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Cheap Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen – Top 5

Sony FDRAX33Filmmaker-Smart2.7 x 3.1 x 6 (1.3 lbs)4K 30fps / 1080p 6 fpsYesYes
Canon Powershot G7X Mark IIProfessional-Smart4.17 x 2.4 x 1.65 (0.7 lbs)1080p 60 fpsyesNo
DJI Osmo ActionAdventurist-Smart2.5 x 1.65 x 1.37
(0.27 lbs)
4k 60 fps/ 2.7k 60fps/ 1080p 240 fpsYesYes
Canon Vixia HF R800Outdoor Beginner-Smart2.1 x 2.3 x 4.6 (0.51 lbs)1080p 60fpsYesYes
Logitech c922 Pro WebcamIndoor Beginner-Smart3.74 x 1.73 x 2.80 (0.35 lbs)1080p 30fps/ 720p 60fpsNo ScreenNo

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List Of Cheap Vlogging Cameras Under $700


Sony is definitely a known brand when talking about a camera. Overview of the features in this new vlogging camera is sure to interest you to buy it.

  • This vlogging camera lets you capture the finest details with a 4K full HD resolution. With the high resolution you can enjoy vibrant and extremely realistic images as the image is 4 times more detailed.
  • The camera body is over 30% smaller and over 20% lighter than the previous model making more sleek and easy to handle.
  • Even when moving the camera while recording you need not worry about the footage as the advanced image stabilization delivers a complete blur-free footage. Balanced optical steady shot moves the entire optical block at once, thus maintaining the integrity of the optical path and helping in reducing distortion in videos and even in still photos.
  • For a night shot, this camera uses infrared light to capture images in darkness.
  • It comes with manual controls for complete customization. It also uses the multi-purpose manual ring to adjust zoom, focus, exposure, IRIS, shutter speed, AE shift, or white balance shift mode after using the manual button to select the mode, you can customise your picture as per your taste. The viewfinder also offers an accurate image preview for you to see the corrected image.
  • It also has a 20.6 MP still image mode just in case you don’t want a video anymore. You can capture high quality images with the still camera as well.
  • A good Audio quality is another reason to get the Sony AX33 instead of a high end DSLR to shoot video.
  • You can Connect, control, backup and share wirelessly with NFC2/Wi-Fi. Makes your work a lot easier.
  • Well, this vlogging camera offers a range of features which certainly apppels to a wide range of users. With the prices and features, it gets tough to pinpoint the flaws in it. Though one can mention the limited optical zoom it offers to state one thing.

Bottom Line ​

All in all, Sony FDR AX33 has all the features and technologies to make it a worthy competitor to other camera brands. Also, the cost that it sells with is less as compared with the others. Hence, it leaves no reason to not consider it as a good buy.


The all new, next generation model of the bestselling PowerShot G7 X, comes with a large sensor within a sleek, compact body. It is a part of Canon’s premium range of compact cameras.
20.1-megapixel 1-inch sensor

  • The Canon G7X Mark II is designed to engage the individuals who need a gadget that offers a high level control and incredible picture quality, yet spaces into your pocket. It could be viewed as travel friendly for the individuals who use greater cameras like , for example, a DSLR or CSC.
  • It’s an upgrade on the G7X, bringing little yet helpful updates – It highlights manual control and raw format shooting, making it especially for the enthusiasts.
  • Its sleek design and a useful grip on the front of the camera makes it easier to handle.
  • With all of the control buttons placed on the right-hand side of the camera, allows you to make adjustments with ease.
  • A screen that tilts all the way forwards as well as downwards facilitates shooting at various angles. Also, the touchscreen allows setting modes, focus and operate other options easily.
  • The new DIGIC 7 image processor, which not only enhances the picture quality in low light conditions but also delivers shots with a higher resolution. DIGIC 7 not only improves image quality, but also uses the information from the sensors for a better performance. This improves AF(Autofocus) in situations with low colour intensity and low contrast. Also, it enables improved sound reduction when making videos at mid to high ISO speeds.
  • It also has some new shooting modes such as “Panning”, “Time-lapse movie” and “Short Clip (Movie)” which makes vlogging easier as it saves time from further editing the videos using complex software.
  • Most fundamentally, and above all for the enthusiasts, is the absence of viewfinder. Apparently, Canon has chosen to forget this to spare space, yet both Sony and Panasonic have discovered approaches to fuse little viewfinders into their ranges of compact models.

Bottom Line

It is true that it is an extremely compact travel-friendly camera with impressive features for the user. But, it also is relentless expensive – it costs double the cost of Canon’s entrance level DSLR, so it isn’t actually a motivation to buy. In case you’re on a financial limit, it would be wise for you to wait for the cost to drop as the camera ages.


