How To Connect A Karaoke Microphone To Speakers

If you are connecting your karaoke microphone with speakers for the first time, it can be quite confusing and over-whelming given the large no of ways you can do it. Although, once you get the hang of it, you will find it quite simple. Connecting your microphone to speakers will able you to enjoy late karaoke nights and incredible singing sessions.
So, how do you get started with connecting your microphone to an external speaker system? Well, that depends upon the type of karaoke you own, either wired or wireless. Even if you fail through the normal route for some reason, you can always use your computer as a medium connecting the two

Connecting a wired Karaoke to Speakers

how to connect karaoke microphones to speaker

Connecting your microphone is pretty simple, and all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  • Make sure your speaker system is turned off before proceeding any further. Connecting a live microphone to your speaker system can create some unpleasant noises.
  • Plug-in your karaoke microphone into the “mic in” of the speaker system using a standard RCA cable. The input is often labeled with white color, although it may vary depending upon your region.
  • After making sure that everything is plugged in correctly, turn on the speaker system and try testing your microphone. You should be able to hear your voice from the other side, although it may be very loud, so make sure to keep the volume low.
  • Most of the speaker systems do not have an equalizer for pitch and tone, so you will need to adjust it through the master volume or get a separate sound card especially if you are doing karaoke.
  • If you are satisfied with your set-up then you are completely ready for your wild karaoke sessions!

Connecting a wireless Karaoke to Speakers

tips to connect karaoke microphone to speaker

It might be possible that you want to hold a karaoke night at your home and brought some fancy wireless microphones. If you have, really a great choice, because of the lack of cables although makes the process a bit long, you get the freedom of grooving your moves while rocking your karaoke.

  • Turn everything off. While it’s unlikely for anything to go wrong down the wire, it’s always the best practice to do so with everything powered down.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your karaoke microphone, followed by the speaker system. Wait until they are paired. It might be indicated through a beep sound or flashing LED depending upon your microphone.
  • Alternatively, you can get yourself a sound-card and connect the microphone to it. Doing so will mean you can use standard RCA connections, which are more common, and will also give you control over the microphone’s volume.
  • Power everything up and make sure your microphone is connected. Test volume levels and equalizer settings before singing and you are good to go.

What are Karaoke Microphones?

How to connect karaoke microphone to speakers

If you are a music lover, any party is incomplete without a high-quality sound system. Among all different kinds of music systems, a karaoke microphone is a must-have item. A karaoke microphone combines various necessary components of a karaoke machine into one handy tool. Besides parties and gatherings, you can play music, make announcements, and have sing-alongs with your family and friends. Many karaoke microphones even come with an in-built recorder and speakers thus eliminating the need for any external device.

What Karaoke Microphone is Best to Use with Speakers?

There are several different kinds of Karaoke microphones that all have their benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to which one is best for you, it’ll depend entirely on what your actual needs are. If you’re recording music, or something similar, then it can make sense to invest in some better technology.

Mockins Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone – All-rounder Karaoke Microphone

The Mockins Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone comes at a very affordable price, especially given the fact that you get in-built speakers as well as FM radio, which is exactly why we’ve included it on the list. The audio quality is also pretty decent and fills an entire hall.

The microphone comes with a lot of connectivity options. The Bluetooth or USB options can be used to connect your smartphone or tablet to record songs for future references or share them with family and friends. The AUX cable support is useful if you have any external speakers to connect with. You also get some voice enhancement options to improve your output.

This is also an excellent option for beginners or new bands that want to start their singing journey. Although it lacks any fancy LEDs, this leads to great battery life which can last even after a full day of singing. You get a wide array of colors to choose from such as black, blue, silver, gold, and purple.

  • Various connectivity options.
  • Compact and portable.
  • FM radio.
  • Value for money.
  • Build quality is average.

Final Words

As you can see, connecting a microphone to your speakers is really easy. Even if you don’t have the standard mic in port or Bluetooth,  you can connect it through your PC using a sound-card and RCA cable. You can make your connections both wired and wireless depending upon the devices available to you.

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