best sewing machines

Best Sewing Machines in 2021

best sewing machines

In the world of runways and fashion industries, everybody wants to walk wearing a piece of art. To match up to the expectation of your end product, the last thing you would want to do is compromising the quality of the sewing machine.

When you search the market, there are tons of options available for sewing machines. However, due to the lack of authentic reviews available, it becomes hard to differentiate each machine on the basis of performance, quality, price and functionality. Be it a layman, a professional tailor or a high-end fashion designer, not everyone understands all the technical aspects of a good sewing machine.

Shopping for a premium quality sewing machine can be a daunting task if you don’t understand the details of it. Check out the list of the best sewing machines, their specifications, pros, cons and honest opinions to get a comprehensive insight before you go ahead and make a long term investment on the same.

All the below mentioned reviews are meant to give you a better insight into how a good sewing machine works and which are the best options in the market. However, different people have a different understanding of a good sewing machine pertaining to their specific requirements and circumstances. 

10 Best Sewing Machines of 2021

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1. Juki HZL-F600 – Best Light Weight Sewing Machine

juki sewing machine

With the latest technology incorporated in the machine, The Juki HZL-F600 sewing machine gives you one of the finest sewing experience possible. All the systems are thoroughly automated and fully computerized. The machine takes up all the manual labour from the person and gives the creative freedom to implement your artistic skills. Even the automation is backed up with ease of operation and great convenience. If you are planning to start a business related to sewing, this is the machine you need to keep an eye on.


  • It features a top speed of 900 stitches per minute.
  • The sewing table can be extended according to your usage.
  • The machine comes with box feeding technology.
  • Features a free-motion sewing
  • Enough space to work with the extendable table
  • The convenience of the LCD screen
  • Automated functions and computerized working.
  • Relatively lightweight and portable.
  • Computerized settings are a bit complex and intimidating for a beginner.


Overall, the machine gives you a world-class sewing experience. If you can ladder your way up through the initial settings and engage your creative senses to the fullest, you will fall in love with the quality of this sewing machine.

2. Brother CS6000I – Best Easy to Thread Sewing Machine

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine stands to be one of the leading ones in the market. It is known to provide the best sewing experiences as compared to its competitors. The best part about this machine is the convenience to use the machine. It is ideal even for the beginners who are trying their hands on sewing for the first time.

Even though it is a basic machine that comes with all the necessary features for learners, it performs well for experienced tailors as well. For a starter pack, you will find this sewing machine extremely resourceful and versatile in its performance. Kick starts your sewing sessions with The Brother CS6000i sewing machine and you will not be disappointed at all.


  •   It comes with an equipped LCD screen.
  • There’s one single button that does that job for start and stop functions.
  • The user can adjust the speed of the machine according to their usage.
  • Comes equipped with 60 inbuilt stitches
  • The machine also has an automatic needle threading system.
  • For beginners, it is very easy to operate
  • The large table area allows ample space for your work.
  • The light bulb attached to the machine illuminates the work area.
  • LCD screen guides the user with selecting the stitching
  • Fairly lightweight and portable.
  • The plastic mainframe might not be the most stable material out there.


Overall, for a veteran or a beginner, this machine is an absolute blessing to start with. There have been no upfront complaints as such against the performance of the machine by any customer per se. You just have to maintain it well considering the plastic mainframe.

3. Brother Project Runway – Best Easy to Use Sewing Machine

The Brother as a brand has already established a great reputation in the market and The Brother project runway sewing machine is another feather to its hat in the sewing machine industry. Every premium feature that a sewing machine must fancy, this runway machine has it.

Along with the fully automated and computerized systems, it also adds the ease and convenience of the performance to the mainstream machine. As far as performance is concerned, the brand has left no stone unturned in focusing towards the highest quality of end product.


  •  Equipped with a total of seven one-step buttonhole style
  • LCD panel display eases the stitch selection process
  • Automatic threading system
  • Through markings on the needle plates
  • Ease in operation with the comprehensive automatic system
  • LED bulb radiates enough light in the working area
  • Markings on the needle allow the straight line stitching
  • The machine comes with a large working space.
  • The plastic frame is not the most durable material
  • The computerized settings can be a little challenging for beginners.
  • The power supply is limited to 120 volts only.


