Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks: The Definitive Guide

Pokemon go tips and tricks
Pokemon go tips and tricks

‘Gotta Catch’em all!’

That’s how you feel while you are playing Pokémon Go, and for a good reason! You are completely immersed in the experience, scouring the map of your neighborhood to find those amazing Pokemon.

The game was released back in 2016 on June 6th with a lot of hype surrounding it. However, it got mixed reviews: the reviewers were impressed by the gameplay but taken aback encountering a lot of bugs and technical issues. 

Despite its drawbacks, the game has aged well and still loved by millions! The game is mostly bug free and refined, so if you are a beginner, now is the best time to start.

Today I will be covering some tips and tricks to make the most out of your time playing this gem. So buckle up, and let’s dive in!

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1. Pokémon Go in 2020: What Has Changed Since 2016? Since 2016?

To begin with pokemon Go now has 500 pokemon instead of 150 on its release. That is certainly something to be excited about. As I have mentioned before, the game has been polished with massive updated which added plenty of great features and layers of gameplay mechanics.

So, if you are returning player or a new one you have a lot of things to be happy about! Let’s check them out one by one:

1. Raids

This is one of the most interesting features that has been added to pokemon Go. In Raid battles you fight against huge legendary boss type pokemon at gyms. These battles are timed, that means Raids only take place for a certain time period, in which you will have to fight with your teammates to take that boss pokemon down! After defeating them you and your teammates will be rewarded with special items and a chance to catch it!

2. Photo Mode

This feature is cherry on the top of already great game. As the name suggests, it allows you to take pictures of your pokemon and share it will your friends in real time. Sadly, the front camera is not available if you want to take selfies with your pokemon, but it is still great!

3. Gift

You can now send your friends gifts, which includes many items like Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Potions, Max revives, Pinap berries and 7 km Eggs for Alolon pokemon! Sending gifts to your friends gives you XP points and increases the level of friendship with your friends.

4. Trading

pokemon Go features took a lot of time to introduce a highly demanded and one of the most loved features.

Trading allows you to trade your pokemon with your friends once you have traded one gift with them. These are the conditions to activate trading in pokemon Go:

  • You should be a level 10 trainer.
  • Your friend should on pokemon go you want to trade with.
  • They should be within 100 meters. 

Trading pokemon with your friends costs stardust, trading cost reduces when your friend if at a higher level. 

5. Trainer Battles

Another heavily requested feature is PvP mode where your fight against other players or friends, or you could choose to fight the computer via PvE in training mode. You can fight locally with any player by scanning their phone’s QR code. 

To fight with your friends, however, you need to be best or ultra friends with him or her. You need  not to be in close proximity to fight with your friends, just find them in your friend list and press ‘Battle’ to send them battle notification. Once they accept, the battle begins! 

6. Team Rocket Go Pokestops

This is a recent feature in which you can fight team rocket and catch their shadow pokemon to rescue them. Team Rocket invades pokestops and challenges you to a battle if you wish to drive them out and claim the pokestop.

7. Weather Boosted, Shiny, Shadow and Purified Pokemon

Niantic has added different types of pokemon in the game. Weather boosted pokemon will be 25 % stronger and appear more frequently in their corresponding weather. Catching weather boosted pokemon will give you 25% more stardust. 

Shiny pokemon are extremely rare ones and the first ones were MagiKarp and Gyarados. The pokemon have stars surrounding them and they make a special sound when you catch them. They were stronger in the original games but not in the case of pokemon Go.

Shadow pokemon are used by Team Rocket for maleficent purposes, once you defeat and catch them you can purify them. These Pokemons can use shadow moves, they do not have an IV floor, they are levels 1-5 and 5-10 if weather boosted. 

(Individual Value: these are hidden states that are randomly generated when a pokemon is caught or hatched due to which each pokemon of the same species will have different stats).  

When you purify shadow Pokemon, they become stronger as 2 points are added to to every IV and they become a level 25. They cost 90 percent of the original stardust and candies for power ups, evolve and unlock moves.

If you catch a shadow Pokemon whose stats are 13 13 13 (attack, defense and stamina) you will get a 100% IV purified Pokemon. However, a perfect stat Pokemon is extremely rare.

You only have a chance of 1 in 4096 or 0.0244% of catching them. To get around this problem, find a Pokemon which has a good move combination.

2. Common Beginner Mistakes

1. Wasting stardust

A lot of new players make the mistake of upgrading Pokemon at lower levels. This is essentially wasting stardust because upgrading Pokemon at lower levels doesn’t mean anything, as you level up you will find higher level Pokemon which will either equal the stats of your upgraded Pokemon or surpass it. Save your stardust for later as higher level Pokemon which require more stardust to upgrade.

2. Not Cancelling Catch Animation

Many beginners don’t know that they can skip catch animation. To do this, simply tap the ball tray icon on the right side swipe left and hold it there with your left hand, then catch the Pokemon with your right hand. Once the ball catches the Pokemon release your left finger, the ball tray will open. Tap the screen to close the tray (the game will freeze if you don’t) and then the game will glitch and run icon will appear on the top left.

Tap the button to get out of the catch screen and check your inventory for the newly caught Pokemon! 

3. Not Using System Recommended Moves During Raids

This is one of the major issues which leads losing to raid bosses. The reason the newer players don’t use system recommended settings is because the system prioritizes defense. To counter this, use a Pokemon like Snorelax which has a higher defence which enable him to take more damage. 

4. Not Being Patient While Evolving Pokemon

Evolving Pokemon at lower levels, again, is not a very good idea. The reason being their low stats which will be outmatched their higher level counterparts. Waiting until you’ve reached a higher level and then evolve your Pokemon. Since, every Pokemon has different IVs you have to compare and select which one to evolve as well.  As I have mentioned before, you should check move combination a Pokemon has before upgrading it.

This will save your candies for higher level Pokemon evolution and upgrades.

5. Forgetting About Pikachu

Many new players don’t know that they can catch Pikachu in the beginning where you have to choose from Squirtle, Charmander, and Balbasor. To catch pikachu, walk away from the location to leave the three pokemon out of your radar. When you have walked away from them, wait until they reappear at your location, do this multiple times and Pikachu will appear. 

My Pikachu took three attempts to appear. Well, Pikachu will appear later at a higher CP at higher levels, so if you can skip him and catch another if you wish. But it kinda feels great when you begin with the iconic one on the get go!

6. Using AR to Catch Pokemon

Using AR to catch Pokemon is not a good idea. The reason is that it is a big drain on your smartphone’s battery, and it makes catching Pokemon harder! Keep your AR off to improve your accuracy and save battery percentage.

7. Not Refilling Supplies

In a game like Pokemon Go where exploration is the key, you need to stock up on pokeballs and other available items. New players tend to forget to restock from pokestops and gyms, because they think they have enough supplies.

The best course of action is that you always checkout pokestops and gyms to replenish your supplies everytime you encounter them.

8. Not Catching Every Pokemon

Initially, you may think that you would not need similar Pokemon in your inventory, and you may skip them in order to catch new ones. This is the most common beginner mistake, you should catch each and every Pokemon as they give you XP points, candies for that particular type and stardust.

You can exchange them for candies with Professor willow as well. 

So, Catch’em all!

3. How to Maximize Experience

The actual gameplay starts when you get at higher level and encounter more higher level Pokemon. That said, most players prefer to reach level 40 because of the privileges it offers. You can nominate places for pokestops and gyms in your neighbourhood. 

But how to level up quickly?

To understand that, you need to know the amount of experience offered by different activities. That said, the list below includes all activity and amount of experience you get for completing a task:

3000 XP points for level 1 raid.

🏆 3500 XP points for level 2 raid.

🏆 4000 XP points for level 3 raid.

🏆 5000 XP points for level 4 raid.

🏆 10000 XP points for level 5 raid (Legendary).

🏆 3000 XP points for becoming a good friend.

🏆 10,000 XP points for becoming a great friend.

🏆 50,000 XP points for becoming an ultra friend.

🏆 100,000 XP points for becoming Best friend.

🏆 200 XP points for hatching 2 km eggs.

🏆 500 XP points for hatching 5 km eggs.

🏆 1000 XP points for hatching 10 km eggs.

🏆 500 XP for catching a new pokemon.

🏆 100 XP for catching an old pokemon.

🏆 500 XP for first catch of the day.

🏆 2000 XP for seven day catch streak.

🏆 10 XP for a nice throw.

🏆 10 XP for catching a pokemon with a curve ball throw.

🏆 50 XP for a great throw.

🏆 100 XP for an excellent throw.

🏆 50 XP for catching pokemon on first throw.

🏆 25 Xp if pokemon flees.

🏆 250 XP for spinning new pokestop.

🏆 500 XP for spinning a pokestop daily.

🏆 2000 XP for 7-day spinning streak.

🏆 500 XP for evolving a pokemon.

🏆 200 XP for sending gifts.

🏆 3000 XP points for completing a research breakthrough.

Spinning a gym badge will give you 25 XP, 50 XP with a lucky egg and 75 XP with a double XP event and lucky egg per tier. You’ll get an additional 25% if the gym belong to the same team.

Note: A lucky egg will multiply your XP by 2 times, and a double XP event will also multiply it by 2.

(source: eurogamer.net)

Once you know different XP gains by different tasks and activities, you simply need to plan how you would make the most out of them.

Some people use a lucky egg when they have all the nine eggs ready to hatch to maximize XP gains. Some prefer an evolution spree in which they evolve Pokemon who require 25 or less candies with a double XP event and a lucky egg.

You can purchase lucky egg from the store or you can get them by leveling up. You get them at level 9,10,15,20,25,30,35, and 40.

4. Get Rare Spawn

The whole purpose of playing Pokemon Go is finding those rare Pokemon apart from discovering your neighborhood! The question is — 

“how do you get those rare Pokemon?”

Here are some tips to help you find them and show them to your friends.

1. Remember Spawn Locations

First of all, remember the spawn locations. These are the spots where Pokemon spawn more frequently and refresh every 30 to 45 minutes. I have a spawn location near my house, just a few steps away. I used to walk to it and catch a Pokemon every hour or so.

Also, like spawn locations there are also nests, which have a 25% chance of spawning a Pokemon of a similar kind or species. These nests allow you to farm a particular Pokemon to level up and evolve. Nests are also a good way to get those shiny Pokemon!

Remembering these locations and frequenting them will save your time and increase the chance of getting a rare Pokemon, since it refreshes every 30 to 45 minutes.

2. More Spawns spots on Community Day

Players observe that there are more spawn stops during community days, which will increase your chances of getting a rare. These locations are often close to shops, malls, churches, monuments, and even gas stations.

Make sure that you are aware of this and have more pokeballs during community days. 

3. Going to Shops, Malls, and Churches 

Shops malls and churches have more spawn points as there are more people there, carrying out their usual chores. If you are someone who hates going to public places, you might miss out on rares.

Everytime your friend or family member asks you to hang out to a store or go to a church, don’t refuse them; tag along. As I have mentioned before, these places have more spawn points which means that you get a higher chance of catching a rare. Also, if you are going to spend more than an hour, then you get to catch’em twice in one location!

