how to make an electric skateboard

How To Make An Electric Skateboard: Step By Step Guide

how to make an electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are fun and exciting, but do you know what’s more exciting than this, “when you make your own electric skateboard and ride it.”

Yes, you heard it right! Nowadays, DIYs are in trend & you can make anything on your own, all you need is a few components which you can buy easily online.

So, if you’re interested in making your electric skateboard, this article will help you to create your first handmade electric skateboard.

Let’s see how to make an electric skateboard with a few simple things such as a motor, battery pack and conversion kit.

You have to follow the steps mentioned below one by one.

List Of Items

These are items that you will need to build your electric skateboard. Make sure every item is of high quality and are in proper condition, if not then do replace the part.

  1. Dual hub motor.
  2. 6-7 plies of solid wood.
  3. Battery.
  4. Pair of skateboard reverse kingpin trucks.
  5. Esc.
  6. Two pair of skateboard wheels.
  7. Drill machine.
  8. Eight pieces of skateboard bearings.
  9. Glue.
  10. A set of eight bolts and nuts.
  11. Two sets of riser pads.
  12. Grip tape for the deck.

You can select the items according to your size preference but make sure every item can be used with each other like all the nuts and bolts must fit the board size.

The Deck

The first and foremost part of any skateboard is a deck, now it’s all your choice whatever material you want your deck to be made of, but it should be strong enough.

You can choose a longboard, as they are much more stable and flexible than shortboards.

The drop mount, Top mount, double drop, and drop through the deck are always preferable.

Whatever the style of deck you choose, it must suit your riding style and it should manage your weight.

deck to make an electric skatebaord


There are two types of trucks, the standard kingpin trucks and the reverse kingpin trucks and it depends upon your choice of what you wish to use.

We would suggest you go for the reverse kingpin trucks as they are better, comparatively more durable and offer better control, especially while turning.

While learning how to make an electric skateboard make sure you have enough knowledge about different trucks to choose correctly for yourself.


wheels to make an electric skatebaord

Without wheels, you cannot ride your skateboard. So, while choosing the wheels you need to watch out a few things.

First, the size and diameter of the wheels must be according to the size of the deck, and second the hardness of the wheels, which varies from 70A to 90 A (A- hardness of the wheel).

The hardness depends on what surface you’re going to ride your skateboard so choose wisely.


motor to make an electric skatebaord

The motor is the heart of your skateboard, so this should be chosen properly. As there are different types of motors available online with different power and capacity, look for something which is not too powerful and yet not too slow either.

Once you choose the power of the motor, you have to select the type of engine. All motors are excellent, except the belt operated one, since it’s challenging to operate.


electric motor to make an electric skateboard

To remotely control the power and speed of your skateboard, you’ll need to have an electric system controller.

An ESC is an electrical circuit that allows the rider to control the speed and power output of the motor via remote. Without it, your skateboard will run directly on the motor. Another feature of ESC is that riders can perform dynamic braking and can also reverse the motor.


The process of how to make an electric skateboard is incomplete without the battery. It is the second most crucial part of your skateboard as it powers the motor. Generally, Lithium-polymer batteries are used in electric skateboards as they have precise power and battery life and you can go for the same.

Almost all batteries are not water-resistant; which means they can easily be damaged in unsuited conditions. If you can find the water-resistant ones, then there’s nothing better than that.

battery to make an electric skateboard


Now once you have chosen all the right components for your DIY electric skateboard, it’s time to assemble all the items, starting with the deck. You can take help from an old deck to carve out the right shape & size of the deck.

Putting an old board on the deck will help you drill holes at the right position, mark the holes on the floor using the old board, then drill the holes with a drill machine.

After that, install the truck at the center of the deck and drill a total of eight holes, to install the wheels on to the truck.

Now all you have to do is adjust the wheelbase and the concavity according to your need. But remember, a wider wheelbase will provide wider turns.

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Concavity Of Board

As the word concave means the longitudinal curvature, it refers to the curve of the deck, the more the curve, the more pressure the edges can bear.

It provides better flip control and steering.


The wheelbase is the distance between the holes of trucks. Wider the wheelbase, better will be the stability and turning radius.

board sizes


An enclosure is a little box, where you will install all the electronics such as the battery, motor, and ESC, to protect them from rain and harsh conditions.

The enclosure had to be durable and firmly fixed to the board, and also ensure that it’s position must not affect the airflow.

Use a metal enclosure to make it secure the electronics well. At the same time, make sure it is not too heavy for the board.

step by step guide to make an electric skateboard


If you want your board to look cool and stylish, you can apply unique graphics raps, or you can apply for a paint job.

If you want to apply graphics, it is better to apply them before assembling all the parts so that the graphics don’t get scrapped or damaged while installing.

graphics for electric skateboard


Although most of the wires are secured inside the enclosure, but the ones which connect the enclosure to the wheels need to be placed safely and precisely.

No wire should be left hanging, as it could get stuck in the wheels or they can catch fire due to friction.

Test Your Model

The final step on how to make an electric skateboard is to test the board on the ground. While testing the board, remember to check the following things.

  1. The position of wheels and the wheelbase should be wide enough to match the standard.
  2. The curve of the board should be proper to provide better steering.
  3. Check the motor, battery, and ESC are functioning correctly.
  4. Check the maneuverability of the wheels and the board.
  5. The board and enclosure should not be touching the ground.
  6. The weight capacity of the board; if at any point you feel is slightly heavy on the board, it might be that the wood is not strong enough.

Final Verdict

Either it’s for your summer project or just for fun, building your electric skateboard from scratch is exciting and a great learning experience.

Now it’s most probably that it’s your first time building one, so for your help, we have this ultimate guide on how to make an electric skateboard.

This guide has everything from all the items you need to all the placements and installing blueprints.

We have also listed the necessary things you need to check and consider before and after building your skateboard.

It just that there are steps that you have to follow one by one to get the maximum results.

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