Overall, this sewing machine is a winner amongst the professional high skilled tailors who need to run the machine round the clock. Even though the exteriors might have some misdemeanors, the performance of the machine remains unaffected and honestly very impressive.

4. Singer 7258 – Best Sewing Machine For Professionals

Designed carefully by world-renowned experts with a sole aim to provide versatility and convenience to the users. If you aim to be a professional tailor or a designer, this machine will get you the required acclaim with a fully automated system. The time-consuming tasks like threading will be fully computerized.

Not only does this machine come with a myriad of high appealing features but also does not take away the joy of sewing with its ease of style. The Singer 7258 is manufactured to perfection and provides a good room for thriving creativity through its design and details.


  • The impressive sewing speed of 7258 stitches per minute
  •  Equipped with a total of 100 stitches, 24 basic ones and 76 decorative ones
  • Fully automated and computerized systems
  •   Comes with an LCD display panel
  • The computerized system makes simple tasks like threading and choosing button holes hassle-free
  • Led bulbs illuminate the workspace
  • More options of stitches
  • Loading is very easy with the bobbin cover
  • Faster sewing speed
  • The initial setup of the machine is quite daunting and challenging for beginners.


The machine has an excellent deliverable. It not only allows you to work fast but also with more design options. In the price bracket of affordable machines, the singer 7258 does take a spot for being a premium quality one.

5. Janome – Best Sewing Machine For Beginers

 If you are looking for a simplified green beginner sewing machine, Janome is meant for you. It has all the basic features, simple application and easy operation process. The machine is specially engineered keeping in mind the easy understanding and convenience of the user.

Even for the learning procedure, this machine is ideal as a training sewing machine. For all the people looking to clean their hands in simple stitching techniques, this machine comes really handy and is worth the price available.


  • Features 12 stitches for creative designs
  • The machine is equipped with a single four-step buttonhole design
  • It also comes with a turn dial pattern selection
  • It has a drop feed for free-motion quilting and stitching.
  • The marked needle plate helps in keeping the straight lines intact.
  • It is very user-friendly and convenient for free arm stitching.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • The turn pattern selection knob is easy to use.
  • The input voltage of the machine is not available everywhere
  • Limited stitch variety
  • Not automated or computerized.


Overall, if you are looking for a pretty basic sewing machine that does the job for you without the high-end features and complicated advancements, Janome is the perfect fit for all your requirements. The best part about this machine is the ease of usage and portability.

6. Singer Quantum Stylist – Best Convenient Sewing Machine

Considering this as a classic update to the Singer 7258, this Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine is engineered to provide more power, enhanced performance and delivering with more convenience. It is one of those machines with more than 600 stitches, clearly making the options unlimited.

The machine provides space for creativity along with convenience. Since the machine is equipped with a full automation system, most of the functions handled are computerized with minimum manual labour involved. If you are just starting to try your hands in sewing, this machine will perfectly guide you through.


  • Comes with more than 600 stitches
  •  Automated threading system
  • Made out of heavy-duty metal frame
  • Fitted with a large LCD display
  • With the wide variety of stitches available, the horizon of creativity in designs increases.
  • With the electronic autopilot feature, you can simply set the guidelines for the cloth to get stitched by itself.
  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • The machine comes with 13 one-step buttonhole style to easily choose from.
  • It might not be portable pertaining to its large size.
  • Computerized automation can cause technical issues sometimes.


Overall, it is one of the top range of sewing machines with minimal room for mistakes and any drawbacks. Customer all over the world is satisfied with the features and performance. Be it for household purpose or commercial application, the impressive features and design options will give you the best sewing experience of all time.

7. Brother HC1850 – Best Automated Sewing Machine

An upgrade to the Brother Runway sewing machine is excellent equipment with high-end features. The machine is a very resourceful one for professional tailors or stitching enthusiasts as it provides the ease of working diligently and hassle-free. The Brother HC1850 sewing and quilting machine is entirely automated and lives up to the brand name.