4. Use Incense and lures

They are items in pokemon Go which enable you to lure pokemon into your location for 30 minutes. In that time frame you can catch at least three pokemon sitting on your couch. 

Using them in minor and major events using them will increase the chances of a rare. That said, minor and major events take place frequently, look out for them to increase your chances.

5. Find a Good Place to Play

It might seem like a stupid advice but it is important that you play in place which has high number of Pokestops and spawn spots. Chances of getting a rare would be obviously higher there. Of course, it is not possible for everyone, like me. 

I have to walk a mile to reach my favorite playing ground where I get a lot of new pokemon and recently I caught a higher level Anorith there, not much but still its great! if you can do that, it is worth it!

6. Master Throws

Mastering throws is one of the most important skills that you need to learn, if you are serious about playing. A good throw has XP points, as I have listed above, which may seem less but if you catch 10 pokemon a day and get a great ball throw on each of them, you get 500 XP in total and that’s worth it! (If you manage to sneak in a curve ball throw, it gives you 10 XP each and that’s 100 XP more!)

Follow these steps to make an excellent throw:

  1. Size down the circle to excellent (or great if you prefer. Smaller is great and the smallest is excellent), that is hold the ball until circle is as small as possible.
  2. Let go of the ball, don’t touch it again as the circle will reset and you have to start again.
  3. Wait for the pokemon to taunt you, this will prevent him from jumping, dodging or taunting you when you throw the ball to catch him (or her).
  4. Just after he has taunt you, throw the ball before the circle appears, try to hit in the green circle to get the excellent throw.
  5. Remember, you can always add swing to the ball by touching and moving it in circles.
  6. Mastering throws will be tricky at first because pokemon are placed either very close to you or far away or in between.


I have listed some of the basic tips and tricks that will give you a quick kickstart. Also, you can download a modified Pokemon Go Plus app from iOSEmus, which I would against as you can get banned. However, iOSemus is a great third party app installer for iPhone, if you are interested check it out here.

Have a great day ahead

See ya’ soon! 

14 Basics Of Woodrouter You Must Know

woodrouter basics
woodrouter basics

As a carpenter, you love our tools! 

As someone whose craft involves a lot of woodwork, you should be familiar with a wood router. This is an indispensable tool in your toolkit that has multiple applications and uses. 

However, this tool is a little intimidating if you are not used to it. This post will make you familiar with most of its different aspects to begin with. You get to know about different routers, bits, setting it up, jigs and various other things.

So relax and let’s dive in!

Learn How to use a Woodrouter from this YouTube Video

1. What Is a Wood Router and What Are its Uses?

Woodrouter is a very versatile tool in a carpenter’s or woodworkers kit. It is basically a motor with a cutting bit attached at the tip of its rotor or armature which is used to cut and carve or hollow out a piece of wood to give it a desired shape and structure. 

That said, it is used in almost every woodwork you encounter on a daily basis. It is used to make grooves, rebbates, add profiles to edges, cut inlays, trimming the wood flat, drill clean holes, recess hinges, cut screw threads, cut traditional joints, make jointed boxes and even carving

Well, to give you a decent picture, he also makes guitars with the help of a wood router! I think it is very clear how useful and indispensable is a wood router for a woodworker.  

Now, let’s look at various parts of a router.

2. What Are the Different Parts of a Wood Router?

Unlike other simple structured tools of a wood craftsman, a wood router is a bit more complex in structure. However, this is a simple tool to use, and to use it you must be familiar with its parts.

1. Motor

This is the most important part of a wood router, and it is essentially a motor tuned to work with wood. A router’s motor has 1-3 horsepower maximum, and its speed may be fixed or variable. 

2. Handle

This is the part which allows you to hold and control the movements of a router. Handle may vary from router to router. The handle should be ergonomic to control the movements of the router comfortably and safely.

3. Bits

This is the actual part that does the job. From simple tasks like cutting, flattening, and making clean holes to complex tasks like delicate profiling and carving statues. They come in various shapes and sizes for different purposes and designs.

4. Collet

This is the fixture where a bit is installed and tightened and it holds it in place.

5. Baseplate

This is the part which keeps the router upright and stable. The bit or cutter protrudes from the center of the baseplate.

3. What Are the Different Types of a Wood Router?

There are 3 different types of wood router fixed, plunge and interchangeable. Let’s talk about them in detail:

1. Fixed Router

This type of router is fixed or installed in router bench or table upside down. It is very suitable for projects demanding high accuracy like edge cutting and molding and for repeated projects. They are lighter than plunge routers, hence they are easier to handle and use. 

However, fixed routers are not as versatile as plunge or interchangeable routers. Also, you cannot adjust the blade dept while using the fixed router. You’ll have to do so before using the router and the dept will remain the same throughout the use. Due to the fixed base you cannot do overcutting as well. 

It is a good option for beginners and home as it is very easy to use and affordable. Once you have learned the essential things and mastered them, you can pick a plunge or interchangeable router.

2. Plunge Router

This type of router is used freehand and unlike fixed routers, you can adjust the blade dept precisely with its dept stop while using it. This feature makes it comparatively more versatile than its fixed counter parts. However, the plunge mechanism adds significant weight to the machine which makes it a little harder to use.

It is more costly as compared to a fixed router, and it cannot be installed in router bench. So it may not be as suitable as a fixed router for repeated projects. 

Now considering all the factors I have mentioned earlier, this tool is meant for professionals. Those who are used to working with a fixed router will take some time adapting to it. It is ideal for deep cutting, adding grooves and working with templates. 

3. Interchangeable Router 

If you are looking for the features of a fixed router and plunge router in one, then an interchangeable router should be your choice. It will have the combined versatility of a fixed and plunge router negating their drawbacks, which is great in my opinion.

Of course, this cost more than a plunge or fixed router but if you wish to buy them both, then purchasing an interchangeable router will be cheaper. This router comes with a fixed base and a plunge base which is its biggest advantage.

In essence, if you are a professional woodworker whose work requires more versatility that can’t be met with a fixed or plunge router, then you should opt for an interchangeable router.

4. Compact or Trim Router

This is a smaller version of a fixed router with smaller motor of 1 horsepower in which ¼ inch bits are used. They mainly used for cutting decorative edges like roundovers and coves. They are also employed to cut recesses for hinges, grooves and flush trimming.

If your work does not require a bigger router, then working with this one is a lot easier. You should consider purchasing one if you can, it will definitely come in handy!

5. CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Router

These are automated routers controlled by a computer. The user has to enter command in a prompt and the automated router does the job! Since a machine is doing a job the margin of error is negligible and efficiency is consistent and high.  

This type of routers are usually very expensive, big, and require training labor which doesn’t make it feasible for small scale projects. It is a good machine to do repeated projects though. 

Recently, manufacturers have managed to shrink the size of this device and make it available for general populace. However, the quality of its parts is still in question.   

4. What Are Bits?

Bits otherwise known as cutters, which does the actual job. It is placed in a collet and tightened with a wrench. The collet in turn is attached to rotor which spins around 1 to 3 horsepower when turned on. They come in various shapes to accomplish a particular type of task. There is a different bit for profiling edges and another for grooving. Depending on the tasks there are a variety of bits available in the market. 

5. What Are the Different Types of Router Bits?

As I mentioned before, there are different types of wood available for different routing applications. I cannot cover every bit available in the market, but I would like to cover some common ones here. Let us know in the comments below if we are missing out on some important ones.

1. Straight Router Bits

These are the most common ones used to make, as the name suggests, straight cuts in the wood to hollow out some space for inlays or mortises. They come in variable diameters for different width of cuts, but the most common ones range from 3/16 inches to 1½” inches.

2. Joinery Bits

These types of bits are used to make specialized precision joints. Again for different type of joints there are different types of bits: dovetail router bits, drawer router bits, finger router bits, and locker router bits.

3. Raised Panel Bits

Raised panel bits are mainly used to profile edges simultaneously with stile and rail bits. They come in two types: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal panel bits are used to cut wood panels laying flat and vertical frame and panel bits is used to cut a wood panel positioned upright

4. Stile and Rail Bits

If you want to combine the horizontal layer with vertical layer, then you would need stile and rail bits, the first one cuts the stiles vertically, and the second one cuts the rails horizontally. They come together in a package, so that you may work without any hassles.

5. Molding Router Bits

This one is mainly used for decorative profiling, that is architectural molding profiles. These bits are larger than usual profiling router bits. They are designed in a way that they include multiple basic edge forming profiles in one bit.

5. Edge Forming Router Bits

They are, again, used to cut decorative edges. They came in various designs for various types of profiles. There are some common ones though: round over bits, ogee bits, edge beading bits, and cove router bits.  

6. Chamfer Bits

They are used to give a bevel cut at an angle. They are also used to decorate, and creating beveled for multi-sided construction. They come in a variety of different sizes and angles, and for most for most beginners a 45 degree router bit is ideal.

7. Rabbeting Router Bits

They are used to create vertical and horizontal rabbet cuts. What are rabbet cuts? They are used to create joints for centuries in furniture. Of course, carpentering involves a lot of furniture making, so it is better that you learn it first hand.

These types of bits are basic ones that you should have in your router bit cabinet or kit.

6. How to Install Router Bits Properly?

Installing a router bit into the collet can look like a simple task. However, if not done correctly it may fall out during use, and that is harmful, let alone bad!

The problem arrives when you place a bit into a collet and the bit’s bottom end protrudes out of the collet’s back end, and the bit will not tighten properly. Otherwise, the collet grabs the top end of the bit and it won’t hold properly while it is rotating at high RPM.

You can follow these steps to tighten the router bits properly avoiding the two problems mentioned above:

  • Place your router upside down.
  • Place the the bit in the collet.
  • Tighten it by fingers until it is in grip, but not too tight.
  • Then bring the bit up by a few millimeters, or ⅛ of an inch by your hands.
  • Then proceed with tightening with a wrench.

There you go, you’ve tightened your bits properly!

7. What Is the Difference Between ½ and ¼ Inch Bits and Which Is Better?

The half inch bit are bigger in size than the quarter inch bits, obviously. Now, professionals suggest that you pick half inch router bits because of three major reasons:

  • Half inch router bits are are bigger, which means it will be more stable and it won’t flutter while you are routing the wood panel.

  • Since half inch router bits are bigger, their shanks are also bigger, wider and have more circumference, which means they allow better grip when tightened in the collet.

  • They come in the same price range as the quarter bit or a little more expensive, which makes the quite accessible.

The quarter bits are used for trim routers, that said, you can use half inch router bits in most medium to large sized routers. 

I think the difference and choice of bits should be clear now.

8. How to Maintain the Router Bits?

A bit is what makes a wood router useful, thus it is extremely important that you maintain your router bits to make the most of out them in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. The following points shed light on how to maintain router bits:

  • Now, a router bit is just another type of cutter that means it will get dull with use eventually, and you’ll need to sharpen it. To do that you would need a diamond sharpener to sharpen the faces of the bit. Also, do not apply too much pressure to sharpen the bits, you will damage them. Just keep a light pressure and gently rub it on the sharpener surface.

