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Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters – Go FASTER But With Caution

fast electric scooter

Being able to move around swiftly is a top requirement for most people nowadays. Especially with the growing traffic and subsequently increased travel time, faster modes of travel are being chosen and favored by many. Electric scooters are a probable solution for reducing travel times considerably and they are small, portable, light and obviously – fast! What’s more? They’re fun to ride and look totally cool and trendy.

Gone are the days when electric scooters were propelled by cumbersome and heavy batteries. You can find lightweight and truly fast electric scooters now.  But before you get yourself a fast electric scooter you must know a few things that matter.

Top 9 Best Electric Scooters In 2021

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1. Magnum Premium IMAX S1+ Electric Scooter

Top speed: 20 MPH

The Magnum Premium IMAX S1+ electric scooter is simply amazing! Available in a wide variety of 4 different colors, this electric scooter looks stylish and smart.

What makes this electric scooter unique is the fact that its board and all the materials on it are made of natural wood.

Its appearance and design are eye-catchy – so if you want to show off your ride, then go for the IMAX S1+ by Magnum Premium.

Consumers first are Magnum’s philosophy and they stick to it pretty much all the time. They offer excellent safety along with comfort which can be seen and felt in this model as well. This premium electric scooter by Magnum is an ideal choice for those who want to travel in hectic cities. It has a top speed of 20 mph plus it gets fully loaded in about 3 hours which is pretty fast! It has a range of 20 miles, which is sufficient enough for most.

This energy-efficient electric scooter comes with excellent customer support. So if you are stuck with assembly, usage or anything else, you simply have to send them a message and they’ll reach out to you really quick. Apart from being high-end and best-in-quality, this electric scooter is also eco-friendly. What else can you ask from an electric scooter?

  • Uncommon wood material
  • Long range
  • Reliable & swift
  • Excellent customer support
  • Quick charging
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quite expensive

Product Specifications:

– Motor: 500W
– Product dimensions: 42 x 9 x 18 inches
– Battery: 48V/10A Li-ion
– Range per charge: 20 miles
– Max load: 220 lbs
– Charging time: 3 hours
– Product weight: 36 lbs
– Fixed Monochrome LCD

2. NANROBOT LS7 Electric Scooter

nanrobot electric scooter

Top speed: 52 mph

A maximum speed of 52 mph is what makes LS7 from NANROBOT our top choice as the fastest electric scooter. Powered by twin 1800W motors in both the wheels, this beast is truly a masterpiece in the world of electric scooters.

Apart from being the fastest electric scooter, the LS7 by NANROBOT is quite convenient to use as it is easily foldable. Within seconds you can unfold and fold it. Although the LS7 is foldable, it isn’t exactly portable as it weighs about 84 lbs which is heavier to carry easily for most people.

When talking about such high speeds, you need a durable and reliable braking mechanism along with a set of safety features that guarantee you a safe and sound ride. The LS7 by NANROBOT won’t disappoint you when it comes to safety. It is equipped with a dual front and rear hydraulic disk braking mechanism along with EBS – electronic braking system that ensures your scooter slows down gradually if you apply brakes immediately. 

Likewise, a rubber shock dampening systems along with 11-inch pneumatic tires offer enhanced shock absorption. Moreover, this electric scooter by NANROBOT comes with an anti-slip technology that helps you stay safe while riding on wet and bumpy tracks.

When talking about battery, the LS7 is propelled by a 35 Ah 60V lithium battery that allows it to traverse a whopping 56 miles in a single charge. This distance is sufficient for most kinds of commuting. If you use it for daily commuting, then you won’t even need to charge it daily. Another great feature of this electric scooter is that it gets fully loaded in just about 5 hours.

The LS7 by NANROBOT isn’t quite pocket-friendly, in fact, it is twice as much the second most expensive electric scooter on this list. Also, it isn’t quite portable.

  • Fastest electric scooter – 52 mph
  • Commendable range per charge – 56 miles
  • Powerful – twin 1800W motors
  • Super durable
  • Dual braking system
  • Anti-slip capability
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Not portable – weighs 84 lbs
  • Quite expensive – almost double the second most expensive electric scooter on this list!

