the best kinetic log splitter

8 Best Kinetic Log Splitter In 2020

best kinetic log splitter

In the era of kinetic log splitters, people are moving away from the hydraulic splitters. Give it a lot of thought before you go ahead and select a particular kinetic log splitter. In our opinion, none of the kinetic log splitters in the market is bad, but depending upon the usage and the purpose, determining the right model is imperative. Take note of the size, construction design, split cycle time, log capacity, towing feature, portability and other features of a kinetic log splitter before making a final choice.

Our Top 4 Picks

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The 8 Best Kinetic Log Splitter in 2020

As the name suggests, Powerhouse Log Splitters XM-580 Kinetic Log splitter is a powerhouse of energy and efficiency. It is an electric unit powered by a 2hp motor and is believed to split better than a 12-ton hydraulic splitter.

One of its kind features in the splitter is its telescoping wedge which allows the user to select from the three settings of 19”, 21.6” and 24” as per the size of the log in order to work faster and in a more efficient manner.

This model is an upgraded version of the previous model and has been launched with many improvements, modifications and comparatively tougher materials than the last one. The pinion are rack are made of chromium, magnesium, titanium and alloy that makes the machine very durable and increases the lifespan too. The power-coated steel frame makes the splitter very powerful and sturdy to use.

The fact that the machine is so lightweight and compact makes it very easy and convenient to move around. The small size of the electric motor also makes it easy to use inside the house.


  • The different variants of a telescoping wedge are provided in the machine from 19” to 21.6” to 24” for splitting different sized logs.
  • The new version is made of very durable and strong material like titanium, chromium and magnesium alloy that increases the lifespan.
  • The compact size of the machine makes it very easy to fit in a car or transport from one place to another without extra manpower.
  • The procedure to set up is not complicated at all and can be easily taken out of the box and put to use.
  • The splitting power of this splitter is rated better than a 12-ton hydraulic splitter.


  • Even though the machine is compact and small in size, due to the heavy metal used, it is a bit heavy to lift off the surface.
  • The materials used in making the machine are high end but the overall construction if not of superior quality.
  • Heavy – although small, can be difficult to lift or use on a raised surface.
  • Slightly inferior build quality – tough materials but no top end construction

Overall, if you are looking for a small compact kinetic log splitter than is powerful and can be used for household purpose and outdoor operations, this splitter is perfect for you.

2. Generac K10, 10-Ton Kinetic Electric Log Splitter

best kinetic log splitter

Featuring a 25lb flywheel which allows the user to generate about 10 tons of splitting force, Generac K10, 10 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter is perfect for splitting the log in a home setting. The speed of the machine is certainly hard to beat and is enough to cut through about all kind of regular logs used in the household setting.

Speaking of the size, the splitter can take anything up to 13” in diameter and 12” in length. The length and the breadth are pretty accurate for splitting log for general use of putting fire.

One of the most astonishing features of this machine is the speed. The cycle time is about one second and it is as super-fast as it can get. If you will be using this machine, you can cut the logs and be back in the position in merely one second.

The size of the splitter is pretty compact and runs on an electric motor. The portability comes a lot in handy as you can take it anywhere and even use it indoors. The machine does not emit any harmful gases or alternatives which makes them safe to use around people as well.


  • The super-fast cycle time takes hardly one second to split the wood and return to its original position.
  • The compactness of the machine makes it very mobile and easy to transport from one place to another.
  • The electric motor does not make any loud noise and there is no gas emission making it ideal for indoor use.
  • It has a 10-ton splitting force which can generate enough power for a small unit.
  • The log capacity of the machine is enough for regular home usage.


  • It cannot be used for commercial-grade units and factory purposes as it lacks the power for larger capacity jobs.
  • The wheels are too small to roll around in the rugged surface

Overall, if the purpose of getting a log splitter is only for household usage, the performance, the mobility and ease of usage cannot get better than this machine.

