How To Make An Electric Skateboard With Arduino

How To Make An Electric Skateboard With Arduino

How To Make An Electric Skateboard With Arduino

Building your own Arduino electric skateboard can be complicated as there are many components involved in the process.

Many of you might think building an electric skateboard is similar to building one with Arduino, but that is not the case, let’s see why.

An electric skateboard works with four main components motor, battery, ECS, and remote, whereas to build an Arduino electric skateboard, you’ll have to integrate the entire system with Ardunio.

If you’re struggling to build your first ever Arduino electric skateboard but don’t know how to execute the process; you have come to the right place.

Here in this complete guide, we’re going to see how to make an electric skateboard with Arduino from scratch to a full-fledged working model.

To build an Arduino electric skateboard, all you have to do is follow the steps below. We have explained everything, and you’ll have the answers to all your queries.


1. Teensy 3.2

How To Make An Electric Skateboard With Arduino

2. Buck Converter

Make An Electric Skateboard With Arduino

3. Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO

How To Make An Electric Skateboard

4. USB-A to B Cable

how to make electric skatebaord

5. Micro-USB to USB Cable (Generic)

usb to usb cable to make an electric skateboard

6. XT60 Connectors & Heat Shrink

7. Male/Male Jumper Wires

male to male jumpers to make an electric skateboard

8. Soldering iron (generic)

soldering iron to make electric skateboard

9. Hot glue gun (generic)

hot glue gun to make an electric skateboard

10. Arduino IDE

arduino ide to make an electric skateboard

11.    Arduino Web Editor

arduino web editor to make an electric skateboard

These are the tools and resources you’ll need to make your Arduino electric skateboard.

To build an electric skateboard, all you need is any durable wood-based material, screws, ECS, battery, motor, wires, and wheels.

You must also know how to use a soldering machine or get someone who can do the soldering work on your behalf.

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After you gather all the necessary equipment, it’s time to start setting things up. The first thing, to begin with is to set the no of pixels.

For example, you choose 21 pixels per stripe; you can choose it according to your preferences.

The white strip is for data, red stripe for 5V, and yellow for ground, to check the connections make sure the pieces are parallel to each other.

After that, connect all the connections, and don’t forget to choose the place to set it on the skateboard.

Before soldering the Arduino, use a breadboard for programming, then connect the Arduino to the computer for programming.

basic setup to make an electric skateboard


Now comes the code, if you don’t have any idea about coding or programming, then it’s ok, most of us don’t, you can either learn to code if you want or get someone to code for you.

If you don’t want to code by yourself, it’s better to get it done by someone who knows how to do it. If you want to edit the code, you can inform the coder.

For your help, we have provided you with the code. You can edit the strings, delay value, and After uploading the code, please test it out first to check it, and then make changes as you want.

If you want to use any lighting like LED strips, then you’ll have to interpret separate code in your code.

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battery to make an electric skateboard

After programming the code, it’s time to install the Teensy 3.2. Here in this project, we have to use Teensy 3.2 because it is compact and can be easily fitted on the bottom of the board.

To test the code, download Teensy 3.2 attachment and then test it out along the Arduino.

Now take a 24V to 5V buck converter and connect the wires to the battery output, as it will be accessible to connect the 5V output to the 5V input.

This is a crucial point, so to avoid any mess, make sure to connect it in the right place.

  After this, you can begin soldering and what’s better than using a 24V to 5V buck converter.

Then gluing the buck converter to the bottom of the speed controller enclosure and the Neopixels.


connections to make an electric skateboard

Now it’s time to make all the final connections. To power the two Neopixels strips simultaneously, you need different ground pins and 3V pins available on the Teensy.

Now use the 12 pins to connect with both of the Neopixels strips. Be very cautious while soldering the connections, as the pins are very tiny, so connecting them, it’s better to keep them separate.

Once the soldering is completed, then if needed, tie up the wires with a zip tip so that the wire touches the ground.

Now when you switch on the board, the NeoPixels should also be turned on.


It’s essential to protect all the electronics on the board from rain, water, or any other harsh weather conditions. To do so, you can 3D print an enclosure box.

This enclosure will protect all the parts and wires and will keep them away from water. It should have a proper opening for wires and should be made of sturdy material.


If you’re reading this, you’ve finished the guide & can now make your own Arduino electric skateboard. We hope our detailed guide has solved all your queries on how to make an electric skateboard with Arduino. Well, it depends on your choice to make en longboard electric skateboard or mini electric skateboard.

The above code is most suitable for those who don’t have any previous experience in coding. If you don’t know how to code you can either search & learn it on your own, or get it done by someone else who is a coder.

The above steps have a detailed explanation of every part used in the process, so if it’s your first time, don’t worry, you will eventually understand it.

This guide is mainly applicable for those who already have an electric skateboard and want to integrate it with Arduino.

If you don’t have an electric skateboard, you can either buy it or build it from scratch; we already have a detailed guide on how to make an electric skateboard from scratch, go check it out. It’s completely free.

Once you have to build your electric skateboard, you can use the above guide to process it with an Arduino further.

So, let’s wrap up, for any query or doubt do check out the comment section you’ll get your questions answered by our experts. 

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