How to make a log splitter from a lawnmower engine

How To Make Log Splitter From A Lawnmower Engine?

How to make a log splitter from a lawnmower engine

A log splitter can be used conveniently, for both household and commercial purposes. It is a highly equipped machine that can handle the task of log splitting very easily.  

The woods obtained from the cuttings are used in winter extensively for organising bonfires and even in many medicinal and beauty and décor purposes. 

Not every log splitter can be of household use, and nor every for commercial purpose. It depends on your requirement and buy one, that fits in your budget and also serves your purpose.  therefore, choose what’s best for you in every sense. Or you can easily make one at home too with essential parts required.

What Are the Benefits of Using Log Splitter Made from Lawn Mower Machine?

A lawn mower machine is typically used to cut small, unfit grass in acres of spaced lawns. They can vary from big sports grounds to household lawns. These machines are usually self-powered, or maybe small enough, to be used easily by the operator.

Lawn mower machines are highly equipped and used in many houses today, and practiced as a self-done chore too. It is not very costly too and operation functions are very easy and understandable.

Larger mower machine configurations are ganged and hence they can be adaptable to different ground contours. They are dedicated as much self-propelled cutting tools, which have mower units mounted over them at the front and sides for easy visibility of the driver.

Mower Types:

There are many mower types that are available to serve many purposes:

  1. Sickle type: It is also known as reciprocator motors, bar mowers, sickle bar mowers, or finger bar mowers.
  2. Rotatory mower: This lawn mower has rapidly rotating bars, or disks mounted on the bar, with sharpened edges that can cut a crop.
  3. Reel mower: It also known a cylindrical mower. It has a horizontally cylindrical rotating reel, combined with helical blades, each of which runs past a horizontal cutter bar, producing a continuous scissor action.
  4. Flail mower:  Flail mower contain a number of small blades at the end of the chain attached to the horizontal axis.
  5. Drum mower:  It comes with horizontally- mounted cutting blades attached to the outside of a large diameter disc fixed to the bottom of a smaller diameter drum.
  6. Electric mower: It is well known from the time of the creation of lawn mower.

How to Build Log Splitter From the Mower Engine:

Following ways can be used for innovating log splitter from mower engine:

  1. Replacing vertical shaft engine on the log splitter, which matches up the specs than the throttle. This engine of a lawn mower can be attached with the throttle, to a cable on the hand bar.
  2. Another one can be constructed by using an electric pump of power 1 horsepower, motor running on 120 volts. A hydraulic ram 2 inches in diameter and about 3 ½ feet long, that attached to the pump. This works pretty well, although it can be a little slow.
  3. You can attach the ram and pump to the leftover portion of the log splitter, which is an “I” beam with a slider to push the log and a large knife to cut it. Another part is, it can be done by mounting it on the wheels from the front end of a lawn mower.

All the steps are rather simple to follow and would not take more than 6 hours for completion. It’s fitting of the engine with the shafts and cables and it can be done.


Making a log splitter from a lawn mower engine is not rocket science. It will just require some practice and a whole lot of research before you actually dive into it. A normal log splitter machine would cost you between 1 lakh to 3 lakhs.

This could be a little expensive, hence with a little support and guidance you can actually make one so easily that it wouldn’t cost you much anything. So, make one at home and acquire a lot of savings! 

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