How To Connect A Karaoke System To Home Theatre

If you connect your karaoke system with home theatre for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming but once you are used to it, you will find it quite easy and simple. Connecting your karaoke system to the home theatre will able you to view the lyrics of your song on your TV as well as enjoy your songs on much more powerful speakers.
There are two primary ways, either wired or wireless through which you can connect your karaoke system to your home theatre depending upon the models of devices available to you. In case none of the methods is feasible to you, you can just use any Windows or Mac computer as a channel between your karaoke system and microphone.

What is a Karaoke System?

Guide To Connect A Karaoke System To Home Theatre

A karaoke system is a package of speakers, microphones, and many times glowing LEDs acting as disco lights and even a small TFT screen to read put lyrics of your song. Most karaoke systems have an inbuilt recorder to record your performances and audio enhancers like echo boost, pitch control, and vocal removal to increase the impact of your song.

Once a form of luxurious entertainment, karaoke systems have brought the fun of karaoke bars and clubs at home and they are getting more affordable with every passing day.

Connecting a Wired Karaoke System to Home Theatre

How To Connect a wired Karaoke System To Home Theatre

Connecting your karaoke system is very simple. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you are done:

  • Make sure your karaoke system is well turned off before moving any further. Connecting a powered karaoke system to a home theatre may lead to unwanted results.
  • Plug-in your karaoke system into the “mic in” of the home theatre using a standard white color RCA cable. They are easily available in an electrical appliances store although the color may vary.
  • After you are completely sure that everything is plugged in at proper positions, sitch on the knob of your karaoke system. You should now be done with your set-up which your may test by signing into your karaoke systems’ microphone.
  • If you are not satisfied with the audio quality, try changing the settings of your home theatre such as an equalizer to adjust pitch and tone, unless you get your desired output on the speakers.

Connecting a Wireless Karaoke System to Home Theatre

How To Connect a bluetooth Karaoke System To Home Theatre?

If you have a high-quality karaoke system, there might be a chance that you can connect your karaoke system wirelessly via Bluetooth. If you decided to opt for the wireless way, it can be a bit technical although the lack of wires give you so much freedom while rocking to your tunes that it is worth your time.

  • Always make sure your karaoke system is charged enough, especially if you are going to use it wirelessly. You don’t want your singing session to be interrupted by a lack of power.
  • Make sure that everything is switched off properly. Although there is almost no chance that something wrong may go down, it is always better to be on the safe side.
  • Turn on the wireless Bluetooth of your karaoke system, followed by your home theatre. Wait for a few seconds, until they are paired. It might be indicated through a flashing LED, beep sound, or any other way depending upon your appliances.
  • Alternatively, you can get yourself a sound-card for RCA cable and connect the karaoke system to it. It will also give you control over the karaoke system’s volume.
  • Power on all the appliances in proper pattern and test your karaoke system’s microphone. Set-up the equalizer for best audio output and you are good to go.

Best Karaoke System for Home Theatre


One of the best karaoke systems for home theatre, SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System is an ideal karaoke system for home parties and day-to-day singing. The karaoke system packs two solidly built wireless microphones that you can carry around without any worries of wire. The system is particularly useful if you are into singing duets with your partner or friends. The mini Karaoke can be connected to any TV, home theatre, or external speakers to read out the lyrics of your song.

The set-up and operation of SML385UW are very easy and even kids can use this on their own. Besides, the built-in Bluetooth enables you to connect your karaoke system to a smartphone application to obtain songs and lyrics for free. You can even use Youtube karaoke songs to sing on the go without the need of downloading anything. Without any doubt, it is a great gift for your family members.

  • The sound quality is crystal clear
  • Easy to operate and set-up
  • Dual microphones to sing in pairs
  • The microphone’s loudness is a bit low

Final Words

As you can see, connecting a karaoke machine to your home system is easy. Even if you don’t have the standard mic in port or Bluetooth in your home theatre or karaoke system,  you can connect it through your personal computer using an RCA cable or a sound card. You can make your connections both wired and wireless depending upon the devices available to you.

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