Essential Vlogging Equipment You Need to Create An Outstanding Vlog

essential vlogging equipments
essential vlogging equipments

The internet, as I usually say, has created its own markets and facilitated the development of the traditional marketplaces and economy over the past two decades. The digital ecosystem, hence, has an abundance of career opportunities to explore and reap a lush life. 

This is great for solo-preneurs and enthusiasts who want to make a good living out of their talents and skills. Today, anyone who has some kind of useful knowledge, insights, or experience is making vlogs to share them all over the globe. 

Like any Vlogger, you’ll need the tools to create and upload your content on the net. Knowing your tools inside-out is the first step towards becoming a great vlogger.

So, let’s dive in!

1. DSLR and Mirrorless

A vlog camera is the first obvious equipment that comes to mind when you are planning to be a vlogger. Depending on your vlogging needs, you will need a particular camera. One important thing here is that you need a camera for videography and not photography.

So, you want a camera that is better at shooting videos rather than photos. Sure, you’ll be taking photographs as well, but stress should on the videography side. Let’s check out the types of cameras available in the market.

Despite recent advancements in smartphone cameras, they still have a long way to catch up with DLSRs and Mirrorless. These dedicated devices have a larger sensor and more flexibility. As they can be equipped with different lenses for different scenarios.

What makes A DSLR different from a Mirrorless?

Well, a DSLR has more choice of lenses and they perform better in low light due to an optical viewfinder. Mirrorless is compact, lightweight, snappier and they pack more features than DSLRs. However, they struggle in low-light conditions.

For videography, Mirrorless is definitely better than DSLRs because of their faster autofocus, higher-end Mirrorless can also perform better in low light conditions.

I would recommend Canon EOS 80D, Nikon D5600, and Sony Alpha A6400. They should take care of most of your videography requirements.

RecommendedSony Vlogging Camera and Canon Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

2. Smartphone Camera

The most obvious choice would be a smartphone, and one you probably didn’t think about.

Smartphone technology has evolved exponentially and their cameras are great for photography and videography for beginners and professionals. Just keep in mind that your smartphone camera needs OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) to record stable and clear pictures.

They are compact and conveniently available to use. Google Pixel, iPhone, and Samsung S series are the obvious choice in terms of image quality. Apart from them, OnePlus 7T is a great and cost-effective option.

A smartphone is a good starting device to understand the dynamics of the camera and the concepts of videography for beginners. Under good lighting conditions, they record amazing quality with a tripod. Anyway, even the professionals use it for vlogging when it’s needed.

Make no mistake smartphone vlog is a thing, maybe its not as good as a professional camera but it still does the trick.

Checkout out this video to get started with smartphone vlogging.

3. Drones for creating Vlogs

Drones are a recent innovation, and they are slowly becoming an indispensable part of a Vlog equipment kit. 

If you are a travel vlogger or aspiring to become one, drones would definitely take some wonderful shots for you! If you have the necessary bucks to invest in them. Having a photography kit along with an editing PC is a luxury, and the cumulative cost with a decent drone will burn an enormous hole in your pocket.

So, be cautious while you plan your expenses!

For beginners, I would recommend buying the cheapest drone to learn, then for more expensive and intricate models. This is because, as I mentioned in my drone guide, beginners make mistakes and damage their drones. Also, there are laws that you need to know and comply with to operate a quadcopter.

I would recommend DJI Mavic 2 pro for the best videography experience for the money. However, I would strongly recommend you to master videography and flying drone separately, and then combine them to make the most out of your drone. 

Practicing will definitely help you take better shots and not lose your drone!

4. Laptop/Computer for editing Vlog videos

Taking videos is a simple task as compared to editing, and to edit your videos you need a computer. Choosing one will completely depend upon your preference and budget. Let’s look at the rigs in the market suitable to edit your videos.

The best software available for editing vlog videos are Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, VideoProcs and LightWorks.

Checkout out the below Vlog video to see how Vlog video editing makes the Vlog look so meaningful.

