hoverboard vs onewheel

Hoverboard Vs Onewheel: Which One Is Best?

Technology is evolving day by day. Every day we see new gadgets making their way into the consumer market. Self-propelling skateboards are more cost-effective and prevalent than ever. Hoverboards and Onewheels are the two most popular self-balancing devices used for commuting. They can carry you places and are safe & fun to ride. Although they are based on the same fundamentals, they vastly differ in terms of features and usage.

In this guide, we will look into differences of a Hoverboard and Onewheel, know their types along with the best product in each category. After reading the article, we are sure you will be confident about the ride you need to pick-up.


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hoverboard vs onewheel

Hoverboards are electric and portable two-wheel devices that are also commonly known as self-balancing scooters. Popularised by Back to the Future, these self-propelled boards are the latest craze among youngsters and mobility enthusiasts. Hoverboards typically consist of a platform for the rider situated between two wheels and function like skateboards powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Hoverboards are compact, so they can fit under your arm or in a backpack and can be easily carried anywhere. The hoverboards come in a variety of types, often based on the size of the wheels, build, and usage.

Hoverboards can be used for commuting to school, college, visiting friends or relatives, work, going to market, or really any other place. These self-balancing boards work on a rechargeable battery and don’t use any fuel for their operation.

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Types of Hoverboard

There are three main hoverboard types:

1. 6.5-inch Hoverboards:

Hoverboards with 6.5-inch wheels are the most popular choice among kids and teenagers. People prefer these hoverboards for a number of reasons such as their low cost, easy usage, and increased mobility. Their lightweight and slim design have helped them find a market among children.

For an adult, the 6.5-inch hoverboards may be uncomfortable to ride. People who want to purchase a hoverboard for their kids should consider the 6.5-inch hoverboards. If you want to buy one for yourself, go for either with the 8-inch or the 10-inch hoverboard.

2. 8-inch Hoverboards:

Hoverboards with 8-inch wheels are neither too small nor too big. It is the perfect size for people looking for something that offers both in terms of performance and is fun to ride. These hoverboards perform quite well at tough terrain and are able to climb steep cliffs. These hoverboards are the best option for daily commuting as well as riding on any terrain be it sand, mud, gravel or grass.

3. 10-inch Hoverboards:

Heavier hoverboards with 10-inch wheels have many advantages over the standard 8-inch and 6.5-inch wheels hoverboards. A 10-inch hoverboard provides better control while riding compared to others, thus making them an ideal option for both beginners and advanced users. On top of it, these hoverboards offer maximum comfort. They include inflatable rubber tires, allowing you to ride it effortlessly on the roads.

The main con of such a big hoverboard is that they are heavy and their big wheels decrease the torque level and make it difficult for you to climb up steep surfaces.

Unique Features in Hoverboards

1. Hoverboard with Speakers:  

Most new hoverboards come with built-in Bluetooth speakers that will keep you entertained the entire way to your destination. You can connect them to your Android or IOS smartphone and play your music or listen to any podcast while you ride your way in style. Most hoverboards have decent quality speakers that produce good enough sound so you will not be disappointed.

2. Hoverboard with LED Lights:

Many hoverboards come with LED lights which give them a flashy and attractive look. The LEDs also help riders navigate in the dark or use them as indicators to let others know when they ride it. LED lights also act as battery indicators, allowing you to know when to charge your hoverboard.

3. Hoverboard with the UL2772 Certificate:

All hoverboards from top brands come with UL2272 certification. This ensures that the hoverboard has passed all safety tests in various kinds of conditions and terrains. Also, most hoverboards run on a fire-safe rechargeable battery  and a UN 65950 compatible charger with required safety certifications.

Best Hoverboard


The Hoverstar All-New HS2.0 Hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards available in the market today. This stylish looking hoverboard is made using durable and scratch-resistant high-quality anti-fire material. This ensures that you can use the hoverboard on any terrain be it mud, sand, gravel, or snow without any wear and tear. 

The standard 8.5-inch tires are also made up of premium quality materials that are indestructible and non-flat. You can take them anywhere from roads & gravel to grass & snow.

