What Is mSpy? How Does It Work?


In the digital era, every next person has a smartphone. The growing trend of social media has taken over a larger population including kids. The exposure to the world of the internet with varied kinds of people makes the children vulnerable today.

Along with the merits, the internet and smartphones also bring along various demerits. Some of them are cyber-crimes, hate activities, bullying, child porn, identity theft, money fraud and more.

Parents are worried about the excess usage of phones and the internet. But snatching the devices away from the kids will do more harm than good. The best measure they can take is to keep a check on their activity. So that they can guide their kids towards the right path and prevent them to get into any kind of trouble.

This is where mSpy phone tracker comes in. The verified mobile monitoring app was launched back in 2010. The main function of the leading parental control app is to monitor the activities of your child’s smartphone. It is legitimate and popular monitoring software that is completely reliable and easy to use.

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What is mSpy?

mSpy is a monitoring application that is specifically designed to monitor a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Once you have installed the application in your target device, you can easily track the call log, GPS location, media files, instant messages, social media application, text messages, and the internet browsing history.

You will get all your data through your web-based dashboard or the mSpy account. You can view all the information safely and securely without the knowledge of the user. You can operate the dashboards from a mobile or a computer.

This is one of the leading parental control applications for the current generation. The application excels among its competition because of its ease of use features and cost-effectiveness. All you have to do is install the application on the targeted phone. It runs in the background without appearing on the main screen or notification tab. You will be able to monitor your child’s phone activities by sending timely reports to your account. You will get access to all the information from his phone.

The software can work for android devices, jailbroken ios devices, and non-jailbroken devices. The process of installation of the application is very easy and it will only take a couple of minutes to do so.

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How does mSpy work?

1. Monitoring & Limit Your Child’s Phone Usage

mSpy is basically a monitoring application that lets you monitor and limit your child’s phone usage. You can keep a tab on their search history, check what they have been browsing, who they connect through social media apps, who they talk to and more. You can also track the phone and know their GPS location physically in order to be aware of their geographical location. This way you will never be worried about your child’s whereabouts.

2. Keeping Tabs on Your Employees

Not just parents but even business entities who want to keep a check on their employees and their activities can use this software. Since a business stand liable for any acts of its employees, one must keep monitoring their behavior and actions. Even if there are any chances that any information is leaked from the company, with mSpy, you will know who is doing it.

The company can track the in time and the time of the employee, the schedule of their work and the status of the work completed. You can even check their internet browsing history to check that they are not doing anything illegal which might hamper the reputation of the company.

3. Keeping Track of Your Spouse’s Phone

With mSpy, you can also keep track of your spouse’s phone. There might be two sides to this usage. You can either be updated about the lifestyle of your spouse, their location for safety reasons. The other side is to make sure they are not doing anything behind your back which can affect both of you.

4. Be aware of your own phone

If you have lost your own phone, you can easily track the location through mSpy application. Even if your phone gets lost, you can disable the phone through your mSpy account to make sure that nobody misses it. You can check the live location of the phone 24*7. The user of the phone cannot change the settings of the phone to manipulate the working of the app. After installation, you can choose the hide the icon app or not. The application is not location dependent but utilize the internet connection of the phone to work.

Features of mSpy

1. Access to Target Phone Information

There is a little information you will be able to see the target device along with some key built-in functions. You can see the mSpy software version, the battery remaining, operating system information and available memory space.

You can also see the cellular service provider, the model of the phone, the information of the last sync, information about jailbreak and more. You can perform some of the functions like rebooting and wiping the target phone if it gets lost or stolen. Disable the running app on the target device, restart the mSpy app by sending a text, unlink the current target device, clear the control panel logs and even lock the device to prevent the usage.

2. Operate settings for the Target Device

You can operate the settings for the target device through your mSpy control panel. You can select the default behavior of your target device. These settings will not change until you do it on your own through the control panel.

The better option is to set the operator to auto-update so that all the recorded information sent consistently to your control panel.

This setting will avoid uploading the information again and again towards your dashboard. Uploading continuously and manually can really drain out the battery and use contingent data of your phone.

You must also lower the setting to update interval for location information and data for frequent updates. If you do not want to drain the battery heavily, strike a balance between the two.

3. Website Monitoring and Blocking

Not only can you monitor the browsing history but can also block any websites in the target device if you wish to. With this feature, you can visit the website they have bookmarked and block the same.

