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Try Digital Detox With These Productivity Apps

productivity apps

Every day, we are consuming tons of information from the Internet for various reasons. However, it may not sound as intimidating at first, but eventually, the side effects creep inside your mind and take its toll!

When you use your connection for a long time, how do you feel?

You might say — “Well, I feel drained, and because of that I cannot focus on anything else, not even the most important things in my life.” 

Especially if you are a freelancer or a professional, you need to work for long works to meet the deadlines. On the other hand, that may happen if you are an addict. Consuming loads of content on YouTube, Netflix, and social media apps has a similar effect on your mind.

In any case, you might feel stressed, anxious or even depressed if that continues. Also, you might notice a lack of motivation and have a hard time paying attention. If you do, then it’s time for some ‘Digital Detox’! 

What is a digital detox?

Well, it’s when you avoid using internet for a while, and pay yourself and your loved ones some attention. Some people don’t use any digital device in this period. Although, you still need your smartphone to manage calls and other important stuff. 

So, completely discarding it might be impractical. If you cannot answer important calls or reply to messages, it would certainly do more harm than good! You don’t want to feel lost when you get back to your work.

So, while you uninstall the online apps consider these offline 7 productivity apps that aid you in digital detox!

1. Forest: Stay Focused

forest stay focused

If you are addicted to your phone, this app will help you get rid of it — by planting trees!

You set a timer for a preferred duration by planting a digital tree. If you use any other app before the time runs out, the tree dies! This is effective because it invests you emotionally into your pledge. Every time you break the pledge, you feel a sense of loss. 

You can increase or decrease the allotted time, in which you will either stay away from your phone or focus on other important tasks. Every time you meet your goals, you earn rewards and achievements. You can use rewards to unlock different trees or environmental sounds, which helps you to focus more! With every accomplished goal, you plant more trees and grow a forest!

Wait, there is a bonus! You can even plant a real tree for 2500 rewards! The application has a free and pro version, which is quite affordable.

If you give up, your tree dies! So, you better complete the task at hand and protect your forest.

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2. Ymusic

ymusic app

YouTube recently launched its own Music App.

Ymusic lets you listen to your favorite music, songs, or any other audio track directly from YouTube online or offline! Yup, you can download your audio tracks in different qualities (128kbps, 256kbps or 320kbps) without paying a single penny.

Although it shows ads when you are using the Internet, it gives you an option to purchase it as well. Also, it has no subscription plans, whatsoever! As for the other features, you can sync your YouTube account by logging into the app and access your saved playlist and record your history.

Sounds sketchy, doesn’t it? Well, XDA devs made this app and you can download it from their website.

So, it is pretty safe!

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3. Anybooks


When you think about reading an ebook, the Amazon Kindle comes first to mind. We will not say that this is a better alternative, but this app has a huge library of free literature on various topics and subjects. It lets you download the book and read it without using the Internet.  If you are a fiction lover, then you will simply love it!

This is a handy app for those who don’t want the subscription-based services of Kindle and Spotify. This application comes in multiple languages and has various features — built-in dictionary, night mode/eye-care mode, bookmarking, highlighting, making notes and synchronizing your collection in all devices.

For now, devs are planning to bring in audiobooks and enable the users to share their own stories!

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4. Mindly (Mind mapping)

mindly app

This app lets you systematically organize your ideas and access them easily.

It creates a web of your ideas via customizable interconnected concentric bubbles. Allowing you to expand your ideas and develop them further by establishing a clear relationship and order. The concentric circles act as headings; by tapping them, they expand into subheadings, which is useful for making notes as well.

There is a free and paid version of the app. However, the application has a unique approach, and that makes it difficult to understand . So, we recommend that you use the app first, get the gist of it and then go for the paid version.

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5. Headspace


If you find it troubling to pay attention and you grow anxious, aggressive, or just want to learn meditation — then Headspace is for you!

Headspace was founded by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk who trained for 10 years in Tibet’s monasteries. When he returned to England, his birthplace, he dedicated himself to sharing the knowledge of meditation via modern technology. 

The app is based on guided-meditation practices and consists of various downloadable courses in its library. There is a basic course for beginners, and then there are branching courses. However, you can choose any course as per your wish, after completing the basic course. Each course lasts from 10 to 30 days, and takes 5 to 60 minutes per session, teaching you various meditation techniques and life lessons.

Each course is dedicated to a specific problem that an individual deals on a daily basis like stress, anxiety, depression, aggression, impatience, etc. The app has video lessons that unlocks with your progress, giving you meaningful insights as achievements.

Sleep sounds and sleep meditation are the highlight of this app, and they help you fall asleep faster and better. Also, the app has a dedicated section for children under 10 years.

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Why chose this one over others?

Because an experienced master trains you step-by-step, the app is simple to use and there are many more features packed in it.

The first 10 days of the basic course is free, after that you need to purchase a subscription.

It’s worth trying!

6. Keep Notes from Google

keep notes

This one might be sitting idle on your app tray waiting for you to scribble something!

While you get away from all the digital stuff and come back to reality, you see the world with a fresh perspective. Write your experience down for your future self to expound upon. 

Journaling or simply taking notes reduces stress and enables you to be more mindful of your surroundings. You might just notice an amazing carefree idea flying inside your mindscape, and you want to catch it before it flees! Sure, Mindly also works, but sometimes you just want to write some stupid and hazy concepts somewhere.

If you are the journaling type, then you already familiar with the simplicity and usefulness of this app. You can take notes in the form of audio, text, and images. You can even use a stylus to scribble something down if you wish! Honestly, any note making app should do the trick, but why look outside and you already have an amazing one?

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A word before you go

If your profession requires involvement of digital devices and applications, then it can be impractical for you to keep them aside. In that case, the use of the above-mentioned applications will help.

When it comes to digital detox, sadly, self control and determination is the most effective way. If the apps don’t nurture those qualities and make you dependent (which they should), then you might need to look for a better alternative. Keep in mind that it will require some effort from your side to complete your task.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Have a great day ahead!

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