best off road electric skateboard

10 Best Off-road Electric Skateboards Of 2021

best off road electric skateboard

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Want to go to a nearby place? Or maybe commute to school/office? Not in the mood to drive due to traffic? Or going on a ‘save-earth’ mission? 

No matter your intentions, if you want to try out a cool, trendy, eco-friendly and adventurous means of the daily commute, then you must consider an electric skateboard for sure. Taking one step further, you should consider going for an off-road electric skateboard as it can travel on almost all kinds of terrains. So, if you’re in a hurry and stuck in a traffic jam, then simply take another route with grass, mud, or even gravel and reach your destination on time, all the while having fun!

Electric skateboards have created a buzz in today’s world as a means of personal transportation! With over 50 electric skateboards to choose from, selecting one can be a tedious task in itself.Read on to know more about off-road electric skateboards, what you should look for before buying one and which are the best ones available in the market.

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What is an Off-Road Electric Skateboard?

This is perhaps the most basic and essential question regarding off-road electric skateboards. An off-road electric skateboard is a personal transporter that may be considered a distant cousin of a hoverboard. I say distant because both these transporters are different in terms of safety features, controllability and even how you can control them.

An off-road electric skateboard isn’t a toy either. And you’d be deeply mistaken to take it for a regular skateboard. No, an off-road electric skateboard isn’t any of these things.

Then exactly what is an off-road electric skateboard? 

Off-road electric skateboards are personal transportation devices that are driven by an electric motor which may be either hub-driven or belt-driven.

A Bluetooth handheld device is used to control an off-road electric skateboard. As opposed to a hoverboard, you cannot ride an off-road electric skateboard facing forward or tilting backward.

Likewise, speed cannot be limited and you are solely responsible for maintaining balance. A word of caution – it is riskier than the conventional skateboard and requires the rider to use safety gear at all times. Similarly, due to obvious reasons, it is highly advisable for kids under the age of 13 to refrain from using these unruly beasts!

Also known as electric mountain boards, these beasts can take you up to 25 mph without stability, or balancing aids. You are absolutely on your own while riding an off-road electric skateboard.

Initially, a speed of 25 mph may not seem to be a reason for concern but think like this – you are on a board that has no safety features and doesn’t have any balancing skills, there is absolutely nothing between you and anything else on the road.

To top it all, you can’t apply brakes physically and this beast won’t stop until you give it a command via a Bluetooth device. Sounds scary or fun? No matter what, I would strictly suggest you wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads while riding an off-road electric skateboard.

What’s the difference between a regular and off-road electric skateboard?

Electric mountain boards differ from the regular ones in terms of durability as well as power, but the wheels make a major difference.

Because a mountain board is used to travel over all kinds of terrain including gravel, dirt, grass, etc. it requires bigger, more durable tires. Some off-road electric skateboards have pneumatic tires as well.

Additionally, some electric mountain boards give you the added benefit of interchangeable wheels!

Following is a table of comparison of the top off-road electric skateboards in the market. I have compared these beasts in terms of technical specifications as well as from a design point of view to make it easy for you to choose one.

ModelLoad (lbs)Speed
WheelBatteryHill GradeMotor Power
Evolve GT260263183 mm Hybrid Wheels36V Li-Ion25%3000
Evolve GTX22026317-inch all-terrain wheels36V Li-Ion25%3000
MotoTec 1600260221010 inch air-filled tires36V Lead Acid battery25%1600 (Dual)
KooWheel2862615.597 mm36V Li-Ion25%350 (Dual)
Wave Street28618.610Pneumatic tires36V Li-Ion30%2000
Backfire Ranger X226022226.5 inch airless rubber tires12S sanyo battery30%1200 (Dual)

10 Best Off-road Electric Skateboards

1. Evolve Carbon – Best GT Series Electric Skateboard

best electric skateboard off road

Evolve is one of the best electric skateboard manufacturing brands. The Carbon GT Electric Skateboard is an off-road beast by Evolve. From design and power to aesthetics, this electric skateboard has everything you can ask for in an off-road e-board. I am sure that you would love riding this beauty.

This one is the most preferable off-road electric skateboards and hence is on the top of my list. It has a sleek and stylish look and is built from sturdy material to provide robustness for withstanding the harsh conditions faced during off-road riding.

The huge wheels are made to traverse on all terrains including grass, gravel, concrete, roads, dirt tracks, beaches, uneven paths and quite literally anywhere! The only thing you may have to consider about this e-board is its price. It is expensive but the wonderful experience it gives you while on an off-road journey is value for money. The wireless remote control has four modes of speed.

Moreover, you can keep tabs on both the battery levels as well as speed via the LCD. Another perk of this e-board is its portability. It is comparatively lighter in weight, weighing under 30 lbs, and hence can be carried anywhere.

