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How To Split Large Logs With A Log Splitter

A log splitter is a type of machine used to cut or split hardwoods, firewoods, and softwoods. The log splitter cannot cut large logs or trees. Before getting onto the work, the splitter is used to cut down the logs as stated below. . 

Collecting Logs

Now, before splitting or cutting your logs you have to gather them. Make sure the trees are slashed down properly. Cutting the tree properly will give you fine pieces of logs. Before cutting the tree down check the place properly. Make sure there are no electricity poles or telephone poles present.

Cutting down the tree is not all. You have to cut the huge tree into fine larger logs which are to be split further. For cutting down the tree you can use a hand saw or chainsaw. Assemble the larger logs and properly keep them in a place for further processing.

Splitting Huge Logs Using A Log Splitter

There are certain things to keep in mind before starting the log splitter. Before splitting them into smaller pieces, the larger logs should be cut into halves. Vertical or horizontal log splitters are one of the best to be used for splitting logs. The logs are to be put on the top of the log splitter. The rest will be done by the machine itself.

 Steps To Split The Logs:-

  1. The splitter should be flipped in an upright stance.
  2. Keep the logs at the end of the machine.
  3. Slash the logs into two halves.
  4. Now, again flip the splitter back to its previous position (horizontal position).
  5. Slice the logs into slight pieces according to the use.

Utilizing Log Jack

Using the Log jack will be of great use. The log jack makes your work easier. Propping up woods becomes easy with less amount of physical strength needed to do so. If you don’t have Log jack there are many other options too. 

Organizing Logs For Additional Processing

After cutting or splitting the larger logs into smaller, let them settle. Wet woods are not so easy to split. Splitting is easy in dry logs. If the logs are moist, wait until they dry up. Let the woods sit properly and let them dry under the sun. Apart from being easy to split, dried up logs are lighter to hold. 

After cutting them down, if the logs are still larger continue to cut them into smaller pieces. Log Cradle can be used to lift the split logs. It saves your time as well as your work is done without any difficulty.

Procedures For Splitting Large Logs Into Lighter Ones

Now, before slicing the logs you need to measure them properly. Firewood markers can be used to measure the logs. In case you don’t have it, you can also use chalk and measuring tape. 

Put a can of paint and spin the firewood marker down the wood. Accurate marking is done using the technique. 

Use Of Log Splitter

Small splitters are normally used for household work like cutting fine firewood or making fences. Log splitters make cutting wood easy. Three types of woods can be cut using the wood splitter:- softwood, hardwood, and firewoods. Some of the wood splitters work on electric motors. A piston, blade, screw, and wedge are present in a log splitter. 

Advantages Of Using Log Splitters

As you already know to use the machine for splitting woods. Let us look into the advantages of using the machine.

  • Minimize the work:- Splitting logs manually with the help of an manual log splitter takes time but it helps in cut logs perfectly. Kinetic log splitters or electric log splitters can make your work easy and do all works in a comparatively small amount of time. All we have to do is to load the logs into the machine and collect the cut pieces.
  • Eco-Friendly:- Utilizing woods to heat up your home is far better than using any other heating appliances. The log splitters don’t produce any pollution as they work on manpower. Gas-powered splitters release little bit gas which is much less compared to using petroleum.
  • Less maintenance:- All machines need maintenance to keep them working properly. Maintenance depends on machine capability and size. The log splitter simply needs some oil to keep on working smoothly. Powered splitters need much more maintenance than the gas-powered log splitters. 
  • Portability:- These machines are easy to store. The log splitters don’t need to be set up every time they are to be used. If you have changed your workplace, the log splitter can be easily carried. Electric log splitters and Gas-splitters come with wheels that make it easy to move.
  • Not messy:- Whereas, log splitter doesn’t make much mess in the workplace. Only a few wood flakes fly during the splitting process, which is common. If you place the machine on a huge plastic all the flakes will fall into the plastic. And cleaning will be easier.

Tips For Safety and Other Important Notes

  • When you are raising aloft the logs into the splitter make sure your hand is not in the crushing zone. If you don’t pay attention to how the machine works your hand can get severely damaged.
  • The log splitter may be gas-powered or may run on electricity. Whenever you switch the motor on, hands should not contain any other appliance. 
  • Operating the log splitter is not an easy task. Well trained workers are needed to operate the machine. You can use the splitter only after properly understanding how to operate it.
  • Don’t stand near the machine when it is running. Flakes of wood flying during the process of splitting can enter your eyes. Flying flakes can cause serious injury.
  • Operate the log splitters in ample light. And never use gas-powered splitters inside any room or halls (indoors).
  • Wear safety masks and gloves and don’t allow children near the machine.
  • The process will take out moisture from the wood. When the logs are dry they can be split into smaller pieces easily.
  • To get good quality firewoods they need to be baked in the sun for days. A log full of moisture can never be good quality firewood.


Splitting logs using log splitter is a very easy task. You don’t have to put much effort into cutting and splitting the woods. With proper support, splitters can do the work in just few seconds of usage. This is why most workers are advised to buy splitters which can be safe and sound to perform with. 

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