How To Connect Karaoke Machine To TV?

Karaoke is a fun machine; it fills the void of entertainment wherever you take it; there’s a way you double the fun you want by connecting the machine to TV.

You heard it right; your machine can be connected to the TV so that you can enjoy the visuals and lyrics on a bigger screen.

In fact, it can also connect to almost any smart screen; it enhances your entire karaoke setup look.

You’ll have to follow the steps mentioned below, and your karaoke machine will be ready to use with TV in no time.

Things You Need

Before we jump to the steps, let’s take a look at the things you need to have in your karaoke machine and TV to connect them.

RCA CABLES – RCB stands for red, yellow, and white, its name suggests it has three colour plugs yellow for video, red and white for audio.

Most karaoke machines include this cable; if you don’t have one, you can buy it from any convenient store.

TV (with video port) – Most important your TV must have a video port, most smart TVs have it. It’s like a big size plug. So before you start connecting the system, check whether your TV set has a video port or not.

KARAOKE MACHINE (with AV outlet) – Second most important thing is that your karaoke machine must have an AV outlet. If your karaoke machine has it, you can directly connect it to the TV, but in case you don’t, then you’ll have to use a different method in which you’ll be not connecting the unit directly but indirectly.

Methods to connect karaoke machine to TV

Now that we’re clear with all the requirements, it’s finally the time that we connect that exciting karaoke machine to the TV.

There are two methods to connect the unit, in case if you’re not sure which method to go with, you can try out both the methods and then see what works for you.

So, let’s not waste any more time and see what these steps are.

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First Method

The first method is for those whose machine has an AV outlet. In order to know whether your machine has it or check the user manual or you can virtually inspect, look for a red, blue, and red port with an “OUT” label on the machine.

STEP 1 – In the first step, connect karaoke to TV with RCA cable. The cable is colour-coded, simple connect the yellow cord to yellow port and similarly for the other two cables

STEP 2 – To ensure the connections are correctly connected, make sure you’re connecting it to the port with the “In” label on your TV and “Out” label on your karaoke machine.

STEP 3 – Switch on both the units and then change the video source to AV or AV1.

STEP 4 – Now load the karaoke CD.

STEP 5 – Once the CD is loaded, you should be able to see the visuals or lyrics.

STEP 6 – You won’t see anything on the screen if the plug connections are incorrect, so double-check the connections.

Second Method

The second method is for those karaoke machines in which there is no AV outlet; in this situation, you cannot directly connect your karaoke machine to the TV.

With this method, you can play songs from any source such as YouTube.

STEP 1 – The first step is to connect your machine to your TV through chrome cast directly from the YouTube app or screen mirroring.

STEP 2 – Make sure the TV and karaoke machines are connected to the same internet network and not to two different networks.

STEP 3 – Now play any video from YouTube, check whether the audio and video are showing on your TV or not.

STEP 4 – After verifying the connection, turn on the karaoke machine and test it.

STEP 5 – If the machine is working correctly, you can adjust the echo, volume, sound, etc. and ensure that the sound from your speakers is on a similar level as that of your TV.

STEP 6 – Now, finally, you can enjoy your singing.

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FInal Verdict

So, the methods discussed above are very basic and easy to follow. It all depends on your karaoke machine and its configuration. According to that, you can choose the most suitable method.

Besides connecting the machine to a TV, you can even join the machine to your home theatre or any other external device.

If you’re struggling to connect your karaoke machine to your TV, why don’t you try out our comprehensive guide on how to connect your karaoke machine to TV?

Just choose the method which suits your machine and TV, and according to that, follow the steps to connect the machine to TV; it’s that simple.

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