If you want to attain higher speeds, then worry not! The GT has a top speed of about 22 – 26 miles per hour that is better than most e-boards available. This beast is powered by a brushless motor of a solid 3000W. Although the range depends largely on the usage, you still get a better range than most other e-boards. While on a GT, you can expect it to traverse a whopping 31 miles on the road, and about 18.5 miles on hilly areas and terrain. Likewise, it has an excellent hill grade of 25% which means it can climb up a steep hill of 25 degrees inclination easily.

If performance is your concern, then rest assured. The hybrid wheels run by a 3000W powerful motor combined with the excellent range are enough to give you a wonderful on-road as well as off-road experience. No other e-boards on this list, except the GTX by Evolve, has as powerful a motor as the GT. So, get ready to have an amazing experience and turn some heads with its smooth performance and exquisite looks.


  • Motor Power: 3000 Watts brushless motor
  • Battery: 36V Lithium-ion battery
  • Wheels: 83mm hybrid wheels
  • Range: 31 miles (streets); 18.5 miles (terrain)
  • Max. load capacity: 260 lbs
  • Maximum speed: 22-26 mph
  • Higher load capacity
  • Excellent range
  • Hybrid wheels for a better off-road experience
  • Powerful motor that can take you uphill easily
  • Very expensive
  • A bit on the heavier side

Final Thoughts

The Evolve Carbon GT electric skateboard is the best you can get. With superb and trendy looks as well as powerful performance, this electric skateboard can easily be your best bet. The Evolve Carbon GT is bound to give you a unique experience and is definitely worth every penny. So, if you’re a fun-lover who loves to go on adventure rides then don’t hesitate to go for this off-road electric skateboard.

2. Evolve GTX – Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

best electric off road skateboard

The GTX All Terrain Electric Skateboard is yet another powerful and beautiful beast manufactured by Evolve. You know everything there is to know about Evolve. So let’s get directly to the features of GTX. 

The range, battery, motor, as well as the top speed are almost the same in both of these models by Evolve. However, in comparison with GT, the GTX varies not only in looks but also in material. The Carbon GT is made of a carbon-based deck which is a relatively new technology in the world of off-road electric skateboards. Whereas, the Bamboo GTX is, as the name suggests, made out of Bamboo. The deck looks different from the GT but is definitely stylish and cool enough to grab attention. Additionally, the bamboo deck is quite flexible and would definitely absorb those annoying shocks and would give you a smooth ride even on a bumpy road. Speak of a comfortable off-road ride! 

Another aspect where the GT and the GTX differ is the price. The GT is more expensive than expensive GTX. Yes, both these beauties are sure to cost you a considerable amount but in the end, they are both worth it. The GTX has a bit less range than GT, although it claims to have the same range. The GT lasts longer than the GTX on streets as well as on terrain. Moreover, since the battery of GTX doesn’t last that long, you may feel it becoming slow sooner than expected. However, the fact that you can save some bucks with GTX and still have all the features of the more expensive GT, is enough to go for the Evolve Bamboo GTX.


  • Motor Power: 3000 Watts brushless motor
  • Top speed: 22-26 mph
  • Max load capacity: 260 lbs
  • Range: 31 miles (roads and streets); 18.5 miles (terrain)
  • Wheels: 83mm hybrid wheels
  • Battery: 36V Lithium-ion battery
  • Truly powerful e-board – 3000W brushless motor
  • Portable
  • Considerable hill grade – 25%
  • Works well on both streets and terrain
  • Flexible maple and bamboo deck
  • LCD screen
  • Longer charging time
  • Some users state that the range claim is false
  • Quite expensive
  • A bit heavy

Final Thoughts

I would recommend both the off-road electric skateboards by Evolve. The GT, as well as the GTX, would take you wherever you want. Both are equally powerful and have similar features save for the looks and material. To make your decision a bit easier to take, I would suggest you go for Evolve GTX if you want to use it for fun and adventure trips, or for exploring the terrain. On the other hand, if you intend to you your e-board as a means of daily commuting and or for very long duration then go for the Evolve GT.

MotoTec is synonymous with excellent technology. One of the best electric skateboard brands, the MotoTec manufactures amazing e-boards for all kinds of riders. One of its best products is MotoTec MT-SKT-1600. This beast looks sleek and gives you ultimate performance. If you have the experience to ride an e-board then you would immediately recognize the difference in this one. If you don’t have any prior e-boarding experience, then I’m confident that the MT-SKT-1600 would give you one wonderful experience!

