Top 7 Music Apps Without WiFi

What got me to creating list of no internet music apps?

Recently, I was on a long drive with my family and we were having a good time. Cool breeze, shower rain, lovely atmosphere, and loud music – everything was going perfect. Until the music app stopped altogether due to poor network coverage! And everyone’s mood was dampened after that. 

Music plays an important part in our lives. No matter your age – music is like food for the soul. Right from lullabies to romantic music to rock music and soulful music, it has a special place in our hearts. Music not just helps you cope with stress but can actually help in calming your mind and can literally do wonders for you.

Even though there are a plethora of music apps, a major limitation in most of them is that there are a lot of music apps requiring internet connection. Due to poor mobile coverage, exhausted data pack or even while traveling, these internet connection requiring music apps can annoy you to no extent. 

That is why I bring you these no wifi music apps that do not require an active internet connection or WiFi. So if you’re a music lover and want to enjoy uninterrupted music, then give these apps a try!

List of best Music Apps with no wifi needed

1. Google Play Music | Download Music to Listen Offline

Google play music - listen music without wifi

Google Play Rating – 4.6 Stars

Popularity – 1B+ Downloads

Google play banner
app store logo

Google Play, a music app by Google, is my top choice for a best offline music app without wifi. This app is for anyone who loves to listen to music for free without wifi. Google play music has a myriad of features to offer and that is why it is our top pick.

This app does it all and then some more. Let me list the features for you –

  • The basic library lets you stream unlimited songs for a monthly fee of $9.99.
  • If you’re a free user then you can access a plethora of radio stations which are based on your mood and location. 
  • For a paid member these stations are ad-free and can be downloaded to the phone and that’s how you can play songs even while you’re offline.
  • If you’re a local music fan, then Google Play Music can be your local library player.
  • You can even upload your own library on the cloud for free and can listen to those songs and also download the same on any device.
  • It auto-caches music whenever you go online and saves the songs that you may like automatically.
  • In addition to your previously saved songs, google play music also plays the auto-cached songs when you hit shuffle while playing songs offline. Be ready for a lovely surprise!
  • The radio stations on google play music are based on artists, songs, albums, etc.
  • More than 50k songs can be stored, speak of voluminous song collection!
  • Songs are categorized according to mood, activity, language, etc. and there are unlimited songs in all the playlists.
  • You can view the trending songs, get music recommendations according to your taste and even browse the latest music tracks.

2. Spotify Music | Listen to downloaded tracks without internet connection


Google Play Rating – 4.6 Stars

Popularity – 500M+ Downloads

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Does Spotify work without WiFi?

Oh Yes!

Spotify is available in both free and subscription models. But even the free model of Spotify is good enough and can be used on desktop also. You can get access to plenty of music without paying a buck and can control what you’re listening to as opposed to listening to some advertisements. The mobile version of Spotify (free) allows access to playlists in only shuffle mode. There are fifteen playlists created by Spotify which gives you access to music on demand without any charges.

Spotify is an easy-to-use Music app that also works without internet connection and the free version also gives you a feel of the overall no wifi music listening experience. There is a reason Spotify is known as the king of music streaming apps for android! Why wait then? Download Spotify today and listen to music for free without wifi.

However, you might want to take a look at what you wouldn’t get in the free version of Spotify before going for it. Downloaded listening isn’t supported by the free version and hence you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. If you’re a student then you can have Spotify and Hulu for barely $4.99 per month, which isn’t a bad deal after all.

With a collection of more than 30 million songs, Spotify is a nice app overall and is absolutely free for PC. The feature to download your collection of music, radio stations, etc. make it a good choice. Additionally, the ‘offline-only’ setting is relatively easier and lets you listen to your favorite tracks on the go. Another appreciable feature of Spotify is that you can upload your own song or homemade track for others to listen.​

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3. Apple Music | Add music to iPhone and listen offline


Google Play Rating – 3.5 Stars

Popularity – 10M+ Downloads

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app store logo

With over 45 million ad-free songs, Apple Music is a great choice to listen to your favorite tracks without any interruptions. Apple Music, though available by default on iOS, is not just for Apple users. Yes, Apple Music is available for android devices as well. However, there is the smallest of the inconvenience of a monthly subscription fee of 9.99 USD for Android users.

But there is good news too. You can get all your iTunes purchases by subscribing to Apple Music. The app is really good and functions well. It has all the features you can expect from a subscription-based music app in today’s world. This app is a great combination of offline music and high-quality streaming.

If you’re looking for new releases, radio stations, or want to create your customized library, you won’t be disappointed as there are a lot of options available in the app. You can stream your favorite tracks and artists on the go. Apple Music gives you a plethora of options if you’re looking for offline streaming. The best thing about this app is that you can easily switch to the offline mode with just a tap and listen to your saved tracks.

Features of Apple Music

  1. The playlists and tracks are updated daily
  2. Over 45M tracks
  3. Personalized recommendations based on your favorites, saved and most-played lists.
  4. You can create a profile and even follow friends and get to know their music preferences
  5. You can make your own playlists or listen to curated playlists
  6. Offline tracks available wherever you go
  7. You can watch documentaries, exclusive content, original TV shows, concert films, and more.
  8. However, Apple Music doesn’t support radio streaming offline. Another major con of this app is that it supports local playback only on iOS devices and not on Android devices. Some features differ by country.

4. Amazon Music | Download music for offline playback

amazon music

Google Play Rating – 4.3 Stars

Popularity – 100M+ Downloads

Get It On Amazon Appstore

Amazon music is relatively easy to use music app. As with most other music apps that allow offline listening, you have to pay to be able to do that. In this case, you have to be an Amazon Prime member. The trial is free for the first 30 days. The app contains thousands of curated playlists, a myriad of stations and over 50 million songs. 

