Best Inflatable Loungers in 2019

Best Inflatable Loungers in 2019

best inflatable lounger

What is an Inflatable Lounger?

As the name suggests, an inflatable lounger is a lounger made of different materials which can either be inflated or deflated. They are easy to carry and store as well as effortless to inflate. Without any need for an air pump, you can easily inflate an inflatable lounger with the help of naturally flowing air or with a fan.

Why buy an Inflatable lounger?

The primary reason to buy an Inflatable Lounger is the fact that it serves as an excellent tool for relaxation. Whether you’re in your house or on a beach, an inflatable lounger is sure to relax your mind and body. Besides, an inflatable lounger is a great choice while going camping. Instead of sleeping uncomfortably in a sleeping bag or a tent, you can have a sound sleep in an inflatable lounger. 

Another major reason why its becoming so popular is its portability. Since it is inflated only while using and then deflated after use, it is truly portable. You can even take an inflatable lounger to places where a beach chair or even a hammock can’t go.

So instead of laying on rough, and wet surfaces or using a towel to your rescue, you should go for an inflatable lounger to avoid all such issues and do what you need to – relax and enjoy! What’s more? You can show off your style with an inflatable lounger and its fun!

Now you know why you should buy an inflatable lounger. Here are the best inflatable loungers that you can go for. 

Top 6 Inflatable Loungers of 2019

You would find a plethora of inflatable loungers in the market today. With each manufacturer claiming to give you the best product, the selection of an inflatable lounger may become a tedious task in itself. Here, I’ve tried my best to provide you with accurate information on some of the best inflatable loungers that exist. I hope this would help you in making a wise decision regarding inflatable loungers.

ModelChillbo BagginsWekapoLegit campingAlphabeingProdigen Vansky
Weight3 lbs2.65 lbs3 lbs2.9 lbs2.6 lbs2.5 lbs
Size (inches)13*7*3.513*9*513.1*8.7*3.712*8*413.7*6.7*4.714*7*4.7
Material Ripstop nylonRipstop polyesterRipstop nylonRipstop fabricRipstop fabricNylon?polyester
Load capacity400 lbs500 lbs400 lbs400 lbs400 lbs500 lbs

1. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

Wekapo inflatable lounger is the best air lounger you can find in the market. It is also the best selling product on Amazon. The inflatable lounger by Wekapo is unique in ways more than one as compared to the rest of the air hammocks on this list. 

Extremely easy to use, this inflatable air lounger by Wekapo inflates as easy as one, two, three. You simply have to wave it through the air and see it inflate magically. Although this is a great as well as a unique feature, there are more reasons why I have given Wekapo inflatable lounger the first place on this list.

Equipped with a patented headrest which is pillow-shaped, the air hammock allows you to have the extra comfort you need. Additionally, it has twin side pockets that allow you to keep your belongings in place. No need to worry about lost or misplaced items such as goggles, books, phones, etc. 

The inflatable lounger by Wekapo comes with a carry bag, a user manual as well as stakes to tie it down to prevent it from getting blown away. 

The fact that Wekapo air lounger can support weights up to 650 lbs. blew my mind. Quite literally, this is my favorite feature of this air lounger. This would mean that up to 4 adults can easily relax and enjoy this lounger at the same time. Another advantage of the high load capacity is that it should be able to take a few blows (just a few) here and there when kids bounce on it.

Spanning 7 ft in length, this lounger is water-resistant and hence can be used on pools, lakes, beaches or anywhere with a wetland. I love the idea of a family of four relaxing on this floating lounger in the pool or on a lake. 

If you’re one of those people who wish to use air hammocks as beds, like me, then this air lounger is your best bet. It lasts a solid ten hours on single inflation which is by far the best inflation time. You can easily sleep on it the whole night. Additionally, the pillow-shaped headrest provides added comfort. Talk of comfortable and sound sleep! 

Lastly, the 210T ripstop polyester is made for durability and longer life. All in all, the Wekapo air lounger is the best inflatable lounger that exists.


  • Extremely lightweight – weighs only 2.65 lbs.
  • High inflation time – lasts 10 hours. 
  • High load capacity.
  • High-quality material – ripstop polyester. 
  • Waterproof.


