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Did you know that the pillows in 7000 BCE were apparently made out of stone? I wonder if people rubbing the back of their necks on the way to their office on a brisk morning, with a tired face on, was still a routine sight then.

I don’t know about 7000 BCE, but a few pillows at my home surely are made out of stone.

Waking up with neck & shoulder pain is in my past though. You’ll be surprised at the difference an ideal pillow can create in your sleeping experience.

But, being a side sleeper, finding the ideal pillow for myself was a pretty tiresome task.

Don’t worry though! This article exists to save you from all the unnecessary efforts. I have shortlisted my picks for the best pillows for neck pain, for side sleepers as well as back sleepers. Stomach sleepers need to change their posture, it’s not good for your health, SERIOUSLY!

best pillow for neck pain

Keeping in mind these characteristics, here is a comparison table of my Top 6 picks.

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List of Best Pillow For Neck Pain

1. Coop Home Shredded

2. Xtreme Comforts Kool Flow

3. Mediflow Waterbase pillow

4. Cradle Me Cervical

5. SleepRight Splintek

6. Core Products Tri-Core Cervical


A bent neck in any way for an extended period of time will wake you up with neck pain. Hence, it is essential to keep your head raised at an apt height while sleeping. The aptness of your pillow’s height is determined by your sleeping posture and achieved by its firmness.

Side sleepers like myself should look for a rectangular firm pillow with raised edges. Soft pillows would not provide adequate support under your head and would require your neck to be extended on either of the sides in order to conform to the pillow.

best pillow for neck pain

Whereas, back sleepers should look for thin and soft pillows. Minimal raise is required for the head to align the spine straightly and avoid any unnecessary stress on the neck.

Stomach sleepers, if being stubborn and not changing their postures, should look for extremely thin and soft pillows, as stomach-sleeping already raises your head more than required.

Collectively, the pillow is supposed to align your spine in a relatively straight posture, so as to avoid any excess stress on the neck.

Apart from its firmness, a pillow’s material plays an important role in determining its compatibility with your sleeping posture preference and neck conformation. A plethora of material options are available in the market, varying on price, lifespan, comfort, softness, etc.


All these pillows were specially designed for curing neck, shoulder and back pain. Choose one that best suits your sleeping posture and pockets and let us know how your experience was in the comments.

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