Check out the above Vlog by Casey Neistat, you should be able to see that he adds text on the Vlog video wherever essential, timelapse effects are also given wherever necessary. I mean if you are creating your Vlog video titled “My 30 Day Trip to Tibet” obviously you would want to skip irrelevant parts or at least give time-lapse effect to say sun rising, the sun setting and more. 

5. Gimbal for Vlogging

A gimbal is an absolute Vlogging equipment for beginners. A Gimbal essentially enables your cameras to take smooth, stable, and cinematic videos. You can rotate the camera with a gimbal to take unique shots from different angles. Especially if you are a travel Vlogger, you will not regret buying one! 

Gimbal is the best travel vlog equipment, travel vloggers are known for venturing into uncharted territories and oftentimes you take a solo trip to document your journey from where you stand, expressing your own perspectives.

The Gimbal can act as your best buddy accompanying your Vlog camera along the way, it can be a pain having to rotate your camera all by yourself as you go on to recording your vlog videos. You can use Gimbal as a motorcycle vlog equipment as you document your journey traversing through Bike.

GoPro Gimbal is the best when it comes to choosing a perfect Gimbal for your Vlogging camera. There are Gimbal available for the ones who are into smartphone Vlogging.

6. Tripod

A Tripod is a basic vlogging equipment. Again, it helps you to take stabilized pictures on a fixed point and allows you to adjust the angle on that point.

I’d advise you to not purchase cheap tripods, settle for more expensive and durable models. Because a tripod, irrespective of your camera will be needed and used all the time.

7. Lenses for Vlogging Camera   

Different types of lenses give different results, which may be suitable for a particular style of videography. Consider the lenses mentioned below for videography:

1. Canon 50 mm f/1.8 STM Lens

This is a great lens for the bokeh effects, shallow depth of field and low light shots. The STM motor makes autofocus very silent and smooth. This lens is otherwise known as the Nifty-Fifty, and it is loved by every photographer around the globe!

2. Rokinon Cine 85mm f/1.5 Lens

If you want cinematic effects in your videos, then this lens is the best bet! This one can be used on almost any camera. It is completely manual, so using it will take some practice.

3. Canon 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM lens

As a videographer, you should have a wide-angle lens in your kit, and this one is a good option for you! It has image stabilization and which means it is great for handheld shooting. However, you cannot use this lens in low light due to its aperture. As an alternative, Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 Lens is a good option.

4. Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM L Lens

This lens is loved by tech YouTubers, and it is recommended by MKBHD! It has a great low light performance, focal range, and sharpness. It can be used with Canon, Nikon, and Sony Crop sensors.

8. Vlogging Camera Filters

Photographers and videographers usually keep these 3 filters in their Vlog equipment kit:

  • UV filters: These filters protect the lens from UV lights and scratches.
  • ND filters: These filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens, which allows you to increase the exposure time and reduce shutter speed.
  • Polarizing filters: These filters cut out reflexions and make pictures more clear and beautiful.

9. Microphones for YouTube Vlogging

You didn’t forget to buy a Mic, did you? Of course, you didn’t! For Vlogging beginners, I would recommend a Boya mic, and when you have a good budget, go for an expensive Rhode model.

You cannot seldom rely on Vlogging Camera in-built mic to capture the best audio or else you will have scream out to be heard, something tells that that isn’t a recipe for a good Vlog. 

Be a Pro and get yourself a microphone for creating outstanding Vlogs. The Mic captures the subtle voice so that you can speak intently you don’t have to worry about whether the camera will pick up on voices, get a microphone and just be yourself throughout the video.

Make sure to edit the disturbances in the audio so that your Vlog doesn’t end up messing up people’s speakers and earphones.

RecommendedVlogging Camera That YouTubers Use

10. Mic Muffler

If you are recording a video outdoors, you don’t want the wind to interfere with the sound quality of your device. A mic muffler is a simple and cheap fix that will keep the sound recording safe from interference.

11. Lights for capturing Vlog in perfect lightings

Another important thing is light! if you are recording indoors, you would definitely need a lighting system, so your video is properly exposed. You can also use lights to decorate your background and increase the charm of your videos. Do note that you need to adjust aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to optimize the usage of light. 