The deck of MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 is a high-quality 12 ply maple deck which is excellent to provide the needed support while you’re riding off-road. By glancing at it, you would know that it is a huge longboard which would grab attention no matter what. The 10-inch wheels also make it the beast that it is. It is an ideal choice for off-road or all-terrain rides. While on this beast, you can have as much fun as you can expect and then some more. 

The wheels are assisted by the truck system which makes it a perfect combo for off-road adventure trips. The MT-SKT 1600 is run by two motors of 800W each which make it a powerful 1600 W combo. The 36V lead-acid battery takes about 3 to 5 hours to get fully loaded. You can operate this beast by the remote control which allows you to ride in either regular speed or top speed. One of the best things about this e-board is that you can easily check your battery level with an LED display. 

Here’s the best part of the MT-SKT 1600 – it accelerates from zero to a whopping 15 mph in as short as 3.5 seconds. Fun, as well as scary, isn’t it? You can easily reach the highest speeds within seconds quite literally which is a feat in itself. Especially at this price, it is amazing. The range is good. As compared to the GT and GTX by Evolve, I would say the range could have been a bit more. But you can’t complain due to all the other lovely features. This beast can be taken for a ride on grass, beach, mud, road, gravel and pretty much everywhere! I would personally recommend you to ride it on a beach and experience the rush of adrenaline yourself!


  • Deck: 12 ply maple deck
  • Loading time: 3-5 Hours
  • Motor Power: 1600 Watts -Dual motors
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Maximum speed: 18-22 mph
  • Wheels: 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Weight: 71 lbs
  • Battery: 36V 14Ah Lead-acid battery
  • Max. load capacity: 260 lbs
  • LED battery indicator
  • Powerful performance with dual motors.
  • 10inches huge air-filled tires for a wonderful off-road experience
  • Speed control via a handheld remote control
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Fitting price
  • Long charging time
  • Lead-acid batteries make it heavy to carry
  • Weighs over 70 lbs

Final Thoughts

The MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 is an amazing off-road electric skateboard. At a reasonable price, it offers everything you can ask for. If you do not wish to go for an expensive e-board such as the GT and GTX by Evolve, then I would say go for the MT-SKT 1600 without second thoughts.

4. KooWheel – Best 2nd Generation Electric Longboard

best build off road electric skateboard

Another popular name in the world of e-boards is the KooWheel. The KooWheel electric skateboard is perfect for off-road rides with excellent speed and range. The dual-motor would ensure you get a swift and silent riding experience which is certainly worth witnessing for yourself. 

The deck of the KooWheel is made of best-quality Canadian maple wood. The deck is made of seven layers of wood which gives it the flexibility for off-road riding. The dual motors of 350W each ensure that your ride is silent and fast. But this power, 700W, is very low as compared to the Evolve beasts. Although the motor runs quietly, you would experience a not-so-smooth ride with the KooWheel. However, there are several advantages of this one including the price tag.

The 36V Li-ion battery takes about 2-3 hours to get fully loaded which is faster than most other e-boards. The easily replaceable battery is remotely operated. You can easily keep tabs on the battery levels with the wireless remote has lights to indicate battery life. The two riding modes – normal mode and high-speed mode – give you the option to choose anyone according to your requirement and even skill level. One of the best things about the KooWheel is the top speed of 26 mph! No other e-board on this list, except the Evolve beauties, gives you such high speeds.


  • Maximum speed: 26 mph
  • Motor Power: 700 Watts Dual motors
  • Motor: In-Wheel Hub Motor
  • Deck: 7 ply Canadian maple
  • Deck Size: 920*240*130MM
  • Battery: 36V 5.5mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Load capacity: 286 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 97MM
  • Charging period: 2-3 Hours
  • Range: 15.5 miles
  • Battery Swappable: Yes
  • Hill Grade: 25% Grade
  • Certification: CE RoHS FCC
  • Wheel Cover: Swappable
  • 25% hill grade
  • Considerable range
  • Comparatively faster charging time
  • Dual motors for a wonderful off-road experience
  • Hub motor
  • Gives you a bumpy ride
  • Wheels are not air-filled
  • Not suitable for hilly areas

Final Thoughts

The KooWheel would give you a lovely riding experience but on roads, mud tracks, grass, beach and pavements only. If you want your e-board to let you cruise at high speeds for a considerable amount of time, then the KooWheel is an excellent choice. It would not give you a smooth ride on hilly areas and hence must be avoided. It is value for money so don’t think much about it if you’re not going to traverse on hilly areas.

5. Wave – Best Street Electric Skateboard

best cheap off road electric skateboard

Large wheels, excellent hill grade, powerful motor along with a powerful battery is what defines a Wave Street Electric Skateboard. All these features make it a great choice for traversing hilly areas as well as terrain. It is lightweight, as in the lightest of all the e-boards on this list. Which makes it an ideal choice if you wish to take it anywhere you go. 

