Best Manual Log Splitters

12 Best Manual Log Splitters In 2020

Choosing the best Manual log splitter is very necessary for both commercial and domestic purposes. This guide will definitely help you choose the best manual log splitter. In the following parts, we’ll quickly go through about the factors that are important for buying the manual log splitters, some of the best products, their reviews, Users guide and FAQ.

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Best Manual Log Splitter Reviews

1. MOPHOTO – Best Firewood Kindling Log Splitters

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MOPHOTO Wood Firewood Kindling is the best easy to use log splitter. The cutter is really sharp, which is very essential for the tool. It is also exceptionally safe. 

The holder especially is a fantastic feature of this Manual log splitter. 


  • The splitter is made of cast iron that is of high quality in the market. 
  • The circular frame allows the firewoods to be placed precisely into the splitter 
  • Holder allows the firewood to be held on to the splitter and cuts the logs without much effort


  • The circular frame is narrow and large logs cannot be split by it.  

2. SPEED FORCE – Best Manual Log Splitter For Heavy Duty

Speed Force provides incredibly good efficiency while working. The design is very modern and dynamic. 

The total weight of the splitter is 25.3 lbs (11. 5 kg).

The capacity is 14-ton pressure that makes even heaviest logs to split properly. The thick wedge blade provides the required pressure. 


  • Very lightweight, that allows you to move and store the product effortlessly. 
  • The pressure is maximum ( heavy-duty ) that ensures the work gets simpler 


  • Very stiff adjustments are present that will eventually adjust. But the first few times of usage will be harder. 

3. Inertia – Best Cast Iron Manual Log Splitter 

This is a renewed product which means it is stronger than ever, without harming the environment. 

The product dimensions are 17.8 x 17.8 x 30.5 cm. It has a wide range of applications. 


  • No sharp edges are present that will hurt you. This is the most important safety feature. 
  • This product is so light that you can handle and use it with one hand. 
  • Hundred per cent money-back guarantee is available. You need not even send the product back if you’re not satisfied with the quality and you still will be refunded. 


  • The product dimensions are slightly short. 

4. Wood Kindling – Firewood Kindling Splitter

The foot stand fixes the log splitter firmly on the ground. No sharp edges are present in this log splitter

Hundred per cent money-back guarantee is available if the product is not satisfactory. 


  • This manual log splitter is made of superior quality of cast iron 
  • The weight of the product is only 10 lbs. 
  • Hitting with any blunt instrument will split the log easily without much effort. 


  • The size of the log splitter is very small. The dimensions are narrow.

 5. 10 Ton Horizontal – Best Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter

This works on the principle of hydraulic speed 2 wheel. It makes all the logs easier to cut with one powerful stroke. 

Even the densest wood qualities can be split with this horizontal log splitter. The time taken to do work with this splitter is much less than other splitters because of the hydraulic pressure wheel. 

This is the best commercial manual log splitter with high-pressure capacity


  • The capacity of pressure is 10 tons, which almost cuts through any wood with just one strike. 
  • The horizontal design is innovative in this field and adds a modern touch to the ancient practice
  • With an hour of work, you can split firewood for a week roughly. 


  • It is very heavy to use. The log splitter is not easily portable and requires a lot of effort
  • The hydraulic pistons have to be handled carefully or else there is a possibility that the pistons might break. 

6. Roughneck – Best Lightweight Manual Log Splitter

This is a wedge type of log splitter that will help you slice the logs without any trouble. 

The design and features of this product are highly favored by the customers. 


  • Roughneck products are usually known for their quality
  • The grip is very comfortable
  • Sliding wedge feature gives maximum power capacity and stops the wooden chips from flying off


  • The shaft of the slide must be a little longer in length

7. XtremepowerUS – Best Firewood Manual Log Splitter

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Xtremepower splitter comes in XL size. The carrying strength of this log splitter is tremendous. The safety is well handled. 


  • This is a Foldable product that requires less space. 
  • Easy usage with safe mounting and splitting of the wood


  • It is of small size that allows only a little amount of wood inside. 

8. Range Road – Best Manual Steel Log Splitter

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This is one of the best manual log splitters with a sliding hammer model. 

The grip is the best feature about it. It is also less noisy compared to other products. Individual people prefer this splitter to others for the model. 