This feature was basically introduced for parents who wanted to keep a check on the content their child is in taking. However, the blocking is only available when the browser used is either safari, chrome or any native android browser. If the user has downloaded the same through any third-party browser, you cannot get access to block the website.

4. Monitoring incoming and Outgoing Calls

Another great feature of this application is the control panel allows you access to all the incoming and outgoing calls from the target device.

You can see the call times, contact name, duration and the total number of calls incoming and outgoing. You can even delete the call from call logs through your dashboard.

Even when the user deletes the log, you will still have a history of logs. Another additional function that comes with the feature is blocking the specific number. If you don’t want your kids to talk to someone after the curfew hours, simply block all the incoming calls and outgoing calls.

5. Tracking Text Messages

Along with the phone calls, mSpy can also control and track all the incoming and outgoing text messages in the target device. Through your dashboard, you will be able to see the text message, the contact number it came from and the time of the message.

Just like the call log feature, you can delete the message and even see the history of deleted messages from the phone. You can also easily read someone’s texts before they have read it themselves.

6. Read Incoming & outgoing emails

Another form of information received on the phone is through emails. This feature is mostly included for employers who want to keep a check on the email activities of their employees. They want to make sure the information about the company remains confidential.

No such content must be shared that can harm the reputation of the company. You can see the email address, the content of the email, recipient’s and sender’s information and the time of the mail received or sent. This feature works the same way as the text messages and log calls.

7. Access Calendar & Contact Information

One can also access the target’s contacts including contact names, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses if mentioned. You can also keep an eye on the calendar to check any schedules or appointments of the target. Any updates made of schedules, meetings or reminders will be notified to you within minutes.

8. Track the Physical GPS Location of the Target

This application also gives access to the physical location of the target device. Since the application has the capability of tracking the GPS location also, one can also locate the physical whereabouts of the target approximately around 20 meters or so. The application uses the phone’s in-built GPA tracker itself to track the device.

9. GEO Fencing

Another great feature for parents is the GPS fencing feature. In this, you can manually set up the restricted zones in the target device. You can set any number of restricted zones. There are no limits prescribes to it. The phone will keep recording the number of times the phone will be taken to the restricted zone. You can also switch on the email notification for the phone.

10. Monitor Instant Messaging Apps and social media platforms

Nowadays there are dozens of ways to communicate from a smartphone or tablet using any number of social media apps. Monitoring text messages just isn’t enough.

With the advancement of digital marketing platforms, people no longer communicate via calls or text messages. Most of them use social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, iMessage, Skype, Viber and more. mSpy also has access to monitor various social media apps and have the record of their content as well.

11. Monitor & Control Access to third party Installed Applications

Through your mSpy dashboard, you will also have access to see all the installed applications on the target device. You can choose to block and unblock the access to any or all the applications from the menu. As and when the new applications are added, you will get the updates in your control panel.

This feature will let the parents have control of any applications that their children will operate.

12. Keylogging feature

The keylogging features, you can replace the default target keyboard with a virtual mSpy keyboard. Through this keyboard, you will be able to access different keystrokes. Through the force keyboard button, you can also force the mSpy access in the control panel. This feature will ensure that you can monitor the target device in a certain language.

13. Keyword Alerts

If you have inserted a few keywords like alcohol, sex, drug, porn and more. You will get notification whenever specific words or phrases are used on the target device. You can enter as many words as you want in the keyword alert section. Through mSpy control panel, you will receive a notification if such words are used anywhere in the search engines, test messages, apps, browsing history or more.

14. View Target Device Media

With mSpy control panel, you can also view all the media filed including photos, videos and more of the target phone. The dashboard will give you access to all the properties and details of the media file. You can view the dates, timestamps, and size of the video/photos as well.

Benefits of mSpy

mSpy offers multiple software monitoring solutions and with a very user-friendly interface. There are several usage and benefits of the application:

1. A great tool for parents to monitor child’s online activities

mSpy is mostly installed and used by parents to keep track of their kids’ online activity. The user can organize the access to the target device through the mSpy dashboard.

You can track the information on all the activities, the accurate timing of visiting the website, the search activities and more. You can even access and block any website you would like. This software will give the parents the sense of security of knowing the kind of information and activities their children are exposed to.