The 2000W motor ensures you get a smooth and swift off-road riding experience. With the highest speed of 18.6 mph, this one is really swift and won’t disappoint you if you wish to have some fun. Although on hilly areas you wouldn’t get 18.6 mph speed, it is still faster than most other e-boards in the market. The Wave Street Electric Skateboard has lesser power than the Evolve Electric Skateboards, but it is also low in price as compared to the Evolve beasts. 

The battery is the same as most other e-boards – 36V lithium-ion battery. However, the battery loading time is just 3 hours which is really good as compared to a lot of other e-boards which take up as long as 6-7 hours to get fully loaded. 

You can expect to ride this beast for 10 miles on a single charge. The range of Wave Street is the same as MotoTec and is one of the least as compared to the rest on this list. So if you intend to take your off-road electric skateboards on longer rides, especially in hilly areas or terrain, then Wave Street might not help you that much. However, an added advantage here is that the Wave Street Electric Skateboard is utterly lightweight, weighing a mere 13.5 lbs, and hence you can easily carry it with you on your way back! 

Moreover, the pneumatic tires provide you with extra comfort while riding on hilly areas. Likewise, the huge tires are also able to withstand the harsh conditions of the hilly areas or dirt tracks. 


  • Motor Power: 2000 Watts
  • Top speed: 18.6 mph
  • Loading time: 3 Hours
  • Battery: 36V 11Ah Lithium battery
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Wheels: Pneumatic Tires
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 9.4 x 46 inches
  • 30% hill grade – the best on this list!
  • Higher load capacity
  • Powerful 2000W motor
  • Huge pneumatic tires
  • Unique wheels and flexible body
  • Quick loading time
  • A bit overpriced

Final Thoughts

The Wave Street Electric Skateboard is lightweight and portable and hence you can take it anywhere with you. The unique wheels along with the 2000W motor make it suitable for off-road riding. Additionally, if you wish to traverse hilly areas then this is a great option because it has a whopping 30% hill grade which is the best on this list. But, if you want to save some bucks, then I would suggest you go for either KooWheel or MotoTec, as they would give you similar features at a lower price.

6. Backfire Ranger X2 – Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

best electric off road skateboards

The Backfire Ranger X2 All-terrain Electric Skateboard is a better, more powerful version of Backfire ranger X1. Backfire has been manufacturing high-quality electric skateboards for years now and has carved a name for itself in the world of electric skateboards

The deck is responsible for supporting your weight as well as absorbing shock along with helping you to control and manage the electric skateboard. The X2 has a super flexible curved deck that is designed to give your feet some extra support while riding. It is super flexible and hence is great for absorbing shock and fits your feet better. The reduced vibration is a huge advantage when you’re riding on off-road terrain and is sure to give you a smoother ride. Along with unmatched comfort, this deck is a great choice for long-distance bumpy rides.

The super flexible deck is supported by 6.5 inches all-terrain wheels which come with replaceable tires. Bigger wheels are good but they are not sufficient to give you a great riding experience on their own. Hence the X2 has airless rubber wheels made of a special honeycomb structure. As opposed to conventional pneumatic tires, these rubber tires have a better grip and provide more friction along with excellent shock absorbing capability to give you a smooth and manageable ride.

The X2 is powered by dual 1200W hub motors that are absolutely water-resistant and dustproof and give you an advantage while riding on sandy terrain. The battery pack along with the ESC module is protected by a covering of sturdy materials. This ensures that nothing happens to your precious little all-terrain beast even when you ride it in bad weather or sandy terrain.

It is common to encounter dirt, water, and sand deposits while riding on off-road terrain. The Backfire Ranger X2 has a completely sealed structure which ensures that nothing interferes with your exceptional off-road riding experience.

The X2 is powered by 12S 50.4V electronic system, 12S battery pack. As opposed to a 10S battery pack, it deploys a smart system to reduce heat generation of the battery. The energy thus conserved is deployed to generate more power which gives you a higher range.


  • Model: Ranger X2
  • Board Weight: 23.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 110*33*16.5cm
  • Range: 16-21.7 miles
  • Top Speed: 21.7 mph
  • Hill Grade: Up to 30%
  • Remote: R2 Wireless Remote with OLED Display
  • Battery: 12S 50.4V 454Wh
  • Tire: Honeycomb structure airless tires
  • Hub Motor: 1200W dual Hub Motors
  • Charging Time: 5h
  • Lightweight
  • Super flexible curved deck
  • Double kingpin truck
  • 6.5 inches all-terrain wheels with changeable tires
  • Dustproof and waterproof motors
  • Hub motors give you an exceptional off-road experience
  • Fully sealed structure to resist sand, dirt, and water
  • No cons as such

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a smooth and enjoyable off-road riding experience, without worrying abut the weather conditions or sandy terrain, then the MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 is an excellent choice. You can go for it without having any second thoughts.

