Best Mini Electric Skateboards

Top 10 Best Mini Electric Skateboards in 2020

Today there are many e-skateboards to buy but selecting the best mini electric skateboards from the available options is very difficult. Being a professional skateboarder and having an experience of more than 10 years, here I am going to list out the top 10 best e-skateboards I usually prefer in my skating journey.

Best Mini Electric Skateboards

Mini electric skateboards are coming with lots of features. Buying the best with some advanced features will always be a good investment for you. The following top 10 models are very light, smaller in size, easy-to-use, affordable and also some of them may fit into a backpack. All these features will make your journey wonderful and marvelous.

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Top 10 Best Mini Electric Skateboards

1. Riptide Electric Skateboards

best mini cruiser skateboards
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This motorized electric skateboard was created based upon the principles of power, size, and decency. With the specially designed kicktail, it can easily take long 90-degree turns. 

It is made of rosewood material and its 1800 watts dual belt drive makes it one of the fastest electric skateboards. These motors also provide great strength and power to fly up the steep slopes. There is also a regenerative braking system that can be controlled by just one click and it allows you to move down the steep slopes safely, maintaining proper speed and control.

The main reason why you should choose this skateboard is that there are 3 modes of control in the Riptide Remote –

1) Beginner – It decreases the acceleration and top speed and helps you to learn skateboarding without any risk.

2) Eco – This mode reduces the acceleration but allows you to attain the top speed slowly.

3) Expert – This mode allows you to have the maximum top speed and acceleration.

All these modes provide a great benefit to learn skateboarding easily and make you a professional rider within a few days.


Dimension31 inch x 9.5 inch x 4.5 inch 
Weight5.8 kg (13 pounds)
Speed18 mph (29kmph)
Motor Power900 x 2 watts
Battery Power97 Wh
Charge Time3.5 hours
Warranty6 months

Pros :

  • The powerful hub motors provide great speed to the skateboard.
  • Its compact design with a different style of kicktail provides support to the rider and also prevents the rider from falling down.
  • The 3 different modes allow you to practice and become a pro easily.

Cons :

  • The broad deck occupies more space.

Overall Review : 

It is a great mini electric skateboard to substitute your pollution making vehicle for going to nearby places. The soft urethane between the rider and the road provides a smooth ride through rough roads. This brings fun in the journey and overall it’s a very good model to learn skateboarding and gradually become a pro electric skateboard rider.

2. BACKFIRE G2T Electric Skateboard

best mini electric skateboards
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The Backfire company produces skateboards that are light-weighted and easily portable. The deck material is made of carbon-fiber and the wheel has a diameter of 85mm. The motors and the tires can be replaced easily and this allows you to have more choice of tires and motors. 

The dual hub motors attached to the Backfire Mini are compatible with a wide range of tires. In case you need speed and acceleration then head to the 83 mm wheels and if you decide to travel through rocky roads, head towards the 96 mm wheels. All of them can be easily operated by the powerful dual hub motors provided along with the skateboard.

It has an aggressive concave body which helps us to ride it comfortably. I still use this skateboard while practicing because the foam layer on its deck acts as a shock absorber. It reduces the vibration that occurs while passing through rough roads.


Dimension700 mm x 225 mm x 120 mm
Weight5.8 kg (12.8 pounds)
Speed26 mph (42 kmph)
Motor Power2 x 450 watts
Battery Power175 Wh
Charge Time1.5 hours
Warranty6 months

Pros :

  • Concave deck provides easy, controllable, and fast turns.
  • Smooth brakes help to stop the board as soon as an obstacle is faced.
  • The foam layer acts as a shock absorber.
  • An easily portable skateboard with 5.8 kgs of weight. 

Cons : 

  • Top speed doesn’t last for a longer time.

Overall Review :

According to its budget, it is really very good skateboard. It is mainly made for beginners who need to learn and ride safely. If you are a beginner, then just go for it. The design provides great comfort to the rider all over the ride. The dual hub motors provide amazing control and speed to the skateboard and provide great fun to your adventure.

3. Miles Mini Electric Skateboard

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The Miles company was formed in San Diego. The deck of these skateboards is made of 100℅ carbon fiber which provides you great flexibility. The high torque, brushless hub motors provide a top speed of 20 mph and the 80 mm wheels protect you from the rocks and pebbles all over your journey.

