How To Become A Good Karaoke Singer?

Though karaoke singing originated in Japan years ago, its craze is there in the minds of people across the globe who want to get over the crown of “bathroom singer”!! With the popularity of karaoke singing growing at such a good pace, you may wonder “how to become a good karaoke singer”. If yes, I’ve got you covered through this article. To become a good karaoke singer, one need not be blessed with a voice of the nightingale but merely working on certain aspects of singing is good enough! Take a look at the below-mentioned tips to become a good karaoke singer.

5 peer-reviewed lessons/tips to become a good karaoke singer

1. Know your vocal range and stick to it.

voice range to become a good karaoke singer

Vocals are the primary aspect of heartwarming singing performance. And to your surprise, every individual has their range of vocals going out of which makes you sound like a man singing after drinking

But how can I know my vocal range or the notes I can tick? It’s simple! Find someone to play piano note-by-note for you. While it’s been done, imitate the notes carefully and you’ll find one note that will be too high or too low for you. 

If this idea isn’t feasible to you or not working out as it should, listen to a few singers. Try noting their notes and gradually, you’ll find one singer or more whose vocal range will match yours. What’s next? Keep on listening to the songs of these singers and keep on practicing. 

tips to become a good karaoke singer
 Whitney Houston

This is a pro tip. Never try following a singer(s) with a too wide vocal range like that of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Their vocal range is next to impossible to follow owing to its uncommon wideness. 

2. Sing with your stomach and not your throat!

Be it karaoke singing or any casual singing, the entire game is all about your breathing. Try to sing multiple times on your karaoke machine. That’s why every trained singer will sing with his stomach and not with his throat and will suggest the same. 

Now, you may think how it’s possible? Singing with your stomach doesn’t mean singing through your belly button. It’s simply a good suggestion because most novice singers start their singing journey by exclusively using their throat’s small muscles. 

By doing so, they put strain over their throat and as a consequence, their voice appears to be muffled up. Plus, singing through your throat muscles will leave you out of breath within a few minutes of singing! 

Hence, to make you sound more confident, powerful, put minimal or no strain on your throat, and enhance your tone, you’d recruit the bigger muscles of your stomach for singing. To become a pro at singing through the stomach, here are some tricks.

  • Practice taking deep breaths.
  • Rehearse singing a note immediately following a deep breath.
  • Sing a little louder than what you usually do.
  • Use the same stomach muscles when you’re speaking loudly.

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It’s to be noted that in the initial phase of singing through the stomach, your throat will start getting sore quickly and that’s normal. The only thing you need to make sure of is don’t over-strain your muscles in the beginning. Gradually, the muscles will get used to your singing and will never breed problems in the future. 

3. Improve your technique.

Here’s how you can work on your technique.

  • Open your mouth a bit wider while singing than what you usually do while casual talking. This will provide more room for movement and increase your range and power. 
  • Sing while keeping your back straight and chest out. In the learning stage, you should never practice while crouching. 
  • Practice how and when to take deep breaths in between your singing. Otherwise, you’ll keep going out of breath midway and thus putting excessive pressure on the throat muscles.

4. Pick the right song/singer.

As the vocal range required for every sort of music is different, not everyone can sing jazz, rock, pop, classical, and so on. Hence, choose the right music you feel going in with. If you can’t match the high notes of today’s music, go with classical songs and vice-versa.

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5. Sing with emotions!!

At last, singing is all about emotions and how emotionally you’re able to connect with the crowd. While singing, put everything aside, be it your age, the sound of the crowd, atmosphere, and just sing your heart out. 

As a singer or on your way to becoming one, don’t assume music as a bunch of notes, linked to beats, and paired with rhyming lyrics. Music is more than this!

Music is just another way to express your emotions right from your heart. 

Final words!

Singing is not about following a set of rules or instructions to sound theoretically flawless and vocally perfect. The best karaoke performances are the ones where the singer can form an emotional bond with his audience and vice-versa.

If you’re able to do this, you’re more than a perfect karaoke singer. 

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