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7. Blizzard 38” Huracane Electric Skateboard – Solidly Built E-Skateboard

The dimension of the product is 38 x 10 x 5.5 inches with a weight of around 18.5 lbs. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 250-lbs. Moreover, it comes in four different colors and you can customize all the replaceable accessories as well.

This electric skateboard is powered by a 350 W hub motor that most of the well-known skateboards have. The motor with enough power enables you to run at a top speed of more than 17 miles per hour.

One of the coolest features is the combination of Canadian maple wood and bamboo used in the deck of the board. The deck consists of 7-ply maple wood with two layers of bamboo on the bottom. Moreover, an additional grip tape on top ensures your feet stay firmly on the skateboard.

Another great feature is its ergonomic wireless remote which is easy to hold. This wireless remote helps you to control the acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability. Also, it has two-speed modes for beginners and advanced riders.

So, for coming in just under the 500 dollars price point you can get a board that’s worry-free with a warranty for 4 years. The warranty is provided by Amazon and they’ll provide a replacement of the board or refund if they’re unable to replace.


  • Top speed: 17 mph
  • Range: 6-8 miles
  • Power: 350 W hub motor
  • Deck: 7-ply maple wood and 2 layers of bamboo
  • Battery: 36V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Weight carrying capacity: 250 lbs
  • Durable construction
  • Premium deck design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ergonomic wireless remote
  • Sometimes it gets disconnected from the remote

Final Thoughts

The Blizzard Huracane electric skateboard has great features just like the other Blizzard skateboards.  If you want to fly down the streets with confidence and style then this beautiful electric skateboard is a perfect choice for you.

8. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard – Durable E-Skateboard

The Hiboy Electric Skateboard will provide you with a smooth skateboarding experience on all types of terrains. The deck of the board is made with 7-layers of plywood that offers excellent durability. Also, the u-shaped design with strong trucks lets you enjoy a fun ride.

The wheels of the skateboard are made with high-quality PU materials and all the 4 wheels are replaceable. With these wheels, you can climb a 20degree hill with ease. It comes with an ergonomic wireless remote to have better control during the ride. You can control your speed and brake with the help of this wireless remote.

This electric skateboard is powered by a 350W brushless hub motor that ensures that it reaches a maximum speed of 12 mph. Also, the 4400mAh battery enables the skateboard to run for about 12 miles on a full charge.

One of the best features of this skateboard is that it comes with 4 different ride modes and brake modes. This gives the rider the flexibility to choose a riding mode according to their expertise level. Be a pro or a newbie, the Hiboy Electric skateboard has got your back. So it is another best electric skateboard for adults.


  • Dimension: 31 inch x 9.5 inch x 4.5 inch
  • Weight: 5.8 kg (13 pounds)
  • Speed: 18 mph (29kmph)
  • Motor Power: 900 x 2 watts
  • Charge Time: 3.5 hours
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Aesthetic design
  • Brushless hub motor with excellent performance
  • Wireless remote to control the speed
  • Top speed ranging from 18.6-24 mph
  • Deck made with 7-layers of sturdy plywood
  • Replaceable wheels
  • Poor load capacity

Final Thoughts

If the durability of the skateboard is one of your prime concerns then the Hiboy Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote is the one for you. It’s another gem that you can get for yourself.

9. Swagtron NG-1 Longboard – All-Rounder

10 best off-road electric skateboard [2020 reviewed]

Swagtron NG-1 Longboard is an advanced, upgraded, and durable electric skateboard that uses a powerful battery delivering a maximum range of 10-miles and gives high-efficiency riding. This electric skateboard comes with a 24-V lithium-ion battery that helps in getting a top speed up to 11 miles per hour.

This board supports riders up to 176-lbs on account of the maple wood deck that comes with grip tape giving balanced traction grip to the foot. The battery charges fully within three hours and uses Sentry-shield technology for extra battery protection. It consists of a solid 7-layers Canadian maple wood deck providing great stability & flexibility to your ride.

It also offers a wireless LED remote that controls the speed of the board, applies brakes, and sets a constant speed to the board along with it the remote displays the speed and battery status, remote battery as well. The remote is rechargeable via micro USB port from a cable.


  • Dimension: 31 inch x 9.5 inch x 4.5 inch
  • Weight: 5.8 kg (13 pounds)
  • Speed: 18 mph (29kmph)
  • Motor Power: 900 x 2 watts
  • Charge Time: 3.5 hours
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • For a flexible & smooth ride, it includes 7 layers Canadian maple wood deck
  • Sentry-shield technology for great battery protection & look
  • Easy to carry
  • Not support heavyweight

Final Thoughts

Swagtron offers a variety of features for its price category & is easy to carry as it contains two ergonomic grips that permit you to carry the board wherever you want to ride.

