How To Sharpen Log Splitter Wedge

How To Sharpen Log Splitter Wedge?

How To Sharpen Log Splitter Wedge

A log splitter is an equipment that is used to split different types of logs. The logs may vary from softwood to hardwood. There are specific types of log splitters in the market that are used to split different kinds of woods. 

A typical log splitter would have a directional valve that pumps the hydraulic cylinder to create just enough pressure to split the log. This is how a manual log splitter that is fueled by gas would work. The market now has kinetic log splitter and electrically powered log splitters too. The electrically powered log splitters are much more energy-efficient and environment-friendly. This is why the product has grown in popularity in the market over the years. 

Log splitters are ideally owned by those that live in rural areas. It is a very handy machine to own when you live in more reclusive areas. It allows you to avoid hassle and blow through your job as efficiently as possible. However, it is also a piece of heavy equipment that is potentially dangerous. It is important to have experience and knowledge when using a log splitter.

The problem occurs when you have to deal with a blunt edge. It is quite difficult and expensive to get the edges sharpened, buying a new one isn’t cost-efficient either, so what can splitter owners do to sharpen their equipment?

Sharpening Your Log Splitter

  • Before sharpening your log splitter, check the machine to see if it is worn out or cracked. If the machine has worn down, it is still good to use, but if you notice cracks in the equipment you will have to replace the wedge of the splitter. This examination needs to be done for your safety as it can be dangerous when splitting logs with a cracked machine. If the wedge looks worn down or dull, note that it is safe to use. After closely examining your equipment you can proceed to sharpen the edges.
  • On close examination, you may notice rolled over bits and cracks on the log splitter edge. To smoothen it out, use a coarse metal file and even it out properly. It may take some time but make sure the wedge is filed down perfectly. You must file down the edges to a proper level. If you don’t, you may risk damaging your wedge entirely.
  • After you’ve evened out the wedge, with the metal file move on to the splitting point. Keep filing until you smoothen the sides of the wedge. As you continue this process you will start to notice the splitter getting sharper. The step ensures a perfect cut on your log after you have replaced the wedge. 
  • The last step is to finish filing down the splitting point. Once you file the entire equipment down, the log splitter is good to use. The wedge regains its sharpness and you can go back to splitting wood in no time. You need to keep in mind to file both sides of the splitter evenly. This ensures that your log splitter is consistent. You needn’t have to worry about spending money trying to sharpen your log splitter or think about having to replace it. Make sure to wear protective gear before sharpening your equipment.

Log splitters are heavy equipment that can potentially turn dangerous. Make sure you know how to use the splitter before swinging into action. With any piece of heavy machinery, safety first should be your motto.

Tips To Use Log Splitter

  1. Wear Protective gear before operating the machine. When working around heavy machinery it is important to wear safety equipment to protect yourself from workplace hazards.
  2. Operating the machine is a one-man job. Make sure to not surround yourself with people when the equipment is in use. It is important to avoid using the machine at all costs if children or animals are around you.
  3. Make sure your operating area is clear to avoid unfortunate accidents such as tripping over, especially when the machine is in use. A cluttered workplace will clutter your mind. You can’t afford to be absent-minded when heavy machinery is involved.
  4. Just as you know you shouldn’t drink and drive, similarly, you shouldn’t operate any type of heavy machinery under the influence of alcohol. When setting up your splitter, secure the wheels with wooden blocks.
  5. Make sure to set up your equipment on even ground. If the equipment is uneven, it may lead to the machine not splitting wood efficiently. It is also a workplace hazard. You need to ensure that the logs that you load are cut off squarely. This will help you split them into logs efficiently.

Every machinery has a user manual accompanying it. You need to read it. Educate yourself on how to use the machinery before using it. Every machine is different from the other, there may be different operations that you need to learn, so it is important not to overlook the user manual.

How To Maintain Proper Distance?

Maintain your machine and check the hydraulic pipes before you operate it.

If you think you are not going to be using your splitter for a while, remove the fuel.

Sharpen your wedge as mentioned. It is important to keep your equipment well-maintained. This will help you save costs and you can make the most out of your equipment.


For Manual or commercial log splitters, you will need to change the oil every 25 hours for it to work efficiently. Buy your splitters according to your requirements, this can be easily done with a quick internet search. Making the most out of this effective machine is important to those who cut wood for a living. This is why you must know the kind of machine you require because you do not want a machine that ends up being too hard to handle. Hopefully, this article has given you insight on how to sharpen and easily maintain your log splitters.


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