  • Completely automated and computerized
  •  It comes with an adjustable sewing speed.
  • There’s an LCD panel fitted perfectly in the back
  • The extensive work table allows ample space to function
  • The LCD panel illuminates enough to select buttonholes and stitches.
  • There’s a very handy stitch guide
  • Automatic controls save a ton of energy.
  • With wide stitch variety, it delivers a good sewing speed.
  • The plastic chassis frame is not the most durable material out there for a frame.


Overall, it is one of the good high-end sewing machines in the market right now. It has advanced features and impressive enviable performance and ease of operation. For the household purpose, the machine might be a bit expensive, but it is a great option for commercial applications.

8. Janome 8077 Sewing Machine

The Janome 8077 is manufactured to balance the equilibrium between high-end sophistication and affordable simplicity. It is a mid-range sewing machine which comes with all the basic features of a machine and runs smoothly.

It also provides high-quality performance along with giving out the convenience of being easy to operate. For the people who are thinking to start with an advanced sewing machine but do not want to be lost amidst the automated features or spend a fortune, Janome 8077 is a perfect match for those customers.


  •   It comes with an inbuilt 30 stitches
  • There is an LED display module
  • It also is equipped with an automated threader
  • The bobbin cover is a see-through one and also has six one-step buttonhole style
  • Some features are computerized and automated making it easy to work.
  • The transparent bobbin colour helps in guiding through the stitching.
  • It is easy to operate and is very lightweight and portable.
  • The initial setup of the machine is a bit difficult for a veteran.


Overall, it is not a top of the range sewing machines in the market but the average performance gives out good enough deliverables. For the household purpose, it is easily one of the best options to choose from. It also falls under someone’s budget properly if all you want to do is have the convenience of stitching in a good sewing machine.

9. JUKI TL-2000Qi – Best Sewing Machine As Per Performance

One of the best Japanese engineering inspired sewing machines come with the ancient Japanese sewing technology. The JUKI TL-2000Qi performs excellently with high-quality stitches and amazing deliverables. The construction is a robust one and the machine is quite sturdy in its overall design. The life span of the machine will last for ages adhering to its design.


  •  Comes with quilting function of 1500 SPM
  • It has a single foot pedal operation.
  •  The aluminum frame is quite sturdy  and robust
  • The automatic thread system makes the operation smooth and easy.
  • The illuminating LED makes the work station bright
  • The aluminum frame has no troubles of vibration and noise
  • The automated threading system makes the whole stitching process very handy.
  • Most of the functions need to be performed manually
  • The heavy-duty size of the machine doesn’t make it very portable.


Overall, the machine is made out of a great traditional technology studded with a few modern touches here and there. It provides a very unique sewing experience with most of its manual functions. Even though the machine is heavy-duty, the deliverables are way more impressive than some of the fully automated ones.

10. Brother SE400 – Best Stitching and Embroidery Machine

The Brother as a company is a big name in the sewing machine industry and with their Brother SE600, they have laid a strong foundation for high-quality and advanced sewing machines. The new update leaves no room for drawbacks and is not only designed exclusively for stitching but also embroidery.

Since embroidery is a big aspect of tailoring and design, any professional tailor would love to have this machine with him. There are various other extraordinary features in the machines that make it worth the price.


  •    The sewing machine is equipped with a fully automated system
  •  Comes with an LCD touchscreen display
  •  It has an exclusive four by four embroidery area
  • The LED bulb illuminates the work station
  • The large table offers ample working space.
  • An exclusive option for embroidery
  • The touchscreen makes the whole operation extremely smooth
  • The plastic frame comes with the possibility of breakage.


Overall, the Brother SE600 is an absolute steal for both stitching and embroidery. According to the many customer reviews, it is by far the best machine concerned for embroidery. It works really well for stitching and quilting as well. This machine will exceed your expectation and how!

Since the time human beings decided to cover their bodies with a piece of cloth, the importance of clothing, fashion, styling, fabrics, design and sewing has taken over our lives like a storm. Sewing as an activity has been practiced for centuries and with every passing year, we notice a rapid development in the sector of sewing machines.

In order to improve the quality, making sewing a convenient procedure, easing out the complex details and giving easy access of sewing to every consumer; sewing machines are now looked at as important machinery for every household.