2. Keylogger let’s you track keyword searches

Through the keylogger record, you can also decide the kind of words and phrases they search for. Once you have set up the program to alert the parent dashboard about the keyword searched, they will get immediate notification of any related activities on the target phone. Parents can get control access to their child’s activities and can keep them from seeing any kind of unwanted or dangerous content.

3. There’s mSpy for Android and iOS both

Another advantage of this program is that it can work for all the android devices and even ios devices are it jailbroken devices or otherwise. Therefore, this software is not a device or software oriented. Anyone with a smartphone can use this application with the utmost convenience.

4. GPD tracking system tracks geographical activities

Not just accessing the information of your child’s activities, but to ensure that you are aware of your child’s whereabouts, The software uses the GPD tracking system of the phone and continuously updates the geographical whereabouts of the device.

5. Ability to block incoming/outgoing calls and text

Along with remotely observing the activities on the phone, finding the GPS location and detailed maps, one can easily gain access to blocking all incoming and outgoing calls. The text messages can also be monitored including the incoming messages, sent messages, and the deleted ones.

6. Blocking unsafe websites

Parents can mark the safe and dangerous zones, block the age-inappropriate websites, keep the kids away from cyber trafficking and get updated reports of their social media applications as well.

7. Let’s you monitor the kind of content your kids are consuming

Smart parenting does not mean invading the privacy of your children. It means to keep a check on the kind of content, activities and the information your kids are getting exposed to.

Parents ideally want to be informed about the location of their kids for security reasons. Even if your child indulges in any unwanted activities, taking their cellphones away will only make them rebellious and more curious about the kind fo activities you want them to be away from.

The digital danger is lurking every day. You cannot stop cyber-terrorism, cyber-crimes, online predators, scammers, phishing, cyberbullying, pornography, and other online evils. But you can control the usage of the internet for your kids in order to keep them safe and away from these evils. With mSpy, you can keep a check on your child’s life without physically intervening in their privacy. You can be their guide without actually paving a way to a safe life.

8. Corporations can safeguard confidential information using mSpy

Even in large business entities, where confidential information is shared within the employees. It becomes imperative to keep a check on the kind of communication and activities taking place under the reputation of the company.

Employers can keep an eye on the activities undertaken by their employees, have access to their emails and computer files. This way, the employees will be prevented from leaking any kind of confidential information.

They will also prevent from indulging in any activity that can harm the reputation of the business. mSpy software is also used to measure the productivity and efficiency of each of the employees by going through updated reports of their work continuously.

How to Install mSpy

The first and the foremost requirement of installing the mSpy is a device in the physical access of the target device. Once you have physically installed the application in the target device, the application will hide and run in the background. You will get remote access to monitoring and tracking the target phone through a dashboard of your mSpy account which you can access through any phone or computer.

1. First and foremost, buy a subscription for the application. Once you have completed the process of purchase, you will receive your login username and password through the email within a few minutes. You will find all the installation instructions attached to the email.

2. From the operating computer, click on the link which will be provided to you in the confirmation mail. You will be redirected to your mSpy control panel after the link is confirmed. Log in to the control panel and follow all the on-screen instructions provided to you for installing the software in the target device.

3. Once you have received the control panel, you will just have to download and install the application. This process is like any other application downloads. Once you have installed the application completely, the software will commence monitoring the device immediately without any time delays.

4. The next step is to log in to your account and get access to all the data of the target device. You will be able to monitor the data of the target device through your dashboard.

5. While purchasing the package of the mSpy software, you will find various packages for the same. You can select from the basic package, premium package or the jailbreak package. You can also choose to pay either quarterly or annually in the significant costs.

6. The user will have access to 24/7 customer care services through email support and chat support. The technical support team will be ready to help you solve your queries throughout the day.

7. The process of uninstalling the application is also simple. For all the android devices, you have to go to the phone’s settings, followed by security to devise administrators to update service. The next option you have to select is deactivated. Get back to the services option, select the apps, update the service and finally uninstall.

8. For uninstalling in iOS devices, all you have to do is open the app click, select installed, go to iphoneinternalservice, select the Modify option and finally choose the remove option.

Which devices is mSpy compatible with?