3. Performance Built T20 Kinetic Log Splitter

best electric kinetic log splitter

The Performance Built T20 Kinetic Log Splitter is a high-quality 127cc Briggs and Stratton engine powered splitter. The normal delivery of splitting force is 20 tons and can split logs within the length of 20.3”. The short cycle time of this splitter is it’s another impressive feature. The machine can split the log at only three seconds per cycle and this speed is almost four times more than the normal hydraulic splitters.

The onboard clutch system of the splitter is patented and is designed exclusively for a continuous rack engagement. It provides the maximum power at a safe and secure speed that reduces the risk factor of any mishaps occurring due to the kickback of disengaged rack. This splitter offers tow handed operation which provides extra safety for usage. The durability of the machine is unquestionable and can last for a long time. The wedge is made out of hardened steel and is built to withstand rugged usage. There are both push-type and pull-type towing kits in the machine which makes it easy to two and carry around.


  • The fast cycle time of the splitter makes the log splitting process four times faster than the hydraulic splitters.
  • The two-hand operation is exclusively designed to ensure extra safety while using the machine.
  • The dual kits of pushing and pulling allow the carriage of this machine easily.
  • The log catching tray also eases out the strain of stooping and lifting the machine.
  • The heavy 20-ton ram force is as powerful as it can get and allows splitting of almost any log.


  • The towing speed of 10 mph is very low and transporting it over large distance can be a time-consuming process.
  • The high-end premium machine does not go easy on the pocket and is priced on the slightly expensive range.

Overall, if you are willing to invest a bit high on a kinetic log splitter, this machine is powerful enough to last for years and years altogether and does not require a lot of maintenance.

If you are looking for high power, heavy-duty gas log splitter, PowerKing 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter is a perfect choice for you. This machine can deliver performance equivalent to a 34-ton hydraulic machine. It features about 8” tough wedge and will even be able to split the hardest of logs in the woods. The 3-second split-cycle will accelerate the job of splitting multiple logs in no time. The log up to 28” diameter can be chopped up by the machine.

The design of the machine is curated keeping in mind the layman and beginners in mind who are not experience in using a kinetic splitter. The assembling of the machine is pretty easy after taking it out from the box. All you need to do is attach the wheels along with the tray and you are ready to go.

The design is also two friendly and with the large all-terrain tires, it can easily tower over an uneven and rough surface.


  • The splitting power is almost equivalent to a 34-ton hydraulic splitter and works like a giant.
  • It is easy to tow around the machine adhering to it large all-terrain tired that makes the movement around easy.
  • Assembling the product is a very easy breezy task.
  • The log capacity of the machine is 24” and more than most of the kinetic log splitters.
  • The 3 second cycle time of the machine gives you a fast pace.


  • Since the machine is gas-powered, it makes a lot of noise and also emits gases which makes it unfit for indoor usage.
  • The large size of the machine makes it more powerful but inconvenient to move around.

Overall, if you are okay with having a machine of a large size and want to use it for outdoors itself, this log splitter is powerful and perfect for your purpose.

This gas-powered kinetic splitter from the Sportsman Earth series incorporates a 212cc 7Hp air-cooled four-stroke engine and delivers a splitting force equivalent to a 19-ton hydraulic machine.

Sportsman Earth Series 19 Ton Gas Powered Kinetic Log Splitter runs on the mechanism of a 212cc 7hp air-cooled and four-stroke engine. It delivers the maximum splitting force which is almost equivalent to a 19-ton hydraulic machine. The power splitter can split logs up to 13.75” in diameter, 21” in length and about 100lbs of weight. Along with having the capacity to chop large logs, it also features a hand drop tray which catches the log once you split them. This process reduces the strain on your back that you get due to constant bending.

The splitter boasts a 7” steel wedge with a splitting cycle of merely two seconds which can split as many logs as any hydraulic log splitter or even faster. It also cooperates a two-handed operation in order to keep the safety intact.