    • Keep in mind that you apply equal pressure and strokes to keep the sharpness balanced.

    •  For smaller bits, use the sharpener holder which is rubberized to keep it in place while sharpening the smaller bits effortlessly.

  • Cleaning the gunk that has built up on your bits is easy. Just use a commercial saw blade cleaner on your bits, as the gunk which accumulates on it is quite similar to the gunk on the saw blade, it will do the job effectively!

  • Next up is the rotation of the bits. To check the rotation of the bits, simply pick up the bit from its bearing and rotate it manually. If it doesn’t rotate smoothly you will have to replace the bearing.

    •  To replace the bearing, take the bit and hold it in a jute or cotton cloth (using a tool to hold it will damage the shaft) and use an allen wrench to unscrew the bearing.

    • Replace it with a newer one and tighten it.

    • Many pattern type bits have bearings attached to their shafts with an e-clip. In that case, use pliers to remove the e-clip and and replace the bearing.

    • The replacement kits are sold by various manufacturers like Rockler, which include various types of bearing, nuts and allen wrenches to do the job.

9. What Are Jigs and Fixtures?

Many people confuse jigs with fixtures or otherwise or even use them interchangeably. As a woodworker you must know the difference. A jig is a tool that is used to hold and guide other tools (such as a cutting tool) attached to it. It provides repeatability, so if you wish to reproduce a certain type of work, you would use a jig in the process.

Professionals use customized jig to get optimum productivity and accuracy for a project in hand. That said, it is not to mention that different jigs are employed for different project demands.

Fixtures on the other hand, are used to hold the work piece in the desired location with high precision. It decreases the production time by reducing unwanted loading, unloading and fixing time of the workpiece under work.

Jigs and fixtures are used together to achieve maximum production and efficiency, they are not only used in woodworking but other types of building works as well. Of course, in wood routing, jigs and fixtures are indispensable and the best part — you can create your own!

10. How to Setup a Wood Router?

Now all the important aspects covered, let’s look at how to setup a wood router. Follow these steps to setup a wood router:

1. Installing Bit

  1. First, make sure that the electricity socket is unplugged.
  2. Then you choose the bit needed for your current project.
  3. Turn the router upside down.
  4. There will be a spindle lock, press and hold it while loosening the nut with a wrench.
  5. Place the bit and tighten the nut while pressing the spindle lock. Make sure you follow the bit installing instructions properly, discussed earlier in the post.
  6. Keep the wood router back to the normal position.

2. Adjusting the Router Depth

  1. Firstly, to adjust the router dept you’ll be using depth gauge, there will be a small rod protruding below the gauge dept make sure it is only extended to 3 mm.
  2. Next, there will be a turret right below the depth gauge, rotate it to bring the highest position right below the extended rod.
  3. Now, right next to the dept gauge, there will be a knob, loosen it and the depth gauge will fall down unto the depth stop turret.
  4. Loosen the locking lever.
  5. Push down the router until the bit touches the workpiece.
  6. Tighten the locking lever.
  7. Then, raise the depth gauge by loosening the knob and tightening it while at the desired position.
  8. Loose the locking lever.
  9. Raise the tool back up.
  10. Router depth is now set to 0 mm.
  11. You can raise the router depth by 5mm to 10mm with the help of depth stop turret.
  12. Always readjust the router depth after changing the bits.

3. Routing

  1. Check the instruction manual to set the optimum speed.
  2. Set the speed on the dial.
  3. Connect your vacuum cleaner to collect wood chaff and dust while routing.
  4.  Make sure that you’ve plugged in the electric socket.
  5. Before using the router, check if it is working properly as required on a scrap piece of wood.
  6. Turn the router on by the trigger and slowly push the router down until it reaches the depth stop turret.
  7. Guide the router on a piece of scrap and see if the results are perfect!

11. What As Router Feed Direction?

The router feed direction is the direction in which you route the wood, or push or feed the workpiece against the router bit to cut it. 

Why is router feed direction important?

Because if you feed the workpiece to the router in the wrong direction will propel the workpiece out of your control, damage your workpiece, and probably hurt someone. This known as a climb cut, it is good sometimes but rarely or when you are in complete control. 

To avoid doing so, you can follow the routing thumb rule. Take your right hand and make a thumbs up, your thumb represents the direction of the bit standing up, and your finger curve denotes the direction of rotation. You need to feed the workpiece against the direction of the rotation of the bit.

If the router is upright that is bit rotating in the clockwise direction, now simply feed the workpiece in counter clockwise direction for profiling or edge cutting, and clockwise for frame cutting feed it clockwise. 

However, there is a tendency of wood tearing or chipping away with a counter clockwise cut, to avoid it use climb cutting in the ‘northeast’ and ‘southwest’ edge corners of the workpiece and cut counterclockwise anywhere on the workpiece.

Simple rule to remember and lots of time and efforts saved!

12. How to Set Proper Router Speed?

A simple thing that you’ve to keep in mind while adjusting speed for different router bits is their diameters. Now, router bits with larger diameter will be faster than a bit with smaller diameter on equal RPM due to its larger circumference, which can be dangerous. It is otherwise known as rim speed. 


That said the following chart shows respective speeds for different router bits with larger diameters and higher rim speed.


Bit Diameter

Maximum Speed

Up to 1 inch

24,000 RPM

From 1 to 2 inches

18,000 RPM

from 2 to 2 ½  inches

16,000 RPM

2 ½ to 3 ½ inches

12,000 RPM


13. What Are the Important Accessories of a Wood Router?

We have already discussed about the bits and its various other types, jigs and fixtures. We will now focus on other accessories that are necessary for wood routing.

1. Wrench

You will frequently use a wrench to replace the bits and other stuff, make sure that you have a proper set of wrenches before you start woodworking with a router.

2. Router Table

This is the most important accessory for a craftsman working with a router table. Router tables ensure the maximum control and precision as it allows you to mount the router firmly. Another major advantage of a router table is that your hands are completely free which gives you more freedom to work with. A good router table should have a flat top, base plate, miter slots to fit in miter gauge, and of course, high quality standards.

If you are willing, you can make your own router table, which is quite cost effective!

3. Router Table Fences

They are indispensable for cutting straight. Make sure that you purchase a fence that is easy to install and uninstall. They come in two types: one-piece fence and two-piece or split fence. The former prevents alignment issues and it is particularly easy to use, and the latter can be placed at an offset. 

4. Speed Control Device

A speed control device gives you precise control over the router speed which makes your work more efficient. Investing in this simple device will definitely pay off!

14. What Are the Precautions to Keep in Mind While Using a Wood Router?

Every tool has its own sets of precautions to keep in mind, and obviously a wood router has its own. Please keep in mind these precautions while working with a wood router.

  1. Always switch off and unplug the router before changing bits and adjusting its depth. This will make sure that the router won’t turn on accidentally and cause injuries.

  2.  Always wear some kind of earmuffs or earplugs while working with a router;  this will ensure that the loud noise of the machine won’t damage your hearing.

  3. Always wear a pair of workboots and gloves to protect your limbs from accidental injuries.

  4. And finally, wear a pair of protective goggles to protect your eyes from wood splinters and dust.

I hope you liked the post. If you have something to share about wood routing let us know in the comments below. 

Have a great day ahead!

How To Choose The Best Splitting Maul

choose the best splitting maul
choose the best splitting maul

Well, winter’s comin’!

And it’s time to work hard for the firewood to keep your home warm. For that you need an efficient tool! 

Splitting the wood logs along its grains is much easier with a splitting maul. A nice swing with good technique is all you need to split the log in half instantly. 

But, how to choose the suitable splitting maul? What is the difference between a splitting axe and splitting maul? What should you choose? If you are bothered by these questions, then you’ve landed on the right page!

I will resolve all your questions and tell you how to choose the best splitting maul.

So, let’s dive in!

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Learn who builds the Best Splitting Maul

What is a Splitting Maul?

A Splitting maul is a tool similar to an axe in design; however, it is specifically designed to split the logs along its grains. A splitting maul is  also known as a block buster, block splitter, sledge axe, hamaxe, or a go-devil. It is much heavier than a splitting axe or a normal axe, weighing around 6 to 8 pounds. It has a long handle with a wedge or cone shaped head. 

What is the Difference Between a Splitting Maul and Splitting Axe?

Some people might not know the difference between a splitting maul and a splitting axe. That said, a splitting maul is different from an axe in the following ways:

  • Weight: As mentioned earlier, a splitting maul is heavier than a splitting axe. A splitting axe weighs around 3 to 6 pounds, whereas a splitting maul weighs around 6 to 8 pounds.
  • Head design: The head design of the two tools marks their stark difference. An axe head is tapered and sharper, whereas a maul’s head is wider wedged, flatter, and blunter.
  • Handle length: Another major difference between the two is their handle length. A splitting axe has a shorter handle as compared to a maul. If you want to differentiate a maul from splitting axe, simply measure it with your arm. If the handle is shorter than your arm — then it is a splitting axe and if it is longer — then it is a splitting maul.
  • Handle materials:  A splitting axe’s handle is usually made of wood or some kind of composite materials, on the other hand, a splitting maul’s handle is made up of plastic, fiberglass, hockey or wood.
  • Price difference: If you go to a market you’ll find both tools in the similar price range. However, you will see that you’ll have to pay more for a good quality maul than for a quality splitting axe.

Should you choose splitting maul or splitting axe?

A splitting axe is more versatile as compared to a splitting maul. You can split a wood log and also hack it into smaller pieces with a splitting axe; however, a splitting maul is more suitable for splitting logs and not cutting it into smaller pieces. 

Having said that, you should consider the nature of work before opting for a tool. If you only want to split logs then a splitting maul or go-devil should be your choice. However, if you want to split and cut the wood logs then you are better off with a splitting axe. 

 we will discuss the various factors of a splitting maul to consider before purchase comprehensively in the next section.

How to Choose the Best Splitting Maul?

There are many factors that you need to consider when you are buying a splitting maul. Sure, a splitting maul is a simple tool, but you should always consider these factors before buying a splitting maul:

1. Weight of the splitting maul

It is a major factor while purchasing a splitting maul. The heavier the maul the more efficient it is. Heavier mauls can deliver more force and split the wood in one shot, lighter mauls will require more effort for the same work. Now, you will also need to consider your physical strength so that you may use it efficiently and effectively. 

Heavier mauls will exhaust you faster than a lighter maul, but they are more efficient. That said, strength is still a valid factor. You should not only consider your strength but your adult family member’s strength, so that they may use it properly as well.

2. How well can you balance the splitting maul?

Any tool needs to be balanced to function optimally, and that applies to a maul as well. Typically, a well balanced maul is extremely easy to use. The balance is determined by the weight of the maul’s head in relation to its handle length. 

You may not require any effort to use a balanced splitting maul, just the swing of the maul with right technique will split the log in half. A perfectly balanced maul is handcrafted, and it is usually more expensive. Swinging the maul will tell if how balanced it is.

3. Socket and Single-Piece Forging  

Another important thing to consider is the head mount. Durability of the tool mainly depends upon on its socket quality. Single-piece forging is the best as there is no need for a socket; therefore, head will not fall off during use. However, this does not mean that mounted head mauls are not durable.