  • Some users didn’t find this air lounger as durable as it claims to be. However, that totally depends on personal use. By the standard of the durability of inflatable air loungers, the Wekapo inflatable lounger is pretty good.

2. Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounger

The inflatable lounger by Chillbo Baggins is an Amazon choice product. This is a cool and comfortable air lounger to have. Made of ripstop nylon, this air hammock is light in weight and weighs about 3 lbs. 

The Chillbo Baggins air lounger supports a maximum weight of 400 lbs. which is good but not the best. This air hammock is suitable for outdoor camping and even for relaxing on pools and beaches.

Chillbo Baggins is a unique brand and any air lounger from Chillbo Baggins is a great option to go with. There are several varieties of designs in Chillbo Baggins inflatable lounger and I am sure you would find one that goes well with your personality and style. They make high-quality products that are quite durable, which matters when it comes to inflatable loungers.

Chllbo Baggins air lounger is 13-inches when folded up and spans 7 ft after inflation. This lounger takes about one minute to get inflated and even less if there is blowing wind. The inflaton time of Chillbo Baggins is about 4-5 hours which is pretty good. 

This air hammock is made of waterproof material and hence you can take it to beaches, lakes, etc. Equipped with big size pockets, the inflatable lounger makes it easy for you to hold and keep your belongings safe. 

Apart from the product features, one more important yet often-neglected thing about Chillbo Baggins is great customer service.


  • Huge side pockets for books, sunglasses, cellphones, snacks, and drinks, etc.
  • Durable.
  • Good inflation time.
  • Easy to inflate.
  • Sleek design. 
  • Good customer service.


  • A bit expensive, albeit worth the money.

3. Legit Camping Inflatable Lounger

Legit Camping Inflatable Lounger is yet another renowned name in the world of air hammocks. With a minimalist and conventional design, this air lounger by Legit Camping has dual side pockets to hold your belongings.

It is a perfect choice for those who prefer simple and easy to use air hammocks. Made of lightweight material – nylon, this lounger is waterproof, and hence can be taken to a pool, beach, and the likes. 

Inflated in under a minute, this air lounger can be used on sand, snow, and land. It comes in six different solid colors, so you have different options to choose from. I like the idea of a solid-colored air hammock for reasons unknown, if you also like the idea, then go for an inflatable lounger by Legit Camping.

Made of 190T ripstop polyester, this air lounger is durable and would last longer than most other air hammocks.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty which is great. You can actually get it replaced or get your money back. This is a great option for those who are apprehensive of using an air lounger.
  • Heavy-duty ripstop nylon is tear-resistant and truly durable.
  • Equipped with side pockets, which is a great additional feature.
  • Waterproof, and hence can be used as a floating lounger.


  • The fabric is a bit bulky which may be a problem while carrying it around.

4. Alphabeing Inflatable Chair Lounger

AlphaBeing inflatable chair lounger is another great air hammock. This air lounger is designed in such a way that even a few scoops of air are sufficient to inflate it. It’s so versatile that you can carry this air hammock can be taken to pool parties, camping, BBQ, hiking and even concerts. Speak of versatility!

The AlphaBeing chair lounger is made from anti-deflation technology that helps it retain the air for amazingly longer periods. Its ripstop fabric is durable and supports up to 400 lbs. in addition to being lightweight and comfortable. 

For those who love lying their head don on a headrest – here’s the good news. The air lounger by AlphaBeing comes with a neck pillow headrest which is designed ergonomically to ensure you get maximum comfort.

If you like to have all the important items within an arm’s reach or feel too lazy to get up each time you need something, then here’s the good news. This air couch comes with dual pockets which help keep your belongings and items safe and as close as you like! Additionally, this air chair comes with a beer opener! Just amazing, isn’t it? Likewise, the stakes help you in securing and keeping your air lounger safe. You don’t have to worry about your air lounger on windy days anymore.

What’s the best thing about Alphabeing Inflatable Chair Lounger?