  • The dual-screen of Osmo Action is a 1.4-inch color screen on the front that lets you be in the frame while you shoot the video, an added advantage for the selfie enthusiasts. You can switch screens with just a tap.
  • With A Quick Select button on the left, you can switch between various shooting modes that the camera offers: slo-mo mode (240fps in 1080p), voice control, and the option of shooting timelapses and hyperlapses.
  • RockSteady delivers stable, shake-free footage even when you are on the move. You can unscrew the front lens cover of the camera to attach various filters for your photo or video; the camera comes with a neutral density, polarizer and underwater filters. Being screw-mounted, these filters are a lot easier to switch.
  • It lets you shoot videos with a greater attention to detail using HDR videos that adjust automatically when transitioning from lighter to darker areas. It captures the footage without losing any of its details in the background with complex lighting.
  • A watertight seal and a hydrophobic coating on the back touchscreen allows you to shoot videos in water at depths of up to 11 meters.
  • 8x Slow Motion lets you capture every move with utmost clarity and detail, with 1080p resolution and 240fps.
  • A manual and semi-automatic setting for Custom Exposure Settings Shoot allows up to 120 seconds of exposure.
  • When capturing videos with high dynamic range when moving, the camera may struggle a bit with the image stabilization in the HDR mode. It needs an external microphone for a good audio quality. Also, there is unavailability of its official accessories. It prevents live streaming of videos from the camera.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a rugged, capable 4K action camera to accompany you for your adventures and you don’t already own a recent GoPro, then the Osmo Action is definitely a worthy option.

Its front color screen makes it particularly suitable for vlogging and due to its superior shutter speed options it makes for a more flexible choice for advanced users

Also its lighter on your pockets as compared to its competitor GoPro, making a more affordable selection.


The drone company DJI has launched the DJI Osmo Action, which plans to go ahead to make its mark as an action camera with its variety of interesting features.

  • The 57x Advanced Zoom allows you to create videos with clarity and wide vision which covers the complete action you are shooting. Canon’s sophisticated SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer helps shoot sharp and steady handheld videos. It ensures smooth, distortion free videos when shot on the move.
  • A 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor captures in true high resolution. It delivers clear life-like full HD video with natural color, even in low light.
  • The powerful DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor captures more light for brighter, virtually noise-free images even in dark surroundings.
  • A lightweight and compact body implies you can have the camcorder prepared for those remarkable moments, with no reason to stress over it occupying baggage space for your travel and family trips
  • It features a 3.0-inch touch panel LCD screen that’s bright and clearly visible, even outdoors in the sun, with rich, natural color. This can be use to explore the exciting editing features it offers.
  • It delivers customizable recording options like flexible Slow and Fast Motion.
  • You can record slow-motion images at speed settings down to 0.5x and also creating movie-like slow-mo effects without the need to edit it separately using other applications. For recording Fast motion videos, it allows a top speed of 1200x, recording an incredible 20 hours of action in a single one-minute scene. You even have an option to choose speed settings of 300x and 600x for added flexibility while recording.
  • Zoom Framing Assist helps keep distant subjects in the frame, making it easy for you to focus and zoom on your object of concern. Also available in auto or manual mode.
  • This camcorder isn’t as physically appealing as compare to other sleeker models. Its square removable battery sticks fumblingly out of the back, making it look out-dated and bulky. It additionally battles to create quality pictures in case of low light. It lacks internal memory and SD card is also not included.

Bottom Line

Canon VIXIA HF R800 camcorder delivers an impressive high-definition 1080p at a comparatively low price. Its Built-in features and modes available greatly reduce the need to edit the photos or videos late. Image stabilization provides a professional video quality. The hand strap provides extra grip for a steady recording when on the go.


Logitech is a leading company when considering to buy a webcam. Their newer model C922 Webcam, which comes with features better than the previous models. The C922 is optimum for recording, game streaming, or video conferencing – to fulfill all of your webcam needs.

  • It lets you connect with superior clarity every time you go live on channels like Twitch and YouTube and is capable of streaming and recording high-quality videos with crystal-clear audio, as you want you your audience to witness a high quality footage.
  • You can broadcast your gameplay in 1080p which deliver the footage with exciting details without dropping audio, autofocus feature and a wide 78-degree field of view. The premium autofocus has the capability to automatically adjust to flickering room lights or multiple computer screens.
  • It works efficiently with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, macOS X 10.9 or higher, XBox One, Chrome OS, Android v5.0 or above, all you need is a USB port to get started.
  • Its two integrated omnidirectional microphones with noise-reduction technology to prevent any disturbance in the videos and prevents any pick up sounds from every direction for a complete video that doesn’t lag.
  • It also lets you change your background using Personify’s background replacement technology. It is incredibly easy to do without using a green screen.
  • It also includes a free 6-month* premium XSplit license which allows you to create professional quality live broadcasts with a suite of revolutionary audio/video mixing applications. Also, you can modify screen sizes, music and text.
  • Using Xsplit you can fine-tune all of the different aspects of your live stream, facilitating to modify sound levels, lighting, text overlays, music, graphics, and so much more. With this license, you can access both the Broadcaster and Gamecaster apps
  • The one thing that could be upgraded are the Settings. The settings are limited and advanced users might want more settings.
  • Also, the ChromaCam software needs to get more stable for a smoother usage.

