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5 Best CAT Litter Boxes In 2021

Best CAT Litter Boxes

The best thing about having a pet is that you have a companion, a friend you can look up to. Will always be by your side. A cat, a dog or even a rabbit are all wonderful pets. But the only thing that is not-so-good about them is ‘litter’!

Yes, having two cats and a cute little bunny, I can tell you that I absolutely don’t like cleaning the mess they make after attending their business. However, a perfect let litter box can make all your pet worries pertaining to waste and smell go away in a jiffy! 

 Finding the perfect litter box for your pet is as tricky as it is crucial. With a myriad of litter boxes available, it can be a tedious task to choose one for your pet. Different kinds of litter boxes serve different kinds of purposes.

Your use, the type of let you have, the number of lets you have, the size of your house, etc. all play a major role in determining which they of a litter box you should go for. 

Litter boxes are not just a great asset for your pet, but also serve the purpose of containing the odor along with the waste and thus save you a lot of cleaning time and effort.

I know how smelly the house can become if your pets’ waste isn’t contained properly. If you want to know more about controlling the odor, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, and keeping your pet happy, then read on to learn all you should know about pet litter boxes, which one to go for and the best ones available in the market…

TOP Picks

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1. Catit Hooded Litter Pan Kit

While the Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan is a great choice for cats, you can also train your rabbits to use it. When you’re short on space, this litter box wouldn’t be the best option as it a bit bulky and takes up some space. However, it is a really good choice for those seeking to get rid of the odor completely. Since this litter box is huge, it gives your pets plenty of space to attend nature’s call comfortably.

It comes with a hood that is large and lifts up effortlessly, making this box easy to clean. Equipped with a carbon filter, this litter box controls odor in the best possible manner throughout the day. It is 15 inches wide and 22 inches long.

If you have heavier, bigger pets, then this one is surely meant for you. Also, if you have two pets, then you can easily use this litter box to contain all their waste! 

This litter box is loved by numerous users because of its durability, cost, size as well as functionality. The fact that it comes with a free scoop only makes it all the more lovely!


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Retains odor
  • Offers privacy to your
  • Pet
  • Comes with a scoop

2. Modkat Litter Box

Modkat litter box is a top-entry litter box and helps in reducing the mess along with retaining the odor. However, these are not the only things that make it a great choice, the fact that it minimizes your cleaning efforts by a considerable amount makes it a top choice.

The locking swivel lid aids in containing the waste inside the litter box as opposed to scattered on the floor and practically everywhere. In order to use this litter box, you would need to use the reusable liners from Modkat itself.

They last for about 3 months straight and also fit in the contours perfectly as it is made for this purpose only. The liner is made of charcoal and hence does the job of retaining odor excellently. Likewise, the top-entry contains all the litter and when your pet comes out they’re clean. No dust, no litter, no odor… what else could you ask for?


  • Easy to clean
  • Prevents litter tracking
  • Comes with a reusable liner
  • Stylish design makes it look cool
  • all-in-one solution

3. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The pet litter box from Omega Paw is truly a life changer for pet parents as it cleans itself. There are a lot of things you would love about this pet litter box. The fact that you simply have to tilt the litter box to get rid of the soiled litter is the topmost reason to love this box.

It’s so easy and mess-free to use this litter box, that you would be amazed. The patented grill inside this litter box is what makes it truly unique. This grill has the capability to segregate waste and deposit it in a try which can easily be pulled out. However, the litter box by Omega Paw isn’t fully automatic, yet it makes life easier for you as a pet parent.

It is super affordable and is a great option if you don’t have the budget for a fully automatic pet litter box and don’t want to go through the mess of cleaning the litter box all the time! This litter box has great user reviews on Amazon. Users say it is easy to use, comes at a great price, helps contain the odor, and also helps in conserving litter. 


  • Self-cleaning
  • Doesn’t require filters, liners or electricity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Contains odor
  • Controls dust
  • Deal for multiple pets or large pets

4. PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra litter box is a well-known product in the world of litter boxes. This litter box is automatic and controls odor amazingly. The litter box by PetSafe is hooded and is equipped with self-cleaning technology.

With this litter box, you can go for weeks without checking it for cleaning, scooping or even refilling. Additionally, it has a lining made of a sturdy plastic tray which gives it an extra layer of protection against leakages. With an admirable fanbase on Amazon, this litter box is a favorite of countless pet owners like you and me.

If controlling odor and reducing the maintenance time is your major concern while looking for a pet litter box, then the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra litter box is most definitely your best bet.

You can’t use ordinary litter for this litter box. You have to use only the crystal litter by PetSafe. This litter is 99% dust-free and won’t stick to your pet’s paws along with being five times more effective at retaining odors as compared to regular litters.

Surely, when you’re getting so many features and advantages, you would have to pay a bit extra from your pocket for this litter box. Also, it is super easy to start using this litter box, you simply have to plug in and all your worries regarding pet litter are gone! 


  • Automatic cleaning
  • Easy to clean
  • Leakproof
  • Controls odor 5x
  • Can be used to track your pet’s health
  • 99% dust-free

5. Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box

Okay, so this one is a bit different. Nature’s Miracle disposable litter box is actually a bit different from the other litter boxes listed here. It can either be used as a liner for other litter boxes, or it can be used as a litter box itself.

This liner-cum-litter-box is sturdy enough to be used as a disposable litter box all by itself. Coming to its design, it may look a bit simple and not-so-useful at first. However, this open litter box is great at containing odors, doesn’t leak at all, and won’t shred.