Depending on the build quality durability varies, however, socketed mauls always have a chance of head falling off or loosing over time which can be easily fixed. 

4. Handle of the splitting maul

It is very important for the handle to be ergonomic and high quality. The composite material and fibre glass is predominant in the modern mauls which is durable but may not as comfortable. Wood handle mauls are very comfortable but they are very expensive as well. 

Premium models come with anti-slip, anti-shock, and anti-vibration features which make splitting logs easier and protect your hands from unwanted injuries. Pick a model which has a nice comfortable grip with high durability.

5. Wedge 

Obviously, wedge is the is the most important aspect of a splitting maul. A wedge should be sharp as possible despite of common beliefs and it should be heavy and big (6 pounds is usually more than enough). As mentioned earlier, more pounds will be more effective when splitting logs, but sharpness is important as well. A maul’s wedge should not have smooth edges like an axe but it should be sharp.

6. Budget for the splitting maul

Finally, everything boils down to your budget. I would suggest spend more and get a high quality maul which will last for years. If you cannot do that, simply look for a maul that provides the highest possible quality for the price. 

(reference: outdoorgardencare.com)

How to Use a Splitting Maul Safely and Effectively?

First let’s talk about safety, always wear the following while doing the job.

1. Glasses:

You should wear a quality pair of goggles to protect your eyes from splinters. You don’t want a flying splinter to ruin your day or probably your eyesight.

2. Work boots or shoes:

Always wear work shoes or work boots to protect your feet from any kind of injuries.

3. Gloves:

They provide better grip while you using a splitting maul and protect your hands from blisters and other possible injuries.

Also, please keep away people especially children from your working area as they might get injured.

Now, let’s talk about how you can use a splitting maul effectively:

  • First, make sure that you have a chopping block which is sturdy, stable, and leveled. It needs to be approximately about a foot tall or a height that is comfortable for you. 
  • Now, place the log on the chopping block. Please note that log should be from 16 to 20 inches, any more and you’ll have a hard time splitting the logs.
  • Grab the maul’s handle from the bottom with your non-dominant hand, then grab the maul directly below the head with your dominant hand. Keep your feet shoulder width apart. This will be your starting position.
  • Place the wedge’s sharp front along the vertical line or grain of the log.
  • Raise the maul and then swing it aiming at the grain of the log. As you swing your log your dominant hand should slide along the handle and touch your non-dominant hand and hit the log.
  • Snap! You’ve split your log.
  • Place another log or place the piece of an already split log.
  • Go back to your starting position to repeat the process. 

I have discussed all the essential bits about the splitting maul. I hope you’ll find a suitable splitting maul for yourself. Ideally, a 6 pound maul is good as you can work with it for longer hours. Make sure you take safety measures that I have discussed. 

If you have trouble splitting the log in the beginning, don’t worry. Practice and eventually finesse will come. 

If you are reading this before the month of winters, I wish you a very happy Christmas and a safe and comfortable winters!

Also, Have a joyful day ahead! 

10 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Smartwatch


Technology has become a crucial partner of our lives, by facilitating growth, nourishment, and well-being — and providing some fun!

Tech-savvy, like me, can’t get enough of new gadgets and tools. A smartwatch is definitely one of them. However, (many of you don’t know this) the smartwatches have been around for more than a decade. 

They were first introduced by Microsoft back in 2004!

Well, geeky facts aside, smartwatches are quirky devices (in my opinion) that can do many things to make your life easier. They are quite affordable (excluding Apple watch!), come in various shapes and sizes, and pack a bunch of useful features.

Today we are going to look at the cool things your Smartwatch can do

So, let’s dive in!

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1. Find your phone

You are all dressed up for your date, and feel excited about it. You have meticulously groomed yourself for your special day and before you leave; you think — 

“Why not take a selfie?” and suddenly your phone has disappeared into oblivion! 

You have searched all over your place but you can’t find the damn thing. Now, your partner is waiting for you and it’s been almost 15 minutes. Your partner is calling you, but you have kept your phone on silent.

Now you realize that you are in deep, deep trouble. You fear to lose your chance you worked so hard for…

Every tick on the clock is becoming heavier and heavier, eventually, it is crushing your soul!

But there you go, your phone was just hiding under the pillow all the time. 

You take a deep breath, prepare a good excuse and rush to your date!

Thrilling, eh? Well, don’t experience the thrill again, you can use your smartwatch to find your phone by using the ‘Find Phone’ feature. Wherever your phone might be, it will say — 

“I am here!”   

2. Use your favorite apps

A smartwatch is capable of accessing most of your favorite apps from the Play Store or App Store.

In a hurry? want to book a cab? No worries, you can book a cab via Uber on your smartwatch. Want to stay connected with social media? Well, you can install Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in your smartwatch and stay connected.  You can also watch YouTube videos in your spare time if you wish and listen to audiobooks on Audible.

3. Stay up to date with notifications

One of the most interesting features of a smartwatch is that it keeps track of important notifications. You don’t want to miss out on an important mail from a client that might be a once in a lifetime deal! 

A smartwatch is especially handy while you are swimming, running, cycling or exercising at the gym. In these situations keeping a smartphone is rather uncomfortable and impractical. A smartwatch is more convenient and relays notifications in these tight situations. 

4. Manage your calls and messages

You can receive or place a call directly from your smartwatch, I think this is great as you just need to flick your wrist to see who’s calling and decide to receive or place one. You can do this simply by giving a voice command or by accessing the Call app. 

You can also receive and send text via Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or any other preferred application.

It is possible because most smartwatches have an LTE connection, which is another great feature in itself.

5. Track your fitness 

The smartwatch tracks your heart rate, sleep cycles and footsteps. This is a fantastic aid when you are trying to achieve your fitness goals. Sometimes, it just feels good to know exactly how many steps you have walked, it also helps to compare and measure your daily progress. 

This information gives you extra motivation to workout. So, you can keep up with your daily routine without any hassles.

Recently, Omron has launched a smartwatch that can measure blood pressure with FDA approval! This is great for BP patients as they need to constantly check their blood pressure rates to be stable.

6. Navigation

A smartwatch, thanks to its embedded GPS, is well equipped to help you navigate through the unknown terrains or pathways of a city, effortlessly. 

One fantastic thing about a smartwatch that you don’t have to constantly look at your smartwatch’s screen. The smartwatch will vibrate in different patterns indicate whether to turn left, right or go straight.

Apple Watch Series 5 has an inbuilt compass as well!

7. Make payments

You can also make payments via your smartwatch. So, if you are thinking about ordering a coffee from Starbucks or a meal combo from Burger King or Subway. This small smart device can do that as well!

8. Listen to your favorite music

You can download your favorite music streaming application to listen to your favorite songs. Simply pair your wireless earphones with your smartwatch and you’re good to go! Personally, I think this is a crucial feature, as I cannot live without music at all! 

Music makes the passage of time swift and helps you relax while you are traveling. 

9. Use it as a remote 

If your smartwatch has an infrared sensor, then you can use it as a remote to control your home appliances and supported gadgets. I think it would be very convenient to always have a universal remote tied on your wrist! 

10. Other applications

Due to its sensors, like a barometer you can also know the air pressure. Also, you can use a speedometer from the Playstore or App Store if you like. In the Apple watch, you can also measure the noise levels to see if the environment has dangerous noise levels.


You might be considering what smartwatch you should pick, right now the Apple Watch Series 5 is the best option. If you like the flexibility of an android, then the Samsung galaxy watch which has a sweet and satisfying dial should be your choice.

If you are worried about battery life, smartwatch’s batteries have a long battery life before they die. So, no issue! 

Due to their amazing features, smartwatches are becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. But can it completely replace the analog watches? I think not! It is because there is something about those old school watches that people (including myself) can’t resist.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Have a nice day!

Emus4U – Download And Use Emus4U On Your iPhone And iPad

download emus4u
emus4u download and use emus4u

There are plenty of useful apps that are not available on the official app installers. These apps are far more feature-packed as compared to their official alternatives, but finding them is difficult. 

To solve this problem, devs have come up with the third party app installers from which you can access these amazing apps.

Today, we will be looking at such a third-party app installer known as Emus4U and its features. I will discuss how to install and use the application, talk about some amazing applications available via Emus4U, its features, and then I will answer some frequently asked questions.

So, let’s begin!

1. What is Emus4U?

As I mentioned in the introduction, Emus4U is a third-party app installer that gives you access to the library of apps that are otherwise not available on the App Store. These include tweaked apps, modified apps, game emulators and Emus4U exclusive apps. 

These applications offer more features than their stock versions. As they are tweaked or modified, the App Store doesn’t list them in their app library.

2. What are the features of Emus4U?

These are the several features of Emus4U that have made the application popular among the masses: 

1. Huge library of apps

Emus4U has a huge library of applications like Cydia tweaks, HappyClick, and improved versions of stock iOS apps. It also features tweaks that add new features to your iOS device.

2. Fast installation speed 

Emus4U 14% faster than TweakBox, and 90% faster than Cydia. On average, an application only takes 45 seconds to download and install.  

3. No Jailbreak required

Unlike Cydia, which is the original third party app installer that required jailbreak, Emus4U doesn’t require jailbreaking your device. This means you won’t sacrifice your updates, warranty, and the security systems of your device.

4. 100% reliable and secure

The developers claim that their third party installer is the most reliable third-party app store. Every application is thoroughly tested by their developers. Furthermore, they are beta tested several times to iron out bugs and errors, plus an extra check by Emus4U devs before release. 

(please note that smarthonk does not claim or support the reliability of the application, purely because of the nature of the installer and the applications available on it.)

5. Dedicated active support

The application has a team of qualified professionals to handle user related queries and troubleshooting problems.

Some amazing Emus4U Apps


1. PPSSPP Games Free Download

Remember sony PSP back in the 2000s? They were very popular at that time like the Nintendo switch has burst into fame recently. PSP had a lot of interesting games ported directly from Sony PS2 and PS1.

PPSSPP is a game emulator that allows you to play those nostalgic titles on your iPhone, from the classic old ones to the newer ones! The a12 bionic chip is very powerful so it should take care of the game requirements as well. All you need to do is install the PPSSPP application from Emus4U and load your favorite game’s ISO from the web.  You can play Crash Bandicoot, God of War, Burnout, and more! 

There are similar applications available as well in the Emus4U like Gba4iOS, Delta, HappyChick, and NDS4iOS.

2. iFile Manager Download

iOS is often criticized because of the lack of custom options and restrictions. That said, this application allows you to access and manage your system files. This is a useful app which is packed with features not available on stock file managers on the App Store.   

3. Download Nestopia

Does NES ring a bell? Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Contra sure will! Back in the 80s and 90s these games were crazy famous!

These games are still loved by many around the globe. If you want to play these NES games on your iPhone, then Nestopia is your go-to emulator! It doesn’t require any jailbreak and it is free.

4. Vidiyu App

If you are someone who loves video recording and editing, then you must checkout the Vidiyu. It is a professional video editing application with tons of features to offer. Though, It is not a free app but the features it offers is not available anywhere else.

