best commercial weed eaters

9 Best Commercial Weed Eaters [SMART BUYERS GUIDE]

best commercial weed eaters

Purchasing the best commercial weed eater can be a good long term investment, but decision becomes difficult because of so many choices available in the market. The lack of sufficient information might get you stuck with either a very expensive commercial weed eater which wasn’t required for your purpose or an inefficient commercial weed eater which does not fulfil your need.

To help you ease the process of purchasing a commercial weed eater, I have compiled all the useful information in regards to a commercial weed eater. Make sure you are through with the kind, features, usage, reviews and other important information that helps you pick the best option.

Top Picks

As per the extensive market research, different types of commercial weed eaters are important for a different purpose.

But keeping in mind the overall features and specifications of different trimmers, the Husqvarna Trimmer stands to be the best kind of weed eater and you can accomplish almost all you weed trimming requirements with this machine.

Another great purchase is the Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer which is known for its butter-smooth operation and emitting lease fumes and noise. It is also available in a reasonable price range. There are other options for commercial weed eaters which are a great match for household and other commercial weed eaters.

Best Commercial Weed Eaters To Buy In 2020

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1. Husqvarna 324l Straight Shaft 4 Stroke Weed Eater

With a 4 stroke engine, 17 cutting swath, ergonomic grip and a bump feed, the Husqvarna 324l straight shaft weed eater is an all-time recommended commercial weed eater in the market. The extremely balanced weight of the machine makes it very easy and convenient to wield.

The installed X-Torq engine is both powerful and makes less noise. The technology not only tones down the emission but also does not emit the awful smell except the refreshing smell of fresh-cut grass.

The machine cuts through the debris and weeds like a magic wand with a smooth finish. When compared to another straight shaft trimmer, this machine is very lightweight and easy to use. The trimmer line can easily be used as an edger.

If you have a vast area and lot of weed to clear, this 4 stroke engine monstrous weed eater is just the right machine for you. Setting up this machine is very convenient and it will get started in the shortest time possible with immediate and effective results.

The model runs purely on gas and you need not worry about the electricity or battery. From an environmental standpoint of view, this product is very eco-friendly and it controls the emission and has established the standards for both CARB and EPA certification.

The air purge feature removes air from carburettor and the fuel system before starting the machine and thus the patented technology of smart start engine makes the working very hassle-free.

The machine is designed ergonomically with a loop handle and straight shaft. The handle is well padded and can be adjusted according to the user’s height. The 17-pound machine is slightly on the heavier side but the two shoulders carrying strap distributes the weight well to avoid discomfort while using the machine.

The only downside to this machine is the weight of the machine as some people find it difficult to push around the heavy structure even when the weight is balanced through the straps.

  • Easy to install and start
  • Easy to load and replace
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2 stroke model with less vibration, noise and emission
  • Loud operation noise
  • Heavyweight
  • Small debris guard

Overall, if you do not mind the heavyweight of the machine and are comfortable with the power and efficiency of the machine, you cannot find a better bet than Husqvarna 324l straight shaft weed eater.

2. Tanaka TCG24EBSP 2-Cycle Gas String Commercial Grade Trimmer

A two-stroke gas trimmer with 4 trimmer head and 23.9 cc engine is a solid steel straight shaft with 7mm spline. The design is specifically curated for commercial use and comes with a 2-year warranty for commercial purpose and a 7-year warranty for consumer usage.

The commercial weed eater features a rugged fuel tank protector that helps to prevent the wear and tear. The insulated drive shaft minimizes the noise and vibrations along with the aluminium clutch housing that prevents the overheating. The s-start recoil system makes the pull start very hassle-free.

With plenty of power, the gas trimmer cuts beautifully and effortlessly through the overgrown weeds, hedges and bushes. Even if you use it on a daily basis, the life of the machine will last really long.

The machine is built keeping both power, versatility and durability in mind. The lined solid steel drive shaft, rugged fuel tank protector and forged steel connecting rod, all of these things make the machine stand the test of time pretty well.

When it comes to ergonomics, the solid shaft can hold on to vibration significantly. The choice of handle types also spoilt the user with amply padded and can be folded to store very easily. The weight of the entire machine is merely 11 pounds and is very impressive as compared to the other heavy-duty machines.

  • Less vibration and minimum noise
  • Starting procedure is very easy
  • 7-year warranty
  • No shoulder strap
  • Customer support in Japan is inefficient
  • Restarting after extensive usage is difficult

If you consider the machine from the environmental point of view, the standards are not as great and secured as Husqvarna but this model is still a good purchase and EPA compliant.

3. Hitachi CG23ECPSL 22.5cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Solid Steel Drive Shaft String Trimmer

The Hitachi 22.5cc shaft string trimmer is a commercial weed eater under the reasonable price range and has compromised a bit in terms of energy efficiency, way of power and even ergonomics. The S-start recoil starting system gets the engine running very easily and also meets the standard of emission levels. The small gearbox of this model proves to be efficient and performs pretty well.

