Top 11 Log Splitters For Home Use (2020 Reviewed)

best log splitters for home use

If you own a wooden stove, fireplace, or wood oven which requires wood to keep the fire on then, you should go for a log splitter. A log splitter keeps sufficient wood to keep the fire going on without any break. A log splitter is also ideal for adventure enthusiasts who go camping or bonfire. This electrical machinery is not only effortless to use but they aren’t time-consuming since it takes all sweat and blood to cut down logs manually, but log splitter can do the same work in no time. 

The best log splitter can split all kinds and sizes of logs that you find suitable for your fireplace or stove. It can break down to any size that you want and keep you exhaust-free from doing it manually. If you have decided to buy a log splitter this article will answer all your doubts and slip-ups regarding buying a log splitter like the best log splitter in the market, how to use a log splitter, the fuel that runs a log splitter, etc.

Our Findings

It goes down a lot while choosing a log splitter, there are a lot of aspects to look after like the portability, price, mechanisms, fuel consumption, design, and a lot more. Choosing the best product is challenging. For your convenience, we have picked the top 11 log splitter for you to ease your task. Keeping in mind the said features presenting you the best log splitter of 2020

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1. Sun Joe LJ 10M – Best Manual Log Splitter

Sun Joe is known for its raw power and efficiency. This hydraulic log splitter can break down large logs with ease. It is made of steel and is durable.

The two inbuilt pumps can produce ten tons of driving force that is enough to chop the woods. It can break the logs into 18 inches X 8inches.

The flexibility and durability can give a performance for long years. It is affordable and widely populated in the market.


  1. Cheap from the other stated log splitters which are listed right here. 
  2. Powerful enough which helps in better motor engine combination and cuts through logs easily. 


  1. Slow which can take much time to start when used for the first time. 
  2. Ideal for 18-20″ logs which means that flexibility is not really an option. 

2. PowerSmart PS90 – Best Lightweight Log Splitter

The fifteen motors that produce a driving force of five tons make the PowerSmart PS90 stand alone in the market. It can break the log into 10 inches X 21 inches and is easily movable with the smooth steel bearings. This powerful machine is steel made and an epitome of durability and long-lasting for years.

The only drawback of PowerSmar PS90 electric log splitter is breaking the hardwood. Hence, they are ideal for seasoned and softwood splitting. In addition, the wheels are not that supportive and might break down after frequent use. It is good for economical use not for heavy ones. It is versatile & can be used on the bench, inside and outside as there are no fumes. If you are looking for a softwood cutter, PowerSmart PS90 is the best option.


  1. Portable in size and weight which makes it an ideal choice. 
  2. Economical in nature and the price it comes with is completely lower. 


  1. Difficulty in 2-hand operation
  2. Limitation in log splitting as it is too low to the ground

3. WEN Lumberjack 56207 – Best Comfortable Log Splitter

This powerful, versatile, and efficient WEN Lumberjack 56207 is easy to use. It is going to make your log splitting easier than you imagine. While using both hands it will take more effort to split the larger ones. The elevated stand is one feature that makes it more comfortable to use, you can raise the machine to waist level for comfort & to prevent back pain

The powerful motor of 15 amperes can produce 13000 pounds of driving power and is adjustable which tells why this electric splitter is best in the market.


  1. Powerful 15A motor provides over 13,000 pounds of log cracking pressure
  2. Included pull handle and 5.5-inch never-flat wheels make for easy transportation between jobs


  1. Difficult two-handed controls
  2. Small Wheels which cannot be taken from one place to another. 

4. Powerhouse XM-580 – Best Hydraulic Log Splitter

Powerhouse XM-580 is rugged, functional and efficient and is a perfect choice for you. It has a portable design and has three colour variants to choose from. It is more than you have expected. The motor is not that powerful, it is a 9-ton splitter and the packages has some missing spare parts that you might need later. Also, the manual is not properly described for beginners. They are also not ideal for chopping hardwood. They are as powerful as the gas splitter, easy and compact. 

The machine is quiet, does not fume and does not require an air compressor to run. It can be easily run on ground and bench, perfect for outdoors and indoors.


  1. Does not fume when the machine is started. 
  2. Requires a normal air compressor during usage for better commencement of work. 


  1. Comes with extremely poor packaging. 
  2. The nuts and bolts of this machine are too loose to use. 

5. Boss Industrial ES7T20 – Overall Best For Home Use

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 is an advanced electric log splitter which is efficient and fast. The single operation handle makes it easier to use without any difficulty. The powerful overshadowed all the electric splitter in the market since they are convenient for all the kinds of logs. The downside is you may struggle with the large ones. It produces 7 tons of hydraulic pressure which can split bulky woods in one go. The super-strong device provides stability and durability as well. It is the best log splitter when it comes to splitting logs for home use.

The automatic RAM will save your time and get the job done in a minute.


  1. Comes with the better and full assembly of work. 
  2. Wide range of selection and choices to be made. 


  1. Not ideal for logs that are so large and wide
  2. Can get uncomfortable to operate given the fact that you operate it while sitting down

6. SouthLand Outdoor – Best Gas Log Splitter

best log splitter for home use reviews
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The SouthLand Outdoor is a 25-ton gas-powered log splitter. It can fit twenty-six inches of logs with a cycle of 17 seconds. It can split logs both vertically and horizontally. This splitter is not ideal for the winter season as you have to warm it up before using it.  It is difficult to assemble and time-consuming. Being a seasonal splitter it is also challenging for outdoors cutting but has excellent outcomes in rugged conditions. 