5. Pandora App

If you are someone who loves listening to radio stations, then this should be your go-to application! Pandora has a free version along with a plus and premium one. Check it out sometime, you’ll love it! 

3. What are the devices supported by Emus4U?

All the devices running iOS 13 and below are supported by the Emus4U application. You will only need a supported device and a stable internet connection to install Emus4U and use the available Emus4U apps.

Emus4U also runs on iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Android, Windows PC & Mac.

4. How to install Emus4U?

Follow the instructions given below, to install and use the application into your device:

Step 1: Go to your Safari browser and add the following address https://emus4udownload.org Tap on “Install Emus4U” once the page loads.

open emus4u download website

Step 2: Tapping on “Install Emus4U” will redirect you to a page where you have to tap on “Configuration Profile” Once you tap, a message will pop up asking you to allow or ignore the download, go ahead and tap on “Allow”

allow emus4u download

Step 3: Go to settings and Tap on profile downloaded. (since this app isn’t downloaded from App Store hence you are gonna have to install it going from profile downloaded)

install emus4u by going to settings

Step 4: Select Emus4U App in the profile download option and allow install by tapping on install.

install iosemus

Step 5: Go to the home screen, you should be able to locate the Emus4U App icon. Tap on the icon once you do and explore all the Emus4U Apps available for Free Download.

emus4u apps

You can download tweaked apps like Emus4U Moviebox, Emus4U Instagram++, Emus4U Facebook++, and Emus4U Spotify++. The Emus4U is quite famous for its game emulators like PPSSPP, happyClick etc like I have discussed earlier.

Apps like Emus4U for iOS

  • iOSemus
  • TweakBox App
  • Altstore
  • TweakDoor
  • Top Store App
  • iOS Haven
  • Ignition App

FAQs about Emus4U

1. Why is Emus4U Not working?

If you are experiencing the ‘white screen’ issue,  it is probably because of your browser data that might be interfering with it. So, to fix this issue do the following:

    1. Open Safari 
    2. Clear Website data

If your Emus4U shows the SSL error when you are trying to launch it. Simply close the Safari browser and all the running apps for a minute or two, then open Safari and reinstall Emus4U. 

If that doesn’t work, close Safari and the apps running in the background. Then power off your device for a few minutes then restart it. Download the application again, this should work. If the method doesn’t work then you should contact the Emus4U support on Facebook.

If there is ‘Developer is untrusted’ error, please follow the steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Open your settings.
  2. Go to the profile management section.
  3. There will be a list of application profiles, find Emus4U profile.
  4. Tap it.
  5. If the application profile is untrusted tap to trust the application.
  6. Status should be changed to ‘delete’.
  7. Enjoy your app!

The Devs of Emus4U suggest using a VPN to stop future crashes, as the Apple revokes the certificate of the app. 

2. Is Emus4U safe?

The developers claim that the application is the safest third party installer out on the web. They do provide frequent updates and check the application available via their installer, but Smarthonk cannot claim or support the credibility of their application.

3. Will you get a virus for downloading Emus4u?

The developers claim that their application goes through rigorous testing and it is very safe to use, so you should not encounter any issues that might damage your device. If you have not jailbroken your device you should be safe from worms and viruses.

4. Is Emus4U available for Android?

No, Emus4U application is not available for android devices, instead, the devs suggest using Panda Helper. 

5. How fix Emus4U App Revoke?

Emus4U would be revoked by the Apple security systems if the developers fail to refresh the certificate. If this happens you’ll have to uninstall the app and then install it after 24 to 48 hours. The Emus4U app uses expired certification and that is the reason for this issue, so you can’t really help it. The devs suggest using a VPN to lower the chances of crashes.

So there it is a complete guide on how to use and install Emus4U and what are some interesting apps you can download.

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Drone Photography – The Only Guide You Will Need

drone photography guide
drone photography guide

Have you ever wondered how the land looks like from the skies?

This question has fascinated us as kids and made us imitate the birds soaring high. I believe the Wright Brothers had the same fascination while they were inventing the first aircraft. Still, many will find the view from the top incredible and enchanting!

Drones have given the opportunity to witness Earth’s magnificent terrain from God eye to everyone. They have expanded the boundaries of the photographers’ creative expression, and they are slowly becoming a stable gear as the classic DSLRs.

Like any tool, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have advantages and disadvantages, and a moderate to difficult learning curve. Furthermore, UAVs have some legal guidelines and regulations that you’ll need to follow.

So, let’s dive into a comprehensive guide to drones, in which we will be covering everything from A to Z!

(Note: Each section is a standalone read; you may skip to the required one.)

A Drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), is controlled or automated by a software-controlled flight plans in combination with the GPS and multiple sensors. They have burst into popularity in the past few years because of various applications. Drones are used by the US government for spying, monitoring, offensive and defensive purposes.

Apart from military uses, they well loved by children, tech-enthusiasts and of course, photographers. Consumer and professional grade drones are manufactured with or can be equipped with a camera, respectively, to take pictures and record videos. To ensure stable and clear pictures, most drones come with a gimbal installed.

This incredible piece of tech can be easily misused for criminal activities, so most governments have sanctioned various rules and regulations to control the mal-practices. We will discuss the rules and regulations in the next section comprehensively.

What are Drones rules and regulations you should know?

To begin with, you already know not to stalk, spy, and harass anyone. Keep in mind the simple dignity and boundaries that you should not cross. If a monument or estate specifically states “Taking pictures is prohibited” then you should oblige. Now, different countries and states have different rules and regulations about the usage of drones.

In the USA, there are separate list of laws for hobbyist and commercial users. They are regulated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) which is an agency of the United States Department of Transportation in charge of civil aviation, operation and development of Nation Airspace System.

Now, let’s list the important laws for Hobbyist and Commercial users separately as established by FAA –

1. For hobbyist/ recreational purpose

As an enthusiast or recreational user you must register your drone with FAADroneZone portal/website. According to the rules you must:

  • Use your drone for recreational purposes only.*
  • Follow community-based safety guidelines.*
  • Fly the drone within the CBO (Nationwide Community-based Organisation).*
  • Fly a drone weighing under 55 lbs, unless certified by the CBO.
  • Never fly near other aircraft.*
  • Fly in G class airspace. You need to register with Airspace Authorization to fly in B, C, D or E controlled air space

2. For commercial use

As a commercial user you must obtain a certificate from FAA, and you must:

  • Have a remote pilot certificate.*
  • Fly a drone weighing less than 55 lbs, plus payload at take off.
  • Keep your drone in your visual line of sight.*
  • Fly during daylight and civil twilight.*
  • Keep the speed under 100 mph.*
  • Fly under 400 ft.*
  • Yield right of way to manned craft.*
  • Not fly your drone directly over people.*
  • Not fly your drone from a moving vehicle, unless you are in sparsely populated areas.*
  • Fly in G airspace.

submitting and obtaining Part 107 waiver from FAA waives off the (*) marked rules. Also, you can receive approval for special space authorization from FAA to bypass the G airspace requirement. 

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) allows you to carry your drone while travelling in U.S. domestically with a drone, but in carry-on luggage only.

Please contact FAA for more clarity and queries via their contact information given below. 

Website: www.faa.gov

Email: UAShelp@faa.gov

Phone Number: + 1866 835-5322 

Factors to consider before buying a Drone

We like to possess the best luxury, tools and services, if not chained by the financial boundaries. If you are not a millionaire, then you should consider these factors before purchasing a drone. Anyway, even the millionaires will know their requirements before they do so!

1. Type of drone:

There are two types of drones: in-built camera drones and attachable camera drones which can carry your DSLRs! At first it would seem like attachable camera drones would be better but, the in-built camera drones are a good option to start with. When it comes to camera quality, consumer grade drones are respectable.

2. What’s your Budget for the drone:

Obviously, budget will decide the features and overall quality of your drone. If you are on a tight budget, then look for the best value for money photography drone

3. Size and weight:

Your drones size and weight will determine its portability to a large extent. Having said that, if your are travel photographer you are better off purchasing a drone with a delicate blend of portability, image quality and features.

4. Mega Pixel:

Drones have megapixel size ranging from 2 MP upto 30 MP. When considering the MP size you should think about the purpose. If you want to share your pictures on social media then you should pick 12 MP camera drone. If you want to print your images for exhibition, then consider a 20 MP camera drone. Most 20 MP drones are manufactured with 1” cmos sensor which should give you a decent image quality.

5. Range:  

Range will play a crucial role in photography. Now, DJI’s drones range from 100m to 8000m! It is naturally understood that highest range is for professionals. Enthusiast can settle for DJI Mavic Air which has a range of 4000m. Beginners can start with DJI Phantom 3 standard which has 1000m range.

6. RAW support:

The DNG format is crucial for editing, and you should consider a drone with RAW+JPEG format if you are serious about your craft. You will have a serious disadvantage as a photographer, if you overlook this feature and end up with JPEG format only.

On a side note, beginners should settle for the cheapest alternative to learn operating a drone, and then go for more expensive models. This is because novices will inevitably crash and damage their drones because of lack of experience and practice.

Take these precautions while driving a Drone?

Now, let’s discuss some precautions that you should practice while you flying a drone. Some of these precautions are the same as rules established by FAA. Let’s dive in!

  • Be mindful of weather conditions: No drone is designed to fly in harsh weather conditions such as a blizzard or heavy rain. You can lose your drone or damage it severely in those weather conditions.


  • Keep your drone in your line of sight: People usually only look at the navigation screen while flying a drone. I understand that it is very immersive, but not checking your drone with your own eyes is calling for trouble. You will not be able to assess the distance, or able to know if there is some other objects in which a drone might crash. Also, you stand the risk of going out of range.


  • Never fly above 400 feet altitude: above 400 ft the speed of winds increases. These winds can disturb the flight or fly your drone away from you.


  • Check and Keep Extra Battery: Always make sure your battery is fully charged. Also, carry an extra battery just in case. Most drones have a maximum flight time of 25 minutes, be mindful of the charge percentage.


  • Check for damage: Every machine is susceptible to wear and tear so, frequent inspections are necessary. Replace or repair any damaged parts if needed.


  • Prioritize the drone over taking pictures: Like I mentioned before, flying a drone can be very immersive. Also, photographers tend to pay a lot of attention to their pictures and not to their drone and sometimes they end up losing it!
  • Return to home button: if you lose the signal mid-flight, don’t panic. Most drones are manufactured with a return to home button — just press it. The function will override the signal lost and return the drone back to you. 

3 Types of shots you can take using a Drone

A drone gives you the option to take pictures from the bird’s perspective, and that’s the biggest difference! As described by Boyan and Mike&JP,  It allows you to take three kinds of shots each with their distinctive appeal:

  • Top Down Shots: This is a classic in drone photogragraphy, taking shots of top down view from a drone. The resulting picture is very interesting and appealing with the beautiful geographical features, patterns and shapes.
  • 45° down shots: The blend of height, perspective and depth of  45° down shots results in a majestic picture, if the photographer knows what he is doing. Otherwise, these kinds of shots are only possible if you could stand on a very high vantage point.
  • Horizontal shots: Just shooting horizontally is enchanting in its own way! Which was only possible if you could buy a helicopter earlier, but with a drone it is a piece of cake and cost-effective!