10. Ride1Up Electric Skateboard – Fun-to-Ride E-Skateboard

2020 reviewed 10 best off-road electric skateboard

If you want to experience a speedy journey on your longboard then this baby is the perfect choice for you. It features a 38” Canadian drop thru deck that lets you carve on the street like a pro. It comes with an ultra-low profile battery case that clears up the deck space so that you can ride with ease.

The Ride 1UP is equipped with a high-quality 7.5AH 10S3P Samsung battery. This powerful battery lets you travel for 18 miles upon one full charge. You can explore the city with its amazing battery power. It has four variable speed modes with a turbo mode that can be controlled with the wireless remote control that comes with the skateboard.

Hub motors never fail to amaze us with their superior performance. It comes with a super-powerful 1200W dual hub motor that lets you reach a maximum speed of 30-mph. Also, you can climb hills with 30degree inclination. Be a curved road or a downhill, you’ll rock it all if you have this electric skateboard handy.


  • Top speed: 30 mph
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Power: 350 W hub motor
  • Deck: 7-ply maple wood
  • Battery: 24V Lithium-ion battery
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs
  • Weight carrying capacity: 176 lbs
  • Sturdy deck design and material
  • Powerful motor with incredible performance
  • 4 variable speed with turbo mode
  • Auto shut off and on technology
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

Finding the best electric skateboard in 2021 is not an easy task when there are so many options available. Well, rest assured that the Ride1UP Electric skateboard will let you have a fun and safe skating journey on all road conditions.

Aspects to consider before selecting an off-road electric skateboard

As with any other vehicle, there are several factors to be taken into consideration while going for an off-road electric skateboard.

Let’s begin with answering basic questions first.

1. How frequently you would use it on Off Road Terrain?

What type of a mountain board do you require is solely depended on your use. Do you intend to use the electric mountain board for off-road terrain daily or quite often?

Or you would rarely commute via an off-road terrain? If the answer is often and frequently, then you must go for an off-road electric skateboard that is dedicatedly an all-terrain beast. Otherwise, you can go for the ones with interchangeable modes.

2. Are you planning to use it for recreational purpose?

Electric mountain boards are popular in both urban and suburban areas alike, especially with teens. However, even adults use it for recreational purposes. Amongst several reasons for the popularity of off-road electric skateboard, its portability and price play a major role. Likewise, the fact that it can take you to newer places via any routes is also a crucial factor. 

3. What unique feature are you particularly interested in?

Most of the off-road electric skateboards available in the market have something unique to offer. However, choosing one depends on your needs and purpose. For some range, the distance covered in a single charge matters a lot. For others, top speeds may be more important. And for some, durability plays a vital role in deciding an off-road electric skateboard.


The area and terrain through which you intend to ride the electric mountain board matters more than you think it can. If you are to commute to longer distances then an all-terrain mountain board would be the best choice as opposed to a shortboard. Similarly, longboards are good for plain and open routes with just a few sharp turns.


Another important aspect to consider before purchasing an off-road electric skateboard is frequency. How often would you use it? Would you use it for the regular or daily commute?

Or would you take it out on weekends or vacations? Ask yourself these questions first. If you intend to use it as a daily commuter then you must invest a bit more and go for a durable and high-quality off-road electric skateboard. Additionally, it should be easy to maintain as you would use it daily and hence it would require frequent maintenance.

Likewise, ensure that the one you choose must not require frequent repairs as it can be an issue. Contrarily, if you intend to use it over the weekends or during vacations, then go for a durable model that comes under an average price range.


What would be the weather conditions that you could ride the off-road electric skateboard? If you intend to use it in the rainy season, then you should probably go for the one that is waterproof.

Not all off-road electric skateboards are waterproof even though they claim to be so. You wouldn’t want your all-terrain electric skateboard to stop in the middle of nowhere because of rainwater seeping into your board’s electronic components.

If such is the case, then go for a board with larger wheels so that you get an additional advantage over wet roads and routes.


If you don’t have any prior experience of riding an all-terrain electric skateboard then go for a cheaper model with an intention to learn on it. Contrarily, if you are an experienced and skilled rider, then you can go for the priciest model depending on your budget.

Battery and range

As mentioned earlier, the range of an off-road electric skateboard or any personal transporter for that matter is the distance it can cover on a single battery charge.

If you wish to take your off-road electric skateboard to hilly areas or inclined terrain, then more power is required and as a result, more battery is consumed. Consequently, the range of your board is automatically reduced. Hence, if you intend to traverse to hilly or inclined terrain then go for an off-road electric skateboard with a range of over 18-20 miles. This way you can ensure that you reach your destination and back without running out of battery! 