Ever watched one of the Vlogs by Unboxing Therapy? One quintessential thing you will observe is the lighting in his videos that triangulates our focus and attention towards the speaker. The positioning of lights and the selection of background is just too good.

Take a look at this video just observe how the selection of background and positioning of the lights makes the overall vlog appear so impressive.

12. Extra Batteries

Your cameras, especially your drones and mirrorless, will drain their batteries pretty quickly. You are better off carrying extra batteries for each of your electronic devices. You don’t want to miss an excellent shot or waste your time and effort. 

Spare batteries make it to the best camera equipment for vlogging. This holds truer if you’re a travel Vlogger and you are going for a long vlogging shoot where batteries are bound to run out.

13. Lanyard

This is a simple accessory for your handheld devices, which I have featured in my drone guide. It will protect your drone controller, expensive cameras from falling out of your hands. DSLRs and Mirrorless come with a lanyard. However, if your device doesn’t have one make sure that you do.   


I hope you have gathered enough information to buy your equipment and start shooting your amazing videos. If you don’t get expected results in the beginning in terms of quality, don’t worry, keep learning. Eventually, you will discover your style and trademark!

Happy Vlogging!

9 Coolest Camping Gadgets Most People Don’t Know About

coolest camping gadgets

10 Coolest Camping Gadgets Which Most People Don't Know About

coolest camping gadgets
Camping, as we know it, is a demanding activity which promises loads of fun and adventures. Since we are living in an age of modern convenient life, we also require a certain level of convenience in our camping trips because, without convenience and comfort, one can hardly enjoy one’s camping trips. With this blog, I am going to introduce you to 9 of the coolest camping gadgets that most people don’t know about.

1. Suaoki Tent Fan

suaoki tent fan

Suaoki Tent Fan is a multipurpose fan, made exclusively for camping. It has 18 LED beads with three modes, allowing it to be used as a lantern, a torch, or an emergency flash. What makes this fan really cool (not literally) is that it has a smart protection chip which protects it from overcharging and draining power.

You can charge this fan using solar power during the day and use it to have a comfortable night’s sleep inside your tent. But how do you charge it if there is no sunlight during the day,” you might be pondering. Don’t worry, as you also get the option of charging it via its USB port. Its design is thoughtfully carved out, making it easy to carry, compact and extremely light in weight

2. Nekteck 21W Waterproof Camping Charger

Nekteck 21W Waterproof Camping Charger

Are you planning to go camping during the extended weekend? Charging your gadgets may be a concern when camping for days on the trot.

Unless you plan to be on a digital detox, you would need power to charge your electronic gadgets, such as your phone, your camera, your laptop, etc. With Nekteck 21W Waterproof Camping Charge, you can charge all your electronic items while camping. It is a foldable charger with two USB ports and a high-power solar panel cell.

It is compatible with all your electronic gadgets which can be charged using a USB port. It also three solar panel and is completely water, shock, & dust proof. Weighing less than 18 lbs and having a PET polymer cover, it is apt for your camping trips.

3. X-Plore Gear Emergency Bracelet

X-Plore Gear Emergency Bracelet

In today’s era, no one likes to carry a compass or a whistle, even during wilderness camping. And why would we?

Thanks to technology, our mobile phones enable us with various apps which provide us with a compass or a whistling feature. But you completely rely on a mobile phone when camping in the wild. Hence, get yourself an X-Plore Gear Emergency Bracelet. It comes with an inbuilt compass and a whistle. In addition to those two, it also has a hidden fire starter to … you guessed it. It is light in weight and modestly priced. Wear it on your wrist and flaunt the multi-tool bracelet, every time you go camping

4. Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Access to clean drinking water when camping is not greed, it is a basic need. Yes, there are ways to collect drinking water, but it is not always a guarantee that we can find it while camping in the wilderness.