It’s not a great deal if you forget to charge your battery. The Miles Mini electric skateboard provides you the benefit of using it manually. This board has a water-resistant design for protection from sprinklers and puddles.


Dimension26.5-inch x 7.5 inch
Weight4.8 kg (10.5 pounds)
Speed20 mph (32kmph)
Motor PowerNA
Battery Power108 Wh
Charge Time1.5 hrs

Pros :

  • With 4.8 kgs, this skateboard is one of the lightest electric Skateboards I’ve ever seen.
  • The deck is made of carbon fiber, making it a tough and hard Skateboard.
  • The skateboard can withstand a weight of approximately 100 kgs.

Cons : 

  • The maximum range is comparatively lower.

Overall Review

The Miles Mini Skateboard provides great performance with its deck quality which allows the skateboard to withstand any type of shocks. The motors do not produce any extra sounds and with an interchangeable grip plate along with 20℅ climbing ability, this skateboard provides a mesmerizing and awestruck experience all over the journey.

4. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

When we talk about electric skateboards, Boosted Mini is at the top. Almost everybody who knows about skateboards has heard about this company. They make very small and compact electric skateboards. 

These skateboards are perfect for shorter commutes, quick errands, and cruising campus. It provides a buttery smooth acceleration and braking all over your journey. With 14 miles of range and 20℅ ease to climb the hills, you can have an effortless and fun journey with the Boosted Mini. 

It has a deep dish concave like deck structure providing a stable, standing platform. The kicktail allows it to quickly pivot with close encounters of road imperfections. Boosted Mini is the skateboard where agility and perfection meet power.


Dimensions29.5 inch x 11 inch x 5.7 inch
Weight6.8 kg (15 pounds)
Speed18 mph (29 kmph)
Motor power500 x 2 watts
Battery power 99 Wh
Charge time1 hour 15 minutes
Warranty6 months

Pros : 

  • Its weight and size make it a portable skateboard.
  • Deep dishes like decks help in speeding up and taking turns easily.
  • The outlook appearance of the Boosted Mini electric Skateboard is just awestruck.

Cons : 

  • The boosted mini provides an average battery life in comparison to others.

Overall Review :

Honestly speaking, no skateboard companies are there who can compete with this particular company. It provides the best features compared to its price. These skateboards can sustain any type of jerking and close encounters. If you want a tough deck with a good long-lasting battery and a wonderful outlook, then without any delay just go for it!

5. LOU SoFlow 1.0 Compact Electric Skateboard

It is relatively a smaller board than the previous ones but has hub motors which make it very powerful. It also has grip tape on its surface which helps the rider to steadily ride the board without slipping off. 

The deck of the Lou Boards is easily interchangeable with a wheel diameter of 90 mm providing great and comfortable rides over off-roads. The hub motors provided with these skateboards are silent which provides more fun on your exciting journey. 

The board comes with its own remote control but they are also compatible with the LOU smartphone app, which helps you when you forget to take the remote control. It is available in all 4 colors – Blue, red, black, and violet. They are all available online and you can order them from Amazon.


Dimensions25 inch x 10 inch x 5 inch
Weight4.8 kg (10.6 pounds)
Speed17 mph – 21 mph (28 kmph – 35 kmph)
Motor Power1500 x 1 watt
Battery Power79 Wh
Charge Time2 hours
Warranty1 year for battery and motor; 2 years for other parts.

Pros : 

  • Reverse function, to move back without turning.
  • The battery is long-lasting. Once charged, it can last up to 3-4 hours.
  • The grip on its deck allows a safe ride by allowing the rider to hold the skateboard properly while long turns.
  • Water-resistant features allow you to ride it on rainy days.

Cons :

  • The skateboard is comparatively stiffer.

Overall Review :

The Lou Electric skateboards are pretty good for both beginners and pro riders. The interchangeable wheel feature is a great feature in these skateboards. The battery and the reverse function makes it a beast e-skateboard. So what are you waiting for? Just go for it!

6. ACTON Blink Lite Electric Skateboard

best affordable mini electric skateboards

At only 5 kgs, Acton Blink Lite is one of the lightest electric skateboards available in the market. This skateboard fuses technology with tradition. It has LED strips for extra lighting and flare along with an electric hub motor to provide extra boost whenever required. 