The Hoverstar HS2.0 hoverboard has a powerful 400-watt motor that allows you to ride at a max speed of 10 miles per hour. A single charge will take you up to 10 miles, as far as range is considered. Whether you’re commuting in urban areas or want short steep rides in off-road terrain, the Hoverstar HS2.0 will work excellently for virtually any use case. 

The hoverboard has a matte finish and comes in two color variants red & matte blue. It features multiple LEDs including 2 RGB Flash LEDs on wheels as well as front-facing LED bars. The colorful LED lights on the hoverboard are extremely cool to look at and also serves as an additional safety feature while surfing in night. 

Another great feature is that Hoverstar 2.0 has two riding modes; training and normal modes which are beneficial for both beginners and experts. The in-built speed controller ensures that you do not go overboard in crowded places. The Bluetooth speakers are also of high quality and have amazing connectivity. The Hoverstar All-New HS2.0 hoverboard is UL2272 certified, meaning it has passed an endless array of extreme electrical and safety tests.

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  • Made up of anti-fire material
  • Nice Exterior
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Two riding modes
  • Speed controller
  • Not waterproof.

With stunning build quality, 8.5-inch indestructible never-flat tires, dedicated training modes, Bluetooth speakers, a smartphone application, remarkable motor power and much more, the Hoverstar All-New HS2.0 Hoverboard is packed with just about everything you could want in a hoverboard. 


hoverboard and onewheel comparison

Onewheel is a single-wheel based self-balancing electric scooter often described as an electric skateboard. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the device consist of a single wheel pivoted in the middle of a longboard with two footpads on each size.

Onewheel was invented by Kyle Doerksen, the CEO, and founder of Future Motion Inc. as an alternative to existing self- propellent solutions such as unicycles and hoverboards. Unlike a hoverboard, the rider’s feet and body are pointed at a perpendicular angle to the wheel and direction of travel. 

The Onewheels are more compact and consume less power compared to hoverboards. They are suitable for small distances such as commuting to and from school or having occasional rides in backyards. Like hoverboards, they also vary in terms of size and other features.

Best Onewheel


Surfwheel HX Onewheel Electric Skateboard is an elegant looking compact and portable Onewheel built with numerous features making it one of the best Onewheels available in the market. The Onewheel comes at an affordable price and is very easy to learn even for beginners.

This black Onewheel is very light and portable when compared to other single-wheeled boards in its range. You can easily pick it with one hand or even carry it around in a backpack. The portability does not compromise with the build quality. The board is solidly built with high-grade polymer and aluminum steel frame.

In terms of performance, the Onewheel offers decent output. This Onewheel can carry a maximum weight load of 220 lbs. It can reach a top speed of 12 mph with a 2-hour runtime. The charging time is also decent with about 3-hours required to charge from zero to full. The 6-blue LED strips positioned along the side of the board provides sufficient illumination for riding at night.

The Onewheel comes with Bluetooth App support for both Android and IOS which allows you to change various settings such as maximum speed, acceleration, and start or stop your Onewheel. The Surfwheel HX Onewheel Electric Skateboard is EN1078 certified, that is it has passed all American skateboard standards making it safe for learning and riding.

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  • Sufficiently fast.
  • Affordable compared to others.
  • Android & IOS support.
  • Elegant looking.
  • Not suitable for off-road riding.

SURFWHEEL HX Onewheel Electric Skateboard is a solidly built light and portable Onewheel perfect for commuting to nearby places and having adventures with your friends in backstreet.

Final Words

This is our comparison of hoverboard and Onewheel. In a nutshell, Onewheels are best for casual riding and having fun in your backyard or street. On the other hand, if you want something that can also cater to your daily commuting and can be used on different terrains and conditions, the best hoverboard is always the way to go. We hope you were able to choose the best-suited ride for yourself. If you have any doubts or suggestions feel free to comment.

Make sure you don’t forget to check out our review of the best hoverboards for girls and best hoverboards for kids. We regularly come up with new guides and articles. Till then, have a nice day.

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