  • Steel is heavy duty and it is built with a thick wedge
  • Soft, shock absorbing grip that helps with easier splits.
  • Sliding hammer with high-pressure capacity splits the wood in no time


  • Length is short and the blade has to be thicker

9. Highland Farms – Best XL Size Manual Log Splitter

You will need to use a swinging hammer along with the product and exert pressure to reach maximum capacity. 


  • Made of best quality Cast Iron ore for the easy application of Manual log splitting
  • Attachable parts for assembling the cutter. 
  • Safe splits with circular ring and holder 


  • Is prone to rust because of the size and material. Should be safely kept in a place. 
  • Also requires oiling for smooth function

10. LogOX 3-in-1 – Best MultiTool Manual Log Splitter

This amazing log splitter comes with an enormous capacity to split more than 2 logs at the same time. A multi-purpose splitter, you don’t have to put in much effort to split logs with this one. All sort of work is done with the help of this amazing splitter which comes with a suitable price range as well. 


  • A multipurpose tool, that can be used for splitting logs as well. This is one of the best manual splitter used for hauling, lifting and moving logs
  • Made in the USA and comes with a 100% lifetime warranty
  • Designed to reduce physical efforts and lightweight.


  • You should know how to assemble the parts according to your purpose. 

11. Little Joe – Splits Wood Into 4 Pieces

Little Joe is one among the best log splitters for seasoned wood. This has a good number of positive and satisfactory reviews among the buyers. 


  • Fastest splitter that splits maximum pieces at one go. 
  • This consists of no welded parts that break off easily. It is made of cast iron


  • Careful usage is recommended. 
  • Ensure the wood is entirely dry. Wet wood cannot be split easily

12. East World – Best Wood Splitter for Small Firewood

This log splitter cannot be used for commercial purposes. It can only be used for simple back yard purposes, like chopping small firewoods for bonfire, camping and cooking one meal.


  • Heavy solid base that gives extra grip 
  • Small and handy 
  • The 30-day return policy is available with a full refund. 


  • Works only with seasoned wood. 

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How To Choose Best Manual Log Cutter

  1. Splitting Pressure

    The splitting pressure of the log splitter determines the speed and ease of your work. Nevertheless, the maximum pressure helps you complete your work in a shorter time. The log splitter with appropriate pressure must be chosen for the greatest performance. Pressure capacity of any log splitter is measured in tons. 

  2. Material

    Material of the manual log splitters must be chosen with care by yourself. Usually the materials are in various degrees of quality molten iron. Nowadays, the material is made of lightweight carbon fiber that is easy to transport and stays firm on the ground. However, people still prefer iron splitters as tradition. The material should be rust-resistant and durable for a long time. 

  3. Price

    Price of the manual log splitter depends on the quality of it. All the best features must be present in a log splitter, which is affordable at a reasonable price worthy of it. Make sure that the price does not compromise the quality of it to get work done. 

  4. Efficiency

    Efficiency refers to the various factors of the manual log cutter. It combines all the factors, like capacity, material and even price to give you a powerful performance while log splitting.


How to Use Log Splitter?

Insert the logs into the stand, and hit them with a hammer on top. This is for stand type manual log splitters. For commercial log splitters, place the wedge tightly on the wood and hit just one or two times. For hydraulic log splitters, keep the wood as instructed design and the wheels will help you cut the log with no effort. 

How does a manual log splitter work?

Well, it depends on the type of log splitter you buy. Kinetic log splitter will have wheels that cut through the wood. Manual log splitters will require an additional hammer. In any way, you will not have to use a hatchet for any of the above-mentioned products.

What are a few maintenance tips that will make my device last long?

Store the iron log splitters in a dry and shady place to prevent the formation of rust. Handle the hydraulic splitters with care. 

What’s the best log splitter for the money?

It depends on the features you are looking for. Every log splitter has its own pros and cons. 10 Ton Horizontal Log Splitter is the best if you are looking less of your efforts while cutting logs.

Do I need to sharpen the splitting wedge of a log splitter?

Yes, you need to sharpen it occasionally for the best efficiency. 

What kind of wood can I split using a manual log splitter?

Densest woods require large size and heavy duty splitters. Any other common types of wood, like maple, cedar, Redwood, Cyprus etc. can be cut using manual log splitters. 

Are hydraulic log splitters easier to use?

Yes, definitely. However, they are bulky and delicate. They need special care.

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