1. mSpy android App – 

mSpy can be operated on any Android device. The installation and setup process is very simple and convenient. You need to have physical access to the phone you want to monitor. From the control panel of your mSpy account, select the option “Android”. The next procedure is the follow the basic installation instructions.

For all the android devices, the user does not require any rooting for the basic functionality of the application. However, if you want to enhance the functionality through monitoring various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat or even Whatsapp; you will have to get the device rooted.

After the installation process is completed, you can begin monitoring the phone immediately through your control panel. But for all android devices, you will need android 4 plus versions.

2. mSpy iOS App

All the iPhones starting from ios 6 to 9.2 support the mSpy software for jailbroken versions. But if you are using the non-jailbreak version, the application is supported on all ios versions then. However, there are different specifications for jailbreak devices and non-jailbreak devices.

3. mSpy for iOS Devices without Jailbreak

mSpy applications work equally well in ios devices and you do not have to jailbreak the device to use this application. There are certain requisites that you need before the installation of the app.

The device must be compatible with ios 7 to 9.1. You will need the iCloud credential of the user to go ahead with the installation first. The device must be connected with the internet. If the iCloud backup is not activated, then physically access to the phone is required for a 2 step verification process.

Log in to the account in your control panel and match the installation option with the equipment. Follow the instructions that are given ahead. The iPhone backup must be enabled and the wifi must be plugged in and locker. You can check the backup enable option from the cloud.

With this application on ios devices that are not jailbroken, you can monitor the calls, text messages and WhatsApp messages. You can also monitor the calls, check the browsing history and go through the notes, events and other installed apps.

4. mSpy for iOS devices with jailbreak

Even if you have a jailbreak ios device, the application can run on the device. There is a different jailbreak version of this software for jailbroken devices. First, you will have to check the ios version of the target device.

Accordingly, go ahead with the installation of the app if it is compatible. Go to the control panel in the dashboard of your mSpy account and select the iPhone option for installation.

The time taken to jailbreak the phone and install the software will be approximately 30 minutes or so. mSpy customer care service will help you with the process and guide you with step by the step installation process.

The compatible version of ios for jailbreak mSpy is 7 to 9.1 along with the internet connection. You will require physical access to the device to install the application.

In this application, you will be able to monitor all the third party communication apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, telegram and more and even block the content. There is a feature of live GPS tracking and geofencing as well. Access to phone calls and text messages are also provided.

The user can also review the entire contact list and even have the option of blocking any user if they wish to. The application also provides access to email, browsing history, keyword alerts, calendar activities and more. If you wish to wipe out the phone, reboot the whole device, mSpy also provides the feature for that.

List of Messaging Apps you can monitor using mSpy


6 Things you should know before buying mSpy

1. mSpy is available from download from official website only

The software is available for purchase from the mSpy website. It comes with various packages and payment options. After you have purchased the subscription, an email will be sent to your registered email id with your credentials. This will give you access to the control panel and further installation instructions.

The download link will be available in the control panel. After installation, simply login to the account and download the application into the target device. If you wish to install mSpy in a target device, you will need the physical access of the device in order to manually install it.

2. You can keep the mSpy icon visible/ invisible

Once you download the application in the target device, the application will give you the option of keeping the icon visible or invisible. If you select the icon visible option, the user of the phone will know that a monitoring application has been installed on the phone. If you choose to keep the icon invisible, then no notification of the display of the app will be present in the user’s phone.

mSpy icon will hide after the installation is complete and will not be detectable. The application will run in the background without hampering other applications independently.

3. mSpy is a great tool for parents and corporations for monitoring and it should be used for good

mSpy is a legitimate and professional cell phone monitoring software. It does not result in any invasion of privacy since it is designed specifically for parents and employers.

They use the application to monitor the phones of their children and employees. It is, however, illegal to install the application you do not own and with the wrongful intention of attaining information of a person.

In the case of the employers and employees, if the phones are provided by the company and the employers are keeping a check on the phone, the employees have the right to be informed that their phone is under the eyes of the employer.

When it comes to parents keeping a check on their children or partners keeping a check on their spouse, it is their choice to inform them about the application or not.

4. mSpy application on smartphone does not slow down the device and put a bug

Installing and using mSpy is completely safe and does not create any bugs for different methods of installation.

The application will not have any impact on the working of your phone. You can also remove the application completely when it is no longer needed through the steps of uninstallation.