Amazon Music supports English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and most regional Indian languages as well as many other languages from different parts of the world. The top songs playlists are available for english, Hindi as well as all the other languages. You can create a playlist or multiple playlists of your own and listen to your favorite tracks anytime. Amazon Music deploys Machine Learning to find your favorite tracks and give you a personalized music experience. The more time you spend on this app, the more enhanced your experience of listening to music would be.

Features of Amazon Music

  1. Ad-free experience with Prime membership
  2. Offline listening with Prime membership
  3. Hands-free listening
  4. Unlimited skips
  5. Free for the first 30 days
  6. Huge collection of over 50 Million soundtracks
  7. Get access to the latest releases 

5. Gaana | Listen songs without WiFi


Google Play Rating – 4.5 Stars

Popularity – 100M+ Downloads

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Gaana app is a free music app and a great option to listen to your favorite tracks. It offers unlimited access to songs in various languages such as English, Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. This app has a good collection of new and old and even classic Bollywood songs which can be searched by title, genre, artists, etc. 

You can even explore new music and discover different sections within this app. It has a collection of ghazals, devotional songs, bhajans, and much more. It is a desi music app with so many regional playlists in all the major Indian languages.

Features of Gaana App

  1. More than 30M English and Bollywood songs
  2. User-created and expert-created playlists in thousands
  3. High-quality music
  4. Non-stop radio
  5. Daily music updates for English, Hindi and several regional languages
  6. Available in 10 languages
  7. Lyrics for songs available
  8. Saving option for favorite albums, artists, songs

Features of Gaana Plus

  1. Unlimited songs can be downloaded for offline listening
  2. High definition Music streaming downloads can be synced on up to 5 devices
  3. Ad-free music streaming

Most things about this app are good with the only con being that the offline songs are available only till your subscription is active. Once your subscription expires you can’t listen to your favorite songs offline anymore. However, the monthly subscription charges are only 99 INR per month.

6. SoundCloud | Save for listening to music offline


Google Play Rating – 4.5 Stars

Popularity – 100M+ Downloads

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app store logo

You can search for your favorite soundtrack and hit the like button to save it to your likes. This ‘likes’ list is also available for listening offline. You can even listen to playlists according to your mood which is a great option for many. SoundCloud is quite literally the largest sound repository on the internet. Likewise, with over 175 million unique listeners monthly, it boasts of being the largest online music sharing community.

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Features of  SoundCloud

  1. Over a whopping 150M tracks
  2. Easy to use and simple interface with powerful searching options and controls
  3. You can record and publish your own music and tracks
  4. Acts as a unified platform for music lover as well as creators to share, socialize and critique music
  5. Get personalized recommendations based on your preferences daily, even the ones uploaded as recently as a day
  6. Find music lovers with similar preferences as yours and enjoy music posted by them
  7. Create and share playlists
  8. You can even have followers and can create a community
  9. Deploys machine learning to understand your choices – the more you use this app, the better would be your experience with it
  10. Great place to find the next top artists

Features of SoundCloud Go

  1. Stream, explore and share – anytime and anywhere
  2. Listen to music offline from anywhere
  3. Ad-free experience
  4. Get access to 120M+ tracks
  5. Support artists

Features of SoundCloud Go+

  1. Get access to a whopping 150M+ tracks
  2. Ad-free experience
  3. Free for the first 30 days
  4. 30 seconds previews only
  5. Offline streaming available
  6. Offline saving available

Additionally, SoundCloud Pulse is for creators who are into making music, podcasts or audio of any kind. You can even reply to comments on your tracks and get their performance stats. Public and private sharing is also available. SoundCloud literally takes your music experience to another level altogether. Give it a try today and enter a different world of music.

7. Deezer | enable offline mode to listen to music offline

Deezer logo

Google Play Rating – 3.5 Stars

Popularity – 100M + Downloads

Google play banner
app store logo

Deezer is a synonym for unlimited music. You get the best, free, and unlimited soundtracks that are personalized according to your preferences. You get access to rock songs, classic songs, pop music, disco songs, heavy metal and much more. With Deezer, you can find your favorite soundtracks, artists from the curated charts and explore new music.

Deezer asks you to select your favorite music genres the very first time you sign up. It uses this information to provide you with the music of your choice. Several international radios are available and can tune into any of them. With Deezer, you’ll get only those soundtracks that you love listening to. You can find a soundtrack instantly regardless of your internet speed with Deezer. Deezer allows you to listen to your favorite tracks offline, you just have to download them and you’re good to go. You can also follow your favorite artists and even get alerts whenever they upload a new track.

Features of Deezer (Free)

  1. Over 56M soundtracks available
  2. International radio stations and global hits
  3. Explore new tracks with shuffle mode
  4. Create playlists or listen to curated ones
  5. Share your favorite tracks as well as playlists with others
  6. Explore audio channels, podcasts and radio stations
  7. Get personalized recommendations only

Features of Deezer (Premium)

  1. Ad-free experience
  2. Offline music available
  3. No song shuffling
  4. High-quality soundtrack
  5. Compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and more
  6. Unlimited skips
  7. ‘Deezer Family’ allows you to create up to 6 Deezer Premium profiles on a single account. ‘Deezer Student’ is Deezer premium for half the price.

Final Thoughts

All the aforementioned music apps are bound to provide you with wonderful music experience. But the only thing with most music apps is that they don’t allow offline music listening without a monthly subscription. But if you’re a music lover and want to enjoy uninterrupted streaming anytime, anywhere you go, then a premium version of any one of these apps is a good option for you.

Which one of these apps have you tried? How was your experience? Did I miss any wonderful music app here?

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