Best JBL Boombox To Buy In 2021

Best JBL Boombox To Buy In 2021

If you’re a music lover, you must have a boombox. Speakers may seem good to tune in to your favorite music, yet a boombox wins the battle between the two by a clear margin. In terms of portability, power output, sound quality, size, and durability, a boombox is a notch higher on all fronts. Hence, … Read more

Best Boombox for Kids in 2021

best boombox for kids

Are you a parent, guardian, or just a philanthropist who wants to give kids something they will always appreciate and enjoy? You can rarely do better than the Best Boombox for Kids. Kids boombox is a special type of boombox that is made extremely portable and sturdy to withstand the rough handling of kids. Like … Read more

8 Best Boombox under $50 [2021 Edition]

8 Best Boombox Under $50 [2021 Edition]

 Portable Bluetooth Boombox is what could be more amazing than carrying your favorite music with you? Most people, for at least once in their life revolves around music. It is amazing today that the new generation has that portability in playing their favorite tunes on Bluetooth Boombox. They are great, normally lightweight works wirelessly, and … Read more

7 Best Jobsite Boombox [2021 Reviewed]

7 Best Jobsite Boombox [2021 Reviewed]

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to selecting a device to present music and daytime boombox for the workplace. The Jobsite boomboxes are famous for adding a bit of entertainment to your workday while working on site. For use on worksites, these boomboxes are durably built to protect against knocks, drops, and bumps. They … Read more

How To Connect JBL Boombox to TV

How To Connect JBL Boombox To TV

If you plan on purchasing a JBL Boombox or already an owner of any of the last generation of JBL speakers, and wandering about the connectivity options you get to connect with your TV, you visited the right page.  Whether you own a smart Tv or non-Smart Tv or an Apple or Android TV, in … Read more

JBL Boombox Vs UE Hyperboom: Which One Is Better?

JBL Boombox Vs UE Hyperboom

For a long time, JBL Boombox has been one of the best and most demanded portable Bluetooth speakers in the market. But the Hyperboom by Ultimate Ears has put forward a very formidable contest for the top spot. UE Hyperboom has been very well received and updated with the latest technology and drivers. Whereas JBL … Read more

How to make a Boombox from Car Stereo


If you into self-crafting and a lover of music as well, it’s time you take your DIY skills to something more exciting than life-hacks. Do you know that instead of purchasing a new costly speaker, you can easily make one from your old car stereo? Yeah, you heard that right and that too easily, in … Read more

10 Best Small Boomboxes To Buy In 2021

10 Best Small Boomboxes To Buy In 2021

Music is everyone’s favorite and it’s best celebrated with a boombox. If you’d invest in a deep comparison between a boombox and speaker, you’ll come to know that the former is getting a huge thumbs up from the music enthusiasts and this has made me review the 10 best small boomboxes for you! I’ve curated … Read more