Solution: get yourself a water bottle which comes with a filter. Lifestraw is a reliable portable water filter company. It comes as a reliable gadget for campers who want to drink fresh filtered water. Up to 1000 litres of water can be filtered before the replaceable filter expires. Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle complies with the EPA water filter standards, which makes it a trustworthy and safe gadget to clean water for drinking. Without any doubt, it is one of the best camping gadgets.

5. Solar Camping Portable Shower

Solar Camping Portable Shower

An extended camping trip can offer a lot of fun and memorable experiences. But there can be one concern – bathing, especially if your campsite is located far away from a freshwater body or if it’s unsafe to enter the water body. Hence, invest in a solar operated portable shower bag.

It is ideal for taking a shower by collecting water from a water body and storing it in the 20 litre bag. The bag can then be used as a shower. It has a suction cup which supports hands-free bathing and also a temperature indicator. The bag is made of durable material and can be hung on trees. If the weather gets cold, you can also increase the temperature of the water with the help of solar energy.

6. MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit

MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit

If you go camping and eat packaged food, that would be cheating. It is not camping if there is no cooking. One of the most adventurous parameters of camping is to prepare your own food.

Thankfully, cooking in the wilderness is not as demanding as it may seem. In the Stone Age, people had to use stones to create fire, eat with their own hands, and use natural things like utensils. But times have changed drastically.

Today, if you go camping, you carry with yourself a cooking kit. MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit is a cooking kit comprising of a stainless steel spork, a pot with a cover, a non-stick pan, a fire starter, et cetera. Approved by the FDA, the products are made of non-toxic metals and come with a cent per cent money-back guarantee.

7. MiniPresso GR Portable Espresso Maker

MiniPresso GR Portable Espresso Maker

For many of us, our day cannot begin with a cup of coffee. It would be impossible for you if you are an avid coffee drinker. Earlier, it used to be difficult to carry a coffee maker, as there wasn’t anything which was compact enough for camping.

But this is 2019. MiniPresso has come up with a compact portable espresso maker. Unlike most espresso makers, it doesn’t require any N20 cartridges, electricity, or compressed air to function. Everything is uncomplicated and can be done by hand. It is robust in design and incredibly light in weight. It also has a 100ml cup which can be used as a drinking vessel.

8. Tent Air Conditioner

tent air conditioner

It can be exhausting to go for a camping trip in a tropical region during the summer season. Days can be exasperatingly hot and humid. In such an environment, a tent air conditioner becomes a need. A tent air conditioner, after all, is one of the coolest camping gadgets … literally.

Zero Breeze Z19-B Portable Air Conditioner makes for a perfect tent air conditioner. With a cooling capacity of 1,100 BTU (British Thermal Unit), cool a small family tent in just a few minutes. It weighs about 13 pounds, which makes it exceedingly easy to carry. It also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker to play music. Being waterproof, you won’t even have to worry about it getting wet should there be a need to clean it with soap water.

9. Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repellent


Portable Mosquito repeller

Mosquitoes show little mercy when they are in the mood of attacking. There is no denying that mosquitoes are extremely troublesome and ruthless and there is not much we can do to keep them away … especially in the wild.

Sure, fire can help, but for how long can you keep it burning. The simplest solution would be to carry a portable mosquito repellent. Thermacell’s portable mosquito repellent is ideal for camping. Without releasing any odour, smoke, or vapour, it does its job efficiently. It is ultra lightweight and compact in size. The company also assures a money-back guarantee. The thing that makes it completely reliable is the fact that it is even used by the US Armed Forces in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Using gadgets do make camping trips simpler and less organic, but they also make it safer and more enjoyable. Which is your most favourite and reliable gadget for camping that most people don’t know about?

Sony Vlogging Camera and Canon Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

Sony Vs Canon

Battle For The Best Vlogging Camera of 2019 [Sony Vs Canon]

vlogging camera with flip screen

Brand Specificity

We’ve all been a witness to the spiraling queues at Oneplus or Apple product launches. It’s pretty evident that a majority of those buyers are pulled by the brand and not the features. Or, maybe both.

Photographers & filmmakers like you & I, are pretty brand-specific as well. Once we’ve gotten used to the layout and UI of one brand, it takes a while to adjust to another. It literally feels like trying to write with your left hand.