6 Best Drone Accessories you need to have

There are some accessories you will need to make the most out of your drone. I have compiled a list of useful accessories you can consider purchasing. 

1. Monitor Hood:

shooting in the sun can be difficult because of screen glare and comparatively dim brightness of your smartphone screen, a monitor hood is an effective solution for that! They are lightweight, easy to carry and use. Investing a few dollars will save you from a lot of troubles.

2. Antenna Signal Booster:

An antenna signal booster reduces the angle of signal and increases range. This is especially useful for drones with short range, if you don’t feel like upgrading soon then adding this tool would be a great option.

3. Controller Lanyard:

Your controller might fall out of your hands due to some unpredictable accident. You are better off attaching a lanyard to your controller, and wear it around your neck for the controller’s safety. Your mind will be at ease, and you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand. 

4. Launch Pad:

Launching your quad-copter from the dusty ground can scratch, or even damage your expensive device. A launch pad not only protects your drone from dirt, scratches and potential damage, it will also give your drone a safe and convenient landing spot.   

5. Bluetooth tracker:

If your drone doesn’t have a tracker installed, you can install a bluetooth tracker. They have a range of 100 to 300 meters. They are lightweight, compact, versatile and fairly accurate. 

6. Camera Filters:  

Camera filter can help you take better pictures, and adjust to different conditions. Any photographer would carry, especially for their drones — 

  • ND filters: it decreases the amount of light entering the lens.
  • Polarizing filters: they are used to manage reflections and neglect glares.
  • UV filters: They are used to protect the lenses from UV rays, dust and scratches.

What are the Camera modes that you should know of?

Every camera has the standard modes including drones —  auto, manual, aperture priority and shutter priority mode.

1. Auto mode:

Like the name suggests, it adjust the best possible settings automatically for taking pictures in different conditions. 

2. Manual Mode:

Professions prefer this mode because it gives them complete control of all the camera, allowing them to take the best pictures.

3. Aperture priority:

It allows you to select a desired aperture and the camera will select an appropriate ISO for the same. In a drone aperture ranges from 2.8 to 11 f/stops, in which 5.6 aperture is considered to be the sharpest, as tested in DJI modals. 

4. Shutter priority:

Here you choose the desired shutter speed and the camera automatically adjusts aperture for the same. Since drone cameras only go upto 11 f/stops, you need a faster shutter speed. In most cases, shutter speed of 1/50, 1/100 and 1/200 is enough. If you want to know the appropriate shutter speed of your camera, multiply your drone camera’s focal by 2 and then consider other factors.

5. Tripod Mode:

It is similar to ‘P’ mode, and it increases the stability of the camera to take better pictures. However, the DJI drones fly at a much slower speed (1 m/s) in this mode for more stability, which can be used for cinematic shots as well.

8 Best Drone Photography Tips 

Now, let’s discuss some professional tips to improve your drone photography, make sure that you know you drone inside-out to follow along. 

1. Be mindful of ISO:

Professional drone photographers will not go above 200 ISO. In drones 400 ISO will increase grains and spoil the image quality. They will always try to minimize the use of ISO as much as possible to retain the quality (100 ISO for maximum).

2. Use filters:

using properly filters will enhance your image quality. ND (Neutral Density) filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens, allowing you to decrease the shutter speed and take great long exposure shots. Polarizing Filters will neglect any unwanted reflection and glare, giving you a clearer picture.

 3. Add a personal touch:

Everyone is taking pictures from drones out there, and you need to stand out. You can use a distinct color palette, different object or composition. Understanding the rules of photography will help you to develop your own unique style.

4. Use AEB with RAW:

You should combine AEB (Auto exposure bracketing) with RAW format for two reasons:

    1. AEB takes multiple shots with different exposures (3 to 5 shots) and combine them for better dynamic range and contrast. You usually take landscapes with drones, and it is common for certain parts to be under or overexposed. It helps you correct it by merging them in an editing software.
    2. RAW in drones is not as flexible as compared to their DSLR and mirrorless counter parts, but are still significant in post processing. AEB compensates for its comparative inflexibility.

5. Use Histogram and grids:

Histogram presents information of different tones of blacks and whites. However, histogram need not be balance but you still need it sometimes for proper exposure. Grids as you might know helps you to compose your pictures.

6. Research before shoots:

Drone batteries don’t last more than 12 minutes on an average. It better to research the location on foot or by using google maps (satellite images) to be efficient, and not lose your drone!

  • Make corrections before shots: correct exposure, white balance and color temperature before taking the image. Level tilting, if any, to take a straightened image.
  • Post processing: here are a few things you need to keep in mind during post processing: 
  • Increase sharpness to bring out little details.
  • Reduce noise by using selective noise reduction tool.
  • Crop and straighten your image if required.
  • Heal or clone and stamp out unwanted objects.

A word before you go

I hope you like the blog post, and now you know all the important bits about drones. Considering all the factors you should be able to purchase a suitable drone for yourself. I think you might be intimidated to learn so much, but take it slow; one step at a time. Eventually, you will become a master drone photographer! I will see you soon with a new post.

happy adventures!

5 Reasons That Make PewDiePie The Greatest Vlogger

pewdiepie greatest vlogger
pewdiepie greatest vlogger

Felix, better known as PewDiePie, is one of the biggest youtubers. Many aspiring youtubers would definitely like to know the secret of his success. Even if they don’t want to be like him, they would love to take lessons and become more adept at their profession.

In the field of YouTube, or let’s say in the digital field as a whole, no one knows for sure what would work and what wouldn’t. In this case, you are better off learning whatever there is to learn to be relevant.

And who could be better to start with than PewDiePie? I mean, if grandchildren ask us — 

What were the icons of our times?

We would be happily tell them —

“Well my dear, in our times we had PewDiePie, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Friends, Game of Thrones, fidget spinners and what not!”

That must have sounded like a nerd grandpa or grandma, but that’s okay with me. (I know you are totally judging me right now!)

As of writing this post, PewDiePie has around 3,958 videos and 101 million followers. He has been entertaining people around the globe, winning over their hearts like pieces of a huge cake! But what is the secret behind his charm? 

Read along as I unfold the 5 reasons behind Felix’s success!

1. Staying relevant

If you want to send shivers down the spine of any artist, just whisper in his ears— 


There you go, you literally killed him for a moment. Of course, youtubers are just another type of artist. Apart from jokes, it is a serious issue in the creative industry. Right now, Ryan Higa, an amazing youtuber, is going through an art block and he has switched to podcasting.

PewDiePie is like an evergreen meme as he seemingly never goes out of ideas! Everyone likes a good meme, and that is the key to his success. You see, everyone might have a taste for a particular niché, but unconsciously, no one can deny the basic pleasures like a good laugh. 

The basic pleasures appeal to every age group and people from different religions, races, genders or ethnicity. 

The more specific you are, the number of audience reduces. However, you already know that people on the internet is looking for specific things only. Finding the correct balance is the way to go.

Also, Ryan joined YouTube back in 2006, while Felix joined back in 2010. Still, PewDiePie has the most numbers of subscribers, even Dude perfect, second largest YouTube channel only has 45.9 million. 

Before I continue, I must clarify that numbers, by no means, imply that a channel is inferior. It simply means more people are enjoying it. Now, that might sound absurd, but let me give you an example here — 

Would you prefer reading Game of Thrones or Shakespeare’s Macbeth?

You would go for the Game of Thrones, would you not?

It is not like Macbeth is bad or anything; it is a classic written by one of the greatest writers of all time. So, it’s all boils down to time, psychology, need, and most important of all — preference

He seems to have a decent understanding of all these factors, and he uses them to stay relevant.

Of course, there are many factors apart from this. So, Let’s move on to the next point to discuss them further.

2. His style

PewDiePie has a very simple yet distinctive style of vlogging and entertaining people. 

Let’s consider the kind of videos he does: Roasts, Rants, Playthroughs, Meme Reviews, and every other out of the box thing he can think of!

I doubt that anyone could attempt to copy him and get away with it. This is because he does things that would otherwise make his fanbase furious: click baits, silly jokes, taking a lot of risks and most of he all — he stays natural and carefree.

Which is common for youtubers after they reach a certain count of subscribers, but Felix has always been like that from the beginning. I mean, there is a complete video of him screaming like a kid while playing horror video games;

and people love it!

As Charlie from Charisma on Command puts it, he blatantly ridicules himself and we have nothing to be angry about. His audience can’t help but adore him for that!

Also, the topics on which he makes videos is not the center, but he is the center of his videos.

People love to see him react and give his uncanny, funny and natural responses. I mean, even I can play Minecraft like he does, but I doubt anyone would ever enjoy it! 

Having said that, his editing is rather simple compared to other youtubers like MKBHD and Ryan Higa. You won’t find anything fancy but a lot of puns, memes, jokes and silly things.

People instinctively gravitate towards individuals whom they can rely on, his carefree and natural responses make people trust him and his vulnerability reflects their hearts. This gives Felix’s audience a sense of comfort, and it is a great quality to possess as an artist.

3. He is unpredictable

People love things and situations which are unpredictable’. 

Unpredictable things add a tinge of excitement to the mix. When you don’t know what will happen, you are definitely staying till the end. This is the very reason behind the ancient trend of gambling.

When PewDiePie and T-Series were at a virtual war which each other, Felix said that he would reveal his secret weapon in one of his videos — Book Reviews! That video is silly, but you can thoroughly enjoy it. That’s where he shines, his unpredictability grips the attention and his goofy attitude keeps his audience on board.

There was his one time when he made roast videos and rants about T-Series (Bitch Lasagna!). He received a lot of hate from Indians. Behind the scenes, he raised funds for underprivileged children of India. That must have won the Indians, and they might have cherished the fact that he was just making an exaggerated joke!

Remember that one time when PewDiePie said he would delete his channel after reaching 50 million subscribers? he did but his second channel that he made to mock another youtuber. He further joked that he would delete his channel after reaching 100 million subscribers…

Damn you Felix, you’re hilarious!

4. He can handle a lot of pressure

Sometimes people go too far with their jokes, Felix did it as well and he couldn’t get away with it. 

I am talking about the Anti-Semitic vlog after which Disney canceled the contract with PewDiePie, and his YouTube Red series stopped. Felix is considered the ‘face’ of YouTube, and the contract with Disney would have made him even more popular. It was a great loss on his part.  

He stated that he was trying to show how the world is a crazy place by referring to Fiverr — a freelancing platform on which anything can be bought for $5. Obviously, some of his fans knew he was joking, and he further stated in his Tumblr post — 

“I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes.”

However, the damage had already been done and there was nothing to do about it. He was blamed for misusing his power as the biggest youtuber to promote Anti-Semitic notions, and he couldn’t shake it off. I am not sure who was to blame for this, but the situation got out of control pretty quickly.

