JBL Boombox Vs JBL Xtreme 2

JBL is the biggest brand when it comes to manufacturing quality speakers for various purposes and price ranges. In this article, we would be having a comparison between two of the best-selling JBL speakers available in the range of $300-$399. The JBL Boombox is usually priced $50 costlier than the Xtreme 2 and we would have an extensive review of which one is better worth your money.

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Detailed Comparison

FeaturesJBL BoomboxJBL Xtreme 2
Audio Driver Size20mm69.9mm
Audio Drivers Count42
Dimensions495 x 254.5 x 195.5 mm200 x 307 x 459 mm
Weight5.25 kg2.39 kg
Lowest Frequency50 Hz55 Hz
Highest Frequency20000 Hz20000 Hz
Battery Power20000 mAh20000 mAh
Charging Time6.5 hours3.5 hours
Battery Life (advertised)24 hours15 hours
Bluetooth Version4.24.2
USB Ports21
Water ResistanceIPX7IPX7

1. Design

The JBL Boombox is built slightly larger than the JBL Xtreme 2 in terms of both size and weight. Both the speakers have an ample number of buttons on the device to control the volume, playlist and, switch off and on the speaker. Both Boombox and Xtreme 2 are suitable for outdoor use. 

All the JBL speakers have an IPX7 waterproof rating. So, they are ready to be used in pool parties and along-side beaches. The IPX7 protective seal safeguards the speaker against raindrops, dust, water splashes, etc. 

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The quality of audio output from any JBL speaker depends upon the audio drivers they use. The JBL Xtreme uses a 69.9mm driver whereas Boombox uses a 20mm driver. Due to this, the sound quality of Xtreme 2 is more crisp and sharp.

Just like the size of the audio driver, the number of drivers is also an important factor in the design of any speaker. The JBL Boombox consists of 4 audio drivers compared to two in the JBL Xtreme 2. So, we can say that the Boombox balances out the size of drivers with the number of audio drivers.

The JBL Boombox can feel heavy and not a great choice for a speaker that you would like to travel with. If you are looking for more compact speakers, do check out our detailed analysis of the best portable Boombox in 2023.

2. Sound Quality

The JBL Boombox flaunts two 30 watt speakers that can also operate at 2×20 watt mode when the battery saver is enabled. The JBL Xtreme 2 on the other hand is equipped with 2×20 watt speakers. Hence, the Boombox is predominantly loud and should be the first choice for large-size events.

Similarly, the Boombox supports a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20 kHz as compared to the 55 Hz -20 Khz range of the Xtreme 2. Hence it is crisper and the lowers are much more accurate.

One department that favors the Xtreme 2 is that it has an exclusive noise-canceling microphone that connects voice calls smoothly. Besides, Xtreme 2 has a small built-in subwoofer to produce deep bass notes.

Both the speakers have almost similar passive radiators that produce rich tones even at extreme volumes. Both the speakers have identical SNR (Signal to Noise ratios) of 80dBs each.

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3. Power

The Boombox features a large 2000mAh battery whereas the Xtreme 2 is powered by a 10000mAh battery. The Boombox is advertised to last a complete day on one full charge whereas the Xtreme 2 can go on for 15 hours without the need to plug again. Although in practical usage, the lifetime of Boombox varies from 12-15 hours and 6-8 hours for Xtreme 2 depending upon the volume and features enabled.

Since the Boombox relies on a battery almost double the size of that of  Xtreme 2, it takes about 5 hours to complete from zero whereas the Xtreme 2 takes only 3 hours to achieve the same feat. Both the speakers have a LED indicator to display different battery levels.

4. Connectivity

Both JBL Boombox and Xtreme 2 are equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 to connect your speaker with Smartphone, PC, or smart TVs. Both of them also use a traditional AUX cable as found in other wired speakers.

The Xtreme 2 has 1 USB port whereas the Boombox 2 has 2 USB ports so you can use it while charging also. Both the speakers support the JBL Connect+ app so you can connect as many speakers as you want to a single device.

You can download the JBL connect+ using the below links:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.harman.ble.jbllink

IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jbl-portable/id994041762

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JBL Boombox – Overview

JBL Xtreme 2 – Overview

Final Words

Both JBL Boombox and Xtreme 2 are exceptional speakers that are priced extremely well in our range. The best among the two will depend upon your needs. If you are in for a loud speaker that can last all day, Boombox without any doubt should be your first choice. But, if portability is the priority, Xtreme 2 is lighter and has a better noise-canceling performance. The charging time of Xtreme 2 is also about 2 hours shorter than that of Boombox but the battery life is also lower accordingly.

We hope you will agree with our verdict and were able to decide which among the JBL Boombox or Xtreme 2 is better for you. Also, check out our comparison of JBL Boombox Vs JBL Charge 4 and JBL Boombox Vs Partybox 300 for a more in-depth analysis of the best JBL speakers in 2023.

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