iOSEmus – How To Install, Use & Resolve Errors?


Apple is undoubtedly a leading name in the mobile phone industry. Majority of states population in the today are using Apple iOS based devices for its standard quality as compared to the other companies. iPhones are classy, sophisticated, best in the business and just overall fantastic. However, there are people who are not so happy with the chosen operative system of phones. 

Apple Product users who are hesitant because of the restrictions that Apple forces upon its users in the iOS structure. The system does not give room to any customization by third-party developers, individual programmers or even the users. A lot of interesting applications are not even available or allowed to be downloaded in the iOS app store because of its stringent security reasons. 

Customers tend to have a mentality where they need to be assured about getting the best from their investments. With certain restrictions on the phone, people prefer to find alternative methods of doing so. Bypassing the restrictions or popularly termed as Jailbreaking is a common term among apple users who like to have full control over their device. The process of jailbreaking allows to customize its iOS, change the default look of the phone, lets you download the application from app stores other than iOS and just run your phone according to your terms rather than being limited to only iOS options. 

Is Jailbreaking legal in the United States?

Jailbreaking is not considered illegal in the U.S.A so far. However, it is a blessing that comes in disguise for the users. Once you interfere with the operating system of the phone, it is considered as a violation of the warranty which means if a problem arises in your phone, official apple stores will not be accountable to consider it under warranty. Basically, by jailbreaking the user is devouring itself of the Apple safety net. 

Even though jailbreaking your phone gives you access to many features, compromising the security of your device is a gamble that you play on your risk. 

There were alternatives like Cydia which could be used for various application of iOS. But after the launch of iOS 11, applications like Cydia also came along with certain restrictions. 

With time, the market has seen a better third party app installer for Apple phones that provides the various tweaked applications not available on the app store and is compatible with the iOS as well- iOSEmus.

What is iOSEmus?

iOSEmus stands to be the top-ranked third-party app installer today. It lets the user download their favorite applications, emulators and iOSemus games in their iPhones which are not available on the Apple store. The interface of iOSEmus is user-friendly and doesn’t even require the Apple id of the user. One major reason for the success of iOSEmus is that it doesn’t require jailbreaking the device, unlike the other applications.

After the release of iOS 10, the devices do not support any jailbreak tool and the chances of getting all these new apps and games after upgrading your device to iOS 10 are almost negligible. Regardless of the update, iOSEmus allows you to customize the phone according to your needs and whims without getting it jailbroken.

The sole reason for coming up with the application was to get the advantages of an alternative source of application for iOS without breaking the security bandwidth of the iOS in apple phones. What’s great is that the application is made available in the app store all around the globe.

Not only will it keep your phone protected, but it also will not ask for your apple id and other relevant information that might jeopardize your privacy. There are various applications like iOSemus MovieBox, Download, vShare, flux and more that can be launched using this application installer without putting the security of your iOS as stake.

Moreover, you will find all the applications missing out from the apple store. The advanced version of mainstream applications like Youtube, Instagram, Spotify and more will also be available like Youtube ++, Instagram++, Spotify++ which possess better features than the original versions. Some of the other popular apps available on iOSEmus are PokeGo, Happy Chick, MediaBox, CotoMovies, GBA4iOS and more.

Features of iOSEmus

There are a lot of features in the application that makes it convenient, iOSEmus is safe and easy for all the Apple users. Some of the most important ones are:

1. iOSEmus is easy to Install

Like any other normal application, installing iOSEmus on your iPhone is relatively simple and a no brainer. Customers need not require jailbreaking their iPhones or even entering the App Store to download this application on the phone. It is available free of cost in the apple store.

2. No privacy intrusion

As mentioned, while installing the application on the phone, the app will not ask for the apple id of the user or any other private information like ID proof, payment details, address proof or access to camera and documents that can put your private information in any kind of risk.

3. User-friendly interface

The interface is made to be very user-friendly. There are no complicated choices and selections to opt from. It is pretty basic and devoid of any bugs and errors.

4. iOSEmus is Legal

The most important feature of this application is the authenticity of the application in the apple store. It is legal to use the application in the U.S.A and other parts of the country. Since it doesn’t require jailbreaking the system, the user is unlikely to encounter any sort of malware issues.

5. No Storage Issues

Unlike other application installers, iOSEmus doesn’t require a lot of storage space on your phone and doesn’t bring a lot of cached files alone. Also, since it includes a cache cleaner of its own, it cleans any extra cached memory itself.

6. High Speed

All the applications and games can be downloaded from iOSEmus at a very high speed and it doesn’t engage a lot of data while doing so. Even if the user encounters any kind of errors, there’s a very quick recovery from the problems.

How to install iOSEmus?