The performance is quite outstanding as the woods cut are smooth. It comes with a maximum of 3 years of warranty. Ideal for heavy-duty use as it is manufactured by American Technology. The engineering makes the vertical cutting easier.


  1. 25-ton splitter which is extremely easy to use during work. 
  2. Cuts smooth during work and especially applicable for oakwood. 


  1. Has a lot of warm-up issues.

7. North Star – Best Horizontal & Vertical Log Splitter

The powerful 37-ton log splitter with a 270cc Honda GX270 engine is suitable for both horizontal and vertical splitting. The alloy wedge is durable and long-lasting. The 2-inch ball coupler and a jack can run the machine at its full speed that can cut the wood trouble-free. You might also face difficulties with the oil filters as they cause leakage. Being large in size it cannot be assembled by a single person. 


  1. Perfect for usage since it comes with 37-ton splitter for engine combustion. 
  2. Square filtering helps with lifetime engine support and spare wings usage. 

8. Rugged Made – Best Log Splitter For Large Logs

best log splitter for home use reviews and compared
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The perfect choice without any doubt. It is a 22-ton giant beast GLS/gas splitter with a 6.5 horsepower engine. It consists of four inches welded cylinder and a four inches stroke. An attached tray separates the catch log. A cycle of eleven seconds split the logs up to 18 inches in diameter.

The assembling is not easy as there are many parts to join and may require technical support to fix. But, the instruction manual will make it easier for you to an extent. They are ideal for heavy-duty operations and are compact.

It needs 8 gallons of hydraulic fluids, engine oil, and fuel. They can be extended to the waist level to avoid back pain. You can easily do your work hassle-free in both indoors and outdoors.


  1. Heavy-duty which makes it easy to start for Home usage. 
  2. Hassle-free in both the outdoor and indoor usage. 


  1. Can cause a lot of gas leakage during engine combustion. 

9.Yardmax YU2566 – Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

Another beast with a 35-ton gas splitter. It is highly manufactured for better and lifetime performance. It can split both horizontal and vertical logs. The patents can easily move logs for splitting that reduces stress at the beam. It comes with a four-year warranty and has an average design. 

They are suitable for heavy-duty operations and compact. It can be easily assembled and de-assembled. The splitting is safe and does not require any effort, It can fit log up to 26 inches. The beam handle makes it easier to transform vertical-horizontal logs. The versatility enables you to make furniture and wooden crafts.


  1. Electric power means no gasoline, no carbon monoxide emissions, and limited maintenance
  2. Split logs up to 10 inches in diameter and 20.5 inches in length

10. Champion – Most Comfortable Log Splitting Machine

The Champion is a twenty-five-ton gas splitter made by the Americans. It can split the log in different positions and is capable enough to handle large logs. The machine can fit up to 23.8 inches of logs which proves that they are manufactured for heavy-duty log splitting. The manual is not so descriptive and the smaller wheels make it difficult to move. You may need technical support to assemble. The blades have a cycle of twelve seconds which can chop piles of logs. They are affordable and comes with 2 years of warranty. The American made machine is versatile and advanced which gives high performance. The elevated waist height allows you to work for hours without back pain.


  1. The full-length beam which helps with high performance and better warranty. 
  2. A moveable and towable machine which becomes easy to manage during the first time of usage. 


  1. The assembling issue is a major factor which can cause a lot of inconvenience. 
  2. High consumption of fuel which is required during the time of starting the splitter. 

11. Kindling Cracker – Best Firewood Kindling Splitter

It is a manual log splitter made of cast iron and weighs 10 pounds. It can accommodate a maximum of 6.5 inches diameter logs whereas the log length is unlimited. It requires mounting before the operation and no technical assembly is required. Being manual it is not that safe to use so watch out for your fingers. It comes with a 5 years warranty and at a cheap price. They are noise-free and super easy to use. The splitter is mainly used indoors. The disadvantage is it does not comes with a splitting base hence the logs fall either side after splitting. It is the best log splitter when it comes to splitting firewood.


  1. Sturdy cast iron construction which makes this splitter extremely flexible to use. 
  2. Perfect splitter for indoor and outdoor activities at the same time. 


  1. Doesn’t split logs bigger than 6.5 inches 
  2. Does not come with a splitting base

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Buying Guide Before Getting a Perfect Log Splitter

What is a Log Splitter?

Equipment that splits logs into smaller sizes. They come both manual and automatic. They can be used for a variety of purposes. The automatic or powered log splitters use gas or electricity to run. Each log splitter has both advantages and disadvantages in their own way. Log splitters are suitable for both indoor and outdoors cutting. 

The Electric log splitters use electricity instead of fuel whereas the gas splitter uses fuel and is ideal for massive splitting.

Gas Splitters

They are more powerful and are available from 8-34 tons. They run by combustion and do not require electricity. They are expensive and not ideal for indoors. Being a giant it is difficult to ship. The gas splitters need frequent oil changes and require maintenance.

Electric Splitters

It can be carried around, indoors, and outdoors as long as you provide the power. They are cheaper than a gas splitter, light, and compact. They are ideal for low and small sizes of logs and are noise-free. They are 10-ton machinery.

How to use a Log Splitter?

  1. Wear safety equipment before the operation.

  2. Have proper lighting in the background.

  3. Please read the manual if you are using it for the first time.

  4. Cut the woods into log pieces before placing them on the machine.

  5. Find a suitable place(ground) for stability.

  6. Split one log at a time.

Final Words

These are some top-notch Log Splitters for Home Use, that are taking over the market and have a tough competition with each other. If you are planning to get one, hope this article will solve most of your problem and you can find the best one based on your usage. All the splitters are high engineering made and will give you the best result and are worthy of their price.

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