Product Specifications:

– Product weight: 84 lbs
– Dual Drive:1800W x 2
– Wheel Diameter: 11 inch
– Max Speed:85KM/H
– Lithium Battery: 60V 35A
– Lithium battery: 60V 35AH—60V 25AH
– Range:62m (35AH) – 38m (25AH)
– Load capacity: 330 lbs
– Maximum speed: 52MPH
– Charger: Smart Lithium battery charger

3. NANROBOT D4+ High-Speed Electric Scooter

Top speed: 40 MPH

With a maximum speed of 40 mph, the D4+ by NANROBOT is definitely the second-fastest electric scooter of 2021. This electric scooter has the ability to take you 2 – 5 times faster than most other electric scooters out there. Although the top speed of D4+ is relatively lesser than the LS7 model, this one is priced way better than the latter and hence you can go for this one even with a tight budget. 

Easily foldable, this electric scooter is designed smartly. You can fit it into trunks, car boots and practically any place with a little space. If you are a night rider, then you have an added feature of bright headlights that help you see the road ahead clearly. Also, with the help of these bright lights, you can avoid bumps or any other obstacles on your way and ride safely. 

One of the best things about this electric scooter by NANROBOT is the excellent range of 45 miles. You can ride this scooter for 45 miles straight on a single charge. Also, it requires about 5 – 8 hours to get fully loaded. This electric scooter won’t disappoint you in terms of battery and power as it is truly powerful. With a 2000W motor and 52V integrated battery system, you can be sure to feel the power while riding. 

A teeny tiny shortcoming, which has nothing to do with the model is that it takes nearly 15 days for D4+ by NANROBOT to reach you. However, the great features combined with a reasonable price tag are enough to make your wait worth it!

  • Second fastest – 40 MPH
  • A good range per charge
  • Powerful – propelled by 2000W motor
  • Super durable
  • Foldable & portable
  • Emergency braking system enables – safe riding
  • Headlights
  • Long shipping duration

Product Specifications:

– Product weight: 70 lbs
– Range per charge: 45 miles
– Charging time: 5-8 hours
– Product dimensions: 47H * 43L* 8W
– Wheels: 10” air-filled & shock – absorbent
– Max load: 330 lbs
– Max climbing angle: 45 degrees
– Battery: 52V 23.4Ah Lithium

3. QIEWA Q1 Hummer

qiewa electric scooter

Top speed: 37 MPH

Fast and strong are the words you can use to describe this electric scooter by QIEWA. The Q1 Hummer by QIEWA is one of the fastest electric scooters out there with only a difference of 3 miles from D4+ by NANROBOT. 

Although the Q1 Hummer is lightweight and comparatively smaller in size, it can support weights up to a whopping 550 lbs which is definitely not only commendable but also the highest amongst electric scooters. Weighing just about 55 lbs, this electric scooter can take loads up to 10 times its own. 

You can ride the Q1 Hummer in the rain as its IP rating is IP65 which makes it waterproof enough to be used in rain as well as wt surfaces. However, soaking your electric scooter in the rain for a longer time is not a good idea at all and may cost you your electric scooter. 

  • High max load – 550 lbs
  • Portable
  • Lightweight – 55 lbs
  • Stylish design
  • Water-resistant IP65
  • Very fast – 37 mph
  • Throttle control is not so smooth

Product Specifications:

– Product weight: 55 lbs
– Battery: 26Ah 5C 18650 lithium battery
– Charging time: 8-12 hours
– Max climbing angle: 35 degrees
– Wheels: 10” air-filled & shock absorbent
– Range per charge: 65 miles
– Product dimensions: 46x11x20 inches
– Max load: 550 lbs
– Motor: 800W

4. eDrift UH-ES295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

Top speed: 30 MPH

The eDrift UH-ES295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter might remind you of the cool and powerful Harley Davidson Bikes! With the iconic fat front wheel, this electric scooter is way similar to those super cool bikes than you’d give them credit for.

However, looks and smart design aren’t the only things you’d find in this electric scooter. With an excellent speed of 30 mph and enough space for two mid-sized adults, this scooter is definitely our favorite. The speed may vary with load and terrain, however, it is still fast in comparison with most other e-scooters. While riding on top speeds and bumpy terrain, you might feel bumps. In order to avoid this, you can either try deflating the tires a bit or you can also place a cushion on the seat to absorb the extra shocks.