One of the best things about AlphaBeing air lounger is the 100% risk-free warranty which comes for a lifetime! The manufacturer’s aim to become the most customer-centric brand on Amazon and hence provide you with the top-quality product as well as service. If you are not 100% satisfied with this air lounger, then you can get a refund or replacement with no questions asked.


  • Ergonomically designed headrest for extra comfort.
  • Anti-deflation technology.
  • High inflation time.
  • Waterproof. 
  • Comes with stakes, bottle opener, side pockets.
  • 100% risk-free lifetime warranty.


  • No cons as such. Even if you find any issue or simply are not satisfied with this product then get a refund or replacement. 

5. Prodigen Inflatable Lounger

The Prodigen inflatable lounger provides excellent support to your back and neck to ensure you get maximum comfort while lying on it. This inflatable hammock is made of double-layer fabric that not only provides added comfort but also prevents air from leaking out. 

The easy to inflate air lounger by Prodigen has an inflation time of about 7-8 hours which is quite good. If you wish to have an air hammock which can be used as a bed, then this lounger can be a good option as you wouldn’t have to worry about refilling air in it for longer duration.  

This air hammock weighs about 2.6 lbs only. And hence can easily be carried on your back. It comes with a carry bag that makes it all the more portable. The carry bag is meant to be used as a storage bag as well. 

This air lounger is multi-layered and hence quite durable. Also, it is easy to clean, which is a great thing for people who go on frequent camping. The material is waterproof, which means you can take it just about anywhere you want – lakes, beaches, pools, etc. Ths air hammock can also be used on sand, rocky surfaces, grass, etc, in addition to a wetland. 

The Prodigen air lounger comes with a stake which is used to secure and hold the hammock. A stake is a great addition to any inflatable air lounger and can come in handy.

This inflatable air lounger comes with a no-risk lifetime warranty which is a great thing for many people. The manufacturers claim that if you’re not 100% satisfied with their amazing product, then you can return it at any time and get a full refund. With no questions asked, this is really a great feature and makes me want to order an air hammock now!


  • Anti-deflation design.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Comfortable and soft outer layer. 
  • High inflation time – up to 8 hours.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Ideal for rocky terrain as well as grass.


  • You may get sunk in it!
  • Some users find it a tad difficult to inflate this air lounger.

6. Vansky Air Lounger

Vansky Outdoor Inflatable Lounger can be taken anywhere you’re going. One of the best things about this outdoor inflatable lounger is that it comes with a square-shaped headrest which is really comfortable to rest your head-on. 

Made of nylon, polyester fabric, this inflatable lounger is waterproof. Hence you can easily take it to beaches without any worries and even swim in your pool! It has three side pockets which come in really handy. 

On windy days or with the help of a fan, you can easily inflate it. It stays inflated for over five hours and is tear-resistant, which is again a plus point for outdoor camping. This lightweight and portable inflatable lounger is compact and weighs a mere 2.5 lbs. The Vanky inflatable lounger is the lightest air lounger on this list. Yet, can sustain 500 lbs.  

The Vansky inflatable lounger comes equipped with buckle clips that help it stay inflated for 4-8 hours. However, you may experience certain issues in inflating it on days when there’s no wind. However, this won’t be a problem if you are at home or someplace else with a fan. This inflatable lounger like most others can be easily inflated using a fan. 

The Vansky inflatable lounger is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from camping to beach parties to even some leisure time in your backyard. You can transform it into a chair, a sofa or a bed. 

It is easy to deflate and only requires you to open the clip to let the air out naturally. Once done, simply fold it and keep it in the bag for using anytime. It takes very little space and doubles as a blanket while deflated.


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely portable
  • High load capacity
  • Floatable hammock and hence can be used for the entire family in the pool. 
  • Over six hours of inflated time.
  • Equipped with three side pockets which are water repellent.


  • Some people may find it a bit difficult to inflate it. However, this issue can easily be resolved with a fan. Or with some practice.

Aspects To Consider While Selecting An Inflatable Lounger

Now that you know the best inflatable loungers that exist, let me tell you what aspects you should consider before getting yourself one. There are many things to consider when it comes to an inflatable lounger. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy yourself an inflatable lounger for outdoor camping only to find that it isn’t waterproof, etc.  

