Best Electric Unicycle Without Handle

Best Electric Unicycle Without Handle

Best Electric Unicycle Without Handle

With newer devices being launched everyday, it is hard to keep pace with the changing world of technology. With time, we have seen a surge in different modes of transportation being introduced everyday. One of these is the unicycle. An absolutely marvelling invention, this outstanding product is changing the mode of mobility for many people around the world. 

The premise of the electric unicycle is that they are designed using a single wheel in motion. The rider balances his body over the wheel on the pedals & uses his body’s movements to control the direction of commotion on the unicycle. Steers attached to the device help in the commotion. The driver has to twist the steers with the help of his feet while running a unicycle. 

The uniqueness of the unicycle has always impressed the techies around the world & thus it has seen a massive growth in the world. They are especially popular among the western & European nations of the globe.  

Unicycles run on the principle of a self-balancing mechanism. Though they might seem like the wonders of modern technology, curiously their history dates back to the 1880s when a similar device called a hand-power monowheel was patented. It was only in the year 2003 when the era of unicycling started to gain commercialisation. Ever since then, new modifications are being done to make commotion easier with unicycles.

With so much said about unicycles, let’s talk about 7 amazing unicycles available in the market.

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Best Electric Unicycles Without Handle Reviews

1. Gotway Tesla 16” – Best Balancing Electric Unicycle

Best Electric Unicycle without handle reviews

Let’s start by talking about an electric unicycle that ensures high-end results to users with its ergonomic & futuristic design. Gotway Tesla is one of the most talked-about electric unicycles available in the market for tech- lovers. It’s users speak of it highly.

It is especially considered the best electric unicycle amongst motorized centric users. With the presence of a 16 inches wheel, the machine is considered ideal for great comfortable distances. With a remarkable load-carrying capacity of 275 lbs and a marvellous speed of 30 mph, this unicycle is better than any other. The soft pedal of the unicycle is equipped with rubber pads for comfort. The device on a whole ensures a smooth and sturdy ride for the rider. 

This Gotway Tesla unicycle makes minimum noise while moving. A key feature of the device is that it ensures a stable balance even at extreme speeds. Tesla portrays how technology could be used to create futuristic as well as aesthetic product designs.  


  • Water-resistant 
  • Presence of rubber padding for comfort  
  • Ideal wheel size
  • Presence of a retractable handle


  • An expensive product
  • Absence of Bluetooth feature
  • Absence of rear lighting on the device
  • Some might consider it heavy to carry from one place to another 

2. InMotion V10F – Overall Best

This electric unicycle is a favourite device of tech- lovers. It is power-packed with beneficial features, making it one of the most viewed products. The aesthetic, ergonomic and futuristic design of the unicycle is one of the key reasons for customer attraction. It is constructed with an inbuilt cooling system to prevent overheating of the motor. Not only this, but the rubber padding on the pedals also allows users to achieve comfort while riding. 

InMotion V10F is constructed with user-centric approaches to make sure the rider stays safe when riding it. The user experience is taken a notch up with a supported app for the device. Unicycling enthusiasts find the features as well as the design of this unicycle truly intriguing. This product is especially popular amongst teenagers and adults due to its amazing design.


  • An exclusive digital app for a better user- experience 
  • Unique in-built cooling system 
  • Rubber paddings for stability and ease 
  • High pedal height 
  • Presence of highlights at the rear, front and side positions


  • Absence of portal applications
  • Absence of a Bluetooth system 
  • Absence of water-resistant surface materials   

3. Hoverclub Solo – Best Lightweight Electric Unicycle

Best electric unicycle
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Appreciated by millions of users, Hoverclub Solo Electric unicycle is an amazing product to have. This device is designed keeping in mind three major aspects, viz. stability, functionality, as well as comfort. Hoverclub Solo Electric Unicycle is a budget-friendly device made for the unicycling beginners. The multiple technical features are good value for money and make the product a must-have for commuters like kids and young adults. 

Since it is designed for young commuters, the presence of a 14-inch wheel along with a limitation over speed ensures safety as well as the comfort of the rider. The dual air tyres add stability to the product. The device also comes with an inbuilt self-balancing technology which decreases the chances of the rider falling off.


  • It is durability
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy-to-use for children
  • It is a budget-friendly product
  • Presence of an in-built self-balancing technology
  • Presence of a retractable handle
  • Presence of dual air-filled tyres for balance and stability.


  • Not suitable for difficult or high terrains
  • Not suitable for wet climates
  • Restricted to young learners only
  • Not suitable for professionals

4. KingSong 18XL – Best Electric Unicycle With Long Battery Life

Best electric unicycle without handle

KingSong has been a trusted electric unicycle company for years. The aesthetic, as well as exquisite design of their unicycles achieve success at grabbing the attention of the customers. Here we will consider the KingSong 18XL electric unicycle, which is a limited-edition version of the regular 18L version available in the market. 