Another impressive feature of this e-scooter is its range. Depending upon certain factors, you can ride this beast for 40 – 65 miles straight on a single charge! It takes about 6 – 8 hours to get fully loaded. Hence, if you want a stylish, fast and durable electric scooter, then go for this one by eDrift. However, it weighs 150 lbs which is definitely not lightweight and hence you cannot carry it easily. So you have to be extra careful before leaving your home and check the battery charge left for your ride.

  • Cool design – fat tires
  • Strong motor
  • Average charging time
  • Long range per charge
  • Rugged braking system
  • Very fast – 30 mph
  • Available in 2 color choices only
  • Not portable – weighs 150 lbs

Product Specifications:

– Product weight: 150 lbs
– Product dimensions: 69 x 31 x 43 inches
– Range per charge: 40-65 miles
– Motor: 2000W
– Max load: 350 lbs
– Battery: 60V 12, 20, 30Ah battery
– Charging time: 6-8 hours
– Brake: Hydraulic disc brake with 160mm rotors

5. UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter

uberscoot electric scooter

Top speed: 30 MPH

UberScoot is a popular brand that manufactures high-end scooters. The 1600W 48V Electric Scooter by UberScoot is another exceptionally amazing product by this brand. What makes this electric scooter different from the other is the sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery as opposed to lithium-ion batteries.

SLA, being the earliest rechargeable battery, records back to the 19th century. A huge advantage SLA has over most other types of batteries is that it can provide a huge amount of electricity in a go. Additionally, SLA batteries have a larger life span than most other batteries. All these features make SLA batteries a great alternative to the more common lithium-ion batteries. Hence, you can expect a longer life span of your UberScoot battery.

Now coming to the most important aspect of the electric scooter for us – swiftness. How swift is the UberScoot 1600W electric scooter? Well, with a top speed of 30 mph, the Uberscoot electric scooter won’t disappoint you at any rate.

Apart from being quite fast, this electric scooter is also very safe to ride. With wider wheels – 11 inches, you can be sure to maintain balance even on bumpiest roads and ride with enhanced stability. 

What’s more? It is also foldable! You can carry it easily on trains and buses on your way back. Don’t want to do that? You can ride your UberScoot in economy mode to save battery to reach your destination.

In the economy mode, it knows that it needs to save battery to travel longer distances. All-in-all the UberScoot is an excellent option for all kinds of electric scooter users!

  • Long-lasting
  • Economy mode
  • Portable
  • Smart Posi-lock
  • Extremely stable
  • Extra-wide tires
  • Great performance
  • Reliable braking method
  • Easy to control
  • Slightly bulky
  • Low range

Product Specifications:

– Product weight: 117 lbs
– Range per charge: 12 miles
– Max load: 265 lbs
– Charging time: 6-8 hours
– Battery: 48V Sealed Lead Acid
– Brake: front & rear discs
– Product dimensions: 46x25x21 inches (folded)
– Motor: 1600W

6. UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter

uberscoot 1000w electric scooter

Top speed: 26 MPH

A tamed version of the UberScoot 1600W, the UberScoot 1000W is another electric scooter by Evo Powerboards in the UberScoot Range. With a top speed of 26 mph, this electric scooter is a great choice for people looking for a less powerful yet efficient electric scooter. Since this is a 1000W electric scooter, you will find that all the technical specifications are a bit less than the UberScoot 1600W electric scooter.

Slightly smaller tires – 10 inches – along with reduced motor power- – 1000W from 1600W and 36V from 48V – are what makes this model different from the previous one. However, this model remains the same in terms of stability and can travel on several kinds of terrains easily. You can ride it for 10 miles straight on a single charge as opposed to 12 miles with the previous model.

The battery requires about 4 to 8 hours to get fully loaded. Additionally, this model is lighter in weight than the previous model. With only 71 lbs, this electric scooter is easier to carry with you. Likewise, you can buy this model at $200 lesser than the previous one. All-in-all, the UberScoot 1000W is a great option if you want a smaller, tamer yet efficient version of the UberScoot 1600W.

  • Swift – 26 mph
  • Portable
  • Average charging time
  • Powerful motor
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t come with an Economy mode

Product Specifications:

– Product weight: 71 lbs
– Max load: 265 lbs
– Brake: front & rear discs
– Motor: 1000W
– Product dimensions: 46x13x18 inches
– Battery: 36V Sealed Lead Acid
– Range per charge: 10 miles
– Charging time: 4-8 hours

7. Super Turbo 1000w Elite Electric Scooter

super turbo electric scooter

Top speed: 26 MPH

Equipped with a potent 1000W brushless motor, the Super Turbo Elite Electric Scooter can take it all – right from rocky roads, dirt trails to cement roads! This powerful and strong beast can take you to a maximum speed of 26 mph.

