10 Best Boombox For Garage In 2023

10 Best Boombox For Garage In 2021

When you’re toiling hard in a garage, music is like an energy booster for you. A little entertainment in the form of music not only lifts your mood but also stimulates your productivity. You might have heard (or feel) that music or similar things often serve the role of distractor amidst your endeavor, however, this … Read more

10 Best Sounding Boombox Ever To Buy In 2023

best sounding boombox

If you’re a serious music enthusiast who can’t exist without music, be it at the home, office, or anywhere else, not having a portable boombox is next to a sin!! Yes, I agree that modern-day speakers are very much in line with the boomboxes in almost every aspect, however, a boombox is a BOOMBOX!! Be … Read more

Altec Rockbox XL Vs JBL Boombox : A Detailed Comparison

Altec Rockbox XL Vs JBL Boombox: A Detailed Comparison

The Altec Rockbox XL has been the latest sensation in the world of music. With its upgraded Bluetooth, modern design, and poly-carbonate magnet body, it offers a price to performance ratio never seen before. But how do the extravagant-looking specs convert into real performance? Moreover, is it any better than previously released speakers specifically the … Read more

10 Best Portable CD Player Boombox In 2023

best cd player boombox

When you just want to sit back and enjoy your favorite music, you’d need a boombox on your side. No matter how big a music enthusiast you’re, listening from your smartphone and a music dedicated boombox are two different things. While in the former case, there is hardly any bass, the latter is primarily known … Read more

10 Best Waterproof Boomboxes In 2023 [Reviews]

Best WaterProof Boombox 2021

Boomboxes are a much better option in front of the other devices capable of producing sound. This is in line with the fact that a boombox is known to offer a better sound quality, sturdiness, bass quality, and several other added advantages without burning your pocket. If you’re a regular listener to retro music or … Read more

10 Best Sounding Vintage Boombox In 2023

best vintage boombox

Boomboxes were a staple of the 1980s-90s pop culture (and they continue to be so today as well) and why won’t they. Their ability to play both vintage & modern cassettes alongside a popular substitute for listening to AM/FM radio on the go has attracted music lovers from across the globe. Their shape and size … Read more

Best Retro Boombox Reviews [2023 Updated]

best retro boombox

Known to bring the real jam to your beach-side cocktail parties, today’s boomboxes have come a long way! However, before appreciating these music blasters, we should pay homage to those retro boomboxes on which today’s models are based! Be it the retro aesthetics, retro sound quality, or retro-style cassette or CD player, the retro boomboxes … Read more