Now, while Nikon and Canon ruled the DSLR segment for as long as DSLRs have existed, Sony built its empire on Mirrorless cameras. A glance at the future of photography reveals a competitive alliance of the three brands taking us to the ultimate capturing experience as the three loyal soldiers they are.

However, narrowing it down to Youtube and Vlogging, in this article I have compared the two biggest names in the segment:

The best Sony vlogging camera : SONY ALPHA A5100


The best Canon vlogging camera : CANON POWERSHOT G7 X MARK II


In order to grasp the qualities of our contestants effectively, let’s first understand what really does Vlogging require?

Vlogging, like any other profession has multiple fields as well, you might vlog about travelling, fashion, cooking, gaming, technology, biking, etc.

All of these fields can broadly be categorized into indoor and outdoor vlogging.

Here is a brief list of qualities that a vlogging camera must have in the respective categories with a few in common:



Efficient Slow Motion

Optical Image Stabilization

High Pixel Rate

Lengthy shooting capacity

Sufficient Battery Power

Low-Light Sensitivity


Good Microphone

Flip Screen


A long time ago

Although Canon launched its first 35 mm camera under the brand name “Kwanon” in 1934, it has clung to DSLRs for most of its journey. With the launch of its patented EOS (Electro Optical System) line of DSLRs in 1987, Canon revolutionized the camera industry by letting lenses communicate with bodies. The EOS line has seen several technological advancements since. Even though DSLRs are Canon’s spotlight product, with a product mix spreading to mirrorless as well as compact cameras, it has a camera for every photographer.


Sony, on the other hand, stepped into the camera industry in 1988 and has maintained its distance from DSLRs. The extra space & time allowed it to refine its mirrorless technology. Ever since the risky yet successful launch of its Alpha line of mirrorless cameras in 2006, Sony has rocked the mirrorless segment. Particularly, full frame mirrorless cameras. Apart from mirrorless, Sony has also done a pretty good job at compact cameras with its RX100 series.


Photography is an art though, and a camera is just a tool and as meaningless is its brand. But, brands do play an important role in determining the compatibility of a photographer and his camera. And, if you’ve worked with more than one brands, I’m sure you comprehend the connection I’m talking about.


3…2…1… ding ding ding!!

Let’s start with a detailed comparison table.


SONY A5100




Point & Shoot





400 Shots

265 Shots


4.3” x 2.4” x 1.4”

4.1” x 2.3” x 1.6”


0.49 lbs

0.64 lbs


24.3 mp

20.1 mp





1080p : 24, 30, 60
720p : 25, 30

1080p : 24, 30, 60
720p : 30





Flipping TouchScreen

Flipping TouchScreen





Sony Vlogging Camera


sony vlogging camera

With around 179 AF points, the A5100 is the epitome of Auto-Focus in budget cameras. Being a mirrorless camera, the A5100 is one of the few compact cameras that give you the option of swapping lenses as per need. Which, especially to outdoor vloggers, is a huge turn on, because the unpredictability of outdoor landscapes requires a change of lens at times. Not to mention, the real deal for a vlogger, a flip touchscreen. Priced at $448, the A5100 is the best value-for-money deal out there in the market right now.



Swappable Lens

No Microphone socket

Great Auto-Focus


Flip TouchScreen

No external Mode Dial

Good Battery Life

Value For Money


Extremely Convenient

Canon Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen


canon vlogging camera with flip screen

If you’re sick of constantly trying to capture the magical moments in the limited time frame, and failing, G7X is your Messiah. An extremely convenient to carry around, charge, transfer data from, a camera that offers pretty high-quality footage for its size. Known for its low-light efficiency, if you’re mostly traveling around post evening or shooting in low-light indoor environment, G7X shouldn’t disappoint you. The cameras footage quality makes up every penny of the $599 price tag.



Optical Image Stabilization

Average Battery Life


No Microphone Slot

Flip TouchScreen


Wide Lens

Extremely Convenient

Excellent Time Lapse


Well, after considering the features and most importantly the price tag, to me personally, the winner is Sony Alpha A5100.