Downloading the iOSEmus application in your iOS device is a pretty simplified and straightforward process followed by a few uncomplicated steps.

  1. STEP

    Before you go ahead and install the same, make sure you are in a range of either a good Wi-fi coverage or fast speed cellular data. 

  2. STEP

    Ensure that you have killed all the background apps before commencing the process.

  3. STEP

    Go to your Safari browser and on the address bar, type out the link iosemus-app.comgo to

  4. STEP

    Download the new version from the options & allow the download.ios profile downloaded

  5. STEP

    Go to settings tab on your iPhone & tap profile downloaded option.iphone settings

  6. STEP

    Select iOSEmus app in the profile downloaded option & allow the install by tapping on Install.iosemus install

  7. STEP

    Voila! the app is installed, now you can find the app icon on your home screen and open the app and begin installing the iosemus

You can now download apps like Tweaked PokéGO, Spotify++, MediaBox etc.

How to use iOSEmus?

Once you have installed the app on your iOS device, here is the starter pack on how to use the iOSEmus installer on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Launch the app once you have located the iOSEmus logo.
  • If an icon pops up that says untrusted developer error, go to your settings option and trust the app.
  • Go back and open the application again, once you have trusted the app in settings, it will open smoothly.
  • Search for your desired applications, emulators, games and more
  • Press the button, next to the app you want to download.
  • Make sure your internet connection is at high speed and wait for the download to finish. 
  • Install the app once it is downloaded and spot the icon on your home screen after it is done.
  • Launch the app and enjoy!

How to fix iOSEmus errors?

Since iOSEmus is a third party application and not the home app of apple, there might be some bugs and errors encounters on the screen due to strict apple rules. However, getting rid of these errors is an easy process and doesn’t harm the normal functioning of your phone. 

  • As explained earlier, the first method to fix the error pop up is by heading to your settings trusting the iOSEmus app in Profile and Device management.
  • In rarest of the rare cases, the app might crash as soon as you download it. You have to simply uninstall the app, kill it and download it again. Refresh and launch the app again, it will be working well now. 

4 Best alternatives to iOSEmus

Even though iOSEmus is one of the best third-party app installers for iOS, there are tons of other alternatives for iPhone users to know the best market for their applications. Some of the good alternatives to iOSEmus are: 

1. Hackstore for iOS and Mac devices


Hackstore is one of the few third-party application installers that have an abundance of applications in its store whether paid or unpaid. Along with the applications already available on the Apple store, Hackstore is like a genie in the bottle that grants you the wish of any and every app that you desire. The administration of the app is absolutely free and no registration fee is required whatsoever to have full access to all the applications in the Hackstore.

2. Apprecs for iOS


Apprecs is more so a complimentary app than an alternative app to iOSEmus. The most common problem that arises when a user is trying to locate a legitimate app on the app store is all the applications with fake surveys and hoax reviews makes it to the top of listicles and all the authentic and elite ones get lost in the pool of apps. It is hard to differentiate the authentic reviews and the garbage ones, this is where Apprecs comes in. it utilizes an extraordinary calculation to separate out the untrustworthy and fake audits in the application and comes up with curated manual channel choices to find the right apps. Apprecs definitely gives you a more insightful and a better preview of the framework of any app store.

3. Cydia Download on all iOS Devices

cydia jailbreaking

Cydia was the leading third-party app installer before iOSEmus came into the market. The fundamentally strong app store worked only for jailbroken gadgets and does the exact same job as iOSEmus. Not only does it let you download the apps that are originally not available on apple store form alternative sources but it also lets you customize the settings, the display and the overall functionality of your ios device.

It is basically a one-stop-shop for all the setting changes, application and features that Apple doesn’t permit. However, since it works only on jailbroken gadgets, the user needs to take a risk of losing the security veil of Apple once they decide to jailbreak the device. Any errors, bugs or complications that fall outpost jailbreaking, Apple doesn’t stand accountable for the same.

4. Imods 


IMods is genuinely the best alternative to the iOSEmus app installer. Since this app installer doesn’t require the jailbroken gadgets, is a good option to get access to the cutting edge application with amazing features that are not available on the Apple store. The iMods app store is available for all the iOS user in iPhone, iPad and iPods as well. The user just needs to download the application from the browser and customize the icons and changes in your mobile phone as they please.

Free Download iOSemus

Final Words

Overall, iOSEmus is a third party installer app that enables us to enjoy apple users the tweaked and modified apps that are not available on the original apple store. The application works smoothly on all iOS based devices and doesn’t require a jailbreak to get access to. All the apple users now can have access to the advanced and premium apps at free of cost without putting out their private information at jeopardy and the apple security and warranty at stake.

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