JBL Boombox Vs UE Hyperboom: Which One Is Better?

JBL Boombox Vs UE Hyperboom

For a long time, JBL Boombox has been one of the best and most demanded portable Bluetooth speakers in the market. But the Hyperboom by Ultimate Ears has put forward a very formidable contest for the top spot. UE Hyperboom has been very well received and updated with the latest technology and drivers. Whereas JBL … Read more

How to make a Boombox from Car Stereo


If you into self-crafting and a lover of music as well, it’s time you take your DIY skills to something more exciting than life-hacks. Do you know that instead of purchasing a new costly speaker, you can easily make one from your old car stereo? Yeah, you heard that right and that too easily, in … Read more

10 Best Small Boomboxes To Buy In 2023

10 Best Small Boomboxes To Buy In 2021

Music is everyone’s favorite and it’s best celebrated with a boombox. If you’d invest in a deep comparison between a boombox and speaker, you’ll come to know that the former is getting a huge thumbs up from the music enthusiasts and this has made me review the 10 best small boomboxes for you! I’ve curated … Read more

10 Best Sony Boombox Speakers To Buy In 2023

best sony boombox

Be it a kid, an adult, or even a senior citizen, music is everyone’s favorite. If I ask you what comes to your senses when you hear music, what’d you reply? I bet you’ll reply to a good-quality speaker with provision to play all types of music like jazz, classic, hip-hop, etc. However, merely a … Read more