The traditional belt motor along with the hub motor provides extra power to the skateboard and also protects it from damage, thus reducing the need for any maintenance. 

The Acton Blink Lite board can be operated by the official app present in the PlayStore. Just pair it up with your board’s controller through Bluetooth and enjoy the ride. With the interactive app, you can keep a record of your speed, time, and distance and it also has different levels and challenges. So challenge yourself every day and become a pro within a couple of days.


Dimensions27-inch x 8 inch
Weight5 kg (11 pounds)
Speed15 mph (24 kmph)
Motor Power500 x 1 watts ; 500 x 2 watts
Battery Power80 Wh; 160 Wh
Charge time1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes
Warranty6 months

Pros : 

  • Good structure with a nice tail shape.
  • Light strips on neon wheels provide a beautiful outlook.
  • Lightweight, mini-features provide it a portability feature.
  • Speed and mileage are amazing.

Cons :

  • Batteries are non-swappable.

Overall Review :

It is best suitable for kids who want to enjoy their short journeys. It’s also good for doing stunts because of its weight and size. It’s one of the finest electric skateboards at an affordable price. The app controller has levels and challenges allowing you to improve yourself and with two types of motors, that is, the belt and the hub motor you actually need to do no extra maintenance behind this Acton Blink Lite electric skateboard.

7. Meepo Mini 2

best small electric skateboards

The Meepo company was established in 2017, in China. This skateboard is perfect for young riders and beginners who want to learn the perfect ways to ride an electric skateboard. It’s ideal for those people who want to ride slowly in parks and college campuses and experience the fun of electric skateboards. 

The deck is made up of Canadian Maple Wood. It has dual soft wheels and is best suitable for lightweight drivers. The 83 mm wheel size and the 800 watts of the motors provide a great strength to the skateboard which brings a top speed of about 25 mph. 

The Meepo Mini 2 has a high-quality battery providing about 2 hours of riding or 13 miles of range with only 1 charge. The grip tape provided with the skateboard is soft and smooth. This is one of the finest boards at a cheaper price for beginners. It’s available online and you can order it from Amazon. The link is given below.


Dimensions30-inch x 9 inch
Weight7.2 kg (16 pounds)
Speed25 mph (40 kmph)
Motor Power400 x 2 watts
Battery PowerNA
Charge time2 hours
Warranty1 year

Pros :

  • The powerful, stable motor provides great speed and stability to this skateboard.
  • The strong deck makes the skateboard easily controllable.
  • The skateboard travels easily on steep slopes.

Cons :

  • Motor urethane sleeves are non-replaceable.
  • Not suitable for stunts.

Overall Review :

Honestly speaking, at a cheaper price, this electric skateboard is fabulous. It can withstand and can move comfortably on any type of road. You get really great features at a low budget. If you want to enjoy your ride at a low budget, then just go for it.

8. Maxfind MAX C

best mini deck electronic skateboards

Maxfind was founded by Ben & Leo in the year 2015. It provides skateboards with superior quality at a medium size and low cost. This is an easy-to-carry feature because of its light weight and its shape. It is also waterproof and shockproof which means you can comfortably use it in bad weather conditions like rainy or stormy days.

This board comes with powerful Samsung batteries. Its strong regenerative brakes allow us to stop it at an instant or reverse it easily. With 1 charge it can travel up to a range of 8-10 km. If the battery runs out, it can be used as a regular skateboard. 

Moreover, this board is certified for air travel. The wheels are made up of Polyurethane (PU), the finest quality of wheels. Maxfind provides up to 4 color options for this particular model and it also has the option for hydrographic transfer printing as it is made of carbon fiber. 


Dimensions27 inch x 9 inch x 5 inch
Weight3.6 kg (8.1 pounds)
Speed13 mph (22 kmph)
Motor Power500 x 1 watt
Battery Power90 Wh
Charge time1 hour
Warranty6 months

Pros :

  • The fish-like structure provides great speed to the skateboard.
  • The deck is made of finest quality wood, that is, maple wood.
  • It is certified for air travel.
  • It has water-resistant features.

