes for both beginners and advanced riders. Onan uses Lithium-ion batteries in this conversion kit of about 36 volts, which in one charge can help your skateboard travel up to 3-4 hours.


Speed32 kmph (20 mph)
Battery Power158 Wh
Motor Power2 x 600 watts
Range27 km (17 miles)
Weight5.8 kg (13 pounds)
Charge time2.5 hours
Wheel size75 mm

Pros :

  • Wheels are of superior quality.
  • The remote control has LEDs in it.
  • The dual hub motors provide a great range of speed to the skateboard.
  • It can withstand a weight of about 264 lbs.

Cons :

  • The climbing range could have been made better.

Overall Review :

The amazing safety features, battery, and the wheels have made it a highly demanded product in the market. This can be used as both manual and a remote-controlled board. Because of its weight and size, it can be used to perform skillful tricks and is easily portable from one place to another. The wide wheels provide a safe, long, and speedy turn through highways. The powerful dual hub motors provide great speed to the skateboard. It is one of the finest quality products at the cheapest price. So what are you waiting for? Just go for it!

3. Maxfind New Electric Skateboard DIY Kit

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The Maxfind DIY kit is compact enough to work on mini skateboards but it is mainly made for working on longboards. If you want speed, power, and a reliable kit then Maxfind will always be a good choice. 

This kit has dual hub motors each of 500 watts which makes a total of 1000 watts and a 4.4 Ah Li-ion battery. It provides a top speed of 25 miles per hour and a range of 15 miles, which is pretty enough even for extreme riders. 

The 90 mm high-performance wheels provide safety while taking speedy turns. The 36 volts Li-ion batteries are easily swappable. You can always have a spare battery which will be beneficial for you while having long adventures with this skateboard. 

The Maxfind electric skateboard DIY kit is a complete package. It will provide you a healthy amount of flexibility and a nice experience of constructing stuff on your own. You get a user’s manual guide along with the package which will help you to create and maintain your board with proper care.


Speed40 kmph (25 mph)
Battery Power140 Wh
Motor Power500 x 2 watts
Range25 km (15 miles)
Weight 6.3 kg (14 pounds)
Charge time2 hours
Wheel size96 mm

Pros :

  • The dual hub motors are very powerful with over 1000 watts of power supply.
  • The wide wheels provide balance during long, curvy turns.
  • The top speed is pretty awesome.
  • Batteries can be easily swapped. So, you can just keep a spare battery wherever you go out for a long ride.

Cons :

  • This kit is a bit weighty compared to the previous ones.
  • The battery power is comparatively lesser.

Overall Review :

Maxfind DIY kit is pretty impressive and a  budget electric skateboard conversion kit. Starting from the motors to wheels and also the remote control, everything is pretty awe-inspiring. The kit is also waterproof which means the splashing of water will not affect the circuits present inside the kit. However, it’s a compact and comparatively cheaper kit which you surely need to go for if you are bored with your old manual skateboard.

4. ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit

The ZXMoto Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit provides a comfortable and reliable platform on which you can easily balance. The dual hub motors provide a total of 1110 watts having the finest enduring qualities. The 140 Wh battery provides great power to the skateboard getting it to a top speed of 15 miles per hour. 

The package doesn’t come with all the parts attached. You need to connect the batteries with the motor on your own. For that, you need to have some knowledge of the components of those electrical parts. Now coming to the batteries, a wide variety of batteries can be connected with the motors of this skateboard. Starting from 24 volts to 42 volts, its powerful wheels and motors can withstand all of them. But keep in mind, the higher the voltage of the battery, the greater will be the speed of the skateboard. The wheels are made up of polyurethane (PU) material which makes it highly elastic, wire resistant, and silent. 


Speed24 kmph (15 mph)
Battery power140 Wh
Motor power550 x 2 watts
Range25 km (15 miles)
Weight4 kg (8.8 pounds)
Charge time2 hours
Wheel size90 mm

Pros :

  • The dual hub motors are waterproof and are of premium quality.
  • The top speed is 15 mph which is pretty awesome.
  • It can sustain a wide variety of batteries. From 24 volts to 42 volts, it can be operated with all of them. Greater the voltage, the higher is the speed.
  • Wheels are made of polyurethane material, the most supreme quality of wheels.

Cons :

  • There is no remote provided with the kit. You need to buy it separately.
  • All the parts are disintegrated. You need to join all the parts on your own.