So just have a look at all the significant things that you should contemplate before choosing what type of an inflatable lounger you should buy.


The best material for inflatable loungers is either ripstop nylon or polyester. High-quality inflatable loungers are made of the same material as sleeping bags. You should also consider the quality of the material. 


Some inflatable loungers have a double layer of material. The outer layer provides durability, whereas the inner layer is used to keep the air in. such type of inflatable loungers is a good option because of increased durability and life. Although other materials are also used to make inflatable loungers the best option is always either ripstop nylon or polyester.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity matters a lot. Exceeding the weight limit can have consequences for the lounger and in some cases, the ones sitting or lying on it. Most loungers can bear up to 400 – 450 pounds which are equivalent to 2-3 adults. However, that again depends on individual weight. Some inflatable loungers also support loads up to 600 – 650 lbs. If you want an inflatable lounger for one person only, then weight capacity shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you need it for two adults and kids, then you must take load capacity seriously.


The size of the inflatable lounger helps in deciding its portability. Since most inflatable loungers are meant for outdoor usage, portability matters. Most inflatable loungers weigh up to 3 – 3.5 lbs . and can be stored in a small bag easily when deflated. When rolled up, it should take a space of up to 1.5 feet. 


A fully inflated lounger, on the other hand, spans roughly between 6.5 – 7.5 feet. It should be long enough to house 2-3 adults or kids easily and comfortably. Since it is a lounger we’re talking about, it is bound to be a bit sizeable, when inflated. Keep in mind your use and the number of people who intend to use the lounger and then decide upon something.

Inflation Time

If you spend hours on inflating the lounger, only to find out that it’s inflation time is only 2-3 hours, then what’s the use of it? The lounger must be easily inflated and must not require you to continuously run for catching the wind. And it must have a high inflation time, which means that it should stay inflated for a longer duration. An inflatable lounger is meant to be used for relaxation. Otherwise, a sleeping bag or a beach towel would do their job pretty well. 

Some inflatable loungers have an inflation time of 2-3 hours, whereas others require re-inflation in 5 – 6 hours. Some inflatable loungers give a whopping 10 hours of inflation time which is quite good.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is important when it comes to inflatable loungers. Even if you don’t intend to use it in the pool or on the beach, it is still an essential feature. Especially when it comes to inflatable loungers for outdoor camping, you should go for a water-resistant one. You never know what kind of weather awaits you!

All the inflatable loungers in this list are waterproof. But not all the inflatable loungers available in the market are waterproof, so choose wisely.

Additional Features

I’m listing some features as additional features because these features are good to have but not important. Your inflatable lounger will still be useful without these features but it would be great if these additional features are also included in your air chair! These features consist of a headrest or comfortable pillow to rest your neck and head, side pockets to keep your belongings safe and a bag to carry and store your inflatable lounger when it isn’t in use.

The side pockets also help you keep all the important items within arm’s reach. After all most people use air lounger to get relaxed, or while feeling lazy. And you wouldn’t want to get up ten times to get the items you need. Talk about being too lazy!

The headrest will surely provide you with extra comfort which is a great thing while relaxing. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about books, sunglasses or your phone with waterproof side-pockets.

Inflatable Lounger FAQs

You might have some questions regarding inflatable loungers and that is absolutely fine and expected. No matter your previous experience, or lack of experience, with inflatable loungers, you are bound to have a question or two. I have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions here. However, in case your query isn’t answered here, please let me know in the comment section about the same.

Q: Is an air pump required to inflate the lounger?

A: The simplest answer is – No. When it comes to inflating inflatable loungers, you do not require an air pump as there are various other methods to do the job. If you are somewhere with naturally blowing wind, you can use the airflow to inflate the lounger. All you have to do is open the inflatable lounger and hold it in the opposite direction to where the wind is going. You’ll see the lounger inflating easily. Once it has inflated, you need to close and seal it. And you’re all set. 

In case you don’t have a blowing wind to help you out, you can run with the inflatable lounger. Make sure it is open before running. Another way to inflate is to use a fan. A simple fan will also help you to inflate your lounger with ease, especially in areas where there are a lot of people and you wouldn’t have any space to run with a lounger!