Cons :

  • Top speed doesn’t last for a long time.
  • Motors have comparatively less power as compared to others.

Overall Review :

These skateboards provide great features for an overwhelming journey. It can be used from children to adults because of its size and portability features. Its dashing look is just amazing. With 10 years of experience, I still prefer this skateboard for my short adventures.

9. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

The Phoenix is one of the finest models at the cheapest price made by Alouette. The durable and sustainable deck is made up of 6 layers of maple wood and 1 layer of bamboo. So it can withstand a lot of weight and pressure which provides faster and smoother skateboarding.

This skateboard is mostly used by riders who want speed. With a power of 500 watts of the motor, the skateboard can speed up to 12 miles per hour. Also with only 3.5 kg of weight, it is one of the lightest electric skateboards in the market. 

The remote control has an LCD screen display that shows the battery capacity, mode, range, speed, direction, and remote charge capacity. It provides a 2.4G connection which is best suitable for transportation and balance. The remote has a curvy design which lets us hold it with proper grip.


Dimensions29 inch x 8 inch x 5 inch
Weight3.5 kg (7.7 pounds)
Speed12 mph (20 kmph)
Motor power250 x 2 watts
Battery Power85 Wh
Charge time1.5 hours
Warranty6 months

Pros : 

  • Reaches top speed with even weighty people
  • Excellent deck quality
  • Top speed lasts for a longer time.

Cons :

  • While moving uphills, it gets slowed down too much.

Overall Review :

Its weird shape helps us to do tricks easily and its speed is just amazing. It comes with a remote controller for speed and brake controls. Being a beginner or an average skateboarder, you can always go for it without any doubt.

10. BLITZART Mini Flash 28″ Electric Skateboard

Blitzart’s Mini Flash electric skateboard models are very slim and provide polyurethane wheels. Its built-in quality is highly appreciable.

The company provides a high-quality deck which includes 5 layers of maple wood and 2 layers of bamboo on the top and bottom. It also has a grip on its upper surface which allows the rider to ride the skateboard with great comfort and it also provides less jerking through rough roads. 

The Lithium-ion batteries get fully charged within 2 hours and with 1 full charge, it can travel up to a range of 8 miles. 

The wireless remote control has 2-speed modes, one is for the beginners and the other is for the skillful advanced riders. It also uses a high-quality 250-watt hub motor and can withstand a weight of about 270 pounds. You can easily get it online. Just check out the link below.


Dimensions28 inch x 9 inch x 5 inch
Weight4 kg (9 pounds)
Speed12 mph (20 kmph)
Motor power250 x 1 watt
Battery PowerNA
Charge time2 hours
Warranty6 months

Pros :

  • The motor is very strong.
  • It can easily carry adults.
  • Brakes are also strong.
  • Different modes for different types of riders.

Cons :

  • It needs time to gain the top speed.
  • It is not made for doing stunts.

Overall Review

The Mini Flash is very versatile and flexible. Its speed is just awestruck and can easily carry weighty persons. So if you want to have an electric skateboard with speed, flexibility and different modes of operation to get an amazing and enthusiastic short journey, then what are you waiting for? Just go and grab it!

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What are the Advantages of Buying a Mini Electric Skateboard?

Well, the answer to this is right there in the question itself. It is ‘Mini’, which means smaller in size and therefore, portable. 

Let’s check out some of its more benefits for which these Mini Electric Skateboards are expected to become highly popular in the future.

1. Speed Management :

These Mini Electric Skateboards provide a great benefit for managing and controlling the speed. As these skateboards run on electricity, that is, a battery and different motors, so its speed can be controlled very easily just by tapping a switch.

This helps you to slow down and speed up while you go downhill and uphill respectively. In other non-electric skateboards, you need to use your legs to control your speed and also you need some basic training for that.

2. Lightweight and Portable :

Being highly experienced, I personally believe that nothing is better than our favorite gadgets to be portable. 

A lightweight skateboard provides an all-round benefit like it makes it easier for displacement, can be easily carried in public transports and also some of them can be transported through planes. You can carry them along with you wherever you go.

3. All-Round Features :

Just like some laptops can be changed easily from laptop to your personal tablet, in the same way, these electric skateboards can be changed from electric to manual modes.