  •  With splitting cycle time of just 2 seconds, this machine allows you to be quick with the log splitting procedure.
  • The log capacity is very high and it can bear with logs weighing up to 100 lbs.
  • You need not worry about pulling your muscle or straining your back with the drop tray to catch logs.
  • The heavyweight splitting force is almost equal to a 19-ton hydraulic splitter.
  • The two-handed operation ensures that the user is handling the device safely.


  • The machine is rated at about 108db and creates a very loud noise. If you are planning to use it inside or around the house, your neighbours are not going to be very pleased with it.
  • The unit of the machine is also no towable and you will have to install it where you want to use it. Transporting from one place to another is not easy.

Overall, keeping aside the heavyweight and loud noise, it is a very reliable, powerful and fast splitter if you wish to use it outdoors to split the logs in larger quantity.

6. Generac G10 Kinetic Electric Model

best kinetic log splitter reviews

Generac G10 Kinetic Electric Model is a monster of electric kinetic log splitter. G10 is an advanced and upgraded version of Generac K10 and with the extraordinary cycle time of 1 second, you will be able to cut logs for the entire season in just a couple of days.

The pro kinetic log splitter can handle up to 15 inches logs easily and that too with way power as compared to the other hydraulic machines in the market. The addition of the automatic ram retraction makes the whole process of splitting log even faster. You can operate the machine with two hands operator. On one hand you need to lift the safety interlock lever and with other, engaged the top lever to keep your hand safe while operating. This machine is an electronic log splitter and is devoid of gas emissions, fuming and even less noise. With the ease of a small machine, you can split as many wood log as you want in the comfort of your house only.


  • The only machine in the market with a cycle time of one second. The insane speed lets you cut logs like you are sharpening a pencil.
  • The small and compact size of the machine makes it very easy to store, install and move around.


  •  The price range of the machine lies towards an expensive side.

Overall, the design, the speed and the performance of the machine are unmatched in the market. If you are looking to invest in a machine for the long term, this model is just the right choice for you.

7. Timber Champ Kinetic splitter

best commercial kinetic log splitter

Timber champ log splitter is one of the affordable options for owning a good quality log splitter. This machine will prove to be a high value for money. With the speedy cycle time of 2 seconds, the pace of splitting logs is ridiculously fast. Along with cutting the logs at ease, you will also be done with the whole process quickly without exhausting yourself.

The machine can easily cut wood up to the diameter of 15 inches or 18 inches max. The capacity of the log is extremely high and can perform almost better than the 20-ton gas-powered splitters.


  •  The incredible speed cycle time of seconds save a lot of time and energy. It makes the cutting experience fun and fast.
  • The small and compact size of the machine makes the towing very easy. You can very conveniently take the machine from one place to another.
  • The log capacity of 20-ton gas is way more than the normal gas-powered and hydraulic log splitter machines.


  • The design and the structure of the machine might not be durable and long-lasting when it comes to long term usage.

For all the household related wood logs requirements, the stark electric kinetic machine is perfect. The 7 Ton kinetic log splitter can split up the logs of about 13 inches and can take up to around 20 inches as well. Even if you are looking forward to splitting the logs down to the smallest of size for making use of them in kitchen wooden stoves or for burning in the fireplace you can get your timber in a very small size as well. this kinetic log splitter will save half your time as compared to any hand splitter or hydraulic log splitter. However, the machine cannot bear to handle the large wooden logs and thus cannot be used for heavy commercial or factory purpose.


  • The machine can take up to the logs of 13 inches in diameter till 20 inches.
  • The machine can be easily used inside the house as it does not emit any fumes or make any loud noise.
  • It can also cut the wooden logs into very small pieces to be used for various household purpose


  •  The log splitter cannot be used for commercial or factory purpose
  •  The life span of the machine is not too long.

What are Kinetic Log Splitters?