Just try to understand the pressure he was in — world’s biggest influencer of the time was referred to as closet Neo-Nazi. The time was certainly the darkest in his career, but eventually, time itself took care of everything.

5. He is humble

Although every artist likes to believe that he or she is humble, not everyone can live up to it.

When you watch PewDiePie’s vlogs, they feel genuine and you instantly feel comfortable because Felix himself is very comfortable. Somewhere down the line in his career, he dropped the notion of ‘people pleasing’, which has become a standard in the influencer industry. That decision has become his biggest strength.

He started doing experiments, came up with unique ways to entertain people and presented his ideas; and his fans loved it! Also, Consider his position, huge followers might seem like something you want, but eventually it is a lot of responsibility. He could have easily lost his humility somewhere down the line, but he didn’t!

I think Marvel’s Spiderman is famous for the same reason, he is more human than a superhero. PewDiePie is the same, he is so human and vulnerable which makes him very easy to relate with and love. He is for everyone, like the savoury hotdog sold on the streets for a few cents that everyone relishes.   

It is a simple quality, but a great one to imbibe. If nothing take this one thing from him. To understand how he has grown over the past decade, just watch his 100 million play button unboxing. Even if you are not a fan, you will love it!

A word with you   

Becoming a youtuber is a big challenge, and there is a lot of work. You have to discover your style, your area, your values, and your audience. This requires constant learning and improvement, and no one knows how you’ll turn out. So, take the lessons I have discussed and nourish them. I am sure if not a star youtuber, you will become a beautiful person. 

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I think you have that one friend who is good for nothing but makes amazing jokes and makes your happier. Eventually, you begin to care for him and he becomes your family. PewDiePie is no different!  

PewDiePie has married recently, and oh, what an occasion it was! It felt like the entire world is celebrating, especially the Memers! 

I hope you enjoyed my post, and I will see you soon!

Electric Scooter Safety Tips

electric scooter safety tips
electric scooter safety tips
source: Razor.com

Electric Scooters have become popular in the past few years. However, the concept and innovation have been around since 1895! They are compact yet so fun to ride that you don’t really feel riding on two small wheels (applies even if your scooter has three). They are manufactured for both adults and children, with various features depending on the cost. Soon, they will be a trend along with hoverboards!

The precautions for an electric scooter are the same as of any two-wheeler vehicles, but the structure of the scooter and its compact size change things a little. So, let us look at the safety precautions that you must take before going on your adventurous ride!

1. Prioritize wearing a helmet

Even though the size of your scooter is compact, it can rev up pretty quickly and has a decent speed. This is not a bike your are riding, which is more sturdy and stable because of its heavy mass and stronger build.
Once you are thrown off balance, you can inflict some serious injuries to yourself. Honestly, electric scooters are not as dangerous as bikes, but when you ride a two-wheeler, there is nothing protecting you from accidents. So, why take chances in the first place?
You should at least wear a helmet as a protective gear, it wouldn’t hurt if you add knee pads and elbow guards.

Well, helmets have their own variety to begin with. Let’s consider four types:

1. Full-face helmet: These helmets provides the best safety and are suitable for any ride and is the most common type.

2. Open face helmet: These helmets are preferred for scooters, cafe racers and cruisers. There is no chin protection, which makes it slightly less preferable than full-face in terms of safety. But if you want to feel the air on your skin, then you are good to go.

3. Modular helmet: These helmets are also known as flip-up helmets, in which the chin bar along with visor can be flipped up thanks to its hinge design. Again, it is preferred by cafe racers, cruisers and scooters for the feel of air on the face. This is the second best type of helmet in terms of safety, and it looks stylish as well!

4. Half helmet: This type is preferred for electric scooters, bicycles and hoverboards. They provide the least type of protection but they are popular among teens.

2. Know your tracks

First, let’s consider the structure of your electric scooter. It is a compact machine with two small wheels, a ramp to stand on and a handlebar shooting upwards from the front. Any two-wheeler will slip on a wet track or a track full of rubble and dust. Obviously, an electric scooter is no different because of its small wheels, which will have a hard time to maintain its grip on a wet track. Not to mention, its low ground clearance is not meant for bumpy tracks.

You don’t want to slip or damage your ride; therefore, ride on dry, rubble free and fairly plain tracks.

3. Avoid riding during a storm or rain

Well, electric scooters, even the expensive ones, are not designed to ride during rain or storms. It has electric parts that can easily short-circuit.
Let’s take reduced visibility into account, which makes riding during unfavorable weather conditions very dangerous, let alone inconvenient. The scooter’s structure will give you an added disadvantage.

So, riding in favorable weather is your best bet!

4. Practice invisible riding

“Eh, Invisible? what the heck?”

Listen, there are mostly three types of vehicles large vehicles like trucks and buses, small ones like cars and then there are two-wheelers.

“Why a separate category though? they could have easily fit in the small category.”

Absolutely right! but if you go from the most visible to the least, then you would divide the vehicles into three types, like we have done. Two-wheelers are the least visible type of all, especially from a distance. This is one of the major causes of accidents.

Invisible riding simply means that you assume you are invisible to others on roads and take extra precautions. Like braking at the right moment, giving hand signals when turning, wearing high contrast clothes to increase your visibility, etc. This increases the percentage of your safety by a decent margin.

Also, when riding in the city, you are better off maintaining the ideal speed of 20 mph, as the city roads are comparatively more unpredictable than usual roads.

Some cities and towns have dedicated lanes for two-wheelers, and they are safer alternatives of your usual routes. Sure, you still need to take precautions there as well, as there are still people riding along with you.

5. Maintain your ride

Every machine which has moving parts is prone to wear and tear. So, it wouldn’t hurt if you took care of your scooter once in a week or so. Let’s look at the different parts of your ride and how to take care of them:

Tires: make sure they are properly inflated, which is essential for proper braking. If the tires have worn out, change them as soon as possible.

Batteries: when they die, do not settle for cheaper alternatives, buy a quality battery to prevent fire breakout.

Frame: Ensure that all screws are properly tightened and apply lubricant where necessary. You should check the users’ manual for instructions.

Brakes: Ensure that the brakes are working effectively. If they don’t, it would be wise to see a mechanic to check the problem or replace the brakes.

Chain/belts: make sure that they are properly tightened, which means not too loose and not too tight. The tightness of the chain or belt can be adjusted with a wrench. 

Apart from maintenance, perform a check of your electric scooter’s tires, frame and brakes every time before you set off for your adventure!

6. Install a rear-view mirror

Electric scooters do not have a pre-installed rear-view mirror. They certainly take away the charm of your scooter a little, but they add to your safety. This can be a profitable trade depending on your preference. 

However, we recommend that you install a rear-view mirror if you can.

7. Be mindful of the throttle

Electric scooter pick up quickly, which can easily lead to an accident, if you are not aware. You need to understand how much throttle you need, to reach and maintain a certain speed limit. Of course, this is simple and everyone knows it, but people still grow reckless and meet their demise.
Make sure you don’t do the same!
Also, being mindful of your surroundings increases the safety percentage multifold, and it makes the ride more fun!

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8. Avoid using earphones

Any distraction is dangerous while commuting in any vehicle. It has become a trend using headphones or earphones, while riding a bike or an electric scooter. 

Yes, you will not probably injure yourself immediately, but again, why take the risk when you don’t have to? 

A word before you go

If you are a beginner, then this might be the reason you are reading this blog. Well, anything you learn if difficult at first but eventually, you get used to it and enjoy it. So, take a deep breath and relax and don’t overthink about falling or possibility of an accident. Just learn the important bits and you are good to go.

Eventually, when you get used to it, you will see that riding has become your second nature. At that time, you don’t have to think about the safety precautions as they will have become a part of you! 

Have a safe ride!

iOSEmus – How To Install, Use & Resolve Errors?


Apple is undoubtedly a leading name in the mobile phone industry. Majority of states population in the today are using Apple iOS based devices for its standard quality as compared to the other companies. iPhones are classy, sophisticated, best in the business and just overall fantastic. However, there are people who are not so happy with the chosen operative system of phones. 

Apple Product users who are hesitant because of the restrictions that Apple forces upon its users in the iOS structure. The system does not give room to any customization by third-party developers, individual programmers or even the users. A lot of interesting applications are not even available or allowed to be downloaded in the iOS app store because of its stringent security reasons. 

Customers tend to have a mentality where they need to be assured about getting the best from their investments. With certain restrictions on the phone, people prefer to find alternative methods of doing so. Bypassing the restrictions or popularly termed as Jailbreaking is a common term among apple users who like to have full control over their device. The process of jailbreaking allows to customize its iOS, change the default look of the phone, lets you download the application from app stores other than iOS and just run your phone according to your terms rather than being limited to only iOS options. 

Is Jailbreaking legal in the United States?

Jailbreaking is not considered illegal in the U.S.A so far. However, it is a blessing that comes in disguise for the users. Once you interfere with the operating system of the phone, it is considered as a violation of the warranty which means if a problem arises in your phone, official apple stores will not be accountable to consider it under warranty. Basically, by jailbreaking the user is devouring itself of the Apple safety net. 

Even though jailbreaking your phone gives you access to many features, compromising the security of your device is a gamble that you play on your risk. 

There were alternatives like Cydia which could be used for various application of iOS. But after the launch of iOS 11, applications like Cydia also came along with certain restrictions. 

With time, the market has seen a better third party app installer for Apple phones that provides the various tweaked applications not available on the app store and is compatible with the iOS as well- iOSEmus.

What will you learn about iOSEmus here?

1. What is iOSEmus?
2. Features of iOSEmus
3. How to install iOSEmus
4. How to use iOSEmus
5. How to fix the errors?
6. Alternatives to iOSEmus

What is iOSEmus?

iOSEmus stands to be the top-ranked third-party app installer today. It lets the user download their favorite applications, emulators and iOSemus games in their iPhones which are not available on the Apple store. The interface of iOSEmus is user-friendly and doesn’t even require the Apple id of the user. One major reason for the success of iOSEmus is that it doesn’t require jailbreaking the device, unlike the other applications.

After the release of iOS 10, the devices do not support any jailbreak tool and the chances of getting all these new apps and games after upgrading your device to iOS 10 are almost negligible. Regardless of the update, iOSEmus allows you to customize the phone according to your needs and whims without getting it jailbroken.

The sole reason for coming up with the application was to get the advantages of an alternative source of application for iOS without breaking the security bandwidth of the iOS in apple phones. What’s great is that the application is made available in the app store all around the globe.

Not only will it keep your phone protected, but it also will not ask for your apple id and other relevant information that might jeopardize your privacy. There are various applications like iOSemus MovieBox, Download, vShare, flux and more that can be launched using this application installer without putting the security of your iOS as stake.

Moreover, you will find all the applications missing out from the apple store. The advanced version of mainstream applications like Youtube, Instagram, Spotify and more will also be available like Youtube ++, Instagram++, Spotify++ which possess better features than the original versions. Some of the other popular apps available on iOSEmus are PokeGo, Happy Chick, MediaBox, CotoMovies, GBA4iOS and more.

