How To Adjust The Karaoke Amplifier?

No matter how simple it is to karaoke but the world of a karaoke setup is a tad confusing. While you may have only heard of a karaoke mic and speakers as the core elements of its setup, you are missing the most crucial element and that’s the mixer (or amplifier). 

In general terms, a karaoke amplifier is a piece of equipment that combines and amplifies the various audios from sources like speakers, microphones, and singers. You may wonder why to use a mixer but it’s required as you’d have at least two sources of sound, the backing music, and the singer. For a better karaoke experience, it’s always suggested to amplify both these (and other) sound sources. 

Since a mixer amplifier is sophisticated equipment, it houses various internal connections and external controls. If you’re a novice, you may find it difficult to tune or adjust the amplifier. If yes, refer to the below guide on how to select and adjust your karaoke amplifier.

Basic Steps To Adjust & Set Up Your Karaoke Mixer Amplifier:

Step 1: Let’s Prepare The Amplifier.

how to setup karaoke amplifier

For amplifiers with a simple layout, the preparation is as easy as it sounds. However, for a complex model like the one shown above, follow these steps.

  • Plug the mics in the XLR jack. For the dynamic microphones, you don’t need to turn the PHANTOM mode on but turn it on if the microphone is of condenser type.
  • Plug the other musical instruments in the 6mm jack.
  • Connect the send effect of the mixer to the input of the effect, and the output of the effect to the return of the mixer.
  • Connect AUX.
  • Adjust all the gains to their minimum position (max left) and drag the volume sliders to the bottom.
  • Set the equalizers of low, mid, and highs to zero.
  • Now, adjust the pan of the center channel. 

After preparing the amplifier, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Adjusting Volume And Gains

how to adjust karaoke amplifier

Adjust master LR to 0dB and subgroup to -3dB.

If the mixer has a PFL button, press the down button and test the sound at average and maximum level. Now, increase the gains until the two LR bars indicate 0dB. 

After adjusting the gain, don’t touch it unless the band alters its volume. You can only change the volume and keep in mind the dB rule while doing so.

Step 3: Adjusting The Sound Quality

While adjusting the sound quality, listen to the same sound again and again to notice any discrepancy. If there is an error, work on it. 

  • LO: It stands for LOW. It is usually fixed at 80-100 Hz. Increase or decrease it to help sound get warm and come out with full force. However, too much of it can lead to buzzing and unclear sound.
  • MID: It’s usually fixed at 800Hz, 1kHz, or 2kHz. Again, alter the midrange to make the sound clear and crisper. Too much of it can make the sound unclear, muzzled, and bulging.
  • HI: It’s usually fixed at 8kHz or 12kHz. You can adjust its range to distinguish between the various aspects of a sound like an echo, tone, etc. If it’s too high, it will introduce a howling effect.

Step 4: Adjusting The Test Speaker

After adjusting the sound quality, volume, and gains, let’s adjust the test speaker for the singer. Instruct the singer to keep trying and raise the AUX button and continue increasing it until the singer gets satisfied. However, remember that you should use AUX Pre as then only the volume won’t get impacted when you push the volume lever. After final adjustments, don’t touch the AUX button unless the performer asks you to do so. 

Step 5: Adjusting The Effects

how to set up karaoke amplifier

Effects are important for additional instruments the mixer amplifier will work with. For this,

  • Set Effect Send at master to a low of 0dB and Effect Return at 0dB.
  • Change the channel effect to the point you feel satisfied.

How To Choose The Best Karaoke Mixer Amplifier With A Wireless Microphone?

Refer to the below-curated buying guide for karaoke amplifier with wireless microphone


The mixer amplifier is connected to the microphone, speaker, and other equipment. Hence, make sure it’s compatible with each of them. Plus, the number of mics the mixer can handle is also a point of consideration.

Sound Quality

As a thumb rule, a higher-priced amplifier offers a more perfect sound. However, pay attention to the fact that merely the quality of the mixer won’t have the final say in the audio quality, but the quality of your mic and speaker will govern it too.


Karaoke amplifiers are a bit expensive. Its high pricing means you won’t like taking it to the repair shop once a week or month. Right? So, check out the total warranty period you’re getting.


Lastly, you may need to carry the karaoke mixer from one place to another or carry it while traveling. Would you be able to lift heavy-weight mixers all alone? Hence, go for the lightweight (compact) options you feel you can carry or lift.

Final Words

Setting up a karaoke amplifier may seem to be a difficult task as it involves some technical skills. However, following the above steps, you can easily adjust the karaoke amplifier. 

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