Overall Review :

The ZXMoto electric skateboard conversion kit is made mainly for beginners. If you want to have the experience of an electric skateboard conversion kit at a very low budget, then just go for it. It has powerful dual hub motors, with polyurethane wheels and also you get the benefit of attaching a wide variety of batteries to it. This helps you to choose the top speed of your skateboard. Also, the water-resistant feature allows us to ride the skateboard along with the kit in rainy weather. 

5. L-Faster Motor Kit :

The L-Faster Electric skateboard conversion kit comes with great features which get fitted into any of your favorite decks, no matter what’s your skateboard’s width or weight. This kit arrives with a 90 mm wheel and 2 dual hub motors each of 350 watts. The motors can be easily attached to your deck which is rated at 20kV.

The 90 mm wheels are actually very wide and provide great balance during speed turns. The biggest advantage of getting this skateboard is you can attach your own battery pack. You will also get a buyer’s guide note with the kit, which you can follow to buy the battery pack. Higher the voltage of the battery greater will be the speed of the skateboard. 

This kit can be used on any surface be it gravel, grass, dirt, and even the bumpy pavements. The wheels have in-built suspensor which acts as a shock absorber and you will feel no jerking while riding through rough roads. The top speed of this skateboard lasts for a longer time but this factor also depends on the quality of the battery you use. 

A remote control is also provided with the kit. It provides you all the information at a glance. It includes speed, charge percentage of both the remote and the kit, time of the ride, and a lot more. 


Speed23 kmph (14 mph); (depends on the power of the battery)
Battery PowerNA
Motor Power350 x 2 Watts
Range18 km (11 miles)
Weight3.8 kg (8.5 pounds)
Charge timeNA
Wheel size90 mm

Pros :

  • A wide variety of batteries can be attached to the kit depending upon the choice of your speed and budget.
  • The wide 90 mm wheels provide a greater surface area to control the skateboard during long, speedy turns.
  • A remote control with all the features that professionals require at a cheaper price.

Cons :

  • You need to attach all the parts on your own.
  • You need to buy a separate battery as the kit doesn’t contain a battery set.

Overall Review :

The L-Faster Electric skateboard conversion kit is an off-road track kit that can be used anywhere irrespective of the type of the surface. The in-built suspensor of the wheels provides a great advantage to reduce jerkings and vibrations while moving through hard rocky roads. The remote control also has high-end features. So if you want a fully customizable kit then what are you waiting for? Just go for it!

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What are the Benefits of Buying an Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit?

Skateboards can be one of the best alternatives to your pollution making vehicle, and if you add a motor conversion kit, your journey will be more convenient and marvelous. When a kit is attached to a manual skateboard then it becomes very easy to control it. You can accelerate, reverse, stop, and change the direction of your steering in any direction just with a remote. 

With 5 years of experience, I would say that the biggest benefits or advantages of these kits are that it saves our time, saves our energy, saves our money and also allows you to ride a skateboard without having any knowledge of it. You need no training to get habituated with an e-skateboard. 

Nonetheless using a conversion kit is much more preferable and convenient than buying a whole electric skateboard because here you can make different customizations yourself, you can make or buy your own deck and you get a wide variety of kits to fit them into it and convert them into a high-quality electric skateboard.

Which e-Skateboard conversion Kit is best for you?

A conversion kit should always be chosen on the basis of your budget and the essential features that you require. If you want a cheap but powerful electric skateboard then go for the L-Faster Motor Kit. If you prefer speed over money then always go for Unlimited X Loaded Race Kit or Maxfind DIY Kit and if you are a beginner then go for the Onan X3 or ZXMoto Kit.

How to Charge a DIY Electric Skateboard?

A DIY Electric skateboard can be charged easily with the charger that is provided with the battery or you can also buy them online. To charge your kit you can either follow the guidelines provided in the booklet inside the battery case, or you can also follow my guidelines below.

First, you need to insert the small Jack of the charger into the charging port of the small conversion kit and then the other 3-end or 2-end plug should be inserted into the plug point. The kit will show some special indication whenever the charge is full to switch off the charge and save electricity. Just keep in mind to insert them with proper care and guidance or else you can get a major electric shock.

Conclusion :

Lastly, I would like to wrap up this article by saying that skateboards are one of the most enjoyable ways to roam around your town and if you add an electric motor conversion kit to it then your journey will be more enjoyable and awesome. 

A machine that is made up of assembled parts from different companies is far more stable and convenient and it goes the same for these skateboards. You get the option to choose your favorite deck and attach the best motor kit which is best suitable for you. The details of the top 5 electric skateboard conversion kits have been presented above. What are you waiting for? Just go and grab one!

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