Best Karaoke Mixer With Bluetooth [2023 Reviewed]

If you love swaying to the tunes of your favorite song and unleashing the bathroom singer in you, you must have a special corner for karaoke in your heart. Since the past few years, technological advancements have led to major changes in the way karaoke was enjoyed earlier. Today, it’s more than just a mic with a full karaoke set up to feel the real exhilaration of karaoke. One such equipment of a karaoke set up is a karaoke mixer. It’s a special piece of equipment that combines, amplifies, and beautifies the input audio from various sources like a player(s), microphone, instruments, etc. Furthermore, if the karaoke mixer accompanies a built-in Bluetooth, you can’t ask for more!!

You can assume a karaoke mixer with the one a DJ utilizes himself. A karaoke mixer can alter the dynamics, volume, bass, sharpness, and other characteristics of music. Seeing the growing popularity of karaoke all over the world, more and more brands are setting up their base in the karaoke instruments industry. Hence, it becomes necessary to know which brand to give a chance to. To help you with this, I have prepared this article. So, continue reading to make the best purchase in the context of a karaoke mixer with Bluetooth.

Top Picks

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1. Pyle PMXAKB1000 Stereo Mixer Karaoke Amplifier System with Dual Mic And Bluetooth

Pyle is a renowned name in the music industry that manufactures both professional and domestic musical instruments and other equipment. This karaoke mixer system is one of them. If you’re a professional karaoke singer, you’d give this product a try. Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, you get an operating range of over 30ft. This means you don’t need to stand adjacent to the mixer all the time. With a powerful output of 1000 watts, get ready to rock with this rugged rack-mountable system. Each channel in the mixer has its separate equalizer section and echo adjustment knob. There are two input ports for dual mics. The front panel of the mixer system features smooth control knobs for altering volume, echo, tone, balance, and much more to enhance your experience and singing. 

Bonus tip!

There are nine digital key controls to enable you to raise or lower down the key music to match that of the singer. The key can be reset back to its original state.

  • Easy to mount over the rack and use.
  • Professional output sound.
  • Solid built quality.
  • Wide compatibility options.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Quite bulky.

2. Rockville SingMix 5 2000w Bluetooth DJ/Pro/Karaoke/Home Amplifier Mixer Receiver

Rockville is a brand that doesn’t need an introduction and its products are known to do the talking. Its all-new SingMix 5 with an output of 2000-Watts is equipped with all the features one would crave if he decides to pay over $200. Though not suggested for domestic karaoke singing, if you’re a professional at karaoke, SingMix 5 is just for you. There are built-in equalizers for both your music and mics to give you complete control while singing.

In terms of sound quality, the amp is tuned as such to deliver adept sound. Bluetooth, USB, SD, and FM radio are some of the notable playback options in this model. There are separate controlling knobs for adjusting the treble, bass, etc. You also get distinct delay and repeat effect controls. Whether you want to use SingMix 5 as a tabletop mixer system or not, there are 19″ mount brackets for easy placement. 

Bonus tip!

There are a total of 5 microphone inputs hoisted on Rockville SingMix 5. Three of them are present at the front and the rest two at the rear.

  • Solid and durable body.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Professional sound quality with minimal distortion.
  • Decent Bluetooth operating range.
  • Very expensive

3. Depusheng Professional 12 Channel Bluetooth DJ Mixing Console Karaoke Amplifier

With a price tag of around $125, it’s hard to believe that you’re getting a Depusheng professional karaoke amplifier with 12 channels at first, but it’s true. This is a piece of classic audio equipment fitted with professional features to create your singing voice. With its USB playback function, just read and sing! Its built-in Bluetooth connectivity forms a seamless and quick connection with all the latest and supported devices like iPad, desktop, PC, etc. Each of the three mono-channels has an individual 3-band balance equalizer to independently alter the lows, mids, and highs. There’s a blu-ray LCD screen that displays the dynamics in real-time. 

Bonus tip!

Depusheng professional 12-channels multi-function karaoke mixer has a built-in noise reduction chip not commonly available in other models.

  • Easy to use.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Solid built quality with professional audio output.
  • Playback display screen.
  • Lightweight and highly reliable.
  • Some users experienced a slight humming noise after a few months of usage.

4. Pyle PDKWM802BU Wireless Karaoke Microphone & Portable Digital Audio Sound Mixer Receiver With Bluetooth

Pyle’s ultra-high frequency portable audio sound mixer system is worth every penny, thanks to its wide range of features and humanized design. The package comes with a set of supplementary wireless microphones that can be operated through a decent length of over 165+ feet. Two adjustable antennas can be adjusted further to enhance the working range. There’s an MP3 mode that allows you to play any playlist from the USB, Bluetooth, or even the SD card. For a convenient sound level adjustment, the mixer receiver system possesses several controls. To amplify the performance of the mixer, Pyle has rendered it a dual fixed frequency design. You also get an additional ¼” input for the third mic.

