best unicycle with seat

Top 10 Unicycles With Seat In 2020

best unicycles with seat

Unlike a bicycle, the unicycle has no chains or gears and is based only on one wheel. Riding a unicycle is both fun and good for health. Although a bit hard to learn, once you get a hang of it, it is both joyful and rewarding. Unicycles come in various types, with or without handles and seat.

It’s difficult to find a unicycle that is not only stylish and comfortable but also suits you and lasts long enough. That’s why we have compiled a list of best unicycles with seats to make it easier to find the perfect unicycle for you and your loved ones.

We have included our favorite picks for casual riding, off-road climbing as well as riding in beaches and grasslands. We have reviewed each of them extensively with key specifications. 

TOP Picks

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1. Sun 20″ Classic Black Unicycle – Overall Best Unicycle

A unicycle for everyone, Sun 20-inch unicycle ticks all the boxes of an essential unicycle at a reasonable price. No matter, whether you are a professional or a novice rider, it is very important for you to choose the right unicycle with great features. Sun 20-inch classic black unicycle is well-made, sturdy, and easy to assemble.  With top quality, class construction, and innovative design, Sun Classic Unicycle is just the perfect ride for everyone. The 20-inch wheel of unicycle is designed while keeping the rider’s movements and balance in mind.

The broad saddle of the unicycle provides safety and extra comfort. It is available in only the black color variant.

2. Nimbus 27.5″ Mountain Unicycle – Best Adventure Unicycle

No matter what type of path you choose, Nimbus Mountain Unicycle has a wheel for you. The Nimbus 27.5-inch inch Mountain Unicycle offers extreme-challenge riding that will take you from deep valleys to mountain edges and everywhere in between. The entire body is made up of a single-piece 27.5-inch stainless frame that prevents any kind of wear & tear or breakdown. Nimbus Mountain Unicycle is excellent for strenuous climbs and steep descents.

It is available in only the yellow color variant. It also features a stain-resistant chrome wheel and its spokes are built from double-wall aluminum. 

3. Topleads Junior Unicycle – Beginner’s Unicycle

best unicycle with seat
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  • High-quality solid construction.
  • Available in 18, 20 and 24-inch models.
  • Comfortable and easy to handle.
  • One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 180lbs.

Topleads Junior Unicycle is an ideal unicycle for beginners due to its excellent construction and components that withstand the test of time. The entry-level unicycle comes with vintage design and features that will improve your unicycling skills.

The steel frame has a built-in seat that supports fast release and sturdy aluminum alloy rims. The saddle is padded to provide a comfortable riding experience. It comes in four different colors red, black, blue, and yellow.

You will like this unicycle for its performance and quality. We strongly recommend this unicycle if you are a beginner in unicycling.

4. Fun 20 Wheel Unicycle – Affordable Unicycle

This 20-inch unicycle by Fun is built from high-grade polymers that come at an affordable price. while not skipping on essential features. This unicycle is made for casual riding instead of track or off-road riding. It comes in five different colors red, black, blue, yellow, and chrome. This unicycle requires to be assembled on unboxing for the first time and it can be done in half an hour or less by following the below-given steps.

  1. Place the seat onto the frame. 
  2. Install wheels in the unicycle frame. 
  3. Attach pedals to the arms.

And Voila, your Unicycle is all set to go in three simple steps. 

Fun Unicycle is the best high-quality 20-inch unicycle available for beginners.

5. Club 20″ Freestyle Unicycle – Stylish Unicycle

Club Freestyle Unicycle is an all-around unicycle with a cool finish and enough strength for on-road commuting and touring. Club 20-inch Freestyle Unicycle includes new innovation with classic looks. This 20-inch steel unicycle is a reimagination of the vintage Schwinn design. The unicycle consists of a saddle with a chrome-plated front-lift handle and 100-millimeter aluminum center style bearing. 

You can enjoy riding this unicycle on roads and grass.  It is available in only the orange color variant.

6. Kris Holm 29″ Mountain Unicycle – Tough Unicycle

KHU is an established unicycle brand with a wide global network cast across more than 15 countries. Kris Holm Mountain Unicycle is most useful for off-road conditions such as riding on mud, mountains, sand, and gravel. It is made of a 7005 alloy frame and crown-style neck for high strength while being lightweight. 

Moreover, it features a 180-millimeter rotor and external disc brake for ease of maintenance & high wheel strength. It is available in a chrome blue color variant.

Kris Holm Mountain Unicycle is a great option for those who like to face challenges and wish to improve their riding skills

7. Nimbus Oracle Mountain Unicycle – Unicycle For Adventures

Nimbus Oracle Mountain Unicycle offers extreme off-road riding that can take you anywhere from sandy beaches to steep mountains. This unicycle is great whether you are pedaling uphill or ripping downhill. The entire body is a single-piece stainless frame that prevents any kind of wear & tear or breakdown. It is available in only the blue color variant.

Nimbus Oracle Mountain Unicycle is a tough unicycle and one of the best unicycles that you will love to take on an adventure.

8. Hoppley 12″ Unicycle – Unicycle For Kids

Hoppley 12-inch Unicycle is the smallest unicycle on our list and made for young riders. This unicycle is well-made, sturdy, and easy to assemble. With a foam-padded miniature plastic seat, steel crank, and plastic bumper, this tiny unicycle is a great introduction to the smallest kids.

This is a beginners’ unicycle for kids and not meant for adults or learning advanced tricks. It is available in many color variants, so you can choose the favorite from the list. 

Your little kids will surely love this cute unicycle and above that, it will be a perfect birthday gift for them.

9. Action 20X1.75 Chrome Unicycle – Comfortable Unicycle

best unicycles with seat
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  • Stainless body frame at an affordable price.
  • 32-millimeter twin bearing.
  • Hydroformed tubing.
  • Suitable for new and professional riders both.

Action Chrome Unicycle is a long-lasting unicycle suitable for both beginner and advanced riders at an affordable price. Action 20X1.75 chrome unicycle is built from sturdy one-piece stainless steel. It features a revolutionary 32-millimeter twin bearing that ensures smooth riding on bumpy tracks. The tire is hydroformed and acts as a shock absorber in irregular surfaces.

This unicycle is beginner-friendly as well as pro rider tested. It is available in the only black chrome color variant.

10. Flat Top Extreme DX – Lightweight Unicycle

Flat Top Extreme DX unicycle is ideal for kids and adults alike. The tire is broad and therefore offers a skid-proof stable ride. This unicycle is great in terms of portability. It comes in parts and is easy to assemble. Hence, it is very easy to carry around too. It has a padded saddle for comfortable riding. Moreover, being corrosion free, the spokes and rim have a long-life use.

The unicycle is available in the black color variant. Flat Top Extreme DX unicycle albeit a bit expensive is a lovely unicycle for kids and newbies.


We hope you were able to find the perfect unicycle for yourself. We covered them extensively to guide you about the features to look for in your unicycle. We are sure that any of these unicycles on this list will be a perfect companion for your adventures.

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