how to ride an electric skateboard

How To Ride An Electric Skateboard? – Ultimate Guide

how to ride an electric skateboard

Who doesn’t enjoy to skateboard, it gets even better if it’s an electric skateboard that means now you can glide on the road without pushing just with the help of remote control.

But the challenge is that riding a regular skateboard and riding an electric skateboard are two different things. Mainly because for a standard skateboard you push it by your leg, whereas you use a remote to ride an electric skateboard.

In a regular skateboard, you ride it using your feet, that means you have entire control on the speed and braking, the problem with electric skateboards is they can anytime fail or any electrical part could get damaged for some reasons, so if the controller fails it could be dangerous.

That’s why it’s important to properly learn about what could possibly go wrong.

Now the question arises, “How to use an electric skateboard without falling from it?”

Well due to the different riding positions, to ride an electric skateboard you’ll have to learn to balance it.

Below we have discussed all the essential things you need to understand before riding it.

So, without wasting any time, let’s learn how to use an electric skateboard whether it’s mini or longboard.

Find Your Right And Left Foot Sweet Spot

find right foot to ride electric skateboard

The right step to riding not an electric skateboard but any skateboard is to find out which of your feet (right or left) is your strong front foot. According to that, you can choose a stance.

If you don’t know which one of your feet is your front foot you can identify it by performing the following tasks.

Slide Test –

Go to a slippery floor and take off your shoes with just your socks on, take a run-up and slide on it, the foot that you feel can hold on more firmly than the other foot is your strong front foot.

Ball Test –

Take a football and try to kick it with both of your feet one by one, the foot you kicked with is your back, and the other foot will be your balancing foot.

Tug War Test –

In a rope tug-war, the foot that you feel can hold on stronger than the other foot is your front foot.

Board Test –

This should be the final step in determining your front foot. Stand on the board and then try to lean on both sides with both the feet one by one.

The stance you feel comfortable with is your stance, now keep practicing on that foot.

Use these four methods to figure out which one of your feet can be the front foot.

Riding Stance

The right stance means that both feet should be positioned appropriately less or more hip-width apart from each other, and bend your knees to absorb any turn or concussion.

Keep your head up towards the road and hold your hands behind your back.

Don’t bend too much otherwise; you’ll quickly lose your balance.

Rev The Throttle

Before you open up the throttle, you better understand how the remote works.

Understand the purpose of each button.

Generally, there are two types of remote, of which one has a trigger at the backside, and another, has a slidable button.

On the trigger remote, you’ll have to pull the trigger to move, and on the one with the slidable button, you’ll have to slide the switch according to the speed.

It’s an essential aspect of how to use an electric skateboard. You need to well understand this to be able to control your speed when riding the skateboard.

Now, some electric skateboards are much faster than others, so before accelerating take the proper stance to get aligned to the speed. Also, while speeding, make sure to shift your weight on to the front foot and keep your back foot still and stable. In order to bear the acceleration force.


braking of an electric skateboard

Not knowing how to stop or decelerate could be dangerous. What will you do if you don’t have any idea of how to stop the board? This could land you in a lot of trouble & you are more likely to fall too in the effort of stopping.

So, before you ride that skateboard, learn to use the brake properly.

If your remote has triggered to apply the brakes gently let go the trigger, and on the slidable button one remote, press the button downwards.

While braking slowly and gradually lean your weight backward but don’t bend yourself, and keep your front foot firm and stable.

How To Make A Turn

Making a turn on an electric skateboard might seem complicated, but really, it isn’t.  The turning process involves two components. Let’s understand both of these components one by one.

If you are bulky then you must try these steps on skateboards specially made for heavy riders.

Front Side Turn –

Here you’ll have to gently shift your weight to your toes so that the wheels move in the direction of your toes.

So, if you have the right foot in front, you’ll turn to the left direction and vice-versa. In this way, the center to the turn radius will be in front of your face.

Backside Turn –

While taking a backside turn, you’ll need to shift your body weight to the heel of your feet, but don’t shift it too much otherwise you’ll fall off.

When taking a backside turn the center of turn radius will be behind your front-facing side, so make sure you don’t bend too much.

If you are turning to the right side, move your head to the right side and vice-versa, make sure you have your direction in your sight.

And that’s how to use an electric skateboard.

Foot Braking –

Foot braking is similar to kick pushing, instead of gaining speed you’re despeeding with the help of your foot.

To use your feet as brakes, you’ll have to turn your front foot in a sideways position so that your toes are aligned in the driving direction, and the heel of your foot should point backward.

Now that you have control the board gradually put the foot ground and wait until there is enough friction generated to stop the board..

This way, your board will come to rest.

Different Types Of Stances

Now that you know how to use an electric skateboard lets also see the different stances that you can choose from, depending on your speed.

Speed Stance –

If you enjoy fast and thrilling speeds, then you must know what stance you must use while cruising speedily.

In this stance, your back foot will be placed perpendicularly at the back of the board, slowly lean forward so that the back knee touches the front knee, this will help you to be stable while at a great speed.  Once you can balance yourself in the stance, you’re free to ride.

Surf Stance –

In this stance, your back foot will be at the center of the board; making you look like a surfer on waved. In this stance, you will get more turning radius to turn better.

Snowboard Stance –

In this stance you can stand with shoulder-width distance apart, it’s best for low and high speed as it provides more stability. It will also allow you to take wider turns.


I know it’s a very cliched line; still, you can’t undermine the fact that, if you keep practicing the stances and braking, eventually you’ll start adjusting to positions, and that’s how you can become comfortable in riding at high speed. That’s the only way you can perfect the art of riding a skateboard. You might fail an initial couple of times, but eventually you will profess it.

So practice as much as you can from braking, speeding, turning, etc.

In a few days, you’ll learn how to use an electric skateboard.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have completed all the steps, and now you know how to use an electric skateboard. Still, if you want to become professional or want to learn it for fun, then it’s essential to know your board and remote.

After that, the thing you need is more and more practice, and very soon you’ll master the art of gliding on the road.

Make sure you keep on your safety guards and pads so that you’re always ready to tackle the worst-case scenario.


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