Started from thread and needles to manual operating to fully operated machines, sewing machines have undergone a long journey of improvement. Today, not only do these machines perform the basic job of sewing, but also provide the room for creativity in making the subject matter meet the finest quality.

There are several factors that one needs to consider before investing in a particular sewing machine.

1. Price of the sewing machine

Before making a long term investment, always make sure you have worked out a budget for yourself. High-end, fully automated machines are priced more than the normal range of machines. These machines are slightly more expensive but worth every penny you spend on them for the long run.

Essentially, the machines with plastic frames are cheaper as compared to the metallic frames, but metallic frames are also much more durable than the plastic ones. At times, even the sewing machine in the affordable price range does a decent job of stitching depending upon the usage. According to the purpose, you need the sewing machine for, work out your budget and then take the decision.

2. Mechanical or computerized

With the advent of technological advancements, most of the mechanical features in the sewing machines have now become fully automated and computerized. The advanced models have everything computerized, with LCDs display panel, touch screen feature and more. If you are looking for a simplified basic sewing machine, the mechanical one will fit your needs, but if you want a technologically advanced one, go ahead with the fully automated one.

 3. Working space

A lot of sewing machines come with a table along that can be used as a working space. If you are going to need ample working space, look for the machines that provide you with a big table that comes along.

4. Speed

For professional or commercial usage, the speed of the sewing machine or the number of stitches that it does per minute makes a lot of difference. There is a sewing machine that can carry out 1000 stitches per minute to 3500 stitches per minute.

5. Maximum stitch width

The different sewing machine comes with different stitch widths, starting from 4mm to 9mm. Stitch width is basically what controls the distance of the needle moving from one side to another.

6. Automatic thread cutter

There are technologically advanced machines with features like an automatic thread cutter. You don’t have to go through the process of cutting the thread manually and can be done easily by the machine.

7. Built-in needle threader

The most daunting procedure about stitching used to be putting the thread inside the needle. But with the modern technology today, a lot of sewing machines come with a built-in needle threader that automatically does the job of putting the tread in the needle. This process saves a lot of time of the consumer.

8. Manual vs Automatic thread tension

Understanding the thread tension for various fabrics in the sewing machine is important. The high-end advanced machines come with an automatic thread tension whereas the old traditional sewing machines do not have a built-in thread tension and with every different fabric, you need to manually adjust the thread tension on your fabric.

9. Adjustable stitch length

If you are sewing in a straight stitch, you will be needed to adjust the stitch length accordingly. Getting these adjustments right will heavily impact your final result. All the recent machines have the option of adjustable stitch length.

10. Number of stitches

Sewing machines have various number of stitches that allows the creative freedom to try out while stitching. Now the stitches can vary from 20 to 200 and more depending upon the design of the machine. If you are looking for more number of stitches in the sewing machine, go for the advanced one with multiple numbers of stitches.

How to choose a Sewing Machine?

  1. Motor size

    The power of the motor impacts the performance of the sewing machine. However, the size of the motor can also make the sewing machine heavy duty when it comes to portability. Two machines can be similar in size and exteriors but due to different gearings and motor, one machine would perform better than the other.

  2. Weight and size

    The weight and size of the machine depend largely on the usage. If you want to carry around the machine for work, make sure you get a compact machine which is portable enough. Always lift the machine while buying the same and ensure the weight and the size of the machine is good enough to take around.

    The heavy-duty sewing machine will have a number of advanced features in them, but in turn, will also be more in weight and size at times.

  3. Serger sewing machines

    A serger sewing machine is an advanced version of the basic sewing machine. It has a lot more features like multiple kinds of unique needles, a huge number of bobbins to handle the threads, speed controlling options for the threads and overall is way more efficient as compared to the sewing machine.

Final Words

Buying a sewing machine need not be a challenging and daunting task anymore. Once you have figured out your budget, purpose and type of features you are looking for in a machine, you should be able to pick the right fit for you based on these reviews.

Make sure you compare the prices and features thoroughly according to your requirements with the sewing machine. Also, any kind of sewing machine requires a good amount of maintenance. Be it a fully automated one or a mechanical one, plastic frame or mechanical frame, LCD display or physical touch; the life span of the sewing machine will also heavily dependent upon the usage and maintenance.

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