5. It is possible to mSpy multiple devices all at once

You can mSpy monitor various multiple devices at once. But each of the devices will need a separate monitor subscription. When you operate the device, you will quickly be able to change the device from one to another through your dashboard. When you are monitoring a number of children and employees, this becomes useful.

6. You can define the frequency at which data should be uploaded

You can choose how frequent you want the device the upload all the data and information. It can be as low as ten minutes per day or even once in 24 hours.

If you have kept the frequency very high, the chances are it will drain the battery of the target’s device. If you are basically using the application for being updated about the GPS location of a person, you must update the information more frequently.

Why should you use mSpy? Who should use mSpy?

There is a common misconception that monitoring software or spy application leads to problems of invasion of privacy. There are always merits and demerits of technical advancement. Misuse of any software and application today will lead to problems in society.

However, the basic idea of the application was drawn to keep the children away from the evils of the internet. It was also designed as a measure to prevent hate crimes like cyber-bullying, cyber harassment, phishing, scams, spams, pornography, dangerous application, leakage of confidential information and so on.

There are various reasons which led to the urgent need for monitoring software in the world of the virtual era. Some of them are:

1.  Kid`s Cell Phone Monitoring

The younger generation is getting heavily influenced by the smartphone technology era today. Back in the day, the idea of fun and enjoyment for children were toys and outdoor. Today, their whole world has been circumscribed into a screen. The digital exposure to the world invites global threats and provokes a lot of concern from parents.

For kids to a certain age, it is advisable for parents to keep a check on the kind of content their children are exposed to. For such innocent and naïve minds, a lot of digital information can be dangerous. The rates at which the cyber-crime has increased has called for an urgent call for action. Moreover, teenagers and kids who start using cellphones at an early age become a subject matter of concern for cyber problems.

Parents do not want to snatch the phones away and invite for a rebellious reaction from the kids. They also want to allow the independent exploration to balance between supervision and space.

Along with the merits of the internet, there are tons of potential dangers of the internet. This might lead to uninvited behavior from the kid’s side which may lead to unhealthy relationships. With mSpy, parents can strike a balance between supervision and a sense of privacy as well. They can choose to tell or not tell their kids about the installation of the app and yet protect them from the evils of the digital world.

Here are a few threats and cyber activities that can be kept on a check and be monitored through mSpy:

1. Cyberbullying

In the world full of social media platforms, there is almost 95 percent of teenagers who either ignore or are unaware of being cyberbullied. Kids tend to crave validation on the internet today, even from strangers. Following this behavior, many of them fall into the trap of cyberbullying that can affect their mental health in the long run.

Kids are criticized for how they look, what they wear, where they go, how they live and so on. Even in the online gaming industry, kids may be subjected to cyber harassment and bullying even in the form of virtual characters. Something as fun as online entertaining activity can turn into a humiliating ordeal.

Parents are more capable of identifying any potential cyber bullies if they come across one. With mSpy, you can have access to the social media platforms of their kids. This way, they can have access to the kind of people they are associating with, the kind of activities they are associating in and so on. They can also block certain kinds of content from their phones through the dashboard.

Even when they detect any kind of bully approaching the kid on their social networking site, they can block the person trough the control panel of the account easily.

2. Cyber predators

With the growing internet trend, misuse of the digital platform has increased. There are many sexual predators that target kids and teenagers on the internet. They take advantage of kid’s innocence and naivety considering them an easy target. Cyber predators lurk kids mostly on social media platforms or gaming platforms.

They abuse their trust to drag them to dangerous personal encounters. A lot of kids don’t share the same with the parents and continue to be a victim to these cyber predators. Mostly, these predators leverage something against the kids and make them do things without their will and consent.

Having mSpy will let the parents monitor online transactions, social media interactions and media filed. They can keep an eye on sexual predators and block their accounts, ids, and numbers in advance. Parents can warn the children even before they fall into the trap of cyber predators.

3. Private Information leakage

In the era of Instagram posts and Snapchat stories, kids need to understand social boundaries. They tend to post everything and anything online without understanding the repercussions and consequences of it.

Because of their mistakes at times, they tend to post personal information leaking their whereabouts, personal address, social number, contact details and more. Such information can be misused in a public social media profile in many ways. If the kid is not able to differentiate between good and bad online usage. You can draw the line with mSpy application.