The design and structure of the model are curated to be comfortable in usage. The height of 69.6” length prevents bending for the user and makes it easier to use. The anti-vibration system is also installed in the machine and reduces the fatigue and strain in hands and arms while operating. You will also get a loop handle with an auxiliary grip on the shaft.

Along with other factors of design, the long-lasting built of the machine adds to the advantage of the machine. Revving up the engine is a bit difficult for this machine as compared to other models.

  • Easy maneuvering
  • Simple in load cutting line
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Plastic components used in building the machine
  • Finding replacements parts for the machine is difficult
  • The bump heads tend to jam under dense weed
  • Poor customer service
  • Less padding

If you are not planning to use this machine for long term duration, operating this machine is a convenient task. If you want to invest your money on lightweight commercial weed eaters, this machine is a very budget-friendly option. You will also have a 7 years consumer warranty and 2 years commercial warranty with the product.

4. Remington 25A-26J7783 22″ Hi-Wheel Trimmer

Investing in a push model weed eater is always better for a long term financial aspect. The Remington hi-wheel trimmer acts like a very compact lawnmower but operates like a heavy-duty commercial weed eater.

The machine is larger than a shaft style weed trimmer but comes with a folding handle which allows the convenience of storage and transporting it from one place to another becomes easier. Even though the machine is larger and bulky, the bearing wheel makes it easy to maneuver.

Since the string trimmer can be adjusted in three different positions with merely a single level height adjustment, it will give the user control over their work. Even the deft of the trimmer is enough to get into tighter space and create deliberate lines.

  • Powerful enough to get through rigid weeds
  • The starting procedure is easy and handy
  • Easy for reloading and cutting lines
  • Small gas tank
  • Handle not tall enough for taller people
  • Navigation becomes difficult in rocky terrains

If you wish to be very comfortable while operating the weed eater, this model is ideal for you. However, the handle may not be good enough for tall people over 6. They have to bend a bit while using the machine which becomes uncomfortable while operating.

5. BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

In order to target the long-lasting battery and a 13 inches cutting path, BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer has sufficient power for trimming the rigid and tough weeds to clear a reasonable area and reduce the time and efforts spent in mowing the yard.

The machine weighs 7.8 pounds in total after installing the battery. It is extremely light in weight as compared to other kind of weed eaters. The shaft height is adjustable which enables the person to set the height according to their desired comfort and preference.

The head of the trimmer can be rotated which enables the user to adjust the trimmer on the edges. Another great thing about this trimmer is that it comes with a built-in guide that can be used to set up the machine and carry out the operation accordingly. The machine has a dual ability feature which saves you a lot of time in installing the new tools.

The machine uses a 40 volts lithium-ion battery which is extremely light in weight and requires only an hour to recharge completely. You can even interchange the battery with other lawnmowers and use it accordingly.

There is also a provision to increase and decrease the trimming speed of the machine and conserves a lot of energy as well.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Convenience and ease of usage
  • Comfort in operation
  • Maneuvering the curved shaft is difficult
  • Heavyweight

6. Greenworks PRO 16 Inches 80V Cordless String Trimmer

The premium quality weed eater comes with a battery, whistles and bells. The model comes at a very reasonable price and stands to offer the whole solution for people looking forward to mowing their garden and removing the tough weeds and vegetation.

With a durable 80 volts and 2 amps lithium-ion battery, the machine drives the 14/16 inches cut string and provides continuous 45 minutes of operation nonstop. The trimmer can trim an entire lawn with a powerful engine of 32cc gas engine.

The best part about this weed trimmer is that it has an extra battery along with a charger when the batteries in the machine get drained.

The weed trimmer is very easy to assemble and is very light in weight. Along with the youngsters, even old people can use this lawnmower very easily. As compared to other gas trimmer tools, this weed trimmer is compatible and can be used easily. This trimmer enables the operation because of its powerful parts to make the trimming more even and clear.

  • The powerful engine makes the function more convenient
  • The machine does not emit fumes or makes loud noises
  • The machine requires very less maintenance at low cost.
  • The battery has issues in operation.

7. Greenworks PRO ST80L210 Commercial Weed Eater

This heavy-duty commercial weed trimmer runs with a powerful brushless motor which has 80V and 2.0A battery. This Greenworks PRO ST80L210 has the capability to generate high power that can trim all the unwanted wild weeds in a vast lawn. You will just need 30 to 40 minutes to charge the weed trimmer uninterrupted and can go on without dying for at least an hour or so.

The commercial weed eater comes with a split shaft design which makes it very easy for storage and transportation. The smooth operation of the machine comes with minimal noise and vibration.