Bonus tip!

The mixer is equipped with a multi-audio source signal mixing ability. 

  • Quick and stable pairing.
  • Compatible with all latest and supported devices.
  • Complimentary remote for distant operations of the mixer.
  • Price not justified.

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5. Rockville RPA70WBT 1000w 2-Ch USB Bluetooth Pro/Karaoke Amplifier/Mixer

Rockville RPA70WBT is a two-channel professional karaoke mixer amplifier under $165. With its built-in amplifier, the output produced is much louder than the similar products listed on the web. You can further connect three external amplifiers and multiple speakers for a louder output. If you wish to use any external storage device with the system like your iPod, hard drive, or thumb drive, you can do so through the USB input port. Its supplementary remote control provides easy access to all the functions of the mixer system from a decent distance. This particular model from Rockville has an in-built VHL module. Another best thing is its signal to noise ratio of 80dB. The four rubber supports underneath the mixer provides a stable and safe grip over any surface with detachable metal brackets for a sturdy fitting. 

Bonus tip!

There is a built-in radio. Hence, this model from Rockville is a great hit for home purposes. 

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • High-quality sound with less distortion.
  • Easy to use and adjust.
  • Sturdy built quality.
  • Quite expensive

6. Rockville RPM45BT 2400w Powered 4 Channel Mixer/Amplifier With Bluetooth

Rockville RPM45BT is another masterpiece from the brand with multiple options to choose from. You can choose any one among the 4 channel-2400w, 8 channel-6000w, 8 channel-2400w, 12 channel-4800w, 14 channel-6000w, and 18 channel-6000w models. As the number of channels increases, the price increases. Be it for domestic use or professional singing, you will appreciate its clear and loud sound with multiple tuning options. You can either use the built-in USB port to play music from any storage device or directly form a connection through Rockville’s high-quality Bluetooth chip. Even at 90% volume, the clarity of the sound is unimaginable and unmatched. The best thing is that if you don’t like the performance of the mixer, you can return and claim a full refund of the product even after 90-days of use.

Bonus tip!

The entire setup of the mixer is enclosed in a sturdy wooden compartment reducing the overall weight of the equipment to a good extent. 

  • Superior sound quality even at high volumes.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to connect.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Small blue color display
  • Some users experience a slight delay in the output.

7. Peavey PV 10 AT 10 Channel Compact Mixer with Bluetooth

Arriving just under $400, Peavey PV 10 AT 10 channels compact mixer amplifier is best suited for professional purposes. It boasts a slim and low-profile design so you can use it anywhere you want, like in a seminar, conference, party, etc. For each of the 10 channels, there is a separate 3-band equalizer and equalizer bypass. You can even mute any channel if required through its mute button. With such a high-end price of $400, you also get an ultra low noise preamp for studio recording and sound reproduction. Its built-in Bluetooth forms an easy connection with any nearby smart device for continuous singing. Each channel has its separate hi-pass filter to filter out unwanted noises and rumble. A balanced AUX and master output permits a clean and noiseless signal to the externally connected speakers and amplifiers.

Bonus tip!

Its all-new Antares Auto-Tune pitch correction technology is widely employed in live performances and professional recordings. 

  • Slim and compact design.
  • Zero distortion.
  • Crystal-clear output sound.
  • Multiple mics connecting ports.
  • Very expensive

8. Pyle PMXAKB2000 Dual Channel Bluetooth Mixing Amplifier

Pyle PMXAKB2000 is a dual-channel Bluetooth powered karaoke mixer-amplifier. Its Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity forms stable and quick connections with all your favorite smart devices like smartphone, iPad, tablet, etc. You can use the metal rack mounting brackets to fix the system on a wall or other surface. There are two inputs for mics with two line inputs and video connections. Both the channels have their equalizer sections for you to apply the right amount of equalizer settings for the best experience. Its built-in USB playback and SD card reader can play your favorite music from any storage device like a hard drive, thumb drive, etc. You can utilize the remote to access and control the various features of the mixer-amplifier.

Bonus tip!

There is a 9 step digital key control with digital echo adjustment.

  • Ideal for home purposes and professional singing.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Under-budget mixer system.
  • High-quality crystal-clear sound.
  • No pitch control.
  • Mic inputs begin to cut out after a few months.