Be sure that your kid’s account is private and not public, keep a check on the kind of things they are posting, and constantly check their friend’s list to see the kind of people they are associating with online. Cell phone monitoring is important if you want to limit the usage of the internet for your kid.

4. Phishing

Another kind of cybercrime is Phishing. Phishing is basically a fraudulent practice where the sender sends out multiple emails to lure people into clicking fraudulent and malicious links that can draw the virus to the device.

Sometimes these links also have attachments which once clicked can reveal the personal information, credit card details and personal passwords. These mails are usually sent out in bulk and random emails are targeted.

mSpy also gives you access to emails of your kids. You can delete all the spam emails and ask your kid to keep an eye for suspicious pop-ups. Make them beware of the problems and refrain them from clicking such links. you can have the access to both incoming and outgoing mails. This way, you will know if they are involved in some illegitimate groups, transactions or more.

5. Falling for Scams

Kids and teenagers are the easiest targets for online scams. They do not understand the difference between authentic content and scams. Many online gaming platforms, shopping sites and more build a hoax website and ask for access to your personal information, bank details and more.

Once the kid falls into the trap of these scammers. It becomes very easy for them to get all your personal pieces of information. Through mSpy, parents can monitor all the online activities from their control panel and block any unwanted emails, pop-ups, scam messages, phone calls and more.

Even the online offers that fool the customers into their trap of getting the banking details. You can also block all the lottery prizes messages that claim the big amount of winning prizes which are too good to be true.

6. Downloading Malware

There are tons of computer software which are installed on the user’s computer without their permission or knowledge. Once they reach the computer, they can spread the virus, reboot your files and even take the record of all your personal information.

Many scammers, phishing website and online gaming sites lure the kids into downloading malware unknowingly. They cannot differentiate between the glam and colorful ads with hoax ads. Along with mSpy, make sure you have installed a good anti-virus software in your chid’s device.

You will also get a safety net through mSpy which notifies you whenever any suspicious activity takes place in the target device.

7. Sexting and Child pornography

Sexting is quite common in teenagers these days. With so much exposure to content in social media platforms, kids tend to fall for the act as well. For the validation, they can share their explicit and personal photos through electronic devices.

In the digital media, no photo is every deleted, traces of it are saved permanently in some of the other devices or cloud or software. Since cell phones are used in private, kids share their intimate and private photos with their partners, peers or even social media websites without the knowledge of parents.

They might delete the file but the photos and videos can be further used for child pornography and other sexual websites. It might be normal and casual behavior for kids these days but the misuse of their photographs can cause a lifetime scar for their reputation.

Parents can get access to the target device’s media files as well. they can see all the photos and videos on their cellphones. Even if the user deletes the images, it will get saved in the history. The parents can delete such files permanently through their control panel and stop the kids from sharing such personal pictures with anyone.

8. Inappropriate content and unwanted exposure

The Internet is a wide platform. One cannot control the kind of information that flows day in and day out. Most of it is not suitable for kids. As a parent, it becomes their duty to keep their children away from unwanted exposure to harmful content.

Through mSpy, parents can get access to the browsing history of kids. They can use the keylogging feature and insert certain keywords like sex, porn, murder, rape, etc in the dashboard.

If the keyword or phrase appears in any search, messages or emails, parents will immediately get a notification through the control panel. They can immediately check the content that was browsed or received and block the same if they want to keep their child’s safety in mind.

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Overall, mSpy is a very useful application and monitoring software for parents to keep their children safe and secured. Even the companies and organizations can use the software to make sure their employees are working efficiently and not indulging in any kind of activities or leaking any information that might harm the reputation of the company.

They can also prevent any kind of activity by their employees which can incur huge losses. Married couples also use this application to keep an eye on their spouse if they want are not trustworthy enough. They can keep an eye on the location of their spouse, their phone calls, messages, internet browsing history and more.

Sometimes they use the application to make sure they are always aware of their better half for safety reasons. While most of the other times, they do it out of pure suspicion. Be it for any purpose, mSpy is a great monitoring application that is very easy to use, reliable and convenient.

The features of the application are extremely useful and operative. The software is compatible with all android devices, ios devices with jailbreak and ios devices which are not jailbroken. Installing and setup procedure of this software is very simple and uncomplicated. You can select any kind of package that you want depending on the usage of the software and make the payments accordingly

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