Q: How to clean a dirty inflatable lounger?

A: While using your inflatable lounger in your backyard, in your pool, or on a beach, it tends to get dirty. Here’s the thing – cleaning a dirty inflatable lounger is really easy. If it has leaves, dirt or sand, then you can use a brush to clean it. If you want it sparkling clean, then you can either wash it with mild soap and water or wash it on the gentle or delicate mode in the washer. No matter which way you clean it, let it air dry completely before packing it up and storing it to prevent it from molding. Another important thing to remember is to never dry your lounger in the

Q: Do I need an Inflatable Lounger?

A: If you wish to do the following things, then you certainly need an inflatable air lounger that you can take with you anytime, anywhere. 

  • Spend time outside
  • Want to relax and have some alone time
  • Have frequent trips to the beach 
  • Lie down somewhere comfortable
  • Attend a lot of music festivals
  • Spend time on the pool or by the pool
  • Want to float and have fun on a lake
  • Go for outdoor camping

If you frequently do some or all of these activities, then you need an inflatable lounger.

Q: What should I do if my inflatable lounger gets damaged?

A: The first thing you should do is check the warranty. If your lounger is under warranty then the company would get it replaced. However, in case your lounger is not under warranty, then you can check for the severity of the damage. If you think that the damage is repairable, then get a repair kit and fix it yourself. If the damage is too severe, then you would want to buy a new inflatable lounger.

Q: Are inflatable loungers comfortable?

A: Inflatable loungers are meant to provide you comfort. However, comfort is a matter of opinion. It differs from person to person. As far as I most people including me are concerned, inflatable loungers are quite comfortable. The amount of air also plays an important role in determining the comfort of the air lounger. You might want to increase or decrease the amount of air in your lounger to get an optimal level of comfort.

Q: How long does an air lounger stay inflated?

A: The inflation time of an air lounger varies from model to model. Some inflatable hammocks stay inflated for 2 – 3 hours, which is not so good. Some air loungers can stay inflated for up to 6 hours, which is good. Whereas, some inflatable loungers have an inflation time of 10 hours straight which is great. Depending upon your use and preference, you should consider the inflation time of the air lunger that you wish to buy.

Q: How Does An Inflatable Lounger Work?

A: As the name suggests, air loungers capture air in a bag made of certain materials such as ripstop nylon or reinforced polyesters. This air is either captured by catching a naturally blowing wind or via a fan which makes the airflow inside the lounger. Once enough air is captured, you seal the air lounger with buckles, clips or corks to prevent the air from flowing out.

The inflatable hammocks are made of special fabrics that are tear-resistant. In some cases, a coating is added to the outer layer of the air lounge to make it waterproof. Hence, you get an inflatable hammock that doesn’t tear and can also let you float in a pool or a lake. What makes inflatable loungers os popular and a favorite is its portability. After use, you have to deflate the hammock and then roll it up to store it or carry it. 

Being comfortable was never so easy and so much fun!

Q: How to select an air lounger?

A: First things first. Your intention of buying the inflatable hammock matters the most. Depending upon your use, you should go with the air lounger which is capable to support your weight, is waterproof, if intended for outdoor camping or for resting on a beach/pool/lake. For more details and features to look for – go through the ‘aspects to consider while choosing an inflatable lounger’ section in this article. 

Then comes the color. Most inflatable hammocks come in a variety of colors and patterns. You would want to choose the color you like the most or the one which goes well with your mood, personality or vibes because an inflatable lounger is all about comfort and style.

Tips For Your Inflatable Lounger

1. Mind the weight limitations

As with any other inflatable product, inflatable loungers too have weight limitations. There is a certain weight limit of each inflatable lounger which is different from other loungers due to the difference in materials and manufacturing processes. Inflatable loungers need to be used carefully and you wouldn’t want to damage it or pop it due to excess weight. This would also ensure that you get the most out of your inflatable lounger.