Features of iOSEmus

There are a lot of features in the application that makes it convenient, iOSEmus is safe and easy for all the Apple users. Some of the most important ones are:

1. iOSEmus is easy to Install

Like any other normal application, installing iOSEmus on your iPhone is relatively simple and a no brainer. Customers need not require jailbreaking their iPhones or even entering the App Store to download this application on the phone. It is available free of cost in the apple store.

2. No privacy intrusion

As mentioned, while installing the application on the phone, the app will not ask for the apple id of the user or any other private information like ID proof, payment details, address proof or access to camera and documents that can put your private information in any kind of risk.

3. User-friendly interface

The interface is made to be very user-friendly. There are no complicated choices and selections to opt from. It is pretty basic and devoid of any bugs and errors.

4. iOSEmus is Legal

The most important feature of this application is the authenticity of the application in the apple store. It is legal to use the application in the U.S.A and other parts of the country. Since it doesn’t require jailbreaking the system, the user is unlikely to encounter any sort of malware issues.

5. No Storage Issues

Unlike other application installers, iOSEmus doesn’t require a lot of storage space on your phone and doesn’t bring a lot of cached files alone. Also, since it includes a cache cleaner of its own, it cleans any extra cached memory itself.

6. High Speed

All the applications and games can be downloaded from iOSEmus at a very high speed and it doesn’t engage a lot of data while doing so. Even if the user encounters any kind of errors, there’s a very quick recovery from the problems.

How to install iOSEmus?

Downloading the iOSEmus application in your iOS device is a pretty simplified and straightforward process followed by a few uncomplicated steps.

STEP 1:  Before you go ahead and install the same, make sure you are in a range of either a good Wi-fi coverage or fast speed cellular data. 

STEP 2:  Ensure that you have killed all the background apps before commencing the process.

STEP 3:  Go to your Safari browser and on the address bar, type out the link iosemus-app.com

go to isoemus-app.com

STEP 4:  Download the new version from the options & allow the download.

ios profile downloaded

STEP 5:  Go to settings tab on your iPhone & tap profile downloaded option.

iphone settings

STEP 6:  Select iOSEmus app in the profile downloaded option & allow the install by tapping on Install.

iosemus install 

STEP 7:  Voila! the app is installed, now you can find the app icon on your home screen and open the app and begin installing the Apps.

open iosemus

You can now download apps like Tweaked PokéGO, Spotify++, MediaBox etc.

How to use iOSEmus?

Once you have installed the app on your iOS device, here is the starter pack on how to use the iOSEmus installer on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Launch the app once you have located the iOSEmus logo.
  • If an icon pops up that says untrusted developer error, go to your settings option and trust the app.
  • Go back and open the application again, once you have trusted the app in settings, it will open smoothly.
  • Search for your desired applications, emulators, games and more
  • Press the button, next to the app you want to download.
  • Make sure your internet connection is at high speed and wait for the download to finish. 
  • Install the app once it is downloaded and spot the icon on your home screen after it is done.
  • Launch the app and enjoy!

How to fix iOSEmus errors?

Since iOSEmus is a third party application and not the home app of apple, there might be some bugs and errors encounters on the screen due to strict apple rules. However, getting rid of these errors is an easy process and doesn’t harm the normal functioning of your phone. 

  • As explained earlier, the first method to fix the error pop up is by heading to your settings trusting the iOSEmus app in Profile and Device management.
  • In rarest of the rare cases, the app might crash as soon as you download it. You have to simply uninstall the app, kill it and download it again. Refresh and launch the app again, it will be working well now. 

4 Best alternatives to iOSEmus

Even though iOSEmus is one of the best third-party app installers for iOS, there are tons of other alternatives for iPhone users to know the best market for their applications. Some of the good alternatives to iOSEmus are: 

1. Hackstore for iOS and Mac devices


Hackstore is one of the few third-party application installers that have an abundance of applications in its store whether paid or unpaid. Along with the applications already available on the Apple store, Hackstore is like a genie in the bottle that grants you the wish of any and every app that you desire. The administration of the app is absolutely free and no registration fee is required whatsoever to have full access to all the applications in the Hackstore.

2. Apprecs for iOS


Apprecs is more so a complimentary app than an alternative app to iOSEmus. The most common problem that arises when a user is trying to locate a legitimate app on the app store is all the applications with fake surveys and hoax reviews makes it to the top of listicles and all the authentic and elite ones get lost in the pool of apps. It is hard to differentiate the authentic reviews and the garbage ones, this is where Apprecs comes in. it utilizes an extraordinary calculation to separate out the untrustworthy and fake audits in the application and comes up with curated manual channel choices to find the right apps. Apprecs definitely gives you a more insightful and a better preview of the framework of any app store.

3. Cydia Download on all iOS Devices

cydia jailbreaking

Cydia was the leading third-party app installer before iOSEmus came into the market. The fundamentally strong app store worked only for jailbroken gadgets and does the exact same job as iOSEmus. Not only does it let you download the apps that are originally not available on apple store form alternative sources but it also lets you customize the settings, the display and the overall functionality of your ios device.

It is basically a one-stop-shop for all the setting changes, application and features that Apple doesn’t permit. However, since it works only on jailbroken gadgets, the user needs to take a risk of losing the security veil of Apple once they decide to jailbreak the device. Any errors, bugs or complications that fall outpost jailbreaking, Apple doesn’t stand accountable for the same.

4. Imods 


IMods is genuinely the best alternative to the iOSEmus app installer. Since this app installer doesn’t require the jailbroken gadgets, is a good option to get access to the cutting edge application with amazing features that are not available on the Apple store. The iMods app store is available for all the iOS user in iPhone, iPad and iPods as well. The user just needs to download the application from the browser and customize the icons and changes in your mobile phone as they please.


Overall, iOSEmus is a third party installer app that enables us to enjoy apple users the tweaked and modified apps that are not available on the original apple store. The application works smoothly on all iOS based devices and doesn’t require a jailbreak to get access to. All the apple users now can have access to the advanced and premium apps at free of cost without putting out their private information at jeopardy and the apple security and warranty at stake.

Top 9 Hoverboard Safety Tips and Precautions

Similar to a Segway in terms of functioning, a hoverboard is a two-wheeler scooter without any handle to hold on to. One has to balance oneself on it as its movement is completely dependent on the rider’s weight balance. When the rider shifts their body weight to the left, it turns left. It turns right when the body weight is shifted to the right. 

Ever since its launch a few years ago, hoverboards have been a hot selling item in several countries, including the US. From kids to senior citizens, people of all age (and size) want to get their hands (err, feet) on it. As cool and flick a hoverboard may look, using it is not a child’s play.

A few weeks ago, a man was caught falling backwards and sandwiching his own child to death. The freak incident was caught on a video camera. There have also been incidents where hoverboards’ batteries have exploded. 

As a result, it is advisable to take all sorts of necessary precautions and follow the safety tips pertaining to riding a hoverboard. Following is a compilation of hoverboard safety tips and precautions:

Hoverboard Safety Tips and Precautions

1. Use the right Hoverboard

While most Hoverboard manufacturing companies do take the necessary safety measures, there are Chinese variants which don’t really take those safety measures.

Hence, it is extremely vital to opt for a hoverboard which complies with the safety standards. A model with UL 2272 certification is a universally accepted safety standard for hoverboards. You must visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

2. One size does not fit all

What may be perfect for your friend, may not be right for you. There are several varieties of Hoverboard available in the market. When buying a hoverboard, you also need to ensure whether your desired model is right for you or not. If you are an adult, you should not ride a hoverboard for kids.

Likewise, kids should not ride a hoverboard meant for adults (unless their size allows them to). On average, a hoverboard is 7” wide and can carry a person weighing up to 100 kgs (220 lbs). If you need something wider or if you are heavier, you would need to purchase a hoverboard with respect to your requirements.

3. Learn how to fall

 This safety tip is usually overlooked not just by riders, but also by instructors. If you don’t know how to fall safely, don’t get on a hoverboard. Whether it is mentioned in the instruction manual or not, learning how to fall should be on the top of your hoverboard precautionary measures.

If you are an adult, you are more likely to injure yourself after a fall than if you are a child. Why? Science. The speed, mass, and height affect the magnitude of the fall. Therefore, should you fall, duck a little and make yourself smaller before falling forward and rolling subsequently.

4. Wear the necessary safety gear

I have been skateboarding ever since I was a kid. Even today, when I step on a skateboard, I make sure I’m wearing a helmet. Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, never use a hoverboard without a helmet.

You need to buy yourself a skateboarding helmet. They are hard, sturdy, and light in weight. All that and does what it’s supposed to do – protects your head. In fact, don’t just limit your safety checks to a helmet, especially if you are a rookie.

Wear proper gear such as knee guards, elbow guards, etc. In addition to that, don’t forget to wear proper footwear. Shoes, not slippers.

5. Explore the riding surface

Most hoverboards are not made to be used on the roads or the streets. Since their wheels are tiny and not very sturdy, (unless specifically mentioned) their usage should be limited to indoors.

Having said that, before you take your Hoverboard for a spin, it is extremely critical to inspect the surface you are planning to ride the machine on. The surface must be dry and free from any obstacles (including, but not limited to, furniture).

6. Getting on and off

 Learn how to get on a Hoverboard and also learn to disembark safely. The latter is slightly difficult compared to the former. When you set your feet on a hoverboard, you just need to make sure that you step forward while distributing the weight on the entire foot.

Also, stepping forward means you can see what is in front of you. However, at the time of getting off a hoverboard, you should step backwards. Therefore, practice getting on and off your hoverboard before you take it for a spin.

7. Get the right posture

When it comes to riding a hoverboard, there is a right way, as well as plenty of wrong ways. Albeit it may not seem like, your posture is the most essential element to keep you safe. Since its movement depends mainly on the rider’s posture, one major mistake can make it fatal for the rider.

One of the most common mistakes made by most hoverboard riders is that they keep their feet too close. There should be a wide stance, as wide as possible. Additionally, stand upright, unless you are preparing to fall. So, work on your posture before advancing or changing gears. Having said that, it is easy to ride it safely. 

8. Look in front of you

When I was learning how to surf, one of the key lessons my instructor gave me was to look in the front. Always. The same applies when you go snowboarding. Or skating. Or any such activity where balance plays the most important role. Looking at either of your sides whilst riding a hoverboard would shift your weight and put you off balance. That can likely result in your fall. Therefore, always look in the direction your hoverboards is moving.

9. Go slow and steady

You must have heard the adage – slow and steady wins the race. It is absolutely true for hoverboarding. No matter how many hours of experience you have been riding a hoverboard for, do not go too fast.

The battery-operated scooter is infamous for blasting due to short circuit or battery failure. Also, unlike a skateboard, it is not designed for tricks and stunts. If you need to ride it fast or want to carry out some sleep stunts, you should consider buying a scooter.


There is no doubt that riding a Hoverboard promises a joyride. But it is also essential to take every single precautionary measure to ensure that it remains a joyride.

It is true that injuries are a part and parcel of riding any machine, but there is no harm in doing everything you can to avoid it. Following these hoverboards safety tips will not only keep you safe but also ensure that you have fun while riding it. Fun, after all, is the desired result, isn’t it?