How To Connect JBL Boombox to TV

If you plan on purchasing a JBL Boombox or already an owner of any of the last generation of JBL speakers, and wandering about the connectivity options you get to connect with your TV, you visited the right page.  Whether you own a smart Tv or non-Smart Tv or an Apple or Android TV, in this article we will be having a look at different ways you can connect your JBL speakers both wired and wirelessly. This guide will also be beneficial for other last-generation JBL speakers such as JBL Xtreme or JBL Partybox 300. We will also be having a look at a number of essential FAQs that you must know in the end before making a purchase. So, without any further talks, let’s dive into our main article.

Connecting JBL Boombox to TV

There are many connectivity options you get along with your JBL Boombox. These include wireless connection via the JBL Connect+ app as well as Bluetooth and wired connection using an RCA cable or through the USB-A port. Connecting JBL Boombox to TV using an RCA cable is as easy as a pie. You can connect both smart TVs and non-smart TVs using this conventional way. Wireless connections, both by Bluetooth and Connect+ app are only available for smart TVs. Let’s take a detailed look at all the steps required in each medium.

1. Wired connection via RCA cable

For a wired connection, you will need an RCA cable, which you already have most probably, or it is easily available online or at any other local retailer. The wire is Red White Yellow color-coded with white representing audio generally although it mary depending upon your region. You can connect both conventional and modern TVs using these handy cables. Anyways let’s look into the steps required for establishing a connection:

  • Connect one side of the white RCA cable to the backport of your audio TV having the headphones logo. It may also be available sideways depending upon the TV model.
  • Open the covering of the audio-our port of your JBL Boombox and connect the other side of the white RCA cable on it.
  • Turn on your TV using the TV or power button followed by JBL Boombox by pressing the power on the button.
  • Now test your speakers starting at a low volume.
  • If everything is done was followed properly, you will get the desired output and you are done.

2. Wireless Connection using JBL Connect App

If you have a smart TV with either Android or Apple app store, connecting your JBL speaker via the Connect+ app will give you access to exclusive features such as loop, playlist, playback mode, and much more. Just follow the steps given below and you would be done in no time:

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3. Wireless Connection using Bluetooth

Wirelessly connecting JBL speakers to your smart TV is very straightforward and easy, similar to any other Bluetooth device. Follow the steps given below and you are done:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your smart TV. The setting location will vary depending upon your smart TV’s OS.
  • Next, turn on the Bluetooth of your JBL Boombox by pressing the power button. Your Boombox by default will start in pairing mode if this is your first time connecting any Bluetooth-compatible device.
  • If not, simply press and hold down the Bluetooth button on your JBL Boombox until the indicator LEDs start flashing.
  • Now, search for the JBL Boombox on your smart TV Bluetooth menu and pair them up. Your smart TV will start pairing and sync data. Once everything is settled properly, the flashing LEDs on your speaker will stop indicating a successful connection.

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1. How many JBL speakers can you connect at a time?

Using the exclusive JBL Connect+ app, you can connect two JBL speakers together in Dolby mode via Bluetooth connection. Not only that, you can add a speaker in the stereo mode by using the Party option in the JBL Connect+ app to play three JBL speakers together. To connect your JBL speakers together, follow the steps given below:
– Play music from any of the JBL speakers you own through the Connect+ app.
– Press the Connect+ icon in the JBL app on your smartphone.
– Add the second speaker from the list of visible devices.
– Repeat the above three steps as many times as you wish to connect with another speaker.
In addition, using a Bluetooth connection enables you to connect your JBL speaker with up to three smartphones at the same time.

2. How to improve the output of your JBL speaker?

You can use the JBL Connect+ app to remotely control the volume level of your JBL speaker. The Connect+ app gives you access to a number of features such as controlling pitch, removing vocals, bass boost, echo boost, and pitch control. All these can be used to equalize the audio output of your JBL speaker and obtain the desired result.
To also have the option to connect multiple JBL speakers together as explained in the above faq to make your party as loud as you want.

3. How to reset your JBL speaker to factory settings?

For any reason, if you wish to factory reset your JBL speaker to the initial state, follow the steps given below carefully:
– Startup your JBL Boombox by pressing the power button.
– Press and hold down the “+” button and power button together for about thirty seconds until you hear a beep.
– Your speaker will start the process and will switch off in few seconds.
– Start your speaker again using the power button and your JBL speaker would in the reset state.

Final Words

As you can see, connecting your JBL speakers to your smart/non-smart TV is very easy & convenient whether you want to connect wirelessly or prefer the conventional wired mode. Even if you don’t have a TV that supports Bluetooth connection and lacks an RCA port as well, you can go through the indirect route of connecting your speakers to your PC/ Mac and in turn connecting them to your TV. You can connect as many JBL speakers as your smart TV support via Bluetooth or even multiple smart TVs to a single Boombox.

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