The product comes with a long list of features and advantages. A peculiar feature of this unicycle is its dual charging system. The presence of two portals ensures a faster charging of the device. Moreover, the unicycle works well in many terrains and has a high load-carrying capacity too. The device is supported by a mobile application for better usage.

Another unique feature of the unicycle is the presence of four stereo speakers. This ensures a good user experience & to make your ride fun. The trolley handle of the unicycle makes it easy to carry from one place to another. This unicycle stands out from the rest of the electric unicycles present in the market. Due to its extraordinary features, the unicycle has a comparatively high cost as well. 

The unicycle is designed with an 18-inch wheel which makes it heavy to carry, but on the other hand also ensures great power and stability. 


  • Presence of a dual charging system
  • Presence of brake lights and four stereo speakers
  • Presence of a trolley handle
  • Presence of low battery indicator as a safety 
  • Appreciable battery life


  • Comparatively heavy & thus hard to carry around 
  • Not a budget-friendly product
  • Not waterproof
  • Not foldable 

5. Solowheel Glide 2 – Best Designed Electric Unicycle

One of the most unique products in the list is the Solowheel Glide 2. It has given customers a remarkable experience & is thus highly praised in its customer reviews. It’s high-functionality & durability make it a prime choice for the buyers. The device offers ease to commuters and ensures an exclusive experience. The machine is ideal for those who prefer unicycles for everyday commuting.

This electric unicycle offers a lot of features and ensures maximum output. It takes around 3 hours to charge the device completely & can go up to 26.5 km in a single charge. Another key feature is that the device is constructed and designed with a 16- inch wheel which is ideal for both beginners as well as pro riders. The speed range starts from 18 mph with a strong battery life.

The Solowheel Glide 3 can be easily controlled with a user-friendly digital app. A few other sub-core features of this unicycle include the installed LED lights, waterproof surfaces, a slope of 25 degrees & posture control. among others. To ensure the rider’s safety, it has features like retractable and integrated handles as well as audio alerts.  


  • Minimum battery charge time 
  • Maximum speed with the help of a single charge
  • Modern and futuristic design ensuring comfort and ease 
  • Ease to Integrate phone connectivity devices, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Audio alert application as a safety measure
  • Support of a digital application for better user experience  


  • Not a budget-friendly product for some users 
  • Riding performance may get hindered over longer distances 

6. Mten3 10’’ – Best Self Balancing Unicycle

The amazing customer reviews on Amazon make Mten 3 make it an important addition to this list. The device is designed while keeping the needs and requirements of the customer in mind, which is evident from its marvellous features. This user-friendly product has re-shaped the methods of mobility and ensures a high-end experience to its users.

What makes the Mten 3 electric unicycle unique are the features and principle it is built upon. The device is constructed using a high-power 800-watt power motor and a 425 Wh Li-ion battery. This ensures that you can cover longer distances up to around 40 km in a single charge. Although this feature depends on various aspects like your driving speed, weather and climate as well as the load on the unicycle. 

 The product also comes with a regenerative system of brakes to control your speed. This ensures that the users can balance their motion on the unicycle. Another key feature of this electric unicycle is that it allows users to carry a maximum load of up to 100kgs. This is a unique feature as most unicycles in the market do not support this much weight. The product also comes with various mobile application features as well as USB ports. 


  • Cover a maximum distance of 40 km on a single charged battery.
  • Presence of an adjustable pedal angle enabling user comfort.
  • Highly portable and could be easily carried from one place to another.


  • The product comes without a trolley handle. Hence, it is difficult to carry from one place to another irrespective of its weight.
  • It is usually not used for longer distances due to its small size. 

7. Swagtron’s SwagRoller – Best Electric Unicycle For Travelers

best electric unicycle for travelers

One of the most popular unicycles on the internet is SwagTron’s SwagRoller. What makes this electric unicycle stand out from the rest is its unique and modern design. One of the cheapest unicycles with major technical features, it is ruling several e-commerce markets today.

It has a maximum speed of approximately 9.3 mph and covers an approximate distance of 20 km or 12.4 miles in one charge. The device has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker to enhance the customer experience. It is built on the pillars of self- balancing technology and has a powerful motor of 450 watts. Moreover, the product is climate-resilient and works wonders on difficult lands and terrains. These are just a few of the many features which make the product a good deal for budget-friendly customers. 


  • Value for money
  • Powerful all-terrain wheels 
  • Easy and comfortable usage 


  • The product is not supported by powerful motors. Hence, not good for long distance traveling.
  • The product is age centric. Hence, children below the age of 10 can not use it
  • Lack of retractable seat which hinders the comfort to some extent

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The Unicycles Have More Benefits Than You Might Think!

Unicycles offer a number of advantages to users apart from comfort and smooth mobility. Unicycles have health advantages when compared to other motorised modes of transport. They can essentially reduce health problems like lower back pain while strengthening your core strength. Besides everything, it is considered a pleasurable mode of transport by many. 