Bottom Line

If you truly need a webcam with an incredible picture, you can definitely go for this webcam. This is at present the best Logitech HD Webcam with interesting features to work with.

What is Vlogging?

Get a camera, travel a few miles, shoot some videos, put them together, add a cool music track, render and tadah! Vlog ready.

Now, I can help you accomplish step 1. The rest though, is your lookout.

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Travelling to the edge of my town itself made me realize that there’s so much more to existence than meets our eye, let alone trips around the world.

An ever increasing input of what surrounds us calls for an output to those with a different surrounding.

Vlogging allows me to share my perspective of things with the world, and people acknowledging that perspective and further adding to it, is, I gotta say, an amazing feeling.

But, in order to engage people with my perspective effectively, I need to make sure that it is conveyed satisfactorily.

And, a Vlog primarily revolves around the pivot of visual information, i.e. the video, i.e. the camera.

cheap vlogging camera

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Get a Camera

Two things that primarily dominate a buyer’s choice for a camera are its specs and price.

Here’s a list of characteristics & their respective specs that you should look for in a vlogging camera:

Audio QualityMic placement & external mic support
PortabilitySize & Weight
Low-light PerformanceISO sensitivity
Video QualityMax Resolution
Capture VisibilityFlip Screen

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Vlogging camera

Before we go ahead discussing the factors affecting our Vlogging camera selection, we need to understand that these factors completely depend on your personal usage and purpose to buy it in the first place.
There are a plethora of options available out in the market to choose from. You can spend endless hours trying to figure out the one that best suits your needs.
But to help you make that decision, Here are some of the basic judging criteria for selecting a suitable a vlogging camera for you:

  1. Image Quality

    For a volgger the biggest concern us the image quality and resolution as you want to deliver the best for your viewers. Amongst the three commonly used video resolutions: 720p (HD ready), 1080p (Full HD) and 4K (Ultra HD), we recommend you at least go for a camera that offers a 1080p or Full HD quality resolution. As a resolution lower that this might deteriorate your video quality thus affecting you audience on your channel.
    People who have no budget-issues should definitely opt for 4K or Ultra HD cameras for the best performance.

  2. Weight

    Since you will be on-the-move or majorly traveling with the camera, one thing you worry about it the weight you have to carry around. The vlogging cameras need to lightweight and portable to easily carry them around wherever you go. Carrying heavy/bulky cameras is a hassle with respect to its storage space and difficulty to move with it.
    A good ,light and compact camera lets you vlog for extended hours without any trouble. Also, the camera can be set on a tripod for a more steady picture or video.

  3. Optical image Stabilization

    When vlogging while walking or doing other activities that require you to move, it is important that this movement shouldn’t hinder your image or video quality. Although there are softwares available that allow you to modify the content, but it can’t match up to the camera with an in-built image stabilization feature. This feature prevents a shaky video and improve the quality of your vlog.

  4. Audio Quality

    It is vital that the viewers hear the audio in the video with utmost clarity,or else they might,lose interest through it. Hemce, the microphone of the camera becomes important to pay attention to.
    Every camera comes with a built-in microphone with decent quality but might pick up on the unwanted background noise (wind noise, traffic etc.). The position of the microphone is also important, having a microphone on the front of the camera is superior for vlogging.
    Most DSLR and mirrorless vlogging camera provide a microphone jack which allows you to use an external microphone for improving the sound quality of your video.

  5. Autofocus

    Vlogging involves you focusing different subjects at the same time, like you film yourself and then immediately turn the camera over to the surrounding. This ease in the shift in focus needs to be incorporated in the camera for smoother video.
    Having to wait for the camera to focus on the subject or shoot a video which is out of focus can be frustrating for you as well as the viewers. A fast and accurate autofocus make the camera ideal for vlogging.
    These are just some general factors you need to pay attention to while buying a vlogging camera. But other factors depend on your vlogging needs like the lights modulations in which you shoot, places you take the camera, the kind of audio you need etc. it depends on the kind of vlogs you make and then decide the factors you want to pay more attention to.

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Conclusively all 5 cameras are fairly affordable ranging from about a $100 to $700. With an increase in price, there is obviously an increase in usability and features. Individual cameras are best in their range for the respective vlogger categories.

The vlogging cameras are most likely amusing to use, and every one of the cameras we have mentioned are extraordinary in their own way so whichever you pick is ought to be a good choice. Though your selection fairly depends upon your needs and inclination. Go out there, explore new places, enjoy all the adventures and enjoy vlogging hassle free.

I hope we have managed to cover most of your queries regarding the options available for vlogging cameras and their selection criteria. I hope the factors mentioned in the buyers guide help you make the correct and most suitable choice for you.

Let us know which one you finalized and how your experience was in the comments below.

Reach us at hello@smarthonk.com for any queries.

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