One of the best parts about this electric scooter is its seat. The seat is comfortable and really wide. Similar to UberScoot, the Super Turbo electric scooter is also propelled by a Sealed Lead Acid Battery. With an amazing range of 18 miles per charge, the Super Turbo Elite beats the UberScoot in this department.

There are several additional features to this unique electric scooter which include – A Turbo Economy button – that helps save electricity for longer rides. A free storage bag that allows you to take your stuff with you. And lastly, a warranty of bumper-to-bumper parts of 90-days! In a nutshell, you can say that the Super Turbo is a faster and better alternative to UberScoot.

  • Convenient economy mode to save – energy
  • Swift
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Long range
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty
  • Assembling it may be a bit difficult

      Product Specifications:

      – Product Specifications:
      – Product weight: 79 lbs
      – Range per charge: 18 miles
      – Motor: 1000W
      – Battery: 36V SLA – Sealed Lead Acid
      – Max load: 250 lbs
      – Product dimensions: 46 x 13 x 18 inches

      8. EcoReco M5 E-Scooter

      Top speed: 20 MPH

      If you’re looking for a compact yet fast electric scooter, then the M5 E-Scooter by EcoReco is a great option. Where appearance is concerned, this electric scooter looks similar to normal kick scooters.

      However, it has some super strength hidden in its decent and simplistic outer design!
      With a maximum speed of 20 mph, this electric scooter is fast. In fact, it can maintain a top speed of 20 mph with a load of 200lbs on flat surfaces.

      Another convenient feature is the foot space – it is quite large – so much so that you can also carry another passenger with you. Provided you both don’t exceed the maximum load together.

      It is easily foldable – when I say easily, I mean it!

      You can fold it in merely 2 to 3 seconds straight! Apart from being super compact, it gets charged truly fast. With a very low charging time of 4.5 hours, this electric scooter is a great alternative to most other e-scooters out there.

      Traveling at night may be a bit difficult as this model doesn’t have a headlight. Other than this tiny shortcoming, there are several features that make it truly an excellent choice. Especially for those who are on a hunt for a compact, fast-charging yet swift electric scooter.

      • Big foot space
      • Quite compact
      • Smooth throttle
      • Lightweight
      • Fast
      • Energy efficient
      • Quick charging
      • No headlight

      Product Specifications:

      – Product weight: 36 lbs
      – Charging time: 4.5 hours
      – Product dimensions: 36 x 6 x 12 inches
      – Battery: 36V 8ah LiFePO4 battery
      – Energy efficiency: 500 miles on $1 of electricity

      So, these were some of the best and fastest electric scooters available in the market. Now, when you know which electric scooter you can buy and what are the features that you should look for, I guess you are ready to buy one for yourself.

      Aspects to consider before buying the fastest electric scooter

      1. Pricing of the electric scooter

      Electric scooters, especially the faster models, are costlier than the kick scooters. With the average minimum starting from $400 to the average maximum of $1,000, you can get a decent enough electric scooter. If you are a student intending to use the scooter for daily commuting, then you can go for the less expensive models. In case your budget is higher or you prefer looks and style over price, then you can go for the pricier models. 

      2. Is your Electric Scooter Portability

      Although many electric scooters can be folded, not all models have this feature. There are some electric scooters that weigh a lot and are also not foldable. This makes them not-so-portable. So, if you are a frequent traveler and intend to take your electric scooter with you, then you might want to go for a model that is fairly lightweight and easily portable. Also, if you want to take your electric scooter to another city, a portable option would be great. 

      3. Distance per charge

      The distance your electric scooter can cover in a single charge is very important – you wouldn’t want an out-of-juice scooter, especially when you are in a hurry or when you want to travel longer distances. On average, electric scooters can cover distances of up to 20 miles on a single charge. More advanced scooters can go up to distances of 40 to 60 miles as well. It takes about 1 to 12 hours for electric scooters to get fully charged. Most of the electric scooters on my list have longer distance coverage. Depending on your budget and need, you should go for electric scooters having faster loading time and longer distances coverage per charge. 