If you wish to take your off-road electric skateboard through open spaces and plain terrain then anything with 15 miles range would be sufficient to serve the purpose.


Wheels are, for obvious reasons, a very important part of your off-road electric skateboard. Selecting a board with the right wheels is crucial as your riding experience and you yourself would be dependent on the wheels.

For all-terrain rides, air-filled wheels are a great option. Additionally, the larger the wheels the better, go for something around 10 inches if you’re going to traverse hilly areas. Before buying an off-road electric skateboard, ensure thoroughly that it is compatible with literally all kinds of terrain and can handle the obstacles easily.

Remember, your life is dependent on those wheels. Go for wheels that provide the best grip if you’re intending to take dirt routes.


If you would traverse on hilly areas or dirt roads then obviously you would need a powerful motor to give you the ultimate off-road experience.

But a powerful motor comes with a price tag attached, so you must be ready to invest a certain amount. If you have no use of a high power motor, then there would be no need to invest the extra bucks. One more thing to notice here is that no matter which motor you go for, it should give you a smooth ride, otherwise your wheels would take several spins before actually starting on.

Remember, that it is only while climbing the hilly terrain does a mountain board requires an immensely-powered motor. Otherwise, a normally-powered off-road electric skateboard can effortlessly traverse off-road terrain. Choose according to your use.

That was all about power. Now moving forward with motor – most common motors used in off-road electric skateboards are belt-driven motors that can be easily maintained and replaced. They are a bit pricey but worth the money, especially if you are a beginner. These motors are supported by a gear system and hence are able to maintain particular speeds, so you don’t have to use remote control all the time.


The weight of the skateboard matters. More so when you intend to take it with you on trips or the like. Likewise, it should be easily portable. There are several lightweight options available in the market.

Load capacity

As with electric unicycles and hoverboards, the off-road electric skateboards also have a certain load capacity that differs from brand to brand and model to model. It is always a good idea to go for a board that is able to support more load than your own weight.

You may or may not stay the same size forever. Even if you do, then you may be required to carry a heavy load at a certain point of time. Hence, if you intend to use the off-road electric skateboard for a long time or if you’re buying it for your kid who is still in his early teens, then go for the one with a load capacity margin.

Another important thing to consider is that the load plays a crucial role in determining the performance as maximum climb angle, range along with top speed are affected by load.


Straps are a must when you intend to go for swift off-road rides. While riding fast if you come across a dip or bump on the road, you could get thrown off the board. This is when straps come into the picture, they help you to stay on the deck and hold on to it. At speeds of 20 mph, it is no fun to fall off your board.

If you do not intend to go for fast riding, then you can go with a strapless board. You can either go for a stiff deck or a flexible one depending on your choice and preference. You may prefer bouncier and flexible decks and may love riding on decks able to absorb shocks. While others may prefer sturdier and stiffer decks to have more control over their off-road electric skateboards.

For off-road and swift rides I would recommend a stiff deck board as it would not let you bunce off on bumpy roads. Even though it may not absorb a lot of vibration it is still a great choice for off-road riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I go for an off-road electric skateboard being the first-time rider?

If you’re talking about an off-road electric skateboard, then prior skateboarding experience is highly recommended. Maintaining the balance on the e-skateboard is utterly important as unlike a hoverboard, an e-board cannot stabilize itself. So I would recommend that you first learn and enjoy riding a regular skateboard and only then go for an e-board. Moreover, e-boards cost you quite a bit and hence you wouldn’t want to destroy one just because of inexperience. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be a good idea to try out skating for the first time on an expensive e-board only to find that skating is not your cup of tea!

2. What is regenerative braking?

The braking system by which the kinetic energy of an Off-road electric skateboard is transformed into electricity which is in turn deployed to charge the board’s battery is known as regenerative braking. The kinetic energy, in most cases, is wasted as heat and consequently is lost. But the regenerative braking system aids in increasing the range of your e-board by tapping into the potential of this kinetic energy! Theoretically, this kind of braking system is amazing but it has some setbacks in actuality.

For one, your battery may get destroyed. Regenerative braking keeps converting kinetic energy into electricity and feeds it to the battery. In cases when your battery is already full, it would still feed the battery electricity and chances are that your battery may be destroyed due to overcharging. Although some manufacturers provide an alternative to this problem by cutting out the current supply to the battery, it is advisable to know the pros and cons of regenerative braking thoroughly along with learning alternate ways to apply brakes.

3. Can I ride my off-road electric skateboard in bad weather?

If your e-board is waterproof, then yes. If not, then no. Also, there is a difference between being water-resistant and being waterproof. If it is drizzling then you may ride a water-resistant-board, but drenching it in rain or a pothole is certainly not a good idea.