This feature is mainly required when you perform skills with your skateboard. Obviously, the electric skateboards can’t perform skills on its own, so this manually operated feature is being included in these Mini Electric Skateboards.

4. One Time Investment : 

Some of the highly featured skateboards are a bit costly, but there is no maintenance cost or any other fare price. Just you need to recharge your battery which costs very less likely to be ignorable.

Imagine just by investing your money once for a gadget, you can have such fun adventurous journeys. You can attend any ceremonies or your favorite concerts far away from your place and that is also fully free, you can perform stunts wherever and whenever you need, also this helps you to substitute the pollution making vehicles. Isn’t that too amazing and cool?

What things should we look into while Buying a Mini Electric Skateboard?

1. Motor Type :

This is the most essential thing to look at while buying a Mini Electric Skateboard. Mainly two types of motors are used in these skateboards. The hub motor and the belt-driven motor.

The belt-driven motors were used in the beginning. Though these motors provide more customizability features still it is not as efficient as hub motors. It needs to be maintained properly or else it will get damaged.

On the other hand, the hub motors provide more compatibility features. It requires less maintenance and can also provide more speed to the skateboards as it has more power than belt-driven motors.

2. Skateboard Weight : 

The electric skateboards vary in their weights to a few pounds. But always remember that you need to carry that while traveling or in congested public places. So at that time, a few pounds will also create a huge difference. 

And also while riding, light skateboards are more easily controllable than heavy ones. So, always buy the lighter ones though they differ by just a few pounds from the others.

3. Deck Quality and Style : 

While buying an electric skateboard the deck quality must be checked and buy it according to your own preference. There are mainly two types of deck qualities – bamboo and fiberglass. 

The bamboo is more smooth and flexible while the fiberglass is a bit stiffer and has a bit rough surface.

4. Wheels :

The wheels which you choose should be very smooth, soft, and decent quality, otherwise, in a rough track you will feel too much vibration and you’ll not be able to skate properly.

Electric Skateboards FAQs 

What Electric Skateboard Should I Get?

If you are looking for speed then you must purchase Meepo Mini 2, Miles Mini, and Backfire Mini skateboard. 

For a battery life you can purchase Backfire Mini, Acton Blink Lite Boards. 

You can purchase Blitzart Mini Flash, Alouette, Maxfind MAX C skateboards, if you are looking for lightweight mini electric skateboards.

To perform skills with your skateboard then go for Lou Boards, Actor Blink Lite Boards, and Blitzart Mini Flash.

How Do Electric Skateboards Work?

The electric skateboards contain motors and batteries. The battery stores energy when charged. Then the motor uses this energy of the battery and turns the pulley of the wheel. This finally rolls the skateboard by turning the wheel and in this way electric skateboards work. The power of the skateboard wholly depends on the power of the motor.

How To Carry An Electric Skateboard?

There are many ways to carry an electric skateboard. If it is a mini version then you can easily carry it in your hand, if they are a bit bigger in size then you can buy backpacks to keep your favorite skateboard safely. You can easily get them online. 

How long does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

The Li-ion batteries can last 300-1000 charge cycles, that is, for about 1-3 years if you use it daily. To make your batteries long-lasting, never use the batteries when they are at a high temperature, and also never let its charge get 0%. This reduces the lifespan of the batteries. 

Maintain your skateboard’s battery by charging it every day and also open it from the skateboard if you do not use it for more than 4 days. This will increase the battery life of the battery.

How To Charge an Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards can be charged easily by the chargers provided by the company or you can also buy them online. Just plug it in with the 220 volts AC supply and insert the other Jack into the skateboard’s charging point.

How do you control an Electric Skateboard?

An electric Skateboard can be easily controlled by your mobile phone. Just connect it by Bluetooth and open the application to control the skateboard and finally enjoy the ride.

But some of the companies also provide a remote control which has different unique modes and you can control your skateboard easily with that remote controller.

How Do You Stop An Electric Skateboard?

All Electric Skateboards have brakes attached in the motor part. With your remote or the mobile phone, you can easily increase, start or stop the skateboard anytime.

What type of Batteries does Electric Skateboards use?

The electric skateboards use either of the 3 types of batteries – Li-ion, LifePo, and LiPo. Different batteries provide different durability and it also depends on the way it is used.

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