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      How To Ride An Electric Scooter?

      1. Master The Controls

        Riding an electric scooter is n rocket science. However, there are some ways to control them easily. For instance, some have a thumb-operated throttle switch while others use a small accelerator lever whereas, others use twists and go grip throttles. Here’s how to ride ea h of these types of electric scooters.

      2. Thumb Controlled Acceleration

        One of the ways an electric scooter’s acceleration is controlled is the thumb-controlled twist-lever which is situated beside the right-hand grip. It works as a dial that employs the throttle when the dial is spun downwards and eases off when it gets back to its initial position. Usually, this type of throttle is used on Lime scooters, etc.

      3. Accelerator Lever

        Some scooters deploy a lever-operated accelerator that is located on the handlebar. As compared to conventional brake levers, these levers are shorter. You can control this lever easily. Squeezing it lightly by reaching out with your fingers increases power whereas, releasing the lever decreases power. If you’re a beginner, then this method of operating would be quite easy for you to get a hold on. Additionally, it’s very easy to control – only when you don’t confuse it with the brake lever!

      4. Grip Twist Throttle

        Many electric scooters are operated just like a motorcycle or an automatic bike with no shifting. The throttle is operated by a twist grip that helps in increasing and decreasing acceleration. However, since this method of a bit tricky to use, most electric scooters don’t deploy this method. Hence, it is highly recommended that if you are not used to with the old-fashioned motorcycle control then don’t go for an electric scooter that deploys this method. 

      5. Braking

        Applying brakes should not be a problem for you if you’re familiar with the conventional brake lever. In order to ride an electric scooter, you simply have to switch it on, push it with your foot and initialize the throttle. And you’re all set to go! Don’t forget to wear safety gear and follow traffic laws.

      Here are some frequently asked questions on electric scooters that most people have!

      Electric Scooter FAQ

      What is the fastest electric scooter you can buy?

      The fastest electric scooters are manufactured by NANROBOT which go up to top speeds of 50 to 55 mph. The fastest electric scooters are manufactured by NANROBOT which go up to top speeds of 50 to 55 mph.

      How fast does a 1600W electric scooter go?

      There is no fixed top speed of 1600W electric scooters. However, most 1600W electric scooters lie in the range of 26 to 30 mph. For instance, the UberScoot 1600W has a top speed of 30mph.

      How fast does a 1000W electric scooter go?

      A 1000W electric scooter can go up to top speeds of 20 to 26 mph. For instance, UberScoot 1000W has a top speed of 26 mph.

      Is there a weight limit on electric scooters?

      As with most other modes of personal transportation, there is a weight limit on electric scooters as well. Overloading your electric scooter isn’t a good idea and can be harmful for both your electric scooter and yourself. Hence, you must consider your use, your weight and other factors before going for a particular model. Each electric scooter has a different weight limit that you should not exceed. 

      Can electric scooters go uphill?

      Yes! Electric scooters can go uphill. However, the steeper the climb, the more difficult it will become for your electric scooter to conquer the climb angle. In order to climb a steep hill, you would require a more powerful motor propelled electric scooter. Weight on the electric scooter also plays a significant role while climbing a hill. 

      What happens if an electric scooter gets wet?

      When an electric scooter gets wet, both its internal as well as external parts get damaged. If moisture reaches the internal circuitry and battery of your electric scooter, electrical damage may occur which may lead to failure of your scooter.

      Can you ride an electric scooter in the snow?

      If there is a little bit of snow on the roads, then you can attempt to ride your electric scooter. However, in the case of heavy snowfall or too much snow on the road, you shouldn’t ride your electric scooter as the brakes along with ts ability to steer might not work as intended and you may slip. Hence, in order to avoid any undesirable accidents, you should not ride your electric scooter in the snow. 

      Final thoughts

      No matter your intention of using the electric scooter – the faster it is, the better! An electric scooter is a better, faster and more feasible and portable option for daily commuting and even for fun rides. Some electric scooters may not exactly lie in the range of portability, due to their power and heavy-duty motor. However, you can still fold them or charge them quickly. 

      Buying an electric scooter is not a small decision that can be changed easily. It may cost you a bit more than your budget, and hence you should first consider all the aspects I have mentioned in this article before making the purchase.

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