Unlike hydraulic log or electronic splitters, kinetic log splitters do not function on the basis of a gas engine, electric motor or oil pressure present in a hydraulic cylinder when forced against a log in order to split it.

Kinetic splitters are based on a different principle of physics where the log splitter functions when you pull out the handle and the rack comes down towards the pinion gear. The ram is then forced out at a higher speed when compared to the hydraulic splitter which cleaves the wooden log in two parts

What different Kinds of Logs does a Kinetic Log Splitter cuts?

Types of Log Splitters

1. The Gas Log Splitter

Gas log splitters basically do not require electricity to run and thus can be used far away from home in the woods or elsewhere. However, there is usually no guarantee if the mechanicals of the gas splitters to always work well. If you have a hunch over mechanical things, you can fix the problems yourself.

The structure of a gas splitter is heavier than an electric one and can also take down comparatively heavier logs. It gives a wide range of usage and portability. Since these gas splitters run on gas, one needs to make sure you always have gas otherwise it is as good as useless. Even though they can take down a larger chunk of wood, these splitters are also comparatively noisier and tend to disturb the neighborhood. During the colder months, when we use these splitters the most, it can be a task to get it running at one go. Adhering to the usage, these gas log splitters require a bit more maintenance than electric ones.

2. The Electric Log Splitter

With the technological upgrade, commercial electric kinetic log splitters have taken the place of age-old gas log splitters. These splitters might not be as powerful as the gas splitter but are definitely more convenient and easy to use. The first and foremost advantage of electric kinetic log splitter over a gas one is the absence of fumes and dust. You can easily split inside the vicinity of your house without freezing in cold and not worry about causing havoc inside.

One major put off that gas machines used to have was the extreme noise that they caused. Electric log splitters are really quiet and require a lot less maintenance as compared to the gas splitters. Also, even though you require electricity for operating electric splitters, the extension cords have caused ease for people who had to constantly worry about gas. With electric log splitters, one need not worry about the splitter shutting down mid split.

Advantages Of Kinetic Log Splitter Over Gas Log Splitter

Kinetic wood splitter functions under the principle of kinetic energy. The first and foremost advantage of kinetic log splitter over electric and gas is the speed. You will be able to split almost three times the log with the kinetic splitter. It will do a great job in a very less amount of time.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of time, energy and money over the maintenance of a kinetic splitter. To sum it up, various advantages of kinetic log splitter over its other counterparts are:

1. Increased cycle speed

Since the principle of kinetic log splitter is based on the speed of the ram, it travels much faster as compared to the speed at which the hydraulic splitter runs and thus the cycle is much faster. Usually, a hydraulic or electric log splitters can split a log and go back to its original within nine to ten seconds but with a kinetic splitter, the speed of only about 3 seconds is as good as normal. This speed allows the person to catch a fast rhythm and get done with a lot of wood logs in a very short span of time.

2. Increased power

Even though the functionality of both hydraulic splitter and kinetic splitter work on different power measurements, it comes down to penetration. Since the ram of kinetic splitter moves way faster than the other kind of splitters, thus power of hydraulic splitter is measured on the basis of the amount of pressure the ram bring down on the log.

As the rams move faster, the penetration on the log is also easy and fast. For this purpose, a kinetic splitter is said to have more ability as compared to other counterparts.

3. Kinetic Wood Splitter are powered by electricity

Kinetic energy log splitters are said to produce more splitter power as compared to hydraulic splitter but in a rather smaller machine, most of them are powered by electricity. Not only do these kinetic splitters are less noisy, but also do not emit the poisonous emissions can also be used easily in confined spaces and indoors.

What to consider before buying a Kinetic Log Splitter

Deciding on a kinetic log splitter can be a difficult task if you don’t have in-depth knowledge about it. Also, putting money in a log splitter is quite a long term financial investment and a lot of things need to be considered before picking out the most preferred option.