9. Travor Wireless Microphone with USB Echo & Bluetooth, UHF Metal Dual Channel Handheld Dynamic Bluetooth Mixer System

Travor is known globally for its musical instruments and this Bluetooth-enabled karaoke mixer is one of their high-selling products. With a price tag of under $65, this portable mixer system comes equipped with features like reverberation, tuning functions, built-in Bluetooth 4.1, and much more. Be it your solo performance, seminar, conference, or a duet/trio, the mixer system is capable of all these. Furthermore, there’s an additional ¼” input port for a third wired microphone (not included). Its zero interference ultra-high frequency operation prevents sound interference during the performance. In the package, you also get two wireless mics with an operating distance of around 260ft. The mixer has separate volume control knobs to adjust the volume of each of the two mics as per your needs. You can also adjust the echo levels through its echo knob. 

Bonus tip!

You can also play the music in MP3 format.

  • Superior noise reduction mechanism.
  • Lightweight yet solid design.
  • Simple plug & play.
  • Under-budget with all required features.
  • The accompanying dual mics don’t sound much natural.

10. Pyle Portable Home Theater Karaoke Microphone Mixer System Complete Set With Dual UHF Wireless Mic

If the budget is not an issue, Pyle’s portable home theater karaoke mixer can be your best deal. It has tons of features to offer to justify its high price tag. For instance, the two complementary wireless battery-operated mics can function seamlessly from a distance of over 100ft. Apart from the wired connections, you can also use the latest Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity to pair your favorite music apps with the mixer. Wide compatibility options like DJ mixers, speakers, amplifiers, etc., add a feather to the cap. The mixer houses intuitive controlling knobs for the adjustments in echo, tone, volume (separate knobs for both mics), etc. You can even connect the two mics through the wire to the mixer if required. 

Bonus tip!

With its built-in Bluetooth 4.1, set up strong and reliable connections between the mixer and any supported device.

  • Solid build quality.
  • Easy to connect and use.
  • Superb sound quality.
  • Poor customer service.
  • No sponge or pop filter.

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What to look for while buying the best karaoke mixer with Bluetooth?

If you’re searching for the best karaoke mixer with Bluetooth connectivity, refer to the below buying guide. 


As the mixer amplifier is attached to the microphone, speaker, and other pieces of equipment, check if the mixer is compatible with each of them or not. Also, check the number of wireless/wired mics the mixer can handle at once.

Sound quality

The higher the price of the mixer, the better the overall sound quality you will get out of it. However, pay attention to the fact that merely the quality of the karaoke mixer won’t have the final say in the audio quality, but the quality of your mics and speaker will have some contribution to it too.


You are buying a karaoke mixer and its high pricing means you won’t appreciate taking it to the repair shop once a week or month. Right? So, check out the warranty period you’re getting with your karaoke mixer.


You may need to shift the karaoke mixer from one place to another or carry it while traveling. Hence, shortlist the lightweight options you feel you can carry or lift if required. The ones I have reviewed in this article are portable and compact.

Audio dynamics

Different karaoke mixers come with multiple audio controlling features like one for bass, for tone, echo, and so on to amplify your karaoke experience and lend it a professional touch. Hence, check out the additional audio controlling features you’re getting under your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the material of the body of the karaoke mixer affect its performance or quality?

Ans: No, it doesn’t matter whether the karaoke mixer consists of a metallic body or a plastic one. Both or any other material will produce the same sound quality. The material only determines the strength of the product.

2. How many mics does a standard selling karaoke mixer support?

Ans: A standard selling mixer can support only two wireless or wired mics at once. Some high-end models come with an additional ¼” input for the third mic.

3. What is the decent Bluetooth operating range for a mixer?

Ans: For a karaoke mixer, a decent Bluetooth operating range is around 90-100ft.

4. Shall I go with plug-in mixers or ones with rechargeable batteries?

Ans: It depends upon your preferences. If you’d be traveling with it then and now, one with rechargeable batteries will suit a person like you. Else, a plug-in variant also goes well as it eliminates the fear of the mixer getting out of charge. 

5. What are the different devices a karaoke mixer is compatible with?

Ans: The different devices a karaoke mixer is compatible with are iPad, PC, smartphone, desktop, etc. 

Final words!

So, you think merely a karaoke mic is the only karaoke equipment you’d need? No way! For the best karaoke evening, you need to have a proper karaoke setup and that’s incomplete without a karaoke mixer with Bluetooth. Considering all available brands for karaoke mixers, the ones I’d listed above are the ones you’d think foremost. Go through the above thorough reviews and let me know which one you liked the most and why. 

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