2. Mind the weight limitations

A fruit knife, keys, a bottle opener or any sharp object are probably not good for your inflatable hammock. If you intend to take the air lounger on the beach, then you would want to keep it away from seashells, sticks and even sharp-edged rocks. The sharp objects may damage or tear the inflatable lounger, thereby rendering it useless.

3 Store away safely

To ensure the proper functioning and long life of your inflatable lounger, you should store it properly. Most inflatable loungers come with a carry bag, however, if yours didn’t come with one, then it is buying a carry bag is the best thing to do. After use, you deflate the air lounger and roll it to store safely.

These are some other tips you should know while dealing with air loungers –

  • Keep it clean at all times.
  • Do not put your lounger in a dryer. Let it air dry.
  • If possible fill your hammock with cool air in the summer to get a cool comfort!
  • When using the lounger as a bed, inflate it just before lying down on it. As it would start releasing air after 5-6 hours. You don’t want to ruin your sleep! 
  • Don’t exceed the load limit of the air lounger. 
  • Although bouncing on the inflated hammock may seem like a lot of fun, it would damage your lounger and reduce its life. 
  • Rolling up the lounger ensure that the remaining air is released from inside the hammock. 
  • As soon as your hammock starts feeling squishy, blow in some air to buy yourself a couple of hours more. 
  • Deploy stakes to secure and hold your hammock in place. You wouldn’t want to run behind your air lounger. Worst-case scenario, you don’t want your floating air hammock to reach in the middle of a water body where you can’t even go and retrieve it.
  • Storing a freshly washed inflatable hammock without properly drying it may lead to molding. Ensure your lounger is completely dry before storing it up.

How to inflate and use a lounger?

Step 1 – Find the opening

You will see an opening in the inflatable lounger which would either be supported by some sort of cork or clip. Once your inflatable lounger is fully opened, you need to hold it up to let the airflow in it.

Step 2 – Fill the air

You can either choose to run against the wind with the lounger opening towards the wind or you can simply stand there and make sweeping movements with the lounger so that the air goes inside it. You shouldn’t expect magic here. It takes some time, patience, and experience to inflate a lounger easily. 

Step 3 – Seal the opening

Once the lounger is inflated, quickly seal the opening with the cork or clip to avoid the air flowing out of it. Ensure that the cork or clip is fastened nice and tight so that no air gets leaked. Lay the lounger in the pool or on the ground or wherever you wish and you’re all set to go! 

Step 4 – Check the surroundings for sharp objects

The inflatable loungers once inflated are wonderful to use! However, before you hop in and start feeling and enjoying the lovely experience, you need to make sure that there are no sharp objects near your inflatable lounger. Sometimes even keys may damage your lounger.

Step 5 – Deflate the lounger

When you have enjoyed your time on the inflated lounger, you would want to deflate it. In order to deflate a lounger, you simply have to open the cork and let the air flow out. Once all the air has leaked out of the lounger, just roll it up nicely. This way all the remaining air would come out and it would be easier for you to store the lounger in the bag and carry it.

Isn’t it as easy as one, two, three..? Especially considering the comfort the lounger provides?

If you wish to clean your inflatable lounger, which is a very good thing to do, you can either clean it with a brush or rinse it with some mild detergent. You can also wash it in the washer on the gentle or delicate mode. However, you shouldn’t put your lounger in the dryer as it can melt the material and totally damage it.


These were some of the best inflatable loungers that you can find in the market. All of these inflatable loungers are unique in some way and can be bought by you today itself. Whether you wish to rest in the pool and enjoy free time, or you wish to have a comfortable place to rest on a beach, or you want to spend quality time while camping or even while attending a music festival, an inflatable lounger can help you out.

Quite easy to carry as well as deflate and store, you should have an inflatable lounger. I would recommend one of the inflatable loungers in this list anytime. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get ready to relax!

You need to have a little patience for inflating the lounger, but with a few attempts, I’m sure you will get the hang of it. The efforts are worth giving a try because lying in an air chair or inflatable lounger is bound to give you a wonderful experience. Just go and try it yourself!

Have you used any inflatable lounger mentioned on this list? How was your experience using the inflatable lounger? After how many attempts were you able to inflate your lounger effortlessly?

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