1. Power of the log splitter

Even though the power is not measured like the hydraulic splitters in kinetic log splitters, it is difficult to base the decision entirely on this, yet looking for the equivalent of a more powerful machine is an important point to keep in mind.

Sellers usually state the power in tons where the power is equivalent to the pressure of rams while making the number of splits. It is not important to always buy the most powerful machine out of the lot. Choosing the power capacity can highly depend upon the purpose you will be using the splitter for. 

If you want to use it for hardcore outdoors and forest woods, go ahead with the powerful option but if you want a splitter for household purpose, you can go for relatively less power splitter. The more powerful the splitter is, the more expensive it can get. A 10-ton log splitter is sufficient for any household use.

2. Log Capacity of your Kinetic Log Splitter

The maximum size of a log that a splitter can deal with is referred to as the log capacity of the machine. If you are going to deal with heavier and larger logs, it will be important to consider the log splitter machine with a higher log capacity, but if you are not too keen in heavier logs, you can consider a machine with relatively less log capacity.

3. Cycle Time of your Log Splitter

Cycle time is basically the amount of time the machine takes to split one log and back to the original. Having faster cycle time is one of the greatest advantages of kinetic log splitters over hydraulic splitters. The normal cycle time is three seconds and it can get as low as two seconds or even less.

If you have a lot of logs and are running low on time, pay attention to how quick a cycle time is for the machine. But running a log splitter in that pace of time is also not an easy task. If you are just beginning to use a kinetic machine, go for a machine with relatively less cycle time to avoid any mishap.

4. Mobility – How mobile is your Kinetic Log Splitter?

Usually, people tend to split logs far from their house and into the wilderness. But most of the electric log splitters can be heavier in size and it becomes difficult to carry them around. Since kinetic splitters are known to provide powerful performance in smaller size only, it makes them more portable, mobile and easy to transport from one place to another. If you are looking for heavier models, be ready to carry the heavyweight around. Smaller machines are more compact and are easily transported from one place to another.

5. The engine of a Kinetic Log Splitter

There are various ways to consider when looking at the engine of a kinetic splitter. If you are taking a gas-based splitter, check the engine in ccs since it will denote how hard the splitter work and how much gas will it will be able to hold. For an electric engine, check the power in hp as the rating will be equivalent to the ton measurement. Also, look for the manufacturers of the engine, since the brand name of the manufacturers also plays an important role in deciding the quality of the engine. 

6. Durability – How long-lasting is your Kinetic Log Splitter

If you are in investing in a kinetic log splitter machine, it might as well last long term. One should make sure that these machines are made out of tough and rough material so that it can withstand rugged use. The wedge of the machine must be made of hardened metal and the frames must also be made out of high-quality materials to withstand the heavyweight logs.

7. One- Or Two-Handed Operation?

Selecting between one hand and two-handed operation is more of a personal choice rather than the options available. If you prefer using a one-handed model as a matter of ease, go ahead with it. But, keeping the safety operation in mind, using a two-handed model is a better pick as it reduces the chances of causing any kind of injuries or mishaps while usage.


The holiday season is approaching and with that, the cold biting winter is also making its way towards our warm cozy homes. But with the fireplaces in the houses, watching the snow forming a white blanket outside the window with a cup of hot chocolate in the warm heat of burning firewood is an experience that every person in States looks forward to.

Even though everybody wants the pleasure of heat, nobody wants to go through the hard work of cutting logs. Cutting logs manually in an old fashioned manner maybe a custom for a lot of father-son duos and scraping through the fresh wood with the alluring swing of an axe can be a satisfying process but chopping numerous blocks with an axe can be a very exhausting task. The appeal of physically cutting the logs fade away rather quickly when your muscles start to ache and you start sweating profusely while feeling chilly in the outdoors.

This is where automatic kinetic log splitter comes in. A lot of people use hydraulic machines for splitting wooden logs but the newest addition to machine log splitter is the kinetic log splitter which has way more advantages over a hydraulic machine.

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