4. Do I need to regularly maintain the off-road electric skateboard?

The obvious answer is yes. As with any other skateboard, or a personal transporter or that matter, you need to maintain the off-road electric skateboard regularly. It not only helps in increasing the life of your e-board but also is a good way to ensure maximum safety while riding.

5. Are there any waterproof off-road electric skateboards?

Some manufacturers claim to have a fully waterproof e-board but those aren’t capable of going off-road. Hence, you wouldn’t find a truly waterproof off-road electric skateboard.

6. What is the max load capacity of off-road electric skateboards?

The maximum load capacity of an e-board varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. However, you should normally expect the load capacity to lie in the range of 198 lbs to 300 lbs. However, there is something worth noting that the e-board is designed to withstand a particular amount of weight, extending its limit can lead to shortened life or complete failure of the e-board. Hence, it’s crucial to go for an e-board with a certain weight margin.

7. Which is the best deck size for me?

The usage of your off-road electric skateboard, as well as your skill level along with various other factors, decide the best deck size for you. Boards with swift fast cruising speed may not be suitable for regular commuting and need to be truly stable. That’s the reason most e-boards intended for swift rides have a battery with higher capacity and have 2 to 4 drive system. Consequently, this design leads to longer e-board or longboard.

Contrastingly, for daily commuting an ideal e-board would be lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed, which leads to a compact deck size.

8. Which is the best deck size for me?

If build-up, components, and features are taken into consideration, then an off-road electric skateboard is way better than regular ones. However, you need to understand the fact that both of these boards are intended for different purposes and hence would give you unique riding experience. The off-road beasts are designed for rough riding conditions and are naturally tougher. Whereas, the regular e-boards are designed for daily commuting and normal conditions. Your use would determine which one you should go for.

9. Is an off-road electric skateboard suitable to ride on a beach?

Yes, off-road electric skateboards are suitable to ride on a beach as well. In fact, some e-boards come with a hub motor that claims to enhance your beach-riding experience! However, the wheels of your e-board would get dirty and hence would require thorough cleaning. Also, strictly speaking, never take your e-board near the water. It is only meant for sand.

10. Is an off-road electric skateboard suitable to ride on a beach?

The time taken by an off-road electric skateboard is different for each model. Some electric mountain boards take about an hour to get charged, where some may require as much as 6 hours to get fully loaded. Moreover, factors such as the charging system and the battery also play an important role in deciding the charging time.

Intending to prolong the battery life, some manufacturers deliberately configure their boards to charge at a slower rate. This also has the added advantage of keeping the battery cool while it is being loaded. Otherwise, due to overheating, your battery and its life may get affected. Contrastingly, some manufacturers configure their boards to charge at a faster rate to make it convenient for the user. This is convenient for most users but it also affects and reduces the battery life.

11. Can I control an off-road electric skateboard via a smartphone app?

Yes, you can control an off-road e-board via a smartphone app but only when utterly necessary. For instance, when the remote stops working and you need to apply vital controls such as engaging breaks. However, smartphone apps are not reliable as they may either slow down or crash.

12. Are off-road electric skateboards capable to ride uphill?

Yes. off-road electric skateboards are meant for all-terrain rides and hence can easily take you uphill. The all-terrain boards are designed for inclined and hilly terrains in the first place! As opposed to a conventional non-electric skateboard as well as a regular electric skateboard, an all-terrain electric skateboard can easily take you to hilly areas with a hill grade of as much as 30% which is quite steep! Whereas, others can go up to only 15% hill grade.

Having said that, it is important to know that a lot of factors affect an off-road electric skateboard’s ability to ride uphill. These include the rider’s weight, the power of motors, battery usage, etc. It is advisable to go for high-power motors if the rider is on the heavier side and intends to use the off-road electric skateboard for a ride uphill.

Concluding Thoughts

Off-road electric skateboards have gained a lot of popularity, especially in recent years. As a mode of personal transportation, an off-road electric skateboard is considered a trendy and cool gift. Unlike many other contemporary modes of personal transportation, the off-road electric skateboards are here to stay.

Electric skateboards are not just sporting equipment or a child’s toy. They are an eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and fun alternative to other modes of transportation, especially the ones which require gas or fuel.

You can find a myriad of off-road electric skateboards, no matter the type of rider that you are. Electric skateboards have something for everyone – right from urban commuter, to the long-range and dedicated mountain electric board or off-road electric boards, you can find something to suit your needs. With considerable research and some patience, I’m sure you’ll find your best fit electric board.

Which off-road electric skateboard are you planning to buy? Did your favorite off-road electric skateboard make it to this list?

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