The best part about this disposable litter box is that it is super affordable. It’s made of recycled paper and baking soda, which helps in fighting the ammonia odor and also offers protection from tough litter. Both these qualities make it an excellent choice as a pet litter box.

It is absolutely landfill-safe and is durable enough to last you for about a month. It is compatible with all kinds of litter and also acts as a liner for square litter boxes.


  • Suitable for all litter types
  • Disposable in nature and hence an easy solution to clean the mess
  • Can also be used as a litter box liner
  • Reduces odor buildup
  • Lead proof and won’t shred

Who Should Buy a Litter Box?

Cleaning your pet’s litter box is way better than cleaning their waste and the mess they create while attending to their business. If you have pets – cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. – then you definitely need a litter box. If you have different kinds of pets or multiple pets, then it’s best to have different kinds of litter boxes. Likewise, if you have a huge house, then you would want multiple litter boxes for your pets so that they can respond to nature’s call immediately or at least as soon as possible.

Aspects to consider while buying a Litter Box

You can simply not just buy any litter box for your pet. You must consider a few aspects before purchasing a litter box. This would make sure that both your pet and you are comfortable and at peace. 


No two pets are the same size, and hence no two litter boxes should be. The larger your pet, the larger would be the litter box. Make sure the litter box is comfortable enough for your pet – no pet wants to do their business in a cramped space. 


Height is a very important aspect of the litter box. No pet would want to answer nature’s call in an uncomfortable box. Hence, you need to keep in mind your pet’s height and then go for a litter box accordingly. Most pets are comfortable enough with an average height litter box. However, if your pet is huge or has a habit of kicking litter, then you should go for a taller litter box in order to avoid the mess.

Enclosed or Open Top?

One of the more important things to consider while choosing a litter box for your pet it whether to go for an enclosed top or an open top. There are pros and cons to each type of litter box.

Enclosed litter boxes provide privacy to your pets and keep the odor at bay. Additionally, enclosed litter boxes keep the waste out of sight and hence are aesthetically pleasing. Open top litter boxes are great for pets who don’t want so much privacy and are too anxious to do their business in an enclosed litter box.

This type of litter box is also easier to clean and requires less maintenance than enclosed ones. Similarly, with the open-top box, you can easily tell when it needs maintenance. 

Top or Front Entry?

Some litter boxes have a front entry and some have a top entry. Where the front-entry litter box is easy to use for your pet, the top entry litter box provides extra cleanliness and ensures that less dust and waste comes out of it with your pet. If you are thinking of switching to a new litter box for your pet, then your pet may take some time to get adjusted with it. 


If you don’t want to clean the litter box or if you are always busy and have no time to clean your pet’s litter box, then you can opt for a self-cleaning litter box. There are several kinds of self-cleaning litter boxes available in the market and all of them deploy different types of self-cleaning methods. However, with each one, you can be sure to get a perfectly clean litter box every time. 

Colors and Design

Apart from the size and self-cleaning feature, you might want to consider the color and design of the litter box. An ergonomically designed litter box will not only ensure that your pet is comfortable but will also reduce your worries. You can also pay some extra bucks and go for a litter box that doubles up as a piece of furniture. In any case, make sure it looks decent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of litter box should I get?

You must first consider all the aspects that I have mentioned above before buying a pet litter box. The size and height of the litter box matter the most.

You should always go for a larger litter box as your pet may grow up or become overweight. In either case, your pet wouldn’t want to use a small, and cramped litter box.

However, if your pets are too young or too small, it’s probably best to get a litter box which makes it easy for them to climb in. you can always switch to a bigger one later on!

Another important feature is odor control and easy to maintain. A litter box that doesn’t control odor, to at least some extent, is of no use and defeats the purpose of cleanliness and hygiene.

Similarly, going for a hooded or an open litter box again depends on your pet. 

I have multiple pets. How many litter boxes do I need?

Even the vets say it – keep a litter box for each one of your pets. Your pets may feel like using the litter box at the same time, which may result in a fight, especially in case your pets are cats!

Moreover, there would always be an extra litter box that can be used by your pets in case of an emergency. Pets like to do their business comfortably, and you wouldn’t want to make them uncomfortable or hurry them up because of a lack of litter boxes.

Likewise, if you have limited litter boxes for multiple pets, then you’ll probably have to clean them up more often than otherwise.

What room should I place the litter box in?

We all like to have some privacy while attending to our business, so do the pets. You would want them to be cozy and relaxed while using the litter box, and hence you should place it somewhere with less clutter and less rush.

An ideal place would be a basement, a laundry room or even a balcony. Also, keep in mind that no matter the odor retention capability of the litter box, there would still be some odor in the room. Hence you wouldn’t want to keep it in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen area or anywhere you go to relax or recreate. 

Why won’t my pet use its litter box?

Well, it’s complicated. If your pet doesn’t or won’t use its litter box, it’s probably best to go visit a vet. Either your pet is not satisfied and unhappy with the litter box itself, or there may be an underlying medical condition due to which it is behaving in such a way.

You can try cleaning the litter box more frequently, or you can change the litter box. Most probably, your pet’s litter box is not clean enough and hence it won’t use it. However, even after changing the litter box or cleaning it, our pet still won’t use it, then you must definitely check with your vet.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best pet litter boxes that are available in the market today. Buying a pet litter box is a matter of personal preference. However, if you really want to enjoy the cleanliness around you and your pet or pets, then a litter box is a must. Go for the one that helps control the odor and also enhances the hygiene of your pets. Likewise, a comfortable litter box is highly recommended for all kinds of pets. 

Would you try the self-cleaning pet litter boxes? Did your favorite litter box for pets make it to this list?

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