  • The machine runs very smoothly and does not emit any gas or make a loud noise
  • It is very easy to store the machine and is very lightweight to carry around
  • Operating the machine is very easy because of the lack of power
  • The machine can cut through weed very fast
  • The machine does not generate enough power
  • The machine is not ideal for any kind of heavy-duty use
  • It is difficult for short people to use the machine.

8. Echo GT-225 Gas Weedeater

Along with the convenience of a curved shaft, the 2 stroke gas engine is a very powerful commercial weed eater. The Echo GT-225 Gas Weedeater is extremely lightweight but is powerful enough along with 21cc engine to run the operation.

For the price that it is available in the market, this commercial weed eater is very inexpensive and under the price range of a reasonable budget.

This machine might not be suitable for heavy and relentless commercial usage but if you want to use it for normal household purposes, this machine will operate really well performance-wise.

  • Very affordable range of commercial weed eater
  • The ergonomics handle works pretty well in the long run
  • Extremely powerful engine
  • Lightweight and easy to handle without spending a fortune
  • Ideal for straight hedges and edging
  • Too many strings are used
  • Starting procedure is tough

9. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022 150cc Field Trimmer

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022 150cc Field Trimmer is a walk behind weed eater which features 12” wheels and stands out amongst its competitors because of its quad cutting head. The machine uses 4 cutting lines rather than the two. The user can power through the dense foliage with the utmost ease. It is very easy to get it revved up using a manual recoil with an easy to start fuel delivery system. It also comes with a solid 22” cutting swath along with the tools.

The handle of the machine is curated in order to minimize the vibrations and covers foam to ensure comfort. The compact size of this commercial weed eater is the biggest advantage as it can be folded easily for storage convenience.

The slim body allows precise and clean trimming even in the tight and extreme corners. According to the environmental standpoint, the commercial weed eater is low on emissions because of its 4 stroke engine and is CARB and EPA certified. The assembling procedure is also very easy and hassle-free. The product also comes with a 2-year warranty to ensure safety.

  • Comes with a guide for manual instructions and assembling is pretty straightforward
  • The machine starts easily with merely one pull
  • The replacement procedure for cutting line is very simple
  • Lacks the adjustment of height option
  • Navigation is pretty difficult for steep terrains
  • It is a little difficult to tangle around thick and dense weeds

Types of Weed Eaters

There are various types of weed eater like battery-powered, electric powered and gas-powered. Each of them has a different feature, purpose and usage attached to it. But if you are new in shopping for weed eaters, there are majorly three things to keep in mind. The first and foremost factor is weight and balance. A person needs to feel how the trimmer feels in his hands before purchasing it. if you are not comfortable with the weight and the balance of the trimmer, you will not be comfortable using it for a long time.

Even though all the weed eater fulfils the same purpose of weed eating, there are majorly three types of weed eater or trimmers- gas-powered weed eaters, battery-powered weed trimmers and electric weed trimmers that run on gas, battery and electricity. Apart from these three, there are other classifications for weed trimmers available in the market:

1. Plug-in weed eaters

Plugin weed trimmers are basically electric weed eaters that require a power socket to run the engine. Even though the user can be done in only limited places with electric source, it becomes difficult at times to mow the entire lawn by using the power cord or extension boxes.

2. Battery-powered weed eaters

One of the most convenient kinds of trimmers are the battery-powered weed eater that is very light in weight, run on battery, make very less noise and does the job efficiently. Even during the times, there is no power or gas available, the battery trimmer works equally well. The size of the trimmer is also very compact and portable. The user just has to make sure that the battery is always charged.

3. Gas-powered weed eaters

Gas-powered weed trimmers are way more powerful than battery weed eaters or electric weed eaters. Even though they are bigger in size and make more noise than the other two, the efficiency is better than another kind.

Since they don’t need a battery or electric socket, they are ideal for outdoors where you don’t have a power socket and are far from home.

4. Handheld weed eater

For commercial usage, handheld weed eaters are popularly used. The trimmer boasts cutting heads that are installed along the long shafts which are driven by either electric engine or gas engine.

5. Backpack weed eater

Designed for commercial usage, the engines of these trimmers are mounted along with the backpack like a pocket. The heads are installed on long shafts which are very similar to the shafts of the ordinary weed trimmers. The best part about these trimmer is the fact that the user won’t get tired easily sine the main weight of the trimmer lies on your shoulders.

6. Walk-behind wheeled eater

These weed eaters are the most powerful weed trimmer which is almost similar to the push mowers and are built with wheels. The results that come out from this type of trimmers are very stable clear and without any inefficiency.

Final Thoughts

There are some trimmers designed for specific heavy-duty use while others are designed for compact and simple household usage. Focus on all the pros, cons, requirements, purpose and other qualifications of a commercial weed eater which might be useful to make an informed decision for purchasing a good quality commercial weed eater.

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