Canon G7X Mark ii doesn’t lag much behind though, had it been priced a bit cheaper, it could’ve made it.

Take into consideration all the features, watch some vlogger reviews on youtube and let us know which one you finalize in the comments below.

Fidget Toys For Adults In 2019 [Top 6 Fidget Toys] – SmartHonk

SmartHonk Fidget Spinner

The 6 Most Addictive Fidget Toys In 2019

Neat Pen Tricks

Concentrating for 45 minutes in a 9th-grade science lecture was cruelty to my ADHD brain, let alone the 3-hour meetings in the office now.

As a cure to my absent-mindedness, my fingers can do some neat pen tricks now. However, a pen can slip every once in a while and a constantly dropping pen doesn’t really suit my work profile.

On the expedition to replace the pen, I came across some decent and amusing fidget toys for adults. And, if you’ve been looking for concentration aids recently, spend a look on my picks for the 6 best fidget toys in 2019

How did I judge a fidget toy?





How convenient is it to carry around?

How well can one fidget with it single-handedly?

Does it really help concentrate or is it a mere distraction?

Does it resonate with an adult’s aura or does it look childish?

A fidget toy comes handy during seconds of anxiousness, minutes of boredom, hours of concentration & whenever any one of your hands is idle, anytime throughout a day. Hence, I have selected the fidget toys keeping in mind their substantial utility.

Here’s a comparison table of my top picks:







Fiddle Stick



      5” x 1.2” x 1.2”




        3.14” x 1.5” x 1”

WeFidget Mini Spinner



3.5 x 2.5 x 0.4

3.2 oz

Maycom Shift Lever



3.3 x 1.8 x 0.8

4 oz

Ono Roller



3.29” x 1.75” x 0.85”

6 oz

Antsy Labs Fidget Cube



1.2” x 1.2” x 1.2”

2.1 oz

Best Fidget Toys For Adults

fidget toys for adults

Fiddle Stick

  • Keychain like loop
  • joystick
  • dot matrix
  • stone-like texture area
  • light switch
  • clicker ballpoint pen buttons
  • smooth slider
  • rollerball
  • cogs
  • About the size of a thick ink pen
  • a custom fidget spinner that attaches to  its base
  • Best fidget toy for ADHD





fidget toys for anxiety


  • Car key
  • Clicker Ball Point Pen Button
  • Pen Tube Screw
  • Mouse Wheel
  • Rubber Button
  • Joystick
  • Pen-Drive like Push key
  • Retractable miniature Measuring tape
  • Rotating Axis
  • Volkwagen Car Key Sized





slider pad
fidget toys for adhd

WeFidget Mini Spinner

  • Fidget Spinner
  • Eraser-like Sized
  • Metallic
  • Mini-design for discrete fidgeting
  • Replacable Bearings
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Fidget toy for kids as well as adults





oyedeal 6-speed manual

Maycom Shift Lever

  • Miniature Car Manual Transmission Gear
  • 6 Gears with Reverse
  • Keychain loop for convenient carrying
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Gear stays in place
  • Clicks on shift





fidget toys for kids in 2019

ONO Roller

  • For the ones used to rotating two pens at once
  • Sensory fidget tool
  • Massage-like feeling
  • Relieves stress
  • Noiseless
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminium
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Calming fidget toy for anxiety





FIdget for adult

Antsy Labs Fidget Cube

  • Light switch         
  • Joystick
  • Cogs
  • Rollerball
  • Clicker ballpoint pen buttons
  • Finger breathing area
  • Spinning disc
  • Thrice the size of a regular dice





button 1


All the six fidget toys have individual characteristics that would suit different people depending on their profession, fidgeting preferences and budget.

However, here are our top picks in the respective categories:





WeFidget Mini Spinner

Fiddle Stick

ONO Roller


Choose one that best suits your preferences and let me know which one you chose and how your experience was in the comments below.Also, do tell me of any new and amusing fidget toys that I may have missed out on at