 Factors On Which An Excellent Commercial Electric Unicycle Dpends On

We talked about 7 amazing unicycles above. Each is remarkable in its own sense & suitable for a certain kind of audience. But, how do we differentiate between unicycles? 

To understand this, you will have to understand the following three factors that come into play.

  1. Power of the motor installed 

The power of the motor is one of the most vital aspects of a good electric unicycle. The greater the power of the motor, the greater distance would be covered. This also ensures how effectively a particular unicycle would work on different terrains. 

  1. Possible speed coverage

Each unicycle works within a particular range of speed. An ordinary electric unicycle has a speed of 8 to 10 miles per hour. Whereas, faster unicycles have a speed of up to 30 miles per hour. It is vital to understand the speed of the device & then buy as per your need. 

  1. Extra unique features

The current unicycles available in the market are designed with a number of extra essential features. These features include dual charging portal, incorporated wheel size, in-built cooling systems, adjustable pedals, mobile applications for good customer experience, etc. among others. 

How To Find The Best Commercial Electric Unicycles?

Before you decide about buying any unicycle, you should take the following given factors into account.  This will help you decide the right unicycle for yourself as per your choices.

  1. Power of the motor

    Smaller power capacity of an electric unicycle is ideally utilised for smaller distances. However, a power of 700-800 watts would ensure high speed and movement over a greater distance. Unicycles with lesser power capacities are used by children or beginners. It is important to understand what purpose the device would be used for. If you are going to be using it to travel over smaller distances once in a while, then a smaller power capacity motor will work good for you, but if you want to travel more, then buy a unicycle with a motor that has greater power. 

  2. Safety measures

    In general, electric unicycles come with minimum usage risk but users tend to fall from the cycle when a disbalance is created. People often find it hard to maintain a balance on the unicycle. To avoid this from happening, the unicycles come with a set of safety measures to keep the rider safe. Some of these measures include low battery indicators, sudden stop prevention, speed regulators, etc. among others. Before purchasing the device, you should make sure that these safety measures are accounted for in it. 

    Besides that, you too should follow some safety measures to avoid getting hurt. These measures include- 
    – Wearing complete safety gear including knee pads & helmet whenever driving a unicycle.
    – Keep the batteries of your unicycle amply charged to avoid inconvenience. 
    – When riding on slopes, do not tilt your unicycle more than 20 degrees as that increases the risk of falling off. 
    – Avoid riding your unicycle over gravel, unpaved road or wet grass as you might easily fall from it. 
    – Keep your electric unicycle away from water & direct sunlight to keep it safe.

  3. Size of the product

    Nowadays, electric unicycles are available in multiple sizes. A unicycle with a wheel of 18- inches could be heavier but sturdier as well. Similarly, a 12 or 14 inch of wheel would be comparatively agile and tend to cause difficulty in balancing. This is better for people who already know how to ride a unicycle but not for beginners. A 16- inches wheel size is often considered ideal for beginners. But for greater comfort in riding, you can also choose an 18-inch wheeled unicycle. The size of the device should also be considered thoroughly before its purchase. 

  4. Budget

    The cost of various electric unicycles available in the market should be analysed before purchasing one. An average electric unicycle costs anywhere between the range of 250- 500 dollars. Whereas, high-end unicycles cost much more. You should buy a unicycle that suits your budget & needs. To decide whether or not the unicycle you want is up to par, you can rely on customer reviews. Reading product reviews can help you decide from the experiences of real-time customers . 


What is a self-balancing Unicycle?

A self-balancing unicycle is a single-wheeled transporting machine used for travelling. It runs on a motor and has various features including gyroscopes to balance the rider. The rider stands on the unicycle platform balancing himself & controls the direction of movement by leaning slightly in the desired direction. 

How does a unicycle work? 

The rider balances himself on the unicycle & controls its movement by leaning in the direction of desired movement. Brakes can be applied to stop at any point in time. The movement is also supported by a number of safety features like audio notifications, cooling systems, etc. 

How much do they cost?

The cost of unicycles varies from company to company as well device to device. It is essential to realise that there is a product for every budget in the market. However, additional prices are also incorporated. Usually the cost begins from 300 dollars. 

Where could I buy a unicycle from?

Unicycles could be purchased from various e-commerce platforms. These e-commerce websites include Amazon, AliExpress, Ewheels, etc. Moreover, unicycles could be purchased from websites of inclusive companies as well. It is also important to find out about the countries where the unicycles are not delivered. 

What unicycle brands are there in the market?

Several different brands are prevailing in the market of electric unicycles. Some of these are Esway, Segway, MonoRover, Sologera, TG, Tomoloo, Pinwheel, Freeman, etc. among others. In addition to these, there are almost fifty unicycle brands present in the current market. 

Do I need a license to use a unicycle on the streets?

At the current point of time, there is no legal transportation framework for the utilisation of Unicycles in